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Online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing consumers access to a wider selection of products at competitive prices. However, the rise in ecommerce has also given way to an increase in fraudulent websites looking to scam unsuspecting shoppers.

One such website that has been garnering attention lately is This relatively new site advertises major discounts on popular brands of clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, and more. With prices slashed up to 90% off, it’s easy to see why bargain hunters may be enticed.

But is Enjoy Tag legit? are the deals at EnjoyTag truly legitimate or just an elaborate scam? In this extensive investigation, we will uncover everything you need to know about EnjoyTag – how it operates, red flags to watch for, and most importantly, whether it can be trusted. By the end, you’ll have the facts to determine if EnjoyTag is legit or a scam.

Is EnjoyTag Legit? How EnjoyTag Operates

At first glance, EnjoyTag appears to be a typical ecommerce store with sections for Men’s Shoes, Women’s Shoes, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Jewelry, Electronics and more. The website is neatly designed with high quality images and detailed product descriptions. In the footer, EnjoyTag claims to guarantee “the best customer service, an extensive catalogue, and competitive prices.”

The About Us page tells the story of EnjoyTag being founded in 2014 by Avner Kirschenbaum, a “sales veteran” who wanted to create an online shoe and clothing store that catered specifically to the powersports community. However, research shows no records of an individual named Avner Kirschenbaum founding or operating this company.

EnjoyTag does not provide a company address, phone number or email for customer service inquiries. The Contact Us page only has a general contact form. There is no indication of where EnjoyTag ships products from or how to track orders.

All policies like Shipping, Returns, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions appear to be generic templates copied from other websites. They do not contain any specifics related to EnjoyTag’s actual business operations or handling of customer data.

The website has a blog with a handful of posts related to running, exercise and motivational topics. However, the posts are also generic and duplicated word-for-word from other sites. There are no links or bios pointing to real authors behind these blog articles.

EnjoyTag has no verified social media presence on networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There are no customer reviews anywhere online for the alleged 5+ years they claim to be in business. Searches only reveal recent scam warnings about the site.

So how does EnjoyTag actually operate? Here are the key steps:

  • Heavily promote the site through social media ads, sponsored posts, spam emails and questionable affiliate networks using the lure of major discounts on branded merchandise.
  • Customers place orders and submit payment information, typically credit card details.
  • No legitimate customer service department exists to handle or fulfill any orders. Emails and calls go unanswered.
  • Packages are never shipped. The customer receives nothing while EnjoyTag pockets the payments.
  • When disputes or complaints arise, EnjoyTag ignores all communication and blocks users.

In summary, EnjoyTag exhibits multiple signs of an online retail scam. They lure customers in with false discounts then take payments without providing any real products, customer service or method to resolve issues. Now let’s examine the specific red flags.

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Red Flags Indicating a Scam

After thoroughly analyzing the EnjoyTag website, there are several clear indicators that this is likely a scam operation:

Hidden Company Details

As outlined above, EnjoyTag provides zero legitimate business details – no real address, contact number, or executives are tied to this shady operation. The alleged founder does not seem to exist. This lack of transparency is a huge red flag.

Copycat Legal Pages

EnjoyTag’s terms, privacy policy and other legal pages are copied from other generic templates online. They do not reflect any real policies or protections specific to EnjoyTag. This level of deception is common with fly-by-night scams.

Too-Good-to-Be-True Pricing

Ridiculously low prices up to 90% off are a tactic to bait customers. But no legitimate retailer could realistically offer such deep discounts and still profit. The unrealistic pricing strongly signals counterfeit or non-existent merchandise.

High Risk Payment Methods

EnjoyTag encourages payments via high risk channels like bank wires, gift cards, cryptocurrency, etc. These methods offer no buyer protections compared to credit cards. Scams prefer them to make fraudulent charges harder to reverse.

Lack of Verifiable Reviews

All legitimate retailers develop an online reputation with customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot. But EnjoyTag has zero independent reviews supporting its claimed years in business. This missing proof should raise suspicions.

No Social Media Presence

Major brands maintain Facebook, Instagram and other social profiles to engage customers. But EnjoyTag oddly has no official accounts anywhere. This absence of expected social activity indicates a fraudulent shell entity.

Missing Company Origins

Per the suspicious About Us page, EnjoyTag has been around since 2014. Yet there is no online footprint or records predating 2021, when the domain was actually registered. Another deception exposed.

Shady Affiliate Promotion

EnjoyTag relies heavily on spam ads and questionable affiliate networks to push the scam site. Legitimate brands don’t need these shady promotion tactics and avoid such high-risk marketing.

Based on all the above red flags, consumers should be extremely wary of providing any money or personal data to EnjoyTag. This fraudulent website exhibits multiple signs of an online retail scam. Any “deals” should be considered untrustworthy and dangerous.

Avoiding Online Shopping Scams

The rise of ecommerce has brought endless conveniences to consumers – but also opened the door for sophisticated scam artists. Here are some best practices to avoid being victimized by online shopping scams like EnjoyTag:

Verify Company Details

Do thorough background research on any unfamiliar online retailer before making a purchase. Verify that a real business with a known reputation stands behind the website:

  • Search for a valid company address, phone/email contact info, and leadership team members linked to the brand. Scams will try to hide this info.
  • Cross-reference the website domain registration details via WHOIS lookup tools. Scam sites often use private/proxy registration.
  • Search the company name on LinkedIn to find employee profiles and job listings that confirm legit operations.

