15 Best Legit Earning Apps GCash for Students in Philippines (2023)

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Hey there, friend! This is Lincleon, and today we’re going to dive into the best legit earning apps GCash for students to use and make extra money.

Now, you may be wondering…why should students care about legit paying sites through gcash?

Excellent question! As a student myself, I know how tough it can be to balance studies while also needing some spare cash for expenses. Apps that pay you GCash credits offer an easy way to generate income during your free time.

Plus, GCash is super popular in the Philippines, so getting paid directly to your account is really convenient. You can cash out instantly or spend that hard-earned digital money on load, bills payment, online purchases, and more.

So whether you’re looking to make pocket money or serious cash, read on to discover the top legit GCash earning apps perfect for Filipino students like you and me!

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Why GCash Is a Great Platform for Earning Apps

First, a quick primer – GCash is a mobile wallet app launched by Globe Telecom that lets users store and spend money digitally. You can get a virtual or physical prepaid card linked to your GCash account.

It’s become widely adopted in the Philippines with over 48 million registered users as of 2022. GCash offers a range of financial services like payments, remittances, loans, investments, and more.

But what makes GCash so ideal for earning money through side hustle apps? Here are some key advantages:

  • Instant payouts – Earned money is credited to your account in real-time. No waiting for bank transfers or checks.
  • Low cash out threshold – You can transfer funds from GCash to your bank with a minimum amount of just ₱100.
  • Wide acceptance – GCash is accepted for payments by merchants across the Philippines, both online and offline.
  • Avoid bank fees – No need to maintain a bank account just to get paid. GCash lets you earn at zero cost.
  • Secure platform – GCash adheres to data privacy laws and uses encryption to keep your money safe.

So by using GCash-integrated money making apps, students get fast access to their earnings with low transfer fees. And you can spend the cash you make at stores, online shops, or mobile top up outlets nationwide.

Not on GCash yet? Opening an account is quick and easy. Just download the app, register your details, get verified, then activate your mobile wallet.

15 best legit earning apps GCash for students

Time to jump in! Here are the 15 best legit earning apps that pay out to GCash for Filipino students:

1. Surveytime – Paid Surveys

First up is Surveytime, one of my personal favorites. This app pays you to complete market research surveys so businesses can improve their products.

Each survey takes 5-30 minutes and rewards you with ₱50-₱200 credited instantly to GCash. Questions cover topics like shopping habits, brand preferences, ad reactions, and more.


  • Good pay rate for quick surveys
  • Instant GCash payout
  • Interesting survey topics
  • Easy to use app


  • Limited number of daily surveys
  • Need internet connection

With Surveytime, you can give feedback and get rewarded with GCash credits during spare minutes between classes or errands. Those small cash amounts add up over time!

2. SproutVideo – Video Editing

Another best legit earning apps GCash for students is SproutVideo. Got video editing skills? Turn them into income with SproutVideo. This platform pays you to edit footage for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Tasks include slicing longer videos into shorts, adding text/graphics, transitions, animations, voice-overs and more. The better your editing skills, the more you can charge per project.


  • Earn up to ₱800 per edited video
  • Flexible working hours
  • Build video editing portfolio
  • Creative and fun work


  • Project availability varies
  • Need video editing experience
  • Requires a computer

If you’re an experienced video editor, SproutVideo is a great way to monetize your skills with GCash payouts. You can work when time permits between other priorities.

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3. PayPerInstall – App Downloads

PayPerInstall is another legit earning apps GCash for students. Want the easiest earning app on this list? Check out PayPerInstall. Just download partner apps through the link in PayPerInstall and you’ll get rewarded with instant GCash credits.

Each app you install and try out earns ₱1-₱3. To get paid, keep the app on your phone for at least 30 seconds. Then you can delete if you want.


  • Super fast earning
  • Little time commitment
  • Instant GCash payout
  • Easy task of downloading apps


  • Very small earnings per app
  • Need to install unknown apps
  • Limit of 5 apps per day

During idle times like commutes or waiting for class, you can easily rack up a few bucks in minutes just for downloading new apps. It’s an effortless way to generate a little more GCash.

4. Picoworkers – Microtasks

Another best legit earning apps GCash for students is Picoworkers. Picoworkers connects you with businesses that need small online tasks completed – perfect for students with some spare time.

Tasks include things like, Product review writing, Data entry, Form filling, Verification checks, Social media posts, and giving Website feedback.

Most jobs pay ₱15-100 and take 5-30 minutes. PC and internet required. You can work on multiple jobs per day and get paid to GCash once you hit the ₱175 minimum.


