Promova App Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

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Promova is a relatively new mobile app that promises to help users make money by promoting brands and products. The app launched in 2021 and has generated both interest and skepticism from users and experts alike. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Promova works, its features, legitimacy, and whether it’s ultimately worth your time and effort or not.

Overview of Promova

Promova markets itself as a win-win opportunity for users to make money while supporting brands they love. The app connects influencers, or “Promova partners” as they call them, with brands looking to spread awareness about their products.

Brands create “promotional packages” within the app that contain details about the specific campaign goals, target audience, content guidelines, and compensation. Promova partners can browse available packages and apply to promote the brands and products they feel aligned with.

According to Promova, partners earn money through three main avenues:

  • Fixed payouts: Partners receive a predetermined dollar amount for completing promotional packages. This may involve posting on social media, creating blog content, etc.
  • Commission: Partners earn a percentage commission on any sales driven by their promotional content.
  • User-generated content:Partners can earn additional income when their social content containing a brand’s products goes viral.

The company claims partners can make up to $1,000 per month by spending just 1-2 hours a day on the app. They boast an average earning of $300 per month currently.

Promova is available on both iOS and Android. It’s free to download and sign up as an influencer or brand. The app makes money by taking a cut of every transaction – between 10-20% from brands and 10% from partners.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into reviewing some key factors to determine if Promova is legitimate and worth your time.

Review of Key Factors


An important question with any money-making app is – is it legal?

Promova appears to operate within legal parameters. Their influencer partnerships essentially facilitate word-of-mouth marketing, which is a legitimate and commonly used strategy. The app connects brands with influencers willing to promote products they enjoy using, and full disclosure is provided.

The compensation models Promova uses are also standard practice. Paying a fixed rate for a marketing deliverable, offering a sales commission, and compensating for user-generated content are compliant and ethical ways brands partner with influencers and creators.

The terms of service establish policies to protect both brands and partners. As long as appropriate disclosures are made and true testimonials are shared, Promova’s model does not violate FTC regulations.

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User Experience

Ease of use is crucial for retention. Here’s an overview of the user experience Promova offers:

For Brands

  • Creating a profile and setting up campaigns is simple and intuitive through the app’s step-by-step process.
  • An online dashboard provides overview and management of all promotions and partners.
  • Campaign analytics and reporting on reach and engagement.
  • Support team available to guide brands through setup and optimization.

For Influencers

-Easy profile setup linking social media accounts

-Browsing campaigns is user-friendly with filters to find brands and products you like.

-Seamless application process for campaigns with notifications on approval status.

-In-app messaging with brands makes communication efficient.

-Easy publishing of promotional content directly through the app to ensure proper tagging.

-Earnings tracker to monitor income.

The app experience is designed to be hassle-free for both sides. Smooth onboarding and campaign management enable users to start earning quickly.

Offer Variety

Diversity in brands and campaign types is important to maintain partner interest. Here’s an overview of what Promova offers:

Brand Variety

Promova has partnered with over 100 brands across multiple categories:

  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Food and beverage
  • Health and wellness
  • Home goods
  • Tech and electronics
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • B2B services

Well-known names include Sephora, Drunk Elephant, Hawthorne, Rocksbox, Daily Harvest, Noom, and Brilliant Earth. However, up-and-coming brands are also represented.

Campaign Variety

Campaigns range from one-time posts to month-long partnerships:

  • One-off spotlight posts – Single promotional post
  • Brand ambassadorships – Longer-term collaborations with exclusive perks
  • Content creation – Developing blog posts, videos, etc.
  • Hashtag challenges – User-generated content campaigns
  • Local events – Promoting experiences to local audiences
  • Reviews – Providing testimonials of products
  • Surveys – Sharing brand/product feedback

There’s a range of commitment levels and content types to appeal to different partners.

While the variety is decent, the number of active campaigns at any given time is still limited. Partners may not always find a brand or product they’re excited to promote.

