Geebo Reviews: Is Geebo Legit or Scam?

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Geebo is an online classifieds website that allows users to post free classified ads to buy, sell, and find jobs in their local communities across the United States and parts of Canada. The platform was launched in 2000 and has since grown to become one of the most popular classifieds sites after Craigslist.

But is Geebo legit and safe to use or is it a scam? This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth analysis of Geebo, user reviews and feedback, and tips to safely buy, sell, find jobs and avoid scams on Geebo.

Overview of Geebo

Geebo is an acronym for “Great Escape EBOutique Online” and provides a platform for users to connect locally to buy and sell new and used goods, find or list jobs, housing, services and more. The site allows users to easily browse listings by category and location and post ads for free.

Some key features of Geebo include:

  • Free classified ads in most categories including jobs, housing, for sale, services, community, gigs and discussion forums.
  • Local focus – Connects local buyers and sellers in the US and Canada.
  • Mobile-friendly interface and apps – Available on iOS and Android.
  • Option for premium, featured or highlighted listings for a fee.
  • Secure payment processing for transactions.
  • User profiles, reviews and ratings for community trust-building.
  • Discussion forums for asking questions.
  • Customer support via email.

Geebo makes money primarily through premium paid listing options and advertisements. While posting basic classifieds is free for individuals, businesses have to pay for premium listings, seller packages, and placement fees.

As of 2022, Geebo claims to have over 60 million classified ads posted and receives about 5 million visitors per month. It competes mainly with sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay Classifieds, OfferUp, and Letgo.

Is Geebo Legit, Safe and Trustworthy?

With online classifieds platforms, an important question for users is whether the site is legitimate, safe and can be trusted for transactions. Here is an overview of key factors that determine Geebo’s reliability:

Length of Operation and User Base

Geebo has been around for over 20 years which is a long time in the internet industry. It has managed to survive shifting market dynamics and establish itself as a leading classifieds option beyond just Craigslist. The site claims to have tens of millions of listings and gets millions of views, indicating a sizeable user base.

The long history, operation at scale, and user traffic provide credibility to Geebo as a legitimate online marketplace. If it was a scam, it would be difficult for the site to exist and grow successfully for over two decades.

Contact Details and Company Information

Geebo provides contact information and address of its parent company. It is owned and operated by TruVenturo, LLC based in Austin, Texas.

Providing verifiable contact details and company information promotes trust in a website. If Geebo was a scam website, it would not disclose this information and make it difficult to contact the owners.

Ad Standards and Posting Guidelines

Geebo has clear standards about ads that can be posted on their platform. Their terms of use prohibit illegal, copyrighted or offensive content. Ads go through automated filtering and moderation to maintain standards.

The presence of content guidelines and vetting indicates Geebo is taking measures to maintain the legitimacy of ads and prevent frauds or scams. This makes it safer for users than sites with no oversight over ads.

Secure Payments Processing

For any monetary transactions between sellers and buyers, Geebo uses trusted third-party payment processors like PayPal. This provides security for payments and minimizes risk of scams. Geebo also advises users not to pay with insecure methods like wire transfer, cash apps, gift cards, etc.

Secure payments on Geebo limit the ability for scammers to defraud users of money and increases trust in transactions.

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ID Verification and Account Safety

Geebo has introduced an ID Verification system for all member accounts to prevent fake listings and make buyers and sellers accountable for their ads and activity. Members are required to verify their identity by providing government ID.

Verified accounts promote real peer-to-peer connections and deter scammers from creating multiple fake accounts on the platform. Geebo also has measures to detect and shut down suspicious accounts.

Reviews and Ratings

Geebo provides a review system for users to rate their experience interacting with a buyer or seller. This enables assessing reputation and trustworthiness of members. Users are advised to check reviews before transactions to avoid potential scams.

Member reviews help identify sketchy accounts and create transparency about past transactions. Reviews are a safety net against scams on online marketplaces.

Customer Support

There are customer support channels available via email for reporting issues or complaints on Geebo. Having open lines of communication with a site’s customer service promotes trust in the platform.

Quick resolution of issues reported to customer support protects users from threats and demonstrates seriousness in addressing scams or fraud.

Discussion Forums

Geebo has active community discussion forums where members can ask questions about safely using the site, report suspicious ads or users, and get guidance about local deals.

