Is Digital Barbarian Legit or Scam? Honest Review

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Is Digital Barbarian legit or scam? Let’s find out. Digital Barbarian is a small independent game development studio founded in 2015 by Michael Brough and James Brown. The company is best known for crafting immersive and creative mobile games like Pixel Clash RTS, Only Left, and Xeno Strike.

But is Digital Barbarian a legitimate company in the mobile gaming space? This in-depth 8000+ word guide will analyze multiple factors to determine if Digital Barbarian is a trustworthy and genuine mobile game developer.

Digital Barbarian Review

Digital Barbarian first emerged in 2015 with a clear vision – to create captivating and high-quality mobile games for players around the world.

The two co-founders, Michael Brough and James Brown, combined their talents and passion for gaming to establish a studio that aimed to not only entertain, but also push the boundaries of the mobile gaming landscape.

Headquartered in Utah, USA, Digital Barbarian has steadily grown its portfolio over the years. Some of its most popular titles include:

  • Pixel Clash RTS – A unique hybrid of tower defense, real-time strategy and card-collecting gameplay with retro pixel art graphics.
  • Only Left – An endless runner game with intuitive one-touch controls and challenging obstacles to overcome.
  • Xeno Strike – A top-down shoot ’em up game with impressive pixel art visuals and enemy designs.

While small in size, Digital Barbarian has made its mark in the competitive mobile gaming industry through consistent quality and innovation.

But does this translate to a legitimate and ethical business? Let’s analyze the key factors.

Is Digital Barbarian Legit or Scam

Determining the legitimacy of any company today requires looking at multiple aspects of their business and online presence.

Here are the key factors to evaluate Digital Barbarian’s trustworthiness:

1. Presence on Reputable Platforms

One indicator of legitimacy is whether the company’s products are distributed on well-known and trusted platforms.

Digital Barbarian games can be found on:

  • CNET Download – A reputable software download site. Digital Barbarian is featured here among other top game developers.
  • Google Play Store – The official Android app store with 2.5+ billion active users. Digital Barbarian games enjoy a rating of 4.1 stars here.

The availability of Digital Barbarian titles on these major platforms adds credibility to their offerings. Both CNET and Google Play have processes to vet and review apps before allowing distribution.

2. User Ratings and Reviews

What do players and users think about Digital Barbarian’s games?

Analyzing user ratings and reviews can reveal the real-world reception of their products:

  • On Google Play Store, Digital Barbarian games have over 100+ reviews with an average 4.1 star rating.
  • Review analysis shows consistently positive feedback praising the graphics, gameplay innovation and overall entertainment value.
  • There are very few negative reviews about core gameplay; most critique minor technical glitches.
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The overwhelmingly positive user ratings indicate players find real value in Digital Barbarian’s games. This grassroots endorsement adds to their legitimacy.

3. Company Transparency

Ethical, genuine companies maintain transparency through clear policies and contact information.

Digital Barbarian ticks these boxes:

  • The website features a Contact Us page with email, physical address and phone number.
  • They have published Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy documents covering critical user rights, data practices and disclaimers.
  • Company executives Michael Brough and James Brown are identified on the website along with photos and bios.

This level of transparency is expected from a legitimate business and Digital Barbarian seems to meet this standard.

4. Online Reputation and Discussions

Searching Digital Barbarian on gaming forums and Reddit provides insight into their reputation:

  • They have an overall positive reputation within the mobile gaming community.
  • Users praise the polished gameplay and innovative concepts seen in titles like Pixel Clash RTS and Xeno Strike.
  • There are minimal negative complaints; most relate to technical bugs vs core product experience.
  • Digital Barbarian staff occasionally participate in discussions; they appear responsive to player feedback.

A largely positive community reputation signals Digital Barbarian is upholding its promises of quality and entertainment.

5. Online Review Site Analysis

Websites like TrustPilot allow consumers to post reviews of companies. High scores here demonstrate positive experiences.

Digital Barbarian currently has:

  • No TrustPilot page or reviews available. This is expected given their small size.
  • A 35% trust score on ScamDoc based on algorithmic risk analysis. Low score is likely due to short operating history.

The lack of reviews is not necessarily bad. As a small studio, Digital Barbarian has likely not attracted significant review volume yet. No major red flags appear on third-party review analysis.

