Is Ozsale Legit or a Scam? BEWARE of Fake Reviews

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Ozsale is an Australian online shopping club that offers huge discounts on designer brands. With daily flash sales of up to 90% off, it can seem too good to be true. So is Ozsale legit or is it a scam?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine Ozsale from all angles to help you make an informed decision before you shop. Here’s what we’ll cover everything you want to know about Ozsale reviews.

Let’s dive in!

What is Ozsale and How Does it Work?

Ozsale is an online shopping marketplace launched in Australia in 2007. It’s owned by UK company MySale Group PLC. Here are some key facts about how Ozsale operates:

  • Membership-based model – Ozsale requires free membership to shop. You can browse the site but must login or sign up to make purchases.
  • Flash sales – Products are offered for limited times, from 24-72 hours. This creates urgency to buy and helps clear old stock.
  • Deep discounts – As an outlet site, Ozsale claims to offer up to 90% off retail prices from over 2,000 brands.
  • Limited stock – Low pricing is achieved by buying leftover stock in bulk. So sizes, colors and stock is limited.
  • Long shipping times – Products ship directly from suppliers worldwide. This means shipping can take weeks or months.

So in a nutshell, Ozsale sells excess inventory from major brands at steep discounts during short flash sales. The catch is limited stock and shipping times.

Ozsale’s Reputation: Reviews and Complaints

With any discount shopping site, it’s wise to scrutinize the company’s reputation before buying. Here’s what buyers and watchdogs are saying about their Ozsale experiences:


Positive Ozsale Reviews

  • Ozsale earns a respectable 4.1 out of 5 stars across 13,000+ reviews on 71% gave them 4 or 5 stars.
  • Reviewers highlight great bargains on genuine, quality items from well-known brands. Many report items arrived as described.
  • Those familiar with outlet/flash sale models understand extended shipping times and limited stock come with the territory.
  • Strong praise for prices and product range. Shoppers can find deals across fashion, beauty, homewares, electronics and more.
  • Most negative reviews focused on shipping delays and sizing issues – which Ozsale notes upfront.

Ozsale Complaints and Controversy

Despite mainly positive feedback, Ozsale has attracted some criticism over the years:

  • Product quality – Some items don’t match the photos or descriptions, are low quality or counterfeit.
  • Customer service – Lack of phone support and slow ticket responses irk some shoppers.
  • Shipping problems – Besides delays, some report items never arrived or wrong items sent.
  • Return process – Return shipping fees, delays and poor communication aggravate some buyers.
  • Hidden fees – Complaints of undisclosed membership fees and high payment processing fees.
  • Fake testimonials? – Accusations that Ozsale posts fake positive reviews to boost ratings.
  • Misleading sales tactics – Complaints of exaggerated “RRP” prices to make discounts seem bigger.
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While concerning, most complaints seem to stem from the nature of outlet shopping and applying standard retail expectations to a discount marketplace model. Still, some issues merit caution.

Is Ozsale Legit? Green Light That Shows Ozsale is Legit

Despite the grumbles, there are good signs Ozsale is a legitimate outlet site you can shop safely:

1. Real office and contact details

Ozsale lists a physical office in Brookvale, NSW and ABN registration details on its website. This includes a real phone number, email and contact form. Scam sites typically hide such information.

2. Positive feedback from most buyers

As we saw, most Ozsale reviews are positive. Happy reviewers received genuine products and good deals as advertised. This indicates they’re not a scam site out to dupe buyers.

3. Proven track record

Running since 2007, Ozsale has an established history in Australia. Scam sites tend to come and go quickly once exposed. Ozsale’s longevity suggests a valid business.

4. Owned by public company

Parent company MySale Group PLC trades on the London Stock Exchange and faces public reporting requirements. This level of corporate accountability makes outright scams unlikely.

5. Uses secure payment methods

Ozsale accepts major cards and services like PayPal. These offer buyer protection policies in case issues arise. Scam sites typically only take risky payment types like bank transfers.

6. Transparent about processes

Ozsale outlines policies about memberships, shipping times, stock availability and more. While the model is inherently imperfect, transparency suggests an attempt at good faith.

While not definitive proof, these factors suggest Ozsale is likely a real clearance marketplace and not a scam. However, it’s not risk-free, as we’ll explore next.

