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E-commerce has exploded in popularity over the last decade, with online shopping becoming the norm for millions of consumers. However, this rise has also given way to an influx of scam websites looking to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers.

One site that has recently garnered attention is At first glance, Awishday markets itself as a general merchandise store with rock-bottom prices. But is Awishday legit? Does Awishday actually deliver on its promises? Or is it a scam that consumers should avoid?

In this honest Awishday review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Awishday to determine if it is a legitimate business or a shady scam. We’ll examine crucial factors like:

  • Website trustworthiness – Is the site transparent about who owns it? Does it provide contact info and policies?
  • Product quality – Does Awishday sell real, quality products? Or is it knockoffs and cheap fakes?
  • Payment security – Does Awishday process payments safely? Or will your data be compromised?
  • Company reputation – What are others saying about their experience with Awishday?
  • Customer service – Will the company address order issues promptly and professionally?

After thorough research and investigation, we will reach a definitive verdict on whether Awishday is safe for online shopping. Let’s get started.

Is Awishday Legit or Scam? Evaluating Awishday’s Legitimacy

When assessing an unfamiliar e-commerce website, the first step is determining if it is legitimate. There are several key factors to evaluate:

Company History & Ownership Details

Awishday provides no information about who owns or operates the business on its website or in its domain name registration records. There is no “About Us” page or company history given.

This lack of transparency is concerning, as legitimate businesses should disclose basic ownership and contact details. The anonymity raises the possibility that Awishday is purposefully hiding its true origins.

Website Professionalism

Awishday’s website at first glance looks nicely designed with product images and descriptions. However, upon closer inspection there are many grammatical errors, typos, and other unprofessional elements.

For example, category names like “New Arriavls” and “Best Salers” have clear misspellings. Product descriptions also have typos and broken English phrases.

The presentation and language errors suggest Awishday does not have an invested interest in the website or providing a quality user experience. It points to the site being hastily put together without attention to detail.

Contact Information

Awishday only provides an email contact form on its “Contact Us” page – there is no company address, phone number, or individual names given.

A legitimate business should readily provide multiple forms of contact information, including a real address and phone number. The limited email-only contact raises scam concerns.

Social Media Presence

Awishday does not have any social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that help corroborate it as an authentic business. There are also no links to social profiles on its website.

A lack of social media presence is unusual for e-commerce stores today. It means there is no external validation or reviews of Awishday on networks commonly used by online shops.

Online Reviews

There are no independent customer reviews of Awishday available on trusted sources like TrustPilot or SiteJabber. All products only show 5-star ratings on the website itself with no detailed reviews.

The complete lack of impartial reviews makes it impossible to verify Awishday’s claims of high-quality products and excellent service. Without customer feedback, the legitimacy is questionable.

Investigating Awishday’s Product Quality

The biggest red flag about Awishday is the unrealistic pricing for its merchandise spanning all categories. From apparel to electronics, prices are extremely low compared to average retail costs and significantly lower than legitimate sites.

Some examples:

  • Designer sunglasses for $2-$3
  • Luxury handbags for $10-$15
  • iPhone cases for $1
  • Samsonite luggage for $20
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These absurdly cheap prices point to Awishday selling counterfeit goods and knockoffs, not real brand name products. Some other concerns about product quality:

No Brand Names

Product listings and images never reference brand names like Ray-Ban, Apple, or Samsonite. Everything is described generically even when using branded product photos.

Legitimate retailers clearly list the brand names and trademarks. Awishday avoids this, likely because the items are fake.

Generic Photos

Product images appear generic, often exactly the same across multiple listings. They lack unique product codes, logos, tags that come with real branded merchandise.

Many images also look computer rendered rather than real photographs. This suggests they are not pictures of the actual inventory.

No Specifications

No technical specifications or materials details are provided in product descriptions. Listings have vague titles like “Fashion Sunglasses” with no specs about frame material, lens type, dimensions, etc. that authentic versions would include.

This lack of concrete product information makes it impossible to confirm what buyers would actually receive.

Limited Selection

Despite claiming to be a general merchandise store, Awishday has a relatively small inventory with limited product selection. There are only a handful of options within each category.

Genuine online retailers offering such discounted prices should have a vast catalog of merchandise and brands available. The small stock seems geared to appear like a real store without making many sales.

Can Awishday Be Trusted for Secure Payments?

