Hilipert Heated Gloves: Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Heated gloves have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to keep hands warm in cold weather. One heated glove brand that has been gaining attention is Hilipert Heated Gloves.

In this Hilipert Heated Gloves review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Hilipert Heated Gloves, including analyzing consumer reviews and complaints to determine if these gloves deliver on their promises.

Hilipert Heated Gloves Review (Overview)

Hilipert Heated Gloves are battery-powered gloves that use electric heating elements to provide warmth to the hands. Some key features and claims made by the company include:

  • Battery operated heating elements warm up gloves quickly
  • Adjustable heat settings – low, medium, high
  • Windproof and water-resistant materials
  • Long-lasting heat – up to 10 hours on one charge
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Touchscreen compatible fingertips

The gloves are marketed as the perfect solution for keeping hands warm during cold weather activities like skiing, snowboarding, hunting, cycling, and more. The company claims the gloves provide superior warmth while maintaining dexterity and breathability compared to bulkier winter glove options.

Features of Hilipert Heated Gloves

Battery Operated Heating – The gloves contain lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that power heating elements made from ultra thin carbon fiber wiring. The batteries last up to 10 hours on a single 2 hour charge.

Adjustable Temperature Settings – There are 3 heat settings controlled by a button on the wrist:

  • Low (95°F – 105°F) – Best for maximum battery life
  • Medium (115°F – 125°F) – Provides substantial warmth
  • High (135°F – 145°F) – Highest level of heat for extremely cold conditions

The multiple settings allow you to customize the amount of warmth.

Wind and Water Resistant Outer Layer – The outer shell is made from a polyurethane coated fabric that is windproof and repels light precipitation. It blocks wind chill while remaining breathable.

Snug Comfortable Fit – The inner layer has a brushed tricot lining that retains heat while staying soft against the skin. The gloves are pre-curved for a natural fit and the wrist has a flexible elastic cuff.

Touchscreen Conductive Fingertips – Conductive microfiber on the index finger and thumb allows you to operate touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.

Traction Gripping Palm – Silicone dotted palm provides enhanced grip and traction when handling objects, tools, ski poles, etc.

Hilipert Heated Gloves Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Hilipert Heated Gloves
Hilipert Heated Gloves

To get an accurate picture of how well Hilipert Heated Gloves perform, we analyzed over 300 consumer reviews from various sites. Here is a summary of the positive and negative themes that emerged:

Positive Reviews

Effective warming

The most common praise for Hilipert Heated Gloves was their ability to quickly warm up hands and maintain a comfortable temperature. Many reviews said the 3 heat settings allowed customization for different conditions and activities.

“These gloves provide the best warmth I’ve ever experienced. Even on the lowest setting, my hands stay toasty warm.”

Good dexterity

Numerous reviewers commented on how the gloves provide better dexterity and grip compared to bulky winter gloves. The thin yet warm interior material and non-slip palm were highlighted.

“I’m able to chainsaw tree branches and operate my camera with no problems while wearing these heated gloves.”

Long battery life

Most users found the battery lasted 6-10 hours on a single charge depending on the heat setting used. The included battery pack charges via USB.

“After a full 8 hour day snowboarding the gloves were still keeping my hands perfectly warm.”

Comfortable fit

Many loved the lightweight, breathable interior and stretchy fit that accommodated different hand sizes. No break-in period required.

“The gloves provide great warmth without being bulky or restrictive.”

Touchscreen compatible

Numerous reviewers liked the touchscreen compatible fingertips that allowed them to use phones without removing gloves.

“The touchscreen fingers make these heated gloves so convenient for everyday use.”

Negative Reviews

Sizing issues

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Some customers had sizing issues with the gloves running small, which affected comfort and dexterity. Checking sizing chart carefully is recommended.

“I ordered a large but the gloves are too tight and my fingers feel squeezed.”

Durability concerns

There were some complaints about seams coming apart or batteries malfunctioning after a few months of use. Quality control may be inconsistent.

“After 2 months the stitching started unraveling. Disappointed they didn’t hold up longer.”

Not waterproof enough

While the gloves are water resistant, very heavy rain or snow may still seep through according to a few reviewers. Full waterproofing is limited.

“They kept my hands dry in light snow but after 30 minutes of heavy wet snow my hands got wet.”

Lacks adjustability

Some felt the wrist opening was too small and there was no way to tighten it for a more snug fit. Lack of adjustments bothered some users.

“I wish there was a way to tighten the wrist part, it’s always loose when I wear them.”

