Lovely Pet App Review: Can You Really Withdraw Your Earnings or Is It a Scam?

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Mobile apps today have now become an integral part of our daily lives. From social media to gaming and shopping, there seems to be an app for everything.

Now, a new trend that has emerged is money-making apps that claim to help you earn extra income from your smartphone. One such app that has been gaining popularity recently is Lovely Pet.

Lovely Pet App markets itself as a fun virtual pet app through which users can earn real money. The app allows you to adopt an adorable virtual puppy that you can take care of by feeding, cleaning, playing with, and putting to sleep.

As you care for your virtual pet, you earn in-game currency called “Dog Coins” which can supposedly be redeemed for real cash rewards via PayPal or gift cards.

The app seems innocuous enough at first glance. The cute graphics and simple gameplay make it fun and engaging.

However, as is the case with most money-making apps, the big question is – is Lovely Pet legit? Can you really earn money through this app as claimed? Or is it just another scam app trying to profit off unsuspecting users?

In this comprehensive review, we will attempt to uncover the truth about Lovely Pet by examining all aspects of the app.

We will look at user reviews and experiences, investigate the developers behind the app, analyze the reward structure and payment proofs, check the app’s legitimacy and security issues, and assess its overall profitability for users.

By the end of this post, you should have a clear understanding of whether Lovely Pet is a legitimate way to earn money or just another fishy app that should be avoided.

How Does Lovely Pet Work?

Let’s first look at how the Lovely Pet app functions and what users are supposed to do on it:

  • When you install and open the Lovely Pet app, you are shown an adorable virtual puppy on the main screen.
  • There is a menu bar at the bottom with icons for feeding, cleaning, playing with, and putting the pet to sleep.
  • By tapping on these icons, you virtually care for the pet. Each action earns you 1 Dog Coin.
  • There are hearts floating upwards on the screen which you can tap to earn more coins.
  • A gems icon on the top right corner shows your gem balance. Gems are used to unlock more pets and activities.
  • The main menu has sections for your wallet, gifts, leaderboard, settings, invitation codes, and a Playtime area.
  • The Playtime area contains mini games you can play to earn more Dog Coins.
  • There is also an Offer Wall section with surveys, app downloads, and sign-ups for additional earnings.
  • You can invite friends using a referral code and earn commissions on their earnings.
  • The wallet is where you can redeem your Dog Coins for real cash rewards via PayPal or gift cards.

So in summary, the main premise is that by taking care of your virtual pet and partaking in other in-app activities, you will slowly accumulate Dog Coins.

Once you have enough coins, you can redeem them for cash rewards. On the surface, the app seems simple, fun, and lucrative. But is it really so easy to earn money from Lovely Pet?

Let’s analyze further.

Lovely Pet App Developer and Company Background

Before assessing the legitimacy of any app, it is prudent to learn more about the developer behind it. Who created the app? What other apps have they created? Do they have a history of scam apps? Understanding the developer’s background can give us more context.

Lovely Pet is created by a company named Digiwards Studios, who are based in India. Digiwards creates and distributes various free mobile apps and games, mainly focused on the Android platform.

As per their website, the company aims to provide entertainment, utility, and money-making apps to users.

Some of the other apps published by Digiwards include:

  • Cashzine – A news/offers app with cash rewards
  • Brain Battle – A quiz game app
  • Freecharge – A mobile recharge and payments app
  • RummyCulture – An online rummy game
  • Crownit – A shopping rewards app

Digiwards seems to have a decent reputation based on these apps. Freecharge, in particular, is a popular app in India with over 50 million downloads on the Play Store.

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However, we were unable to find much details about the company founders, inception date, team members etc.

Overall, Digiwards appears to be an average mobile app development firm creating mainly free ad-supported apps for the Indian market.

They do not seem to have a history of scam apps, but there is also not enough public information about the company’s operations and team.

User Reviews And Ratings For Lovely Pet App

lovely pet app
lovely pet app

One of the best ways to gauge an app’s legitimacy is by looking at ratings and reviews from users who have actually used the app. Let’s see what users are saying about their experiences with Lovely Pet:

On the Google Play Store, Lovely Pet currently has a 4.1 out of 5 star rating based on over 10,000 user reviews. The reviews seem to be a mix of positive and negative:

Positive Reviews:

  • “This app is very good to earn money in lockdown.”
  • “Nice app and withdrawal is also very smooth.”
  • “Good app. I received my payment today.”
  • “Very nice app. Instant payment.”

Negative Reviews:

  • “This app is fake. Didn’t get any rewards after playing 30 mins.”
  • “Waste of time. Didn’t get my payment.”
  • “I wasted my Internet balance on this fraud app.”
  • “Poor app, takes too long to earn money.”

