Is Dice Legend Legit or Scam? Players BEWARE !!

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Dice collecting and tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons have exploded in popularity recently. Many dice companies have emerged as the hobby grows, selling beautiful, creative dice sets to enthusiasts.

One such company is Dice Legend, which promotes “free” dice sets with just the shipping cost. This controversial business model has led many to ask: Is Dice Legend legit, or is it a scam?

In this deep-dive investigation, we will analyze Dice Legend, its products and practices, scour reviews, and ultimately determine if it can be considered a legitimate business.

Is Dice Legend Legit?

Dice Legend’s Origins and Offerings

Dice Legend launched its website in May 2022. It primarily advertises dice sets as “free,” only charging various shipping fees. Products range from plastic polyhedral dice to metal, gems, and resin.

The company claims to ship worldwide from warehouses in the United States and China. Its social media pages promote frequent sales and limited offers.

The website looks well-designed and professional at first glance, and product images depict colorful, aesthetically pleasing dice. However, there are some immediate red flags:

  • Constant “free dice” promotions seem too good to be true
  • A high volume of products for a new company
  • Questionable shipping fees are not disclosed until checkout

Investigating Ownership and Operations

Is Dice Legend legit? While aesthetics seem polished, who is actually behind Dice Legend? Digging into domain and company records reveals the first signs of trouble:

  • The domain was registered on May 20, 2022 – This is an extremely new business, launched just months ago in 2022. Most legitimate companies have years of operating history.
  • WHOIS domain ownership is hidden – Standard practice is to list owners publicly via WHOIS records. Hiding this information is often done by scammers to avoid accountability. Dice Legend uses a domain privacy service to obscure the owners.
  • Located in Canada with email and phone forwarding – Official corporate records show a Toronto address used primarily for domain forwarding. There is no evidence of actual offices or staff located there.
  • No business licenses or registrations found – We could not find a legitimate business license or corporate registration for Dice Legend in Canada, China, or the United States. Unregistered businesses often operate illegally.

But Is Dice Legend legit? In summary, Dice Legend does not demonstrate traditional signs of a legitimate business. Lack of operating history, hidden ownership, virtual addresses, and missing business licenses are all warning signs of a potential scam operation.

too-Good-to-Be-True Pricing and Bait-and-Switch Tactics

A major tactic used by Dice Legend is promoting free products and only charging shipping fees. This follows a bait-and-switch formula common among scams:

  • Bait – Entice customers by advertising free products. This gets attention and traffic.
  • Switch – Once customers add items to their cart, inflated shipping fees that effectively equal full product prices are revealed. The “free” claims were false.

For example, a set of metal dice advertised as free with $7 shipping might actually charge $50 shipping at checkout. Unsuspecting customers get tricked into paying full price. Is Dice Legend legit

These inflated shipping fees allow Dice Legend to mimic product discounts and promotions when prices are just hidden into delivery charges. According to the Federal Trade Commission, this behavior is illegal:

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“If your shipping costs are a lot higher than your advertised or quoted prices, you’re likely violating the law… Don’t tell customers something is free when they have to pay shipping or handling fees.”

The FTC requires clear disclosure of full pricing upfront. Dice Legend does the opposite, obscuring real costs until the last step before payment. This tactic enables scamming customers through misleading offers.

Reviewing Customer Experiences

Is dice legend legit or scam – While phone, email, and social media contacts can be managed skillfully by scam companies, independent customer reviews often reveal the true nature of suspicious businesses. We analyzed reviews of Dice Legend across various sites:

  • Trustpilot – 1.3 out of 5 stars across 66 reviews
  • Reddit – Overwhelmingly negative feedback and scam warnings
  • ScamAdviser – Low 13/100 trust rating
  • SiteJabber – 1 out of 5 stars with reviewers calling it a scam

The vast majority of customer reviews are negative, citing issues like:

  • Receiving cheap plastic dice instead of advertised metal or gemstone
  • Extremely long shipping times, sometimes no delivery
  • Hidden fees and refusal to issue refunds
  • Ignored emails and lack of customer service

Positively, a few reviewers received their orders and were happy with the basic plastic dice quality. However, the consensus is clearly negative overall.

