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Is Lucky Onesie Legit or Scam? Onesies have become a wildly popular clothing item in recent years, especially as lounge wear and for costumes or themed events.

With the rising demand, many online stores selling onesies have popped up to meet consumer needs. One such store that has been gaining some traction is But is legit or is it a scam?

In this honest review, we’ll take an in-depth look at, examining all the factors that determine whether an online store is trustworthy or not.

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Overview of is an ecommerce store that specializes in selling onesies for adults, kids, and babies. Their product selection includes animal onesies, cartoon character onesies, matching family onesies, and more. The store claims that their onesies are made from soft, comfortable materials like fleece and flannel.

At first glance, the website looks clean and professional. The product images appear high quality and the available onesies come in many different themes and designs. The site is easy to navigate, with categories and filters that make finding specific onesies simple.


According to their “About Us” page, is owned and operated by Luckyonesie Co., Ltd., a Chinese company located in Hefei, Anhui Province. The company states that they work directly with manufacturers and designers to source quality onesies to sell on their site.

Now that we have a basic overview of the store, let’s dive into the specifics to determine if is a scam or if it’s a legitimate business. We’ll examine factors like reviews, business legitimacy, website security, and shopping experience. Reviews

One of the first things to look at when determining if an online store is trustworthy is customer reviews. Here are the key details on reviews for

  • Trustpilot reviews: The store has 108 reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. This includes 44% 5-star reviews and 41% 1-star reviews. The high number of polarizing reviews is a potential red flag.
  • SiteJabber reviews: There are currently no reviews on SiteJabber for The lack of reviews is inconclusive.
  • Reviews on website: does not have any reviews posted on the website itself. This makes it difficult to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • External review sites: Feedback on is mixed across various external review sites and forums. Some customers report good experiences, while others claim the business is a scam.

The review profile for is not overwhelmingly positive or negative. The polarized Trustpilot ratings and conflicting external reviews make it hard to determine credibility and satisfaction solely from reviews. More investigation is needed.

Is Lucky Onesie a Legitimate Business?

To determine if an online store is a scam, it’s important to look into whether it is an actual registered business with legitimate contact information. Here are the key details on’s business legitimacy:

  • Company registration details: According to WHOIS lookup data, was registered in May 2019 by Xin Net Technology Corporation, a Chinese company. The registration is set to expire in May 2024.
  • Business address: The company address listed on the website is a location in Hefei, Anhui Province in China. This matches the address on the WHOIS information.
  • Contact information: provides a business email address, customer support email, phone number, and contact form on their website. However, some customers have reported issues reaching them.
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Based on the available information, appears to be a registered business entity with valid contact details. There are no obvious signs that it is a fake company. However, some opacity remains around verifying the Chinese business registration.

Is the Lucky Onesie Website Secure?

When shopping online, customers need to know that a website is secure. Otherwise, you risk your personal and payment information being intercepted. Here are the key details on’s security:

  • SSL certificate: The site has an active SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare. This encrypts connection between the website and visitors to protect information.
  • HTTPS protocol: uses the HTTPS protocol to transfer data securely.
  • Privacy policy: A privacy policy is provided that discloses what data is collected and how it is used. This is a positive sign.
  • Site security: No injected malware, phishing attempts, or other security threats were detected on the site based on scans. has implemented standard website security measures like SSL, HTTPS, and a privacy policy. While not bulletproof, these are good signs that security is taken seriously.

What Payment Methods are Available?

The payment methods accepted by an online store offer insight into how trustworthy it is. Disreputable sites often only take the most irreversible payment options. Here are the details on’s payment methods:

  • PayPal: accepts PayPal, which offers buyer protection for eligible purchases. This includes coverage for issues like items not received.
  • Credit cards: Major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover can be used at checkout. Credit cards also provide some fraud protections.
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and Ethereum are additional payment options on the site. These options are irreversible, but availability of mainstream methods reduce the risk.

The inclusion of buyer protected mainstream payment methods suggests is not intentionally making payments irreversible. The options allow most customers to make purchases comfortably.

How is the Shopping Experience?

The overall shopping experience can give you an idea of whether an online store values professionalism and customer satisfaction. Here are insights into shopping on

  • Website design: As discussed earlier, has a clean, modern design that makes browsing and buying intuitive. This matches expectations for legitimate stores.
  • Product selection: There is a large variety of onesie styles and themes available in different sizes for adults, kids, and babies. The broad selection suits their positioning as a specialized onesie store.
  • Prices: Costs for products on the site are in line with market pricing for onesies from dedicated retailers. There are no obvious signs of inflated pricing.
  • Shipping: Standard shipping timelines are provided at checkout. Faster expedited shipping is available for an added cost.
  • Returns: has a posted return policy that allows returns within 30 days in original condition. Many customers report being able to successfully return items.

The shopping experience from browsing to checkout aligns with expectations for a professional ecommerce business. There are no glaring issues compared to a typical online clothing store.

Lucky Onesie Review Summary

In this extensive analysis of, we examined the store’s reviews, legitimacy, security, payment options, and overall shopping experience.