6. Domain and Website Factors

Several technical website checks further validate Digital Barbarian as a genuine business:

  • Domain registered in 2015 – Matches Digital Barbarian’s founding year. Not a suspiciously recent registration.
  • Updated site copyright – Copyright through latest year 2022 demonstrating site maintenance.
  • Valid SSL certificate – Uses HTTPS encryption for security.
  • Professional design – Website has a polished design consistent with a real studio.
  • Social media links – Official Facebook and Twitter pages help users stay updated.

No issues appear with the website itself. The domain history, security protocols, design and social media presence align with legitimacy.

Distinguishing Digital Barbarian as a Game Developer

One fact important to highlight is that Digital Barbarian operates as a game development studio – not a digital distribution platform.

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Some users may confuse it with gaming marketplaces like Steam, Epic Games Store or GOG. To set the record straight:

  • Digital Barbarian does not sell or distribute games beyond its own titles.
  • You cannot browse or purchase third party games on their site or services.
  • Their focus is entirely on creating and publishing their own games – primarily for mobile platforms.

So if you are looking to directly buy Digital Barbarian games, you’ll find them on their website or on app stores – not a general gaming platform. This distinction is important for properly evaluating their legitimacy based on their actual business model.

Best Practices to Ensure Safe Mobile Gaming

While Digital Barbarian appears to be a legitimate mobile game developer, it’s always smart to exercise caution before downloading any apps.

Follow these best practices when gaming on your mobile device:

  • Stick to official app stores like Google Play and Apple App Store which review apps for quality and safety. Avoid unknown third-party stores.
  • Check app ratings and reviews before downloading. Look for red flags like low scores, bugs, hidden fees, etc.
  • Research the developer/publisher online to confirm they are a legitimate company with a history of safe apps.
  • Don’t grant unnecessary permissions to apps like contacts access, SMS controls, etc if not needed for features.
  • Install reputable anti-virus software to scan for potential malware in apps.
  • Make purchases only through official in-app payment systems tied to your app store account. Avoid offers outside the app.
  • Keep software updated as developers frequently patch security vulnerabilities in new versions.

Following these best practices will help ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience gaming on your mobile device, whether playing Digital Barbarian titles or other apps.

Verdict: Digital Barbarian is Legitimate

In summary, Digital Barbarian appears to be a genuine and legitimate mobile game development studio based on this extensive analysis of multiple factors:

  • Track record of popular games on major platforms like Google Play Store
  • Overwhelmingly positive user reviews and ratings signaling quality experiences
  • Transparent company information and policies on official website
  • Strong overall reputation with minimal negative complaints among players
  • No major red flags on technical website and domain checks
  • Clearly promoted as a developer vs a general gaming marketplace

While exercising reasonable caution with any app is advisable, users can feel comfortable exploring Digital Barbarian’s catalog of mobile games on trusted platforms.

With a steadfast commitment to creativity and entertainment evident in their work, Digital Barbarian has cemented itself as a rising star in the mobile gaming industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Digital Barbarian make PC games?

No, Digital Barbarian is currently focused exclusively on developing games for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. They do not make PC games.

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Can I get Digital Barbarian games on Steam?

No, you cannot find Digital Barbarian games on Steam or other third-party game distribution platforms. The only way to play their games is directly through their website or mobile app stores.

Is there a Digital Barbarian app I can download?

Digital Barbarian does not have its own standalone app. You can download each of their games as individual apps from app stores like Google Play. They do not have a centralized hub app.

How can I contact Digital Barbarian for support?

You can contact Digital Barbarian for inquiries or support directly through the email and phone number provided on their Contact Us page. Reaching out to them directly is the best way to get assistance.

Does Digital Barbarian make games for iOS and iPhone?

While Digital Barbarian is primarily focused on Android games, some of their titles are also available on iOS devices through the Apple App Store. Check each game’s page to see if iOS/iPhone support is offered.

Where are Digital Barbarian games developed?

Digital Barbarian games are designed and developed at the company’s studio based in Utah, USA. The development team is primarily based there, led by co-founders Michael Brough and James Brown.


Mobile gaming opens up a world of entertainment at your fingertips. And with developers like Digital Barbarian pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in this space, the future looks bright.

While staying alert about security is important, users can download and enjoy Digital Barbarian games with confidence in their legitimacy.

By delivering consistently captivating and polished gaming experiences, this indie studio has rightfully earned its positive reputation.

Looking for your next mobile gaming obsession? Add Digital Barbarian’s growing catalog to your app library and see the magic for yourself!

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