Potential Red Flags to Watch For

Although signs point to a legit operation, Ozsale still warrants caution as an outlet site:

1. Possible bait-and-switch tactics

Some shoppers suspect bait-and-switch sales tactics where the item received is swapped for a lower-quality version of the product shown. This likely stems from limited stock selling out and substitutions being sent instead. Still, it’s worth verifying items upon delivery.

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2. Limited seller accountability

As a marketplace, Ozsale claims limited responsibility for item accuracy, damage, etc – placing accountability on third-party suppliers. This can complicate returns and refunds.

3. Potentially misleading discount claims

Ozsale markets major discounts against RRPs that may be inflated. Without ability to price check, actual savings are uncertain. Approach advertised markdowns with skepticism.

4. Lack of full company transparency

Details on company ownership, management and internal operations are limited. While not abnormal, total transparency would further legitimize their model.

5. Reliance on flash sale urgency

Flash mechanics like pressure to buy before the sale ends can lead to rushed purchases shoppers regret. Know your refund rights in case an item disappoints.

While not evidence of outright scams, these factors mean extra vigilance is required when shopping on Ozsale.

Tips for Safe Shopping at Ozsale

To maximize satisfication and minimize disappointment, here are some top tips for shopping at Ozsale:

1. Stick to well-known brands

Lesser-known brands have greater risk of quality and accuracy issues. When possible, buy brands you recognize and can verify authenticity.

2. Reference size charts

Size and fit inconsistencies are common. Always reference the brand and product size chart before ordering.

3. Read descriptions carefully

Look for disclosure of product condition, material differences and other details in the descriptions before assuming what you’ll receive.

4. Manage expectations on shipping

Know that 2-3 month delivery windows are possible and don’t order if you need an item sooner. Have a backup plan if ordering far in advance.

5. Use buyer protection payment methods

Pay only via credit card or services like PayPal that offer recourse if your order goes awry. Never pay direct bank transfer.

6. Inspect deliveries thoroughly

Carefully inspect items upon arrival and notify Ozsale of any damage or inaccuracies within required timeframes. Document with photos.

7. Buy from Australia when possible

Opt for Australian stock when available to avoid international shipping waits. Sort “Ship From” by Australia.

8. Avoid “pre-loved” items

Search descriptions for “pre-loved” which means used. Stick to new unless you’re comfortable with secondhand.

9. Don’t fall for false urgency

Flash sales may tempt impulsive buying that leads to regret. Stick to purchases you’ll be happy with even if the pressure to act fast.

10. Understand refund limitations

Review return policies. Be aware some sales are final, and timeline and shipping stipulations may apply for refunds. Know costs involved.

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Alternatives to Ozsale

If you’re unsure about using Ozsale, there are a few alternatives to consider:

Catch: Catch is another Australian marketplace focused on clearance and overstock items at everyday low prices. No membership or flash sales.

TK Maxx: This popular chain of brick-and-mortar outlet stores offers in-person bargain apparel and homewares shopping across Australia.

eBay: eBay Australia provides access to both new and used discounted products across any category. But you deal with individual sellers vs one marketplace.

Amazon Outlet: Amazon’s outlet section includes overstock and warehouse deals from major brands. Reliable delivery but a much smaller range in Australia.

Each outlet shopping destination has pros and cons. Evaluate your preferences for brand variety, shopping experience, pricing and more to pick your best option.

The Verdict: Is Ozsale Legit and Worth Trying?

So is Ozsale a legit shopping site and worth trying? Here’s the final take:

Yes, Ozsale is a legitimate outlet marketplace owned by a major public company. While customer experiences vary and some caution is recommended, it is not an outright scam.

For savvy shoppers who understand the limitations and go in with managed expectations, Ozsale can be an exciting marketplace to find major discounts on brands you love. Strictly focusing on reputable brands and using safe payment methods will go a long way towards a satisfying experience.

However, those expecting a seamless, mainstream shopping experience may find some frustrations with delivery delays, fit and accuracy inconsistencies and other pitfalls inherent to excess inventory marketplaces. Know these risks before diving in.

In the end, whether Ozsale is “worth it” depends on your shopping preferences and risk tolerance. If you understand and properly manage expectations, Ozsale can be a fun place to score legitimate deals you won’t find elsewhere.

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