Research Online Reviews

Scam websites typically have no independent reviews or suspiciously ALL positive reviews. Search for reviews from real customers:

  • Check platforms like TrustPilot, SiteJabber, BBB and retail review sites relevant to the products sold. But beware of fake testimonials.
  • Search for complaints and negative experiences specifically – scams doing damage will leave trails of dissatisfied customers reporting rip-offs.
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Assess Return & Refund Policies

Review the retailer’s return and refund fine print before ordering. Scams often have restrictive policies designed to avoid refunds or make them hard to claim.

  • Beware limited return windows, restocking fees, “must be in original condition” clauses, etc.
  • Legitimate retailers will stand by products and allow returns if expectations aren’t met.

Analyze Shipping & Tracking Info

Scam websites often remain vague about shipping until after checkout. Then purchases disappear once payments clear.

  • Legitimate sellers are transparent about shipping costs/speeds and provide order tracking.
  • Review carrier shipping info and delivery estimates before finalizing an order.

Verify Advertised Discounts

If deals seem unrealistic compared to normal retail costs, proceed with caution. Scammers bait victims using false price reductions.

  • Price check discounted items against other major retailers selling the same brands.
  • Run a reverse image search on product photos to see if they’re stolen from other sites. Copied pics indicate scams.
  • Research online coupons to determine if advertised promo codes are legitimate.

Examine Payment Options

Scam sites prefer payment types that are difficult to dispute or trace, like bank wires, gift cards, cryptocurrency, etc.

  • Stick to widely accepted payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, etc. These offer strong fraud protections.
  • Never pay solely by bank wire transfer, cash reload cards, Bitcoin or other irreversible options.

In summary, do your homework on unfamiliar online sellers before buying. Investigate company details, reviews, policies, discounts, and payments terms to avoid being defrauded. If anything raises suspicions, trust your instincts and shop elsewhere. No deal is worth the risk of losing hard-earned money to an online retail scam.

Reporting Online Shopping Scams

If you have fallen victim to the EnjoyTag scam or another deceitful online retailer, immediately take action to report it and minimize damages. Here are the steps to take:

Notify Your Credit Card Company If purchases were made with a credit card, contact the issuing bank right away and dispute the fraudulent charges. Provide details on how the online retailer misled you and failed to deliver the ordered merchandise. The credit card company will likely reverse the illegitimate charges per their protections against merchant fraud.

Call the Retailer to Complain Even if you don’t expect satisfactory results, still try calling and emailing the scam website to complain about their fraudulent practices. Doing so creates a traceable record of how they failed to resolve the situation before other reporting steps are taken.

Submit Complaints to Authorities

File a scam report with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and Federal Trade Commission to aid law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting ecommerce fraud. Provide as many specifics as possible about how the retailer swindled customers.

Post Warnings Online Leave comments on consumer review sites like TrustPilot warning others about the scam. Name the specific retailer. But avoid false accusations or defamation against legitimate businesses.

Report Social Media Accounts If the scam involved fake social media accounts, report them to get the platforms to remove them before more are duped. Provide evidence showing the accounts promote fraudulent activity.

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Monitor Your Credit Reports Check your credit reports for any signs of identity theft stemming from your data being stolen by scam retailers. Consider freezing credit reports to block scammers from opening new accounts in your name.

By promptly reporting online shopping fraud, customers can potentially recover losses while aiding authorities in building cases against criminal retailers. The more victims who speak up, the higher chance of stopping these scam sites. Stay vigilant for additional deceptive bills and account activity after being scammed.

Is Enjoy Tag Legit or Scam: Final Thoughts

In closing, based on this extensive investigation EnjoyTag has all the attributes of an online retail scam operation. The website fits the blueprint that fraudsters follow when fleecing customers for payments:

  • Bait with unrealistic discounts on branded goods that are hard to find that cheap from any legitimate seller
  • Provide no working contact info and hide company details to avoid accountability
  • Process payments but never fulfill orders and ignore all customer inquiries
  • Shut down and reappear under new domains once too many complaints arise

It is highly advisable to avoid the EnjoyTag website entirely. There is no evidence it is connected to any real company selling authentic products. Customers will likely lose money and personal data by engaging with this fraudulent site.

When seeking deals online, apply skepticism before making purchases and research unfamiliar websites thoroughly. Look for warning signs like no verifiable contact info, copied policies, missing business history, an absence of reviews, or reluctance to use secure payment methods.

If an online seller sets off your scam alarms, trust those instincts! The old saying rings true – if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. Maintain vigilance and take your business only to reputable retailers that have earned your trust.

By exercising caution and following scam prevention best practices, savvy shoppers can enjoy the unparalleled selection of internet commerce safely. Only you stand between your hard-earned money and the fraudsters looking to separate people from it. Stay informed about the latest online retail scams and shop wisely.

I hope this comprehensive investigation provided the facts needed to determine if EnjoyTag is a legitimate discount shopping website or an online scam.

Please share any first-hand experiences you may have with EnjoyTag in the comments below to further help warn others. And contact me if you have any other ecommerce sites that you are interested in having researched more deeply!

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