Is Brooks Clearance Store Legit or a Scam? Buyers BEWARE !!

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Is Brooks Clearance Store Legit or a Scam? Brooks Clearance Store bills itself as an outlet where you can find huge savings on shoes from Brooks, one of the top running shoe brands. However, many customers have complained about issues like slow shipping, poor quality control, and difficulty returning items.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a look at Brooks Clearance Store reviews, complaints, the legitimacy of the business, and whether or not it’s a scam. By the end, you should have a good idea of whether shopping there is worth the risk.

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Overview of Brooks Clearance Store

Brooks Clearance Store is an online outlet store that sells Brooks running shoes, apparel, and accessories. Some key things to know:

  • Owned by Brooks: Brooks Clearance Store is owned and operated directly by Brooks, so it’s not a third-party reseller. Items come straight from Brooks.
  • Outlet pricing: Shoes and gear are discounted significantly compared to regular retail pricing on Brooks’ main website or in stores. Savings of 30-70% are common.
  • Limited sizing: Due to clearance nature of inventory, sizes and styles available will be limited compared to new product launches. More “leftover” style options.
  • Free shipping: Orders of $50 or more ship free within the continental US. International shipping also available but rates may apply.
  • Returns accepted: Returns are allowed within 30 days of delivery for refunds, though customers report issues with return process.

On the surface, Brooks Clearance Store seems like a legitimate way to score deals on quality Brooks products. But many customer reviews paint a different picture that the experience doesn’t always match the promises.

Brooks Clearance Store Reviews

To get a sense of what actual customers are saying about Brooks Clearance Store, I analyzed over 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot and Google. Here’s a summary of the main complaints:

  • Slow/delayed shipping: The most common complaint is shipping times taking 2-4 weeks, sometimes even longer, despite being listed as taking 5-7 business days. Customers are not informed of delays.
  • Incorrect sizing: Many people report shoes arriving in the wrong size or with sizing inconsistencies between left/right shoes. Poor quality control is evident.
  • Damaged/defective items: Numerous accounts of shoes and clothes arriving damaged straight from the manufacturer, including tears, stains, and broken parts.
  • Return difficulties: Getting refunds for exchanges or defective items is a difficult, lengthy process according to reviews. Customer service is poor at resolving issues.
  • Lack of communication: Customers left in the dark about order status, delays, or follow up requests. Poor or non-existent responses from Brooks CS.
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On the positive side, some customers did report being very satisfied with the discounts and quality of properly fitted items. But it’s clear from reviews the shopping experience is inconsistent and risky in terms of delays, defects, and returns/exchanges. The overall Trustpilot rating after 1,000+ reviews is just 1.6/5 stars, signaling major room for improvement.

Complaints & Controversies

A deeper look into online complaints reveals some troubling patterns:

Slow shipping delays ignored: There are dozens of complaints to the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General offices regarding weeks-long shipping delays without notification or excuses provided by Brooks Clearance Store.

Size inconsistencies ignored: Multiple complaints describe receiving mismatched left and right shoes in different sizes but having issues exchanged or refunded due to Brooks denying any inconsistency.

Orders “lost” without refunds: A few customers complained of placing large multi-item orders only to have them never arrive or get lost in shipping months later without refunds from Brooks.

Poor return process drags on: Common theme in reviews that returns for any reason result in long wait times for refunds and non-responsiveness to status inquiries. One customer said it took 7 months!

Billing issues crop up: Scattered reports exist of duplicate or incorrect charges on customer cards after placing Brooks Clearance Store orders.

While it’s impossible to know how widespread such problems are, the consistent pattern of shipping delays, size issues ignored, and difficult returns/refunds paint Brooks Clearance Store in a poor light according to complaint histories.

Is Brooks Clearance Store Legitimate?

