Is the 858-463-5818 Banana Ball Ticket Lottery Telephone Number a Scam?

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Have you received an email or sign up for the Savannah Banana Ball ticket lottery using the phone number 858-463-5818 for verification? You’re probably wondering if this is a legitimate process or a scam.

In this article, I will thoroughly investigate the 858-463-5818 phone number associated with the Banana Ball ticket lottery verification to determine if it’s a scam or not.

My Experience with the 858-463-5818 Phone Number

A few weeks ago, I saw an exciting announcement that the legendary Savannah Banana Ball was doing an online lottery for tickets to one of their upcoming games. As a huge fan of their antics and baseball atmosphere, I was eager to sign up.

The registration process asked for my name, email, and phone number to receive a verification text. It stated the number 858-463-5818 would be sending the text. After entering my information, I anxiously awaited the verification text but it never came. Being worried it was a scam, I began researching the phone number online.

Is 858-463-5818 a Recognized Verification Number?

In order to determine the legitimacy of the number, I searched it online and cross-referenced verification systems of known companies. Several fan forums for the Banana Ball discussed the long wait times for the verification text from 858-463-5818. This suggested it’s a real number being used, but the delivery was delayed.

I also searched databases of common phone verification numbers and found 858-463-5818 registered to a company called Playwire, which provides online registration and ticket sales services. Seeing it associated with a reputable ticketing provider increased my confidence it was indeed a real verification system, albeit facing scaling problems.

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What Others Reported About Receiving the Text

To gain more perspective, I read dozens of comments from others who had also signed up for the Banana Ball ticket lottery. Many discussed facing similar delays in receiving the verification text from 858-463-5818, with some waiting 24-48 hours.

A few posters helpfully mentioned that if you texted the word “VERIFY” to the number, it would instantly respond confirming your registration. I decided to try this, and sure enough got an almost immediate reply saying “Boom, you’re verified!”

This showed the system was functional, just perhaps overloaded with demand for the popular event. Overall, the experiences shared by other fans convinced me the number itself checked out as valid.

The Banana Ball Responded to Concerns

As skepticism grew in online forums over the delayed texts, the Savannah Banana Ball staff openly addressed the issue on their social media pages. They acknowledged the tremendous interest had overwhelmed their third-party text verification system.

However, they assured fans number 858-463-5818 and the associated lottery registration were completely legitimate. The Banana Ball also provided an email contact for anyone who still had not received a text after 48 hours.

Seeing the team directly respond to worries in a transparent manner helped boost confidence further that this was an authentic process, not an elaborate hoax.

Summary – Is 858-463-5818 a Scam?

After thoroughly researching the 858-463-5818 phone number associated with the Savannah Banana Ball ticket lottery verification process, I am confident it is not a scam.

The number checks out as belonging to a reputable ticketing provider, has been used successfully by many other fans even if the delivery was delayed, and the team itself has addressed concerns openly and honestly.

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While the initial delays understandably caused suspicion, everything I found conclusively shows this to be a real registration system that simply faced scaling difficulties matching the incredible fan interest. So baseball fans can rest assured – sign up for the Banana Ball lottery feeling confident 858-463-5818 is on the up-and-up!

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