With clear evidence that Awishday sells cheap counterfeit products, customers should think twice before providing payment information to the site. Here are some warning signs about payment security:

Anonymous Domain Registration

As covered earlier, Awishday’s domain owner is masked through private registration. This anonymity is highly unusual and concerning for e-commerce websites that handle financial transactions.

Limited Payment Methods

Awishday claims to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. However, during checkout it only provides options for credit card payments – no PayPal as advertised.

Forcing credit card payments instead of other more secure options like PayPal is suspicious behavior.

Unsecure Site

When visiting Awishday, there is no “https” in the URL or security lock icon in the browser. This means it does not use the critical SSL certificate to encrypt connections.

Any e-commerce site asking for payment info must be on a secure HTTPS connection to safely process transactions without risk of data interception.

Vague Return Policy

Awishday does not provide a posted return or refund policy on its site. There are no details about how to process returns or exchanges.

The lack of clear return policies is a major red flag, as it gives the retailer full power to refuse refunds as they see fit.

No Norton Secured Seal

Awishday does not display the Norton Secured or similar trust badges on its site. These seals help reassure customers that a site is legitimately certified as secure.

The absence of security certification indicates Awishday’s payment processes have not been validated to be safe.

What Are Customers Saying In Awishday Reviews?

With a suspicious website and product quality, it’s crucial to see what other customers have experienced purchasing from Awishday. Unfortunately, there are no Awishday reviews on independent sources like TrustPilot.

Searching Google and social media turns up almost no mentions of the site from real buyers. However, a few concerning reports were located:


The one review on SiteJabber reports never receiving an order from Awishday and zero response to contact attempts:

“I placed an order over a month ago and never received it. I’ve sent several emails and contacted them every way I know how with no response whatsoever. They took my money and refuse to speak to me about my order. This company is a SCAM!”

Link to SiteJabber Review

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One alleged customer reported Awishday as a scam on

“Beware of this website! It advertises cheap name brand items but they are all counterfeit. I ordered a purse and it was poor quality fake with bad stitching. Do not buy from them or you will lose money!”

Link to ScamSearch Report


Scam hunting website Scamadviser deemed Awishday as a “high risk site” in its automated checks for scam factors:

“This website has a high risk score of 78%. The domain was registered only recently, which is suspicious for a shop. There are also no contact details or business registration provided. Customers should be very cautious purchasing from Awishday.”

Link to Scamadviser Report

While limited, these negative reports align with the other questionable factors uncovered about Awishday. There are too many red flags to feel comfortable handing payment information to this site.

Awishday Customer Service Record

With essentially no reviews or direct customer feedback available, assessing Awishday’s customer service reputation is difficult. However, certain indicators from our investigation suggest poor customer care:

  • No phone, chat, or individual contact options on the site
  • Numerous grammar and spelling errors indicate lack of professionalism
  • Complaints of zero response to inquiries as highlighted above
  • No posted customer service policies or guarantees
  • Lack of social media accounts where customers can seek support

The lack of direct communication channels and complaints of no response, combined with an amateurish website presentation, paint an unflattering picture of how Awishday would address issues. There is no evidence to counter the presumption of poor service.

Final Verdict: Is Awishday Legit or Scam?

Based on extensive analysis of the criteria above, we reached the clear conclusion that Awishday is NOT a legitimate retail business and likely a SCAM operation.

The multitude of concerning factors uncovered include:

  • No ownership information or company history disclosed
  • Prices impossibly low for a legitimate retailer
  • Products clearly counterfeit knockoffs, not authentic
  • Numerous signs of an unsecured, untrustworthy website
  • No evidence of verified business registration or practices
  • Lack of independent reviews substantiating claims and quality
  • Complaints of never receiving items already paid for

While we cannot definitively prove criminal activity without law enforcement investigation, consumers should under no circumstances purchase from Awishday given the overwhelming evidence it is an unreliable scam website.

We strongly recommend you AVOID Awishday and only shop at reputable e-commerce sites that transparently provide company details, policies, and contact points that prove their legitimacy.

8 Steps to Avoid Online Shopping Scams

While Awishday exemplifies an obvious scam retailer, even savvy shoppers can sometimes get duped by clever fraud sites. Here are 8 tips to avoid online shopping scams:

1. Research the website reputation

Search for reviews on trusted independent sources like TrustPilot and Reddit. Beware of scam sites with no history or all negative reports.