Assessing Other Scam Factors

Is Dice Legend legit? Beyond bait-and-switch pricing and dismal reviews, Dice Legend exhibits other characteristics common among scam websites:

  • Stock photos – Many product images appear reused and not unique. This suggests lack of actual inventory.
  • Short shelf life – Scams often shut down quickly after launching. Dice Legend is still active but its newness remains concerning.
  • Unprotected payment – Payments go direct without protections like escrow or credit card guarantees. This offers no recourse for unhappy customers.
  • Spammy marketing – Aggressive sales tactics and spam marketing align more with fly-by-night scammers than ethical merchants.

Bottom Line: Is Dice Legend Legit or Scam

So Is Dice Legend legit? Evaluating the evidence, Dice Legend fails most verification checks for a legitimate business. While its website looks slick, actual business practices display typical scam attributes:

  • Hidden ownership avoiding accountability
  • Bait-and-switch discounts and unreasonable shipping fees
  • Overwhelming negative customer reviews and experiences
  • Lack of company licenses or registration
  • Use of scam formulas like stock photos and pressure sales tactics

For these reasons, we strongly advise consumers to exercise caution and skepticism when considering purchasing from Dice Legend. The risk of receiving substandard products or outright getting scammed is high. Stay safe exploring dice options among well-established, transparent merchants instead.

Signs an Online Dice Seller may be Untrustworthy

Dice collecting is a beloved hobby, but newcomers face risks from unscrupulous sellers. Here are 5 signs to watch out for when assessing an online dice merchant:

  1. Hidden contact details – Avoid sellers that obscure their owners, locations, and contact info. These details should be easy to find.
  2. Stock product photos – Unique product photography indicates legitimate inventory. Generic images suggest products may not exist.
  3. “Too good to be true” prices – Extremes like free products or massive discounts are red flags. Average pricing is a better sign.
  4. Aggressive sales tactics – Constant gimmicks, limited offers, and high-pressure tactics are common scammer techniques.
  5. No refund policy – Sellers without refund options likely plan to take payment and run. Seek merchants with clear return and refund policies.
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Stay vigilant and happy dice hunting from reputable sources!

5 Reputable Dice Companies

While Dice Legend is considered high-risk, many trusted and recommended dice companies exist for hobbyists:

Kraken Dice

  • Huge selection of beautiful metal, acrylic, and gemstone dice
  • Long 5+ year history with thousands of reviews
  • Responsive customer service
  • Lifetime defect replacement policy

Norse Foundry

  • Handmade premium metal dice milled in the USA
  • Unique multicolor styles and licensed brands
  • Company founded by dice enthusiasts in 2019
  • 30 day “love it or return it” refund policy

Level Up Dice

  • Woman-owned boutique brand since 2018
  • Organic styling and creative designs
  • Free shipping in US/UK/AU
  • Satisfaction guarantee on all products

Metallic Dice Games

  • Specializes in metal dice made from zinc alloy
  • Hundreds of styles including licensed sets
  • Ships worldwide from the United States
  • Easy returns within 30 days of purchase

Chessex Dice

  • Industry leader since 1986 with huge range of dice
  • Mass manufacturing for affordable prices
  • Retailers worldwide with distribution centers globally
  • 1 year replacement policy for manufacturer defects

Buying from reputable sellers like these provides security and confidence during the dice buying experience. Stay safe and have fun building your collections!