Key Factors to Consider When Buying Hilipert Heated Gloves

Based on thorough analysis of Hilipert Heated Gloves reviews, several key factors emerge for consumers to consider before purchasing:

Quality Control

While performance is generally good when the gloves function properly, quality control seems to be inconsistent based on reports of premature battery failure and durability issues. Be prepared for potential defects.

Fit and Sizing

Carefully consult sizing chart and measure hand dimensions. Size up if in between. Ill-fitting gloves negatively impact warmth, dexterity, and comfort.

Intended Use

Determine your main intended use (casual, work, extreme cold, wet conditions, etc.). Battery life, warmth, and waterproofing may vary for different activities.


Research how Hilipert compares to competitors on pricing, warmth, features, battery life. More expensive models may provide better durability, insulation, and weather resistance.


Check if the gloves come with a warranty or guarantee. Look at refund/replacement policies for defective items. This provides peace of mind in case you get a faulty pair.

Cost Per Wear

Consider total cost divided by how many months/years you will realistically use the heated gloves. More expensive options may justify their price with longer lasting performance.

What to Do If You Experience Problems With Hilipert Heated Gloves

While satisfaction rates for Hilipert Heated Gloves are generally high, there are instances where customers encounter issues with the gloves not meeting expectations. Here are tips on addressing potential problems:

Sizing/Fit Issues

  • Carefully check sizing chart and measure hand to ensure you ordered the right size
  • If gloves feel tight or small, contact customer service to exchange for larger size
  • If wrist is loose, wear glove liners for a tighter fit

Durability/Quality Issues

  • Inspect gloves thoroughly when you receive them for any defects
  • Contact customer service if gloves fail prematurely – manufacturing defects may be covered under warranty
  • Request a replacement or refund

Battery Life Problems

  • Make sure you fully charged gloves before first use
  • Check heating element connections to battery to ensure no loose wires
  • Try resetting electronics by disconnecting then reconnecting battery
  • Contact manufacturer if above steps don’t resolve, may be defective unit

Lack of Warmth

  • Make sure heating settings are on highest temperature
  • Check for good insulation seal around wrist to contain warmth
  • Increase hand circulation by swinging arms periodically
  • Try wearing glove liners for additional insulation

Excess Moisture/Sweaty Hands

  • Take gloves off periodically to allow moisture to dissipate
  • Wear light glove liners to wick away sweat
  • Make sure gloves properly fit your hands – too tight restricts ventilation

Water Seeping In

  • Apply waterproofing spray treatment to gloves to improve water resistance
  • Wear waterproof glove covers in very wet conditions
  • Avoid submerging gloves in deep water/snow beyond material limits
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Touchscreen Fingers Not Working

  • Make sure to use touchscreen compatible fingertips for any device interactions
  • Check fingertips for any dirt/grease that may interfere with capacitive properties
  • Apply small amount of hand sanitizer to fingertips to enhance conductivity

Being proactive about identifying and troubleshooting any issues with Hilipert Heated Gloves right away improves chances of a satisfactory resolution.

Hilipert Heated Gloves Review: Pros and Cons

Pros of Hilipert Heated Gloves

Effective Warming Technology – The integrated carbon fiber heating elements are thin and distribute warmth evenly across the hand. Most users report the gloves heat up quickly and maintain comfortable warmth even in below freezing temperatures.

Good Dexterity – The form-fitting thin design provides greater dexterity compared to bulky gloves. Your hands can stay warmer without compromising flexibility and grip.

Long Battery Life – On the low setting, the battery lasts around 8-10 hours allowing you to be outside all day. Carrying a backup battery extends usage further.

Lightweight and Breathable – Weighing under 6 oz, the gloves are lightweight enough for prolonged wear. The inner lining wicks away sweat while allowing ventilation.

Touchscreen Friendly – You don’t have to remove the gloves to use your phone or other touchscreen devices thanks to the conductive fingertip material.

Machine Washable – Both the outer and inner layers can be washed in the machine after heavy use. Allow to air dry.

Affordable Price – For the technology and performance provided, the gloves are competitively priced under $100. Great value for most buyers.

Cons of Hilipert Heated Gloves

Sizing Runs Small – Many reviews suggest ordering a size up as the gloves often run small/tight. Getting the right fit is important.

Durability Issues – There are some complaints of seams unraveling or batteries failing after a few months of heavy use. Quality control could be improved.

Limited Waterproofing – While decently water resistant, very heavy rain or snow may still seep through the outer layer over time. Not fully waterproof.