  • Flexible microjobs
  • Reputable platform
  • payments to GCash
  • Build professional skills


  • Minimum cash out is ₱175
  • Need computer access
  • Job availability varies

Picoworkers is great for gaining professional experience while earning cash that transfers instantly to your GCash wallet.

5. Toloka – Microtasks

Toloka is also another best legit earning apps GCash for students. Similar to Picoworkers, Toloka offers flexible microtasks you can complete on your phone to earn a little extra GCash.

Some examples of Toloka jobs include:

  • Photo moderation
  • Data verification
  • Transcription
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Content moderation
  • Translation
  • SEO evaluation

Most tasks pay out ₱1-5 and can be completed in under 5 minutes. Toloka has a low minimum payout of just ₱50 and transfers earnings to GCash weekly.


  • Fast microtasks
  • Low minimum payout
  • GCash transfers
  • Tasks suited for phone


  • Limited jobs available
  • Low paying tasks
  • Need to pass screening exam

If you want quick earning opportunities that fit into spare minutes in your day, Toloka is worth exploring. The small GCash earnings from tasks add up over time.

6. Lifepoints – Surveys & Tasks

Lifepoints lets you take surveys and complete simple online tasks to earn points – which you can cash out to GCash.

Each survey pays out 200-1000 points, taking 10-30 minutes. Tasks like watching videos, playing games, and visiting sites earn 10-150 points.

2500 points = ₱50 GCash. Lots of rewards options.


  • Decent rewards for surveys
  • Instant points for tasks
  • Reputable platform
  • Easy to use app


  • Limited daily opportunities
  • Need to build up points
  • Quota limits

Lifepoints offers a straightforward way for students to complete surveys and simple tasks during free time to earn redeemable points. It’s one of the most trusted paid task apps in the Philippines.

7. Earnbit – Micro Jobs & Surveys

Another best legit earning apps GCash for students is Earnbit. Earnbit has a diverse range of earning opportunities including surveys, micro jobs, videos, games, and more – all rewarding you with GCash.

Some top ways to earn include:

  • Surveys – Up to ₱100 GCash per completed survey about consumer topics, takes 10-30 mins
  • Product testing – Get paid for trying out new apps and sharing your feedback
  • Microjobs – Things like data entry and transcription for ₱15-50 per task
  • Ad viewing – Watch ads and get ₱1-2 per video
  • Refer friends – Earn 10% of what your referrals make


  • Many options to earn
  • Reputable company
  • Instant GCash payout
  • Referral program
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  • Quantitative quotas per task
  • Need to cash out manually

As one of the longest running rewards platforms in the Philippines, Earnbit is a solid choice for students to earn side money that transfers instantly to GCash.

8. KahaSMS – Text Message Jobs

If you have a phone plan with spare SMS credits, put them to use earning cash on KahaSMS. This app pays you to send out custom text blasts and verify mobile numbers.

Tasks include:

  • SMS blasts – Copy/paste prewritten texts and send to groups of contacts for ₱0.20-₱1 per message
  • Number verification – Type in codes texted to your phone for ₱1 per verification
  • Ad forwarding – Forward promotional SMS ads to your contacts for ₱1 per forward

You earn instantly to GCash once your messages are confirmed. Most jobs take just 1-5 minutes.


  • Earn from spare SMS credits
  • Instant GCash payout
  • Flexible microtasks
  • Easy to use


  • Need to build contacts list
  • Small individual payouts
  • Ad forwarding raises privacy concerns

If you have unused text credits, KahaSMS lets you convert those into instant GCash earnings with message sending tasks. Easy to do while watching TV or commuting.

9. QuickRewards – Surveys, Tasks & Offers

Another legit earning apps GCash for students is QuickRewareds. QuickRewards provides a wide range of ways Filipino students can earn rewards points redeemable for GCash cash.

Top ways to earn include:

  • Online surveys – Up to 1000 points per 20-30 minute survey
  • Free trial offers – 5000+ points for signing up and trying products
  • Daily rewards – Bonus points just for logging in
  • Paid games & videos – Earn points while playing games and watching ads
  • Refer friends – Get a percentage of your referrals’ earnings

QuickRewards offers plenty of earning variety with the ability to cash out rewards points for GCash credits. It’s a top reward platform in the Philippines.


  • Many options to earn points
  • Reputable company
  • Rewards redeemable for GCash
  • Referral program


  • Need to accumulate points to cash out
  • Quantitative limits per activity
  • Free trials only pay after completion

If you’re looking to earn points through a combination of surveys, offers, games, and more – QuickRewards has plenty of earning potential.

10. TaskBucks – Micro Jobs

For fast GCash earnings, check out TaskBucks. This micro job platform connects you with businesses needing data entry, lead verification, surveys, social media posts, and other quick online tasks.

Most jobs pay ₱50-150 and take around 5-15 minutes each. New jobs added daily.


