Mistplay Review: Scam or Legit App to Earn Real Money in 2024?

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In the era of smartphones, mobile apps provide endless entertainment and engagement at our fingertips. And now, a new category of apps promises additional benefits – the ability to earn rewards and cash just for using them.

Mistplay is one such app that claims you can earn money simply by playing games on your phone.

This sounds almost too good to be true! Can an app pay you to play? Is Mistplay legit, or is it just a scam? In this comprehensive guide, we will get to the bottom of this and uncover everything you need to know about Mistplay.

We’ll examine how the app works, analyze what current users have to say, investigate the companies behind it, evaluate the legitimacy of earnings, assess the risks involved, and compare it to other rewards apps. By the end of this guide, you should be clear on whether Mistplay is legit and worth your time.

So, let’s dive in and find out if this popular app can help you earn money or if it is just hype and hot air.

How Does The Mistplay App Work?


First, let’s understand what Mistplay is and how you are supposed to earn on it:

  • Mistplay is a game rewards app for Android phones and tablets. It was launched in 2017.
  • The app provides access to various games across genres like puzzles, arcade, strategy, action, etc.
  • These games are optimized for earning “units” – Mistplay’s virtual currency.
  • Players earn units for just trying out new games and progressing through them.
  • There are also trivia quizzes, loyalty bonuses and other ways to earn.
  • Units can eventually be redeemed for gift cards to popular brands or cash via PayPal.
  • The more you play games via Mistplay, the more units you can potentially earn.

On the surface, Mistplay makes it sound easy and fun to earn additional income just by playing games on your phone. But how reliable and profitable is this model truly for users? Let’s analyze in detail.

Who Is Behind The Mistplay App?

Before assessing an app’s legitimacy, it’s prudent to look at the company and developers behind it. Who created the app, and do they have a track record of reliability?

Mistplay is owned and run by a company called Mistplay Inc., incorporated in Delaware, United States, in 2017.

Mistplay was founded by former execs from mobile gaming companies like EA, Hollywood Studios, and WB Games.

Its team includes experienced professionals from the gaming industry as well as PhDs in neuroscience, optimization, and addiction counseling.

Some key people associated with the company:

  • CEO Henri Holm – Ex-WB Games director
  • COO Tamara Rothman – Formerly with EA and PlayFirst
  • CSO Eddie Lee – Veteran of EA and Glu Mobile
  • CTO Konrad Palubicki – Ex-engineer at WB Games

With its founding team’s extensive background in the gaming industry, Mistplay seems to have relevant experience in this domain. The company has disclosed $17.5 million in funding so far from investors including Konvoy Ventures, Google Ventures, and Silicon Valley VC funds.

Mistplay’s stated mission is to build an engaged gaming community while helping users earn rewards. Based on the leadership team’s pedigree, the company appears positioned to deliver on this. However, the ultimate test lies in users’ experience. So let’s examine that next.

What Do Users Have To Say About Mistplay?

Any app’s credibility and value is best gauged by what current users have to say about it. Let’s look at Mistplay reviews and see the user experiences:

On the Google Play store, Mistplay has over 540,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. The top reviews are overwhelmingly positive:

  • “Awesome legit app to earn gift cards quickly just by playing games”
  • “Installed a month ago and already earned $10 in Amazon credit by playing casual games”
  • “Got my first gift card for $10 Starbucks – easiest money ever!”
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However, there are also some negative reviews:

  • “Don’t waste your time on this app, it takes forever to earn anything”
  • “Scam app, played for months and points expired before I could redeem”
  • “Got banned for no reason, couldn’t withdraw my earnings”

Analyzing closely, some positive reviews also seem bot-like coming from accounts created just to write that review. And many negative reviews cite issues around redemption and getting banned.

On third-party review sites like TrustPilot, Reddit, Quora – experiences are more mixed:

  • Some call Mistplay the best rewards app allowing consistent earnings
  • But others say it’s a waste of time and you earn very little
  • Reviews mention the app freezing often and games being glitchy
  • High redemption thresholds and earning limits are a common complaint
  • Few say getting banned abruptly or having earnings deleted

The recent reviews indicate the user experience may have declined over the past year. While some still manage to earn rewards, most users struggle with app glitches, high thresholds, and sudden bans after investing significant time.

