Is Scam or Legit? Unveiling The Truth

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Monopoly is one of the most popular board games of all time. With its simplistic rules yet competitive gameplay, it keeps people entertained for hours. In the digital era, bringing Monopoly into video games and mobile apps only increased its popularity.

One such Monopoly mobile game is Monopoly GO by Marmalade Game Studio. Released in 2018 on iOS and Android devices, it took the classic Monopoly experience and adapted it for a fun on-the-go experience. Naturally, as with any popular game, websites soon emerged claiming to offer hacks and cheats.

Enter – a site that promotes a “hack” allowing unlimited dice rolls in Monopoly GO for free. Sounds too good to be true, right? In this in-depth review, we’ll take an unbiased look at to determine if it’s a legitimate hack or a scam.

Let’s get rolling!

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What Does Claim To Offer?

On the surface, promises one very enticing thing – the ability to get unlimited dice rolls in Monopoly GO without any restrictions. This would essentially remove one of the core mechanics of chance from the game and give players an unfair advantage.

In the Monopoly GO app, like in the classic board game, players take turns rolling the dice to move their token around the board and purchase properties/pay rent.

The number of rolls is limited by the dice themselves. claims to “hack” this system by providing unlimited rolls for free without any downloads needed.

On the website, users are shown step-by-step instructions on “how to find your username” in Monopoly GO and enter it on the site.

From there, users simply need to choose how many extra rolls they want – from as low as 5 million up to 10 million or more all the way up to generating a custom amount. With a single click of the “Generate” button, the hack is supposed to work immediately.

Additionally, says this hack works for both iOS and Android devices. They promise no downloads, jailbreaks or root access required – just enter your details and get unlimited rolls added directly to your Monopoly GO account.

It all seems too good to be true, but is it really a scam? Let’s dig deeper.

How Unlimited Rolls Hack Websites Actually Work

To understand if is legitimate or a scam, we need to understand how hacks like these are supposed to work under the hood. The site definitely raises some skepticism due to how effortless it claims the process is.

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So let me explain real quick:

Generally speaking, for an online hack or cheat for a specific game to work, it needs to interface directly with the game’s server database in some way. This allows modifying values like resources, currency counts etc tied to a user’s account.

However, for security reasons, most reputable game studios do not expose their server databases publicly on the open internet.

So how do these “hacks” connect? In reality, 99% of the time they CANNOT. They simply try to trick users into thinking the hack worked while actually doing nothing.

The ways scam sites like try to make the hack look real include:

  • Asking for login details to steal account credentials
  • Redirecting to fake “generation” pages with loading animations
  • Displaying fake “confirmation” messages post-generation
  • Relying on placebo effect from users not verifying hack in-game

In summary, unless a game company has a known vulnerability exploited, external hacking of server data is basically impossible. The “hack” is actually just a cleverly disguised phishing scheme. Now let’s evaluate based on this knowledge:

Analyzing and Determining If It’s Legit or a Scam

Let’s break down and see if it holds up to scrutiny:

1. No Login Credentials Needed

While most phishing sites try stealing login details, claims none are required. This is certainly a better sign, but not guaranteed legit either.

2. Simple Interface but Fake Loading Screens

The website interface is barebones yet effective. And “generating” rolls leads to fake loading animations that serve no real purpose.

3. No External Verification Provided

Users are given no way to check if rolls were actually added without launching the game app separately. Relying on blind trust and placebo effects.

4. Generic “Hacks” All Games Approach

Instead of creating hacks tailored to each game, the site lumps them all together. A sign it’s not actually hacking anything meaningfully.

5. Proper Hack Would Require App Access

For a real hack to work, it would likely need permission/access through the game app itself which this doesn’t have. Everything happens through the website only.

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6. Zero Technical Explanations Provided

Legit hacking websites often provide technical overviews. This site gives no information on how it’s supposedly interfacing with servers.

Putting it all together, exhibits all the classic signs of being a scam rather than a legitimate hack:

  • No external verification the hack worked
  • Overly simplistic process with fake loading screens
  • Lacks any technical proof or explanation
  • Treats all games generically rather than tailoring to each
  • Not requiring app access indicates it’s definitely not interfacing with game servers

So while the promise of free unlimited rolls sounds enticing, in reality is likely just phishing for account credentials rather than achieving any meaningful hack. It’s best to avoid using such questionable websites.

Are There Any Legitimate Alternatives?

Now that we’ve established is very likely not a legitimate hack, someone may reasonably ask – are there any real alternatives then? When it comes to popular mobile games, the options tend to be quite limited:

1. In-App Purchases

Many games like Monopoly GO offer the choice to buy extra resources directly through approved in-app purchases. This is the officially recommended way to obtain certain perks faster.

2. Modded APK Files

For Android games, experienced coders have in rare cases managed to modify the actual app file (APK) to enable things like god modes or unlimited currencies. However, these modified APKs often get detected and banned.

3. Jailbreaking/Rooting Device

Jailbreaking iOS devices or rooting Android ones provides greater control that could allow hacking game data directly. However, it also voids warranties, can be unstable, and may cause bans. Most players don’t want to take these risks.

4. Game Vulnerabilities/Glitches

On very rare occasions, live games could have temporary vulnerabilities or glitches that knowledgeable players figure out how to exploit for gains. But these tend to get patched very quickly by developers.

So in summary – while theoretically possible through advanced technical means and luck, there are no truly simple and risk-free hacks or cheats for most games.

Unlimited in-game bonuses are only reasonably obtained through official channels like paid transactions. Sites like should always be viewed very skeptically.

The Bottom Line – Is A Scam?

After an exhaustive analysis of how works, the technical plausibility of the hack it promotes, and comparisons to more legitimate alternatives, the conclusion is clear:

ALSO READ:  Beware of Bittrex Scam Emails: Avoid and Don't Fall Victim exhibits ALL the classic signs of being a scam website rather than providing a real hack or cheat for Monopoly GO. It likely exists only to trick users into either downloading malware or phishing for their account credentials.

The supposed “hack” has all the hallmarks of being fake – no external verification it works, overly simplistic one-click process, lacking technical proof, treating all games generically. A real hack would require app access, not work through only a website.

In the end, while we’d all love unlimited resources in our favorite games, there are no truly simple hacks – just official transactions, modded files with risks, and rare discovered glitches. Random websites should never be trusted without thorough vetting.

So in summary –’s promises of free unlimited rolls are simply too good to be true. By avoiding questionable sites like this one, players can protect themselves from potential malware, hacks or account thefts.

The bottom line verdict is clear: is a scam, not a legit source for Monopoly GO hacks or cheats. Stay vigilant out there!

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

I hope this extensive analysis of has helped any readers thoroughly evaluate the legitimacy of such game hack websites.

My goal was to examine every aspect skeptically yet factually using strategic research and attention to technical details. This way, even those without coding skills can learn to discern scams from honest sources.

Whether you’re a lifelong Monopoly fan or just enjoy mobile games occasionally, being an informed consumer is so important – especially when it comes to protecting your personal data and financial transactions online. With a little knowledge, we can all make better decisions and avoid becoming victims of deception.

If a promised “hack” or shortcut sounds too effortless and risk-free to be true, trust your instincts and be highly suspect. Search for corroborating evidence from independent reviewers before exposing yourself.

At the end of the day, it’s always safest to stay within official game systems and transactions that follow ethical guidelines set by dedicated developers.

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