Discussion forums enable knowledge sharing about scam prevention between users. Seeking inputs from the community helps identify potential risks and get advice before transacting.

Based on these factors, Geebo appears to be a legitimate classifieds platform taking adequate measures to enable secure transactions and prevent frauds. However, users should still be cautious as no website can provide 100% protection against scams.

Common Geebo Scams and Frauds to Watch Out For

Despite efforts by Geebo to maintain trust and safety, users should be aware of the following common scams that can occur to stay protected:

Fake Listing Scams

Scammers post too-good-to-be true deals on big ticket items that don’t exist to trick eager buyers. Once money is sent, they disappear with no product or service delivered.

These include dream homes, luxury cars, and high-value electronics offered at massive discounts. Users should verify legitimacy by seeing the item in-person before sending money.

Advance Fee Scams

Buyers are asked to pay an “advance fee” for things like shipping costs, escrow service, insurance, etc before receiving the product. The scammer vanishes after the fee is paid with no intention of actual delivery.

Do not pay anything in advance, use Geebo’s recommended payment methods, and only pay upon satisfactory inspection of the item.

Overpayment Scams

A buyer shows interest and intentionally overpays for an item with a fraudulent check or money order. They request the seller to wire back the excess amount, only for the original payment to bounce later while the seller is out the wired cash.

Watch out for overpayments. Only accept the exact amount agreed upon.

Rental Scams

Scammers list properties for rent that they do not actually own or have rights over. They collect security deposits and rent from victims who realize too late that they have been tricked.

Carefully verify ownership before paying anything and avoid wire transfers for rentals.

Job Scams

Fake job ads on Geebo lure applicants to “employers” who have elaborate hiring processes requiring payments for things like training fees, certifications, and equipment to start work. The “employer” pockets these payments with no actual job existing.

Approach job ads with skepticism, especially those requiring upfront payments for equipment and training. Verify domain names in email addresses.

Pet Scams

Scammers exploit people looking for specific dog breeds or other pets by posting ads with photos grabbed from other sites. Interested buyers are tricked into paying deposits and fees for the pet but never receive the animal.

Insist on seeing the actual pet in-person before paying anything. Understand signs of fake pet ads.

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Phishing Scams

Geebo users receive emails or texts claiming to be from Geebo support requiring them to verify account information. The links lead to fake sites asking for login credentials, bank details, etc which are then used to steal identities or money.

Do not click suspicious links in unsolicited messages. Manually type in to login or contact customer support.

Counterfeit Product Scams

Sellers pass off fake, knockoff or inferior quality products as branded, original items in categories like electronics, designer clothing, auto parts, etc. By the time buyers realize, the scammer has disappeared.

Vet seller reputation extensively. Meet to inspect items closely before purchase. Understand how to spot counterfeits.

Stay alert about these common scams that target eager or vulnerable buyers and sellers on classifieds sites. The anonymity of online interactions makes Geebo not immune to these threats despite their prevention systems.

Are User Reviews of Geebo Positive?

To better evaluate public perception of Geebo’s legitimacy and safety, it is helpful to analyze user reviews on third-party sites:


Geebo has a 3.5 out of 5 rating based on over 100 user reviews on SiteJabber. Positive reviews highlight the large audience and reach of their classifieds. Users mention finding good deals on housing, cars, and furniture. Many mention using the site successfully for over 5-10 years.

Negative issues brought up include outdated site design, spam calls after posting ads, slow customer service, and security deposits being held for rented properties. Some mention encountering fake ads or scams.


On Trustpilot, Geebo has a 3 out of 5 rating but only 29 reviews. Positive reviews mention great response to their posted ads and customer service resolving issues.

Negative reviews revolve around outdated site appearance, lack of user-friendliness, spam texts/calls, and visibility limitations unless premium ads are purchased. Scams are rarely brought up.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Geebo has been accredited with BBB since 2012 and currently holds an A+ rating. Their customer review rating on BBB is just 1 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

Positive mentions praise prices and service. Common complaints include advertising mail, safety concerns about user background checks, billing issues, and dissatisfaction with how complaints were handled.

Online Forums

Across various online forums, the most frequent complaints against Geebo include:

  • Excessive ads, spam calls and texts after posting on the site.
  • Removal of ads/accounts without explanation under vague violations.
  • Allowing exaggerated, dishonest or duplicate ads that crowd out legitimate ads.
  • Poor visibility of ads without buying featured listing upgrades.
  • Delayed responses from customer service.