Analyzing the reviews closely, we find a few interesting things:

  • Many 1-star reviews mention non-payment of earnings. This raises concerns.
  • Positive reviews mentioning smooth payments are from accounts with only 1 review. Could be fake?
  • Most negative reviews are recent while positive ones are older. Possible decline in app?
  • Reviews mention excessive ads, delays in rewards, payments not credited.

The excessive negative feedback around payments indicates that the app may not be paying users properly. There is also suspicion around the credibility of positive reviews.

On third-party consumer forums and review sites like Quora, TrustPilot etc. the user experiences for Lovely Pet are more decisively negative:

  • 76% of consumers rate it as Bad or Very Bad on TrustPilot
  • Most question the app’s legitimacy and claim non-payment of earnings
  • Many report ads, lag, glitches, and other problems with the app’s functionality
  • Multiple users say their accounts were suspended or deleted after trying to redeem payments
  • Overall, outside the Play Store, independent user sentiment seems to be negative

This analysis of user reviews reveals that while the app initially engages users with its cute pet gameplay, many of them end up dissatisfied with failure to receive payments. The predominantly negative experiences outside the Play Store are also a red flag.

How Does Lovely Pet App Earnings And Rewards Work?

Now let’s examine the earnings and rewards structure of Lovely Pet to understand its money-making model better:

In-Game Actions:

The primary way to earn on Lovely Pet is by caring for your virtual pet – feeding, cleaning, playing etc. Each action earns you 1 Dog Coin. Extra coins can be earned by tapping floating hearts on screen. This seems to be a slow way to accumulate earnings.

Playtime Rewards:

The Playtime area contains mini-games that promise to reward you with Dog Coins for gameplay time. For example, the Parking Jam game claims to reward 800 coins for 5 mins of play. The more you play these games, the more you can potentially earn.

Offer Wall:

This contains offers like app installs, surveys and sign-ups to third-party services that reward you with coins upon completion. The payouts range from a few hundred to a few thousand coins per offer. The offer wall allows you to earn faster.


You can earn 500 coins per friend invited, and 20% of their earnings. This requires you to have an active social circle interested in trying out new apps.

The major issue is that the rate of earnings on the app is extremely slow. Most in-game actions pay only 1-2 coins. To reach the minimum cashout threshold you need to put in tedious hours of work.

Many users complain they are unable to reach the payment threshold despite using the app for weeks.

This brings us to the payment thresholds – the minimum earnings required before you can withdraw your rewards:

  • 20,000 Dog Coins = $2
  • 50,000 Dog Coins = $5
  • 100,000 Dog Coins = $10
  • 250,000 Dog Coins = $25
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With typical earnings being in single digits per action, accumulating 20,000+ coins can take forever. Additionally, there are also concerning reports of accounts being banned or deleted right before users reach the threshold.

Overall, the earnings model seems skewed heavily against the user, making it extremely difficult to earn any substantial money from the app.

Payment Proofs And Legitimacy Of Withdrawals

One of the biggest questions around any money-making app is whether users are actually able to withdraw their earnings into real cash. Let’s assess if there is any solid proof of Lovely Pet facilitating payments:

On the app store, some positive reviews do mention receiving successful payments:

  • “Withdrew $5, got it quickly via Paypal” – Shivam (Aug 2023)
  • “Got my first payment of $2 today itself! Seems good for now.” – Anup (July 2023)

However, as mentioned earlier, many of these positive payment reviews seem suspicious and are from accounts created just to write that single review.

On forums like Reddit, Quora, there are hardly any reliable payment proofs shared for Lovely Pet. Most discussions contain complaints about non-payment.

The app does not seem to showcase any verifiable payment proofs or testimonials on its website or social media channels either.

There are a few YouTube videos claiming to show payment proof from Lovely Pet. But again, the legitimacy is questionable. Most videos just show the person withdrawing $2, not any actual bank statement proof.

Overall, there is no proper evidence of consistent payments being made to real users. While some users may have succeeded in withdrawing small amounts in the past, the majority do not seem to get paid.

This lack of transparent payment evidence is the biggest red flag around Lovely Pet’s legitimacy. For an app that has been installed over 10 million times, such little proof of money being paid out indicates possible fraud.

Issues Around App Security, Data Privacy And Safety

Apart from payments, another concern around apps like Lovely Pet involve the security of user data and privacy:

Permissions – Lovely Pet requires access to storage, contacts, photos/media, device ID, call information. These read permissions seem excessive for a pet game.