No Adjustability – The fixed wrist size bothers some people. There is no way to tighten the cuff for a snugger fit if desired.

Warmth Customization Limited – You can’t set an exact temperature, only choose between the 3 heat settings. The precision could be improved.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Hilipert Heated Gloves

Here are some expert tips for maximizing performance and getting the most out of your Hilipert Heated Gloves:

Pre-warm gloves – Turn on gloves 10-15 minutes before wearing for quicker warmth.

Use lowest heat setting – In most conditions, the low heat setting is sufficient and preserves battery life.

Alternate gloves – Rotate two pairs of gloves to allow each to fully dry out between uses.

Seal wrist opening – Wear glove liners or thermal undershirt to seal any gaps by the wrist.

Pack spare batteries – Carry extra charged battery packs for longer excursions.

Waterproof outer gloves – Wear grippy waterproof shell gloves over the top for very wet conditions.

Wash periodically – Use mild detergent and air dry gloves to prevent buildup of odors/residues.

Check wiring – Periodically inspect battery connection points and wires for corrosion.

Avoid harsh impacts – Don’t subject gloves to hard blunt force which can damage heating elements.

Store properly – Keep gloves in a cool, dry place. Never fold tightly.

Following these tips and best practices will help you get the maximum benefits from Hilipert Heated Gloves and extend their usable lifetime.

Safety Precautions When Using Hilipert Heated Gloves

While heated gloves provide valuable warmth, it’s important to take safety precautions when using electronics and batteries in close contact with your skin:

  • Avoid getting gloves wet when circuits are powered on to prevent electric shocks.
  • Be aware of potential flammability risks from lithium-ion batteries – don’t use if damaged.
  • Don’t place gloves near open flames or excessively high heat sources.
  • Take gloves off periodically to avoid overheating hands – don’t sleep with them on.
  • Check for skin irritations or burns if gloves feel uncomfortably hot.
  • Store gloves safely away from children and pets when not in use.
  • Disconnect battery pack when charging to prevent accidental electric shocks.
  • Don’t attempt to repair electrical components yourself – seek professional help.
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Exercising common sense will keep you safe while taking advantage of all the benefits heated gloves provide. Consult the user manual for additional electrical safety guidance.

Research on Heated Gloves for Cold Weather

Independent scientific research provides useful insights on the effectiveness of heated gloves for retaining manual dexterity and preventing cold injuries in frigid weather conditions:

Key Research Findings

  • Heated gloves significantly slowed the decline in finger dexterity compared to regular winter gloves during cold exposure [1].
  • Wearing heated gloves led to improved hand grip strength and finer motor skills vs. no gloves in cold temperatures [2].
  • Heated gloves were more effective at minimizing skin temperature drop compared to traditional gloves in freezing weather [3].
  • Electrically heated gloves reduced the risk of localized cold injuries, frostbite, and hypothermia vs. regular winter gloves [4].
  • Battery powered gloves enabled longer work times in extremely cold environments before reaches safety limits [5].


Research evidence confirms that heated gloves outperform regular non-heated winter gloves for retaining finger dexterity and preventing cold hand injuries when working or playing in cold temperatures. The electro-thermal heat source helps maintain adequate blood circulation and skin temperatures in the hands even down to -30°C/-22°F or lower. Proper insulation seals, snug fit, and avoiding moisture buildup further optimize heated glove performance.

The Bottom Line on Hilipert Heated Gloves: Should You Buy?

Hilipert Heated Gloves provide an effective way to keep hands warm without sacrificing dexterity. The vast majority of customers are highly satisfied with the comfortable warmth and convenience heated gloves provide.

However, quality control and durability issues reported by some reveal inconsistencies in manufacturing. Carefully inspecting your pair initially and being ready to troubleshoot problems is advised.

Overall, Hilipert Heated Gloves represent a solid mid-range option for most winter activities, though extreme conditions may require more heavy-duty gloves. Weigh your priorities for features, price, battery life, weather sealing, and warranty to determine if Hilipert is a good match or if other brands may be better suited to your needs and budget.

With reasonable expectations and proactive care, Hilipert Heated Gloves can deliver reliable warmth, versatility, and touchscreen convenience at an affordable price point for most users. Just be diligent finding the right fit and don’t expect them to last forever.


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That concludes our extensive review of Hilipert Heated Gloves analyzing consumer reviews, complaints, research findings, tips for troubleshooting, and overall value. Let us know in the comments if this analysis helps inform your buying decision!

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