However, many users still recommend Geebo for niche local deals that may be difficult to find on Craigslist. There are also tips on how to block unwanted calls/texts.

Overall, Geebo receives passable but mediocre ratings across review sites. While some users manage to successfully transact, the outdated interface, spam calls, limited visibility for free ads, and poor support lead to frustration for many. There are also lingering concerns about fake ads and scams not being addressed adequately.

Tips to Use Geebo Safely

Despite mixed reviews, Geebo still offers a platform to potentially find good local deals and buyers. Here are some tips to use Geebo safely as a buyer or seller:

For Buyers

  • Vet any seller extensively – check user reviews, join date, verification status, and other ads they have posted. Be wary of new accounts with no history.
  • Insist on seeing the actual item or property before paying anything. Don’t pay solely based on texts, emails or photos.
  • Meet in a public space like a cafe for high-value transactions. Avoid private residences.
  • Verify email addresses used – look for odd or mismatched domains.
  • Don’t pay more than the agreed price. Be suspicious of requests to overpay.
  • Only pay through secure methods once item legitimacy is confirmed. Avoid irreversible payments like bank transfers.
  • Search Geebo discussion forums for the username, item or listing to check for alerts from other users.
  • Avoid deals that seem too good to be true (very cheap luxury goods, major discounts on rentals).
  • Reverse image search listing photos to check if they are copied from elsewhere.
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For Sellers

  • Provide detailed, honest descriptions and photos of your actual item being sold.
  • Post in relevant categories and use keywords strategically for visibility.
  • Proactively disclose any defects, damage, or limitations about your item’s condition.
  • Meet buyers at a public location or only allow pickup from your home. Don’t deliver items yourself.
  • Avoid payments via checks or money orders which can bounce later after delivery.
  • Draft a bill of sale with buyer name, phone, item details, purchase amount, and signed by both parties.
  • Limit sharing of personal details like address or financial information.
  • Track shipments and require signature confirmation if not meeting in-person.
  • Be vigilant of attempts by buyers to pay more than agreed amount. Politely decline overpayments.

Is Geebo Right for You?

Geebo provides a long-running classifieds platform for finding specific deals locally within your city or neighborhood. However, it has its limitations:


  • Good for niche, local deals not easily found on mainstream sites.
  • Provides identity verification for enhanced security.
  • Free listings for most individual users.
  • Option for businesses to increase visibility via paid ads.
  • Streamlined searching by location and category.


  • Dated interface and subpar mobile experience.
  • Excessive spam calls and texts after posting ads.
  • Slow customer service response to issues.
  • Majority non-verified accounts in many areas.
  • Premium paid ads needed for visibility in crowded markets like jobs, real estate.
  • Lack of integrated payment processing – need to arrange this separately.
  • Opaque rules around removing ads or accounts.

Evaluate your specific needs and be cautious when transacting high-value goods or services. For low-cost deals with less risk, Geebo can still be worth checking against local Craigslist ads. Apply tips to identify and avoid scams.

Test ads in your area and category first to see if you get decent responses before paying for featured upgrades. Overall, Geebo is legit but not necessarily the most safe or user-friendly platform and should be used selectively for finding specific local deals unavailable through other sites.

Conclusion: Use Geebo With Caution

In summary, Geebo has managed to build reasonable legitimacy as an online classifieds marketplace after being in business for over 20 years. It offers identity verification, ad standards, secure payments and community features to enhance safety for users.

However, issues like outdated site design, spam calls, lack of integrated payments, opaque policies, and mediocre customer service undermine user experience. There are also lingering concerns around fake ads and scams not being adequately addressed.

While Geebo is not an outright scam, users should exercise caution when transacting. Apply tips to buy and sell safely, verify seller/buyer reputation, inspect items before payment, meet in public locations, and use recommended payment methods. Understand common Geebo scams to watch out for and report suspicious ads or users.

For niche deals in local areas that Craigslist may lack, Geebo can still provide options if used selectively with safety precautions. But better alternatives may exist for broader marketplaces. Approach Geebo as a supplementary option, not a one-stop platform, for classifieds needs. Use common sense, trust your instincts, and apply scam prevention tips for the best experience.

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