Is ABPV App Legit or Scam? ABPV Reviews and Complaints

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ABPV (America’s Best Pics and Videos) is a relatively new app that promises to deliver “the funniest and most captivating content, tailored exclusively for you.”

But is ABPV App legit? Or is it just another shady app looking to capitalize on people’s desire for entertainment and viral content?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll analyze the key details about ABPV to determine if it’s a trustworthy platform or one that should raise some red flags.

We’ll look at factors like:

  • The app’s privacy policy and permissions
  • User reviews and complaints
  • Questionable advertising claims
  • Moderation and content policies
  • Overall transparency and ethics of the developers

By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to decide if ABPV is safe and worthwhile or an app that’s better left uninstalled.

Let’s dive in!

Is ABPV App Legit? Overview of ABPV App

At first glance, ABPV presents itself as a fun app for memes, funny videos, and viralcontent. Its description in the Google Play store reads:

“America’s best pics and videos (ABPV) is an application with funny pictures and videos. Our smart algorithms work tirelessly to curate a daily selection of the funniest and most captivating content, tailored exclusively for you.”

It promises thousands of fresh memes and dank memes in particular. The overview seems family-friendly enough. But looking closer reveals some questionable elements.

ABPV is developed by FunTech Publishing Ltd and has over 5 million downloads on Android. It joined Google Play in March 2020.

Some concerning points are the “Rated for 12+” label and permissions which allow it to “share location.” We’ll analyze these in more detail soon.

First, let’s see how real users feel about their experience with ABPV…

ABPV App Reviews and Complaints

With over 155,000 reviews, ABPV has an overall rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play. However, looking at recent 1 and 2 star reviews reveals some serious problems reported by users.

Many describe excessive ads, glitches, and technical issues that interfere with using the app properly. Others complain about poor video and meme quality, stale content, and a lack of funny or original material as advertised.

But the most common complaints relate to inappropriate sexual content and false advertising practices:

  • Excessive “near pornographic” images and videos, especially in notifications
  • Misleading claims of earning money just for watching videos
  • Bait-and-switch tactics like notification images not matching content

For example, this 2-star review from September 2021 explains:

“I love the app! Always funny and new material…I’ve even recommended to others (ended up regretting it) because my phone is constantly spammed with dirty notifications. Dirty as in x-rated, I worry about opening my notification bar around my kids or co-workers.”

And this 1-star review from June 2023 echoes similar concerns:

“I just installed the app because I see it advertized and when I opened it to check it out it’s more like porn. Not happy with it at all.”

The prevalence of complaints around sexual content and false advertising raises immediate red flags about ABPV. But before making a judgment, let’s analyze the app’s policies and permissions more closely.

ABPV App Permissions and Privacy Policy

ABPV requests several sensitive permissions from users:

  • Identity: find accounts on the device
  • Contacts: find accounts on the device
  • Location: access approximate/precise location
  • Storage: to read the contents of your shared storage, modify/delete internal storage contents
  • Other: the app will receive data from internet, view your network connections, full network access, prevent device from sleeping
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The location access permission is especially concerning given that a social media/entertainment app doesn’t require location data to function.

In the app’s privacy policy, it states:

“We may process your personal data for specific purposes which are in our interests and which enable us to enhance the services we provide to you, but which we believe also benefit our users.”

This shows that the developers provide themselves a lot of leeway in how they use and monetize user data.

The policy does mention they may collect:

  • Advertising IDs like Google AdID
  • Device identifiers and usage data
  • Precise real-time location data
  • Inferences about interests and preferences

While some data collection is expected for free apps, the breadth of access requested by ABPV exceeds what’s reasonably needed for its limited scope as a entertainment app.

The privacy policy also confirms that personal data may be shared with third party service providers and advertisers. Together with the user complaints, these privacy concerns cast doubt over the app’s ethics.

But the policy itself meets legal requirements for disclosure, so let’s look at other aspects of ABPV’s operations.

Is ABPV Legit? Questionable ABPV Advertising Claims

Many negative reviews center on ABPV failing to deliver on its advertised claims around earning money. The Google Play listing states:

“What awaits you at America’s best pics and videos: […] Funny videos & Gifs […] Memes […] Dank Memes”

But multiple reviews mention none of the promised funny content and instead just inappropriate sexual imagery and videos.

Other reviews complain about false advertisements about earning cash rewards just for using the app. For example:

“It lags or it doesn’t respond and just stops”

“Got it because I sawn ad to make money off it, couldn’t find any way to make money”

“I kept seeing the terribly cheesy ads for the app and decided to try it. After 5 minutes, I realized it’s just the junk our crazy aunts and uncles post to Facebook.”

These misleading marketing tactics aim to drive downloads and traffic at the expense of integrity. Users feel deceived by the mismatch between promotions and actual app content.

While exaggerated advertising is common, ethical brands must ensure their products align with claims. The overwhelmingly negative response to ABPV’s unfulfilled promises raises suspicions.