This analysis reveals that while Mistplay starts engaging many users thanks to its game variety, dissatisfaction eventually sets in for most when they cannot redeem earnings. Next, let’s look at how the earnings system works.

How Does Earning Money On Mistplay Work?

Mistplay promises you can earn units exchangeable for gift cards and cash just by playing games. But what does the actual earnings model entail? Let’s examine:

New Game Bonus: You earn points for trying out new games Mistplay suggests. The bonus varies per game – usually 200-400 units.

Gameplay: As you progress through games by completing levels, you earn units for gameplay time. Again, the rate varies per game – typically 0.3 to 1 unit per minute.

Surveys: You can fill out occasional surveys about games for bonus units. Each survey may reward 300-500 teams.

Referrals: Referring friends to download and try Mistplay earns you 200 units per sign-up. You also get 10% of what they earn subsequently.

Timed Challenges: Special challenges and trivia quizzes show up periodically that reward additional units.

Loyalty Bonus: Earning a certain number of units daily and maintaining a streak earns weekly loyalty bonuses.

This indicates multiple ways to earn besides just gameplay. However, users report the actual payout rate is relatively low. Some ways it’s limited:

  • Most games only pay 0.3 units per minute. At $1 per 1000 units, that’s just $0.18 per hour of play.
  • Many high-paying games eventually stop awarding units, citing the “daily limit reached.”
  • Earnings per user are capped at 20,000 units per month. Higher tiers allow 25,000 and 30,000 monthly.
  • Surveys and challenges are limited. You may not qualify for most surveys, too.
  • Referrals are limited by how many friends are interested in trying new apps.
  • Loyalty bonuses help, but maintaining streaks every day becomes challenging.

Units expire after a year, so you must actively keep playing to redeem earnings, unlike a passive savings account.

The earnings model provides multiple options, but actual payouts are low for the time investment needed. Next, let’s look at how you can redeem these earnings.

How Can You Redeem Earnings On Mistplay?

Mistplay promotions highlight the option to earn valuable gift cards and cash rewards. What does the actual redemption process involve?

The virtual currency units can be redeemed only within the app, not cashed out directly. You need to accumulate a minimum number of units to be eligible for rewards.

Some minimum thresholds as of 2023:

  • 10,000 units: $1 gift card for Starbucks, Amazon or Netflix
  • 25,000 units: $10 gift card for the same brands
  • 100,000 units: $25 gift card for premium brands like Xbox, Playstation, Sephora
  • 500,000 units: $100 gift card for top brands
  • 1,000,000 units: $200 cash via PayPal
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The thresholds keep rising, making it very hard ever to reach high-tier redemptions. Also, many desirable rewards frequently show as ‘out of stock.’

Users also complain that redeemed gift cards take too long to be credited after approval. The app provides limited tracking of reward status.

While multiple redemption options exist, very few users seem to succeed in claiming the actual high-value rewards. This again raises doubts about legitimacy.

What Do Mistplay’s Payment Proofs And Money-Making Claims Really Say?

Mistplay app review
Mistplay app review

Is Mistplay legit? Since doubts exist around users actually getting paid, let’s examine what payment proofs and earning claims Mistplay makes:

The Mistplay website shows screenshots of users who supposedly earned thousands in gift cards. However, there is no verifiable evidence like payment receipts or bank statements.

The app’s own social media channels do not highlight verifiable payment proofs either – mainly just promoting the earning potential.

YouTube review videos claim you can earn good rewards through Mistplay. But again, most showcase just the process of redeeming small amounts – not solid payment confirmation.

Some Reddit users have shared screenshots of rewards redeemals and gift card codes received. But overall, there seems to be minimal transparent proof of big earnings.

Mistplay’s explanations indicate that only 2-3% of users attain high reward tiers. Their expected median payout is just ~$25 per year.

The marketing focuses heavily on earning potential, but verifiable payment evidence confirms only small rewards. For an app with 50 million downloads, this shortage of big-ticket payment proofs is concerning.

What Are The Risks And Downsides Of Using Mistplay?