2. Verify contact information

Legitimate sites will prominently list a real address, customer service phone/chat, and individual names. Be wary of email-only contact.

3. Check business registration

Search the company name on databases like to validate they are registered and reviewed.

4. Watch for unbelievable prices

If the prices seem too good to be true, they almost always are. Extreme discounts on luxury brands signal counterfeit products.

5. Assess professionalism

Amateurish website designs, grammar/spelling mistakes, and broken English content should raise scam alarms.

6. Seek secure payment methods

Never provide card details to sites that don’t process payments through HTTPS and services like PayPal.

7. Review return policies

Vague or missing refund/exchange policies are a red flag that you may be unable to get money back if scammed.

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8. Trust your gut

If anything seems fishy or makes you uncomfortable, listen to your intuition and avoid the purchase.

Scam Website TraitsSecure Website Traits
Unbelievable low pricesCompetitive market pricing
No company ownership or contact infoBusiness registration and physical address listed
Typos/grammar errorsProfessionally written content
No customer reviewsReviews on TrustPilot and other sites
Limited payment optionsMultiple payment methods like PayPal
No HTTPS or padlock iconSecured HTTPS URL
Vague or missing policiesDetailed return and refund policies

By thoroughly investigating sites using these tips before making purchases, consumers can avoid the vast majority of scam risks when shopping online. Exercising caution and trusting your instincts goes a long way.

Top 10 Legitimate Online Shopping Sites

To give you reliable alternatives beyond risky sites like Awishday, here are 10 thoroughly vetted and recommended online shopping websites:

AmazonEverythingWidest selection, fast shipping, easy returns
WalmartEverythingLow prices, in-store returns, groceries
eBayEverythingHuge marketplace, buyer guarantees
Best BuyElectronicsAuthorized brands, Geek Squad support
Home DepotHome improvementHome services, free shipping over $45
TargetEverythingTrendy styles, same-day delivery
NikeAthletic apparelOfficial brand gear, Nike Plus member rewards
GameStopVideo gamesNew/used games, collectibles
Macy’sClothing, home, beautyMajor department store, high-end brands
L.L. BeanOutdoor apparelLegendary quality guarantee, clothing for life

Sticking with well-established online retailers ensures a safe, scam-free shopping experience. Now that you know what to watch out for, happy online shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions About (FAQ)

Q: What types of products does Awishday sell?

Based on the limited product listings, Awishday claims to sell electronics, clothing, accessories, luggage, and various general merchandise. However, the site is suspected to traffic in fake counterfeit versions, not authentic goods, due to absurdly low prices.

Q: Does Awishday offer discounted products?

Yes, Awishday advertises heavily discounted prices on usually expensive items. However, these “deals” are unrealistic for a legitimate retailer. The extreme discounts most likely signal low-quality knockoffs and scam risks.

Q: Is there a Awishday mobile app?

No, Awishday does not currently offer a mobile app. The website is only accessible on a web browser online. Given the evidence of it being a scam operation, it is unlikely they will develop a real mobile application.

Q: What shipping methods are available?

Awishday claims orders ship worldwide via carriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. However, complaints indicate many customers never receive items already paid for. Its delivery promises are suspect given the number of scam indicators uncovered.

Q: Does Awishday offer a price matching guarantee?

No, there is no price matching policy or guarantee advertised by Awishday. This is not surprising given that the website already offers impossibly low pricing on items that appear counterfeit.

Q: Can I return or exchange Awishday orders?

It provides no posted return or refund policy. Those who never got orders report zero response to contact attempts. This suggests exchanging or getting refunds from Awishday would be difficult or impossible.

Q: Is there an Awishday wholesale program?

The site makes no mention of a wholesale program for businesses or bulk orders. This isn’t surprising given its small product catalog and lack of evidence as a legitimate retailer. Any “wholesale” offers associated with Awishday are likely also scams.

Q: Is Awishday related to

No, Awishday is not affiliated with – it does not appear to have any relationship to that brand despite having a similar name.

Q: What payment methods does Awishday accept?

It claims to accept major credit cards and PayPal but may redirect users to unsecure methods. Given the number of red flags, customers should not provide any payment information to Awishday.

In summary, Awishday shows multiple signs of being a scam website selling counterfeit products. We strongly advise consumers avoid purchasing from Awishday under any circumstances. Carefully vet any unfamiliar online retailer using the tips covered in this guide before buying.

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