ABPV Moderation and Content Policies

Given the ubiquity of complaints around inappropriate content, ABPV’s moderation policies also require scrutiny.

The app’s community guidelines ban:

  • Nudity and sexually explicit content
  • Hate speech, bullying, and harassment
  • Illegal content
  • Impersonation
  • Spam

However, based on user reviews, these policies clearly aren’t enforced properly. ABPV allows rampant sexual content, both in the app and notifications, even by their own rules.

Their uneven moderation standards also show in complaints like:

“They prevent you from posting risque pics, yet they allow others to post more risque photos.”

“I posted a respectful comment and put an American flag emoji on it and it came back as unacceptable symbol. Unreal! Guess this is another democratic left wing ran site.”

These examples indicate sloppy and arbitrary moderation by ABPV. And the lack of response to user reports further confirms the lack of effective monitoring.

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For an app targeting a general audience, the failure to control inappropriate content as promised is unacceptable.

Transparency and Ethics of ABPV Developers

Thus far, ABPV has demonstrated several warning signs:

  • Broad data collection and sharing
  • Misleading promotional claims
  • Rampant inappropriate content
  • Nonexistent moderation

Do the developers show other ethical red flags?

There is little information available about the company behind it, FunTech Publishing Ltd. The company has no website or public information about its team, history, or other apps.

This lack of transparency is concerning. Legitimate brands should provide details about their operations, leadership, and development standards.

FunTech does have a [contact email](mailto: [email protected]) listed on the app’s website, But they fail to respond to the deluge of user complaints in app reviews.

Overall, the developers’ opacity and unresponsiveness to problems do not meet expectations for a trustworthy company.

Final Verdict: ABPV App is Not Legitimate

In summary, analysis of the ABPV app makes it clear that it cannot be considered a legitimate or ethical platform:

  • The app collects unnecessary personal data and provides it to third parties without full consent, according to its privacy policy.
  • It bombards users with inappropriate sexual imagery, despite prohibiting it in its own community guidelines. This content also appears in notifications, making it unavoidable.
  • False advertisements about earning money aim to mislead users into downloading the app. But users report no money making features.
  • There is little to no actual moderation of content based on user reviews exposing inappropriate content.
  • The developers fail to address rampant complaints and offer zero transparency about their brand, team, or accountability standards.
  • Overall, the app’s actual functionality shows a blatant disregard for its own policies and the user experience.

The preponderance of evidence overwhelmingly suggests that ABPV disregards ethics in favor of growth hacking techniques like deceptive ads, push notifications, and unmoderated content.

While this superficially drives downloads, it ultimately provides no real value to users. Worse still, it can expose them to potential privacy violations, unwanted content, and a lack of integrity that erodes trust.

Given these glaring issues, we strongly advise against downloading, using, or sharing the ABPV app. No entertainment app can justify the scale of deception by ABPV uncovered in this investigation.

There are plenty of alternative apps for funny videos, memes, and killing time that treat users — and their data — with respect. We recommend uninstalling ABPV and exploring more reputable options that deliver honesty as well as humor.

Frequently Asked Questions About ABPV App (Bonus)

Is ABPV safe to download?

No, we do not recommend downloading or using the ABPV app based on the numerous troubling factors uncovered in this article. The app’s privacy policy grants broad use of personal data. And users frequently complain about inappropriate content and scams.

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Can you actually earn money just by using ABPV?

No, there is no evidence that the advertisements promising money for app usage are legitimate. Multiple reviews mention no way to earn money within the app as promoted. This appears to be a deceitful tactic to get downloads.

What kind of content does ABPV actually show?

Despite advertising funny videos and memes, users report the app mainly shows revealing photos of women and repurposed content from other apps like TikTok. There seems to be little original humor or entertainment value offered.

Is ABPV safe for kids?

We do not recommend letting kids use ABPV. While it is rated Ages 12+, users consistently report inappropriate sexual imagery throughout the app, which could be damaging and unsafe for kids under 18.

Should I share content from ABPV with my friends?

We advise against sharing ABPV posts given much of the content users complain about does not match the app’s promoted image. Your friends may end up seeing inappropriate videos or scams rather than anything funny.

What data does ABPV collect on me?

The app can access precise location, contacts, advertising IDs, usage statistics, and more, according to its privacy policy. This data may be shared with third party advertisers and service providers without your full consent.

Who created the ABPV app?

ABPV was created by FunTech Publishing Ltd., but little other information is available about the developers, which is a red flag. They do not respond to user complaints or offer transparency about their brand and content standards.

Is there anyone I can contact about issues with ABPV?

You can try emailing their general contact address at [email protected], but they seem to ignore feedback based on unresolved complaints. There does not appear to be an effective way to contact the company.

Wrapping Up

So in summary, we advise all users to avoid downloading, using, or engaging with the ABPV app based on the concerning details highlighted in this investigation.

We hope these insights help you make an informed decision and choose trustworthy apps that respect their audience. Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions!

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