  • Decent pay for quick jobs
  • Instant GCash payout
  • Reputable company
  • Flexible work


  • Limited daily jobs
  • Need computer/internet
  • Job availability varies

TaskBucks makes it easy to fit in quick micro jobs whenever you have some free time to generate fast GCash earnings.

11. Grains – Micro Jobs

Grains has a wide range of micro jobs that allow students to earn fast GCash. Categories include:

  • Data entry – Input info into spreadsheets and forms
  • Photos – Take and upload requested pictures
  • Lead verification – Confirm sales inquiries are valid
  • Surveys – Share opinions for research
  • Social media – Post teasers and engage followers
  • Translation – Translate texts between languages

Most jobs pay ₱20-150 and take just a few minutes. New tasks added often.


  • Well-paying micro jobs
  • Instant GCash payout
  • Reputable company
  • Flexible work


  • Need to refresh for new jobs
  • Computer/internet required
  • Job availability varies

Grains is one of the top micro job platforms in the Philippines. Perfect for students who want to earn a little extra GCash when they have some spare time.

12. Skratch Labs – Photography Jobs

If you’re a skilled photographer, Skratch Labs offers a unique way to earn GCash. They pay you to visit specified locations and take high quality photos showcasing the area.

Tasks typically involve scouting and capturing travel destinations, restaurants, apartments, storefronts, and other sites.

Each completed photo project pays around ₱150-600 depending on complexity. GCash payout within a week.

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  • Decent pay for photos
  • Get paid to explore your area
  • Flexible working hours
  • Real-world photography practice


  • Need photography skills
  • Travel required in some cases
  • Need a quality camera
  • Slow payout

For student photographers, Skratch Labs is a neat earnings option to get paid GCash for doing what you love. Showcase your talent and earn at the same time!

13. AppKarma – App Downloads

Another easy GCash earner is AppKarma. This cashback app pays you to download free apps, try them out, and rate your experience.

Each download earns 100-300 points. 3000 points = ₱20 GCash. You can test 2-3 new apps per day with payment proof provided to ensure you completed each download properly.


  • Instant points for downloading apps
  • Reputable platform
  • Points cash out to GCash
  • Easy earning process


  • Need to build up points
  • Limit of 2-3 downloads daily
  • Earnings capped per app

During your spare mobile time, AppKarma makes it quick and simple to boost your GCash balance just by downloading and testing new apps. The point system provides progress as you work toward cash out.

14. Microworkers – Small Online Jobs

Microworkers operates similarly to Picoworkers, connecting businesses with students and home-based workers willing to complete quick minor online jobs.

Some common jobs include:

  • Data entry
  • Form completion
  • Ad posting
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Site testing
  • Local business reviews

Most jobs pay ₱100-200 and can be completed in under 15 minutes. New jobs added frequently.


  • Well-paying online micro jobs
  • Transfers earnings to GCash
  • Flexible work hours
  • Large task variety


  • Need to refresh for new jobs
  • Computer/internet required
  • Job availability varies

Microworkers offers a proven platform for Filipino students to turn small amounts of spare time into Micro payments to their GCash wallet.

15. Remotasks – Virtual Assistant Jobs

Finally, Remotasks connects virtual assistants with clients needing admin help – perfect if you have computer skills. Tasks include:

  • Email management
  • Calendar maintenance
  • Document formatting
  • Data entry
  • Email drafting
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Internet research

Most jobs pay ₱100-300 and take less than 30 minutes. You can work online from home on your own schedule.


  • Decent-paying online jobs
  • Flexible virtual roles
  • Gain professional experience
  • Payment to GCash


  • Job availability varies
  • Need VA skills
  • Clients can reject work

If you want to build valuable admin skills and receive GCash payouts, Remotasks is worth checking out. The flexible earning fits conveniently around student schedules.

The Takeaway: Start Earning GCash with These Apps

There you have it – the 15 best legit earning apps that pay out rewards and cash to GCash for Filipino students!

With options like paid surveys, micro jobs, photography side gigs, app downloads and more – you can choose apps that fit your skills and interests. Most allow you to work flexibly in your free time for instant earnings.

By consistently using 2-3 apps that you enjoy, your spare time can easily translate to ₱500-1000+ extra GCash per month. That’s money you can use for load, bills, online shopping, food, and other expenses.

As your skills grow, you may even be able to turn app earnings into a consistent side hustle business generating serious cash.

So try out some of these top legit GCash earning apps today and start making extra money around your student schedule! Just be sure to spend your earnings wisely and keep your academic priorities in focus.

Let me know if you have any other questions about earning GCash with apps. I’m always happy to help fellow students find rewarding side hustles. Just leave a comment below!

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