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Here is a summary of our key findings:

  • Mixed customer reviews make credibility unclear.
  • Business appears registered but has some opacity.
  • Standard site security measures are implemented.
  • Mainstream buyer-protected payment methods available.
  • Shopping experience matches typical clothing stores.

Based on these factors, there are no obvious red flags indicating is an outright scam. The business legitimacy checks out on a surface level and they offer reasonable shopping conditions.

However, definitively confirming their trustworthiness is challenged by the mixed reviews and their Chinese location. There are potential risks in ordering, but many past customers have reportedly received their orders without issue.

For those willing to accept the uncertainties, we recommend taking precautions like:

  • Pay with a credit card or PayPal for buyer protections
  • Review return policies and document unboxing
  • Check bank statements for unauthorized charges

Without sufficient transparency and reassurances in place, we cannot enthusiastically recommend either. Proceed with caution and appropriate skepticism with any online retailer that does not have an extensive reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions about

1. What types of onesies does Lucky Onesie sell? sells a variety of animal onesies, cartoon character onesies, matching family onesies, and more. Their onesies come in sizes suitable for adults, kids, and babies. Some popular onesie styles on their site include unicorns, pandas, sharks, Care Bears, and avocados.

2. Are the onesies sold by Lucky Onesie good quality?

Reviews are mixed on the quality of onesies from Some customers report them being soft, warm, and comfortable. But others say the fabric is cheap feeling and the stitching is low quality. Quality may vary between different onesie prints and sizes.

3. How long does shipping take from Lucky Onesie? offers a few different shipping speed options at checkout. The fastest is 3-5 day expedited shipping. Standard shipping takes 7-10 days. And budget shipping can take up to 15 days in some cases. The store ships most orders from a warehouse in China.

4. What is Lucky Onesie’s return policy?

According to their posted return policy, allows returns of unworn items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. Returns can be initiated by emailing their customer support team.

5. Is an American or Chinese company? is owned by a company called Luckyonesie Co., Ltd. They list their physical business address in Hefei, China and appear to operate primarily out of that country. The onesies are manufactured in and shipped from China as well.

6. How do I track my order from Lucky Onesie?

After placing an order, you should receive an email from with details for tracking your shipment. If not, you can email their customer support team to request tracking information for your order. They will provide a tracking number and carrier details.

What to Look for in a Reputable Onesie Store

While our review finds no definitive proof is a scam, the lack of transparency still leaves uncertainty. If you want to purchase onesies from an online retailer you can trust completely, we recommend looking for the following signs of a reputable store:

  • Positive independent reviews: Look for consistent 4+ star ratings on unbiased review platforms like Trustpilot and ample positive customer testimonials.
  • Responsive customer service: The store should have multiple contact methods including phone support and quick email response times from knowledgeable representatives.
  • Lengthy business history: A long track record of ethical business practices, such as 5+ years in business, provides more validation of trustworthiness.
  • Satisfaction guarantees: Money-back satisfaction guarantees, free return shipping, and flexible return windows show confidence in product quality.
  • Secure website: Make sure sites have complete SSL encryption, credit card protections, and clearly posted privacy policies to indicate vigilance about security.
  • Social proof: Signs of an established brand like verified social media pages with a substantial follower base provide additional legitimacy.
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While slightly more expensive, purchasing onesies from a vendor that checks all these boxes gives you complete peace of mind that your transaction will be secure and satisfaction guaranteed.

Top 7 Alternatives for Buying Onesies Online

If you decide shopping at comes with too much uncertainty, here are some alternative retailers to consider for buying onesies online:

Store Highlights Wide selection, custom sizing, 5-star customer rating, BBB accredited Family-owned business, free returns within 90 days, fast shipping Unique gaming and pop culture theme onesies, great customer service Popular UK onesie retailer with worldwide shipping, same day dispatch Handmade customizable onesies, ethical sweatshop-free production Fun, outrageous holiday onesies perfect for parties High-quality materials, wild prints and colors, frequent sales

Any of these alternatives check the key boxes that has uncertainties around – stellar reviews, transparent business practices, and guarantees for a smooth purchase experience. We recommend cross-checking sellers against the signs of a reputable retailer before buying onesies online.

The Final Verdict: Is Legit or Scam?

In this extensive review, we performed a detailed analysis of the key factors that determine an online business’s trustworthiness.

Based on the available information, there are no obvious red flags or warning signs that is a scam. The business appears registered, implements standard site security, and facilitates an adequate shopping experience.

However, the conflicting mix of reviews and lack of deep transparency create uncertainty around fully trusting the store. While not overtly fraudulent practices or conditions, we cannot definitively confirm their legitimacy either.

For buyers willing to accept the risks, may still be an adequate onesie source – albeit with caution advised. We encourage customers to use buyer-protected payment methods and reasonable skepticism when ordering to minimize being impacted by potential issues the opaque reputation allows for.

Alternatively, for guaranteed confidence in onesie purchases, buyers are better off selecting vendors with longstanding reputations of stellar customer service and complete transparency. Ultimately, there are safer options available to avoid needing to discern the nuances of whether stores like are legit operations or not.

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