Best Practices for Safe Online Dice Shopping

While dice scams do exist, fans can shop online safely by following these best practices:

  • Research sellers – Search for reviews, complaints, business registration, and signs of legitimacy. Beware of newly launched websites.
  • Avoid “free” gimmicks – Don’t trust over-the-top promotions and limited pricing meant to create false urgency. Exercise basic skepticism.
  • Examine photos – Unique product photography indicates a genuine inventory. Generic stock images suggest products may not exist yet.
  • Pay securely – Use credit cards or services like PayPal Goods and Services when possible. Avoid direct bank transfers without purchase protection.
  • Review return policies – Reputable sellers offer satisfaction guarantees or return windows in case you are unhappy with a purchase.
  • Check shipment tracking – Confirm your order ships with the seller’s end-to-end tracking. Fake sellers may provide fake or non-functional tracking numbers.

Following these tips when buying dice online will help protect you from likely scams or fraudulent sellers. But thousands of genuine dice merchants exist catering to tabletop gamers and collectors. With some due diligence, you can find great deals from trustworthy companies.

Happy dice hunting! Add some luck to your next gaming adventure with exotic and beautiful sets from reliable sellers. Just use good judgment during the shopping process.

Examples of Trusted Dice Brands

Are you looking for reputable dice brands you can trust? Here are 10 great merchants consistently recommended within tabletop gaming communities:

  1. Chessex – The classic choice. Massive selection since 1986.
  2. Level Up Dice – A boutique brand with creative charm. Woman-owned.
  3. Kraken Dice – Beautiful acrylic and metals. Great customer service.
  4. Norse Foundry – Handmade premium metals milled in the USA.
  5. Q Workshop – Novel designs and officially licensed sets. Based in Poland.
  6. Crystal Maggie – Quality plastic and metal sets shipped worldwide.
  7. Metallic Dice Games – Affordable metals cast with zinc alloy. US-based.
  8. Awesome Dice – Known for stunning gemstone and sharp edge dice. Based in Canada.
  9. Artisan Dice – Handmade with exotic materials like meteorite and mammoth tusk.
  10. Dispel Dice – UK studio making high-precision metals and vibrant resins.
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These established dice companies are praised for fair pricing, unique products, excellent service, and contributing positively to the tabletop gaming community. Is Dice Legend legit. Patronizing sellers like these supports small businesses while giving them peace of mind about getting quality products.

Protect Yourself When Buying Dice Online

  1. Verify seller reputability – Search for reviews, complaints, and signs of legitimacy before purchasing. Avoid stores lacking an online history.
  2. Examine product photos – Unique, high-quality images indicate the seller’s inventory truly exists. Generic stock photos should raise suspicions.
  3. Look for return policies – Reputable dice sellers offer satisfaction guarantees, refunds, or exchange windows for unhappy customers.
  4. Avoid unbelievable deals – Extreme discounts, giveaways, and “free” offers with only shipping fees often conceal scams. Moderately-priced deals from established brands are safer.
  5. Pay securely – Use a credit card when possible for purchase protection. Avoid direct bank transfers without protection from payment services like PayPal.
  6. Check order tracking – Make sure your order seems to actually ship via a functional carrier tracking system. Fake tracking numbers are a warning sign.
  7. Inspect products upon arrival – If dice received differ wildly from seller advertisements, report to the payment provider and request a refund.

Taking sensible precautions helps ensure your online dice shopping is fun, safe, and scam-free. Roll the bones from merchants you can trust!


Is Dice Legend legit? Dice collecting has skyrocketed along with tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. Unfortunately, scam websites now seek to cash in on this rising hobby. Identifying trustworthy sellers versus potential scams is crucial.

Investigating stores like Dice Legend reveals plenty of red flags. Hidden ownership, bait-and-switch pricing, stock photos, no business licenses, and overwhelmingly negative customer reviews all indicate high risk. We strongly advise consumers exercise skepticism when considering Dice Legend until more signs of legitimacy emerge.

Thankfully, plenty of specialty dice merchants with longstanding reputations exist. Following basic precautions like examining seller histories, photos, pricing, and return policies helps identify risks. Hobbyists can connect with ethical brands to safely build their perfect dice set by making educated purchases.

Roll on adventurers – just keep a sharp eye when looting treasures from newfound sellers. With care, your collection will keep growing with beautiful and lucky sets that enhance tales told around the gaming table.

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