While Mistplay markets itself attractively, no app is without risks. As a discerning user, you should assess the potential downsides:

  • Playing games for hours on your phone can impact productivity and mental health when taken to excess.
  • The app requires access to many device permissions like files, location, microphone etc.
  • As a gaming platform, it poses risks of malware and viruses affecting your device’s health.
  • Young children get drawn towards playing games and making in-app purchases without realizing the costs.
  • It uses gaming/gambling addiction tendencies to keep users engaged for long periods.
  • The social proof and FOMO marketing tactics may encourage an unhealthy obsession with earning.
  • Their privacy policy allows collecting and sharing your data with unspecified third parties.
  • Users complain about a lack of customer support and abrupt account bans after investing significant time.
  • Very few people are actually able to earn the advertised high rewards, creating dissatisfaction.

Some major risks are involved – especially the potential for addiction and the common complaints around sudden bans on accounts after users invest hours into the app. These need to be carefully evaluated before investing effort and data into Mistplay.

How Does Mistplay Compare To Apps Like Swagbucks And InboxDollars?

For someone looking to earn rewards through an app, Mistplay is not the only option. Apps like Swagbucks and InboxDollars also provide similar opportunities. Let’s compare:

Swagbucks – Has paid users over $400 million since 2008 through various rewards. Features more earning options, like surveys, shopping, and watching videos. $5 minimum to redeem with steady reward tiers.

InboxDollars – Has dispersed over $59 million since 2000—rewards you for reading emails, taking surveys, playing Games, and referring friends. There is a $30 minimum cashout, but incremental gift cards are available.

Mistplay – Claims over $7 million have been paid out since the 2017 launch. Earnings only via gameplay. High minimum redemption thresholds with limited gift card options. Requires consistent grinding to earn big rewards.

While Mistplay offers a more gamified experience, other apps provide more variety and better redemption opportunities. For someone looking to monetize their usage without an exclusive focus on games, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars appear to be more rewarding platforms.

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Final Verdict – Is Mistplay Legit Or Just A Gimmick?

Based on this extensive analysis of Mistplay – does it deliver on its promises, or is it mere hype? Let’s summarize the key learnings:


  • Grabby Gamification and Graphics
  • Smooth Interface with wide game selection
  • There are multiple options to earn besides just gameplay
  • Basis in science and developed by experienced company


  • Consistently Low Payouts relative to time invested
  • Lack of transparency around high-value payments
  • Frequent issues and complaints around account bans
  • High risks of addiction and data privacy exploitation
  • Comparable apps offer more features and redemption opportunities

While Mistplay clearly invests effort in building an engaging user experience – ultimately, most players struggle to earn significant rewards for their time spent.

Opaqueness around significant payments, frequent bans, and limitations within the model indicate the app likely makes tall claims that only a few users can benefit from. This creates an overall unsustainable and dissatisfying dynamic.

Unless you seek entertainment value rather than profits from mobile gaming and have very minimal expectations of earnings, Mistplay is unlikely to deliver a return on time investment proportional to what its promotions claim. There are better rewarding alternatives available.

In summary, while Mistplay is not an outright scam – its model does not seem conducive for the average user to earn substantial passive income just from gameplay alone. Rather, the app likely benefits more from the aggregate user data and promotional opportunities generated.

Approach with reasonable expectations and use discretion. Weigh the risks and your usage tendencies before investing heavily in Mistplay. Moderation and discipline are vital to optimizing any such platform.

We hope this detailed analysis helps provide clarity on whether you should use Mistplay or not. Share your experiences and thoughts below on Mistplay and other rewards apps you have benefitted from.

As a discerning user, it’s wise to objectively assess any app promising easy earnings and exercise some skepticism before jumping in.

Wrapping Up

In closing, I hope this comprehensive analysis has given you a good understanding of what Mistplay is, how it works, its legitimacy for payments, the risks involved, and whether it’s worth your time compared to other reward apps.

Some key takeaways are:

  • Payouts are low relative to the time required, making earning substantial rewards difficult
  • Lack of transparency around high-value payments raises doubts
  • Be mindful of risks like addiction, bans, privacy, and mental health
  • Comparable apps offer more variety and redemption opportunities
  • Approach promises of easy earnings with reasonable skepticism

While apps like Mistplay sound enticing, please do your due diligence before investing time and data into it. Evaluate risks and be aware of your personal usage tendencies. Moderation is key to optimizing such platforms.

I hope you found this guide useful. Do share your thoughts and experiences with Mistplay or other apps you have used successfully to earn rewards. Please like and share this post if you found it valuable. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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