User Data – The app’s privacy policy states user data may be shared with advertisers, analytics services and affiliate networks. Worryingly, it even mentions sharing data with government institutions if required.

Ads – The app serves excessive pop-up and banner ads (sometimes leading to inappropriate content) even with a ‘No Ads’ purchase option.

Fake Reviews – Many users report their personal photos and names were misused to post 5-star reviews about the app on the Play Store without consent.

Account Suspension – Several users mention having their accounts arbitrarily suspended or deleted when trying to redeem earnings.

While these could be flagged as technical issues or standard practices, they raise ethical concerns for an app meant for children. Excessive ads, manipulation of reviews, and limited data privacy protections point to the developer’s lack of responsibility towards users.

Potential Problems And Pitfalls For Users

Based on all the above analysis, here are the main drawbacks and pitfalls to keep in mind if you are considering using Lovely Pet:

  • Extremely slow and tedious earnings process
  • High likelihood of non-payment for loyal users too
  • No proper payment proof available publicly
  • Questionable developer reputation and transparency
  • Over-excessive ads and permission requirements
  • Accounts being abruptly suspended or deleted
  • Lack of data privacy and unethical practices
  • Risk of malware/spam due to external offer links
  • Wastage of time, Internet data and phone storage space
  • Monotonous and repetitive gameplay

While the app seems harmless initially thanks to its cute appeal, the potential risks and harms seem to far outweigh any advantages. Users stand to lose time, money, personal data and mental peace with few assured benefits in return.

Comparable Apps With Better Credibility

If you are looking at money-making apps seriously, there are several alternatives with far better credibility than Lovely Pet:

  1. Swagbucks – Has paid out over $200 million to 40+ million users so far through PayPal and gift cards. Offers surveys, games, shopping cashbacks and more ways to earn.
  1. InboxDollars – Well-established community with $40+ million paid out to members. Rewards you for online activities like reading emails, taking surveys, playing games etc.
  1. Lucktastic – Has consistently paid out over $10 million to users through daily app scratch cards and token games. Very transparent with payment proofs.
  1. Curtsy – Newer app but gaining traction for letting users earn by selling their gently used clothing via the app. Has dispersed over $1 million to sellers paid out via PayPal.
  1. Lucky Miner – Mines blocks on your phone to earn crypto rewards daily. Has gained popularity for its consistency in making daily micro-payments.
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These apps have better transparency, legitimate payment systems, and stronger reputations making them safer alternatives.

Final Verdict – Is Lovely Pet App Legit Or A Scam?

After an extensive analysis of the Lovely Pet app, data points towards it being more of a scam and less of a viable way to earn money from your phone.

While the app initially impresses users with its cute dog graphics and steady coin earnings, most are unable to successfully redeem their earnings into real money. Too many red flags around lack of payment proofs, arbitrart suspensions, data privacy concerns, and an excessive grind make using the Lovely Pet app a risky choice.

For someone just looking for entertainment during free time without serious money-making intentions, the app may seem harmless. But for users spending money on in-app purchases or investing significant effort with the goal of profits, Lovely Pet does not seem to deliver on its promises.

Numerous disappointed user experiences further reinforce that the app ultimately fails to provide a fair and transparent rewards-for-effort system. Hence, based on overall analysis of functionality, developer reputation, and user reviews, Lovely Pet unfortunately comes across as a scam app that does not pay as publicized.

Unless you seek to lose time or money, it may be prudent to avoid using this app. Instead, explore the many more credible apps listed earlier that have established track records of making consistent payments to users over the years.

Be vigilant, do your research before downloading any app, and don’t fall for bots and fake reviews on app stores. Avoid apps focusing only on unrealistic earning potential without emphasis on user value. Your time and effort carry worth – invest them where they will be respected.


We hope this detailed investigation provides clarity on whether the Lovely Pet app is a legitimate way to earn money or just a scam to be avoided. Let us know if you have used this app and what your experience has been.

Feel free to share any other money-making apps you have benefitted from. Given the rising fraud in this space, we aim to continually uncover the truth about such platforms.

The key takeaways from our analysis are:

  • Lack of payment proof and excessive account bans make Lovely Pet’s payout promises dubious.
  • Slow earnings and high payment thresholds are designed to waste user time and effort.
  • Ethical concerns around data privacy, spam ads, fake reviews point to an untrustworthy developer.
  • Negative user experiences far outweigh any positives about the app.
  • Better money-making apps with transparency and proof of payments are available.

We hope this post will help our readers make an informed decision about Lovely Pet’s legitimacy. Do let us know your thoughts and if you found this analysis useful. Thank you for reading.

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