User Vetting Process

A rigorous vetting process helps ensure genuine, quality partnerships between brands and influencers. Here is how Promova approaches vetting:


Submitting an influencer application requires:

  • Linking social media accounts
  • Sharing follower/engagement stats
  • Describing niche/content focus
  • Providing links to content samples
  • Passing an automated vetting for signs of fake followers or engagement
  • Verifying identity with legal name, address, date of birth

Promova reviews all applications and only accepts partners who meet qualifications. These include:

  • Sufficient followers and engagement
  • Strong, relevant content history
  • Authentic audience and following
  • Alignment with brand values
  • Good standing with platform community guidelines
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The selective application prevents fake accounts and ensures only genuine influencers.


Brands undergo similar vetting:

  • Verifying legal business credentials
  • Reviewing product claims and marketing material
  • Ensuring FTC compliance standards
  • Screening for evidence of deceptive practices
  • Requiring brands align with Promova values

This protects partner interests and minimizes risk of promoting questionable products or illegal services.

The mutual screening gives both sides confidence in the credibility and quality of partnerships facilitated.

Privacy & Data Practices

User data and privacy are always a concern with apps. Here are Promova’s practices:

  • Minimal personal data collection
  • Optional sharing of metrics like followers and engagement
  • Private messaging system protects direct communication
  • No sharing of data with third parties
  • Ability to delete account and associated data at any time
  • Clear opt-in consent for any data collection and use
  • Privacy controls to limit visibility of profile information

Promova’s limited data needs and consent-based collection help protect user privacy. Their practices follow privacy laws and regulations.

However, influencers must be comfortable publicly disclosing partnerships facilitated through the app for full transparency. Brand deals are not kept confidential.

Early User Reviews

Early user feedback can indicate potential issues or benefits with a new app. Here are some common pros and cons from current Promova users:


  • Easy setup and campaign application process
  • Good response time and support from the company
  • Direct deposit pay-outs work smoothly
  • Decent variety of brand options
  • Can promote brands you actually like


  • Slow ramp up in active campaigns to choose from
  • Lower than expected earnings for effort required
  • Delayed notifications on campaign approvals/denials
  • Lack of clarity on how promotions translate to sales
  • Unsure how commission payouts are calculated

The main complaints relate to limited earnings potential so far and communication delays. But overall, reviews indicate Promova delivers on providing a seamless user experience.

As the app scales, the variety and volume of campaigns should grow. But the earnings potential relies heavily on how well they convert promotions to sales. This is a key aspect still uncertain.

Promova App Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

Based on this comprehensive review, here is an assessment of Promova’s legitimacy and value:


Promova appears to operate a legal, compliant business model. The app itself functions smoothly and delivers what it promises in terms of user experience. Legitimacy, however, depends on how transparent operations remain as the company scales. The vetting process and privacy protections must remain rigorous.

Earnings Potential

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The viability of Promova’s earnings claims has yet to be proven. Current users have not reported big payouts. But the model has potential if conversions to sales can be optimized and commission tracking improved. The variety of brands and campaign types is inherently limited though. Sufficient earnings may require significant time commitment.

Influencer Value

For influencers, Promova provides a potentially easy way to monetize existing content creation. However, partners have limited control over type of campaigns available. The app may benefit nano or micro influencers more than those with larger followings.

Brand Value

For brands, Promova offers access to an eager audience, but likely one with lower buying power. Positioning is also less prestigious than traditional big name influencers. But cost efficiency may offset those factors for some brands.

Scam Risk

Promova does not appear to be a scam. They offer a real, functioning service that can benefit both partners and brands. There are currently no major red flags around deceptive practices. However, due diligence is advised until the company establishes a longer track record.


In summary, Promova has potential to be a useful influencer marketing platform, but uncertainty exists around long-term value for both brands and partners. For consumers with niche followings, the app may provide an easy entry point to monetize through affiliate marketing and promotions. However, earnings are not likely to prove lucrative unless significant time is invested.

Brands can explore cost-efficient nano influencer partnerships, but should manage expectations around direct sales impact. As the company matures, the ultimate value proposition for both sides may become clearer. But in the early stages, cautiously optimistic skepticism is warranted until Promova can convert promotions into stronger results.

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