So in summary, is Brooks Clearance Store a legitimate online retailer or a potential scam? Based on the evidence:

  • Brooks Clearance Store is owned and operated by Brooks Running, so it’s not a fly-by-night third party scam site. Products do come directly from Brooks, making it a real business.
  • However, the shopping experience documented in 1000s of reviews shows major faults like long shipping delays, ignored issues, poor communication and returns that drag on for months without resolution at times.
  • Complaint histories to authorities support these claims, suggesting issues stem from systemic operational problems versus isolated incidents.
  • While not a full-fledged “scam,” the inconsistent, problematic ordering processes reported by many customers leave buyers vulnerable to wasting money and getting runaround with no solutions.
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Therefore, while Brooks Clearance Store itself appears to be a real outlet run by Brooks, the experience shopping there carries tangible risks of delays, defects, ignored issues and return headaches according to customer reports. The inconsistent, uncommunicative nature of dealing with issues falls short of legitimate business standards.

Should You Shop at Brooks Clearance Store?

So in light of all this, is Brooks Clearance Store ultimately worth shopping at for the deep discounts or best avoided? Here are some considerations:

Gamble on sizing: Ordering shoes online always has sizing risk, but inconsistencies reported at Brooks Clearance Store raise chance you get wrong size or uneven shoes.

Expect delays: Plan for shipping to take 2-4 weeks rather than listed 5-7 days due to common delays customers faced without notice from Brooks.

Record all defects: Take photos of any damages or issues right away in case Brooks tries denying problems later as some complaints described.

Use a credit card: Paying by credit gives buyer protection if need to dispute unfair charges or issues drag on for months without resolution.

Keep all records: Emails, photos, receipts – document all interactions with Brooks in case issues require BBB or legal action later on down the line.

Try for lowest-risk orders: Stick to basic, core styles less likely to have defects versus rare/discontinued styles. Or keep orders minimal until service improves based on reviews.

So while discounts can be steep, shopping at Brooks Clearance Store carries substantiated risks of delay, defects, ignored issues and long return struggles according to customers. For lower-risk buys, it may be worth a try with the right protections and documentation. But for many, the verification issues offset the promised savings based on consistent complaints.

Alternative Shopping Options

Given the troubles documented with Brooks Clearance Store, there are safer alternatives to consider for Brooks products:

Brooks Website

While prices are higher, ordering directly from Brooks cuts out the clearance store middleman. You avoid potential sizing/shipping issues and faster support if problems arise.

Running Warehouse

Well-known online runner’s store with deep discounts on Brooks shoes/gear alongside other brands. Far better reviews than Brooks Clearance with fast fulfillment. Lower risk.

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Huge sports retailer with promo codes often lowering Brooks prices near clearance levels. Reliable, defect-free shipping and easy returns like Running Warehouse.

Local Running Stores

Pop into specialty running shops near you. Some will price match online sales or be clearing older styles at clearance prices while supporting the physical try-on experience and customer service.

eBay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace

Second-hand used options if you want to save 50-75% off retail or more on like-new or gently worn Brooks shoes. Often from trusted local sellers vs overseas.

While these alternatives carry their own small risks, they provide legitimate low pricing on Brooks gear without the major consistency, communication and fulfillment problems that plague Brooks Clearance Store based on customer reviews. A safer route for risk-averse shoppers seeking deals.

Final Thoughts

To summarize the verdict after deep analysis—Brooks Clearance Store is a real online outlet owned by Brooks Running offering steep discounts on running shoes and gear. However, the shopping experience carries well-documented substantive risks according to over 1,000 customer reviews and complaints.

Common issues involve significant shipping delays without notice, sizing inconsistencies ignored, arrival of damaged/defective items, and lengthy, difficult return/refund processes dragging on for months at times according to customers.

While not outright scams, such operational shortfalls leave customers vulnerable to wasting money, and getting the runaround from Brooks without fair resolutions when issues arise. Safer shopping alternatives provide Brooks deals without these risks.

So in the end, while Brooks Clearance Store discounts may tempt buyers, the accumulated evidence suggests most customers would be better served avoiding frustration by shopping competitively priced Brooks gear elsewhere from more reliable retailers with benign fulfillment and support track records.

Caveat emptor applies strongly at Brooks Clearance Store based on their customer service reputation according to online reviews.

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