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SynergisticIT is a company that provides IT services and solutions for businesses. In recent years, SynergisticIT has received both positive and negative reviews online, leading some to question whether the company is legit or a scam. Here is an in-depth look at SynergisticIT, including reviews of their services, business practices, and legitimacy as a company.

Overview of SynergisticIT

SynergisticIT was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina. The company employs over 100 people and provides IT services such as:

  • Managed IT services
  • Cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Business phone systems
  • IT support and consulting

SynergisticIT aims to be a one-stop shop for small and medium sized business IT needs. Their website states that they offer “enterprise-level technology and services at small business prices.”

The company has received both positive and negative reviews for their services and business practices over the years. They currently have over 300 Google reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. However, they also have some negative reviews on sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Positive Reviews for SynergisticIT

Here are some of the most common positive themes found in SynergisticIT customer reviews:

Knowledgeable and Responsive IT Support

Many reviewers praise the technical knowledge and responsiveness of SynergisticIT’s support team. Customers emphasize that tech issues are quickly diagnosed and repaired by knowledgeable technicians both on-site and remotely. The company’s 24/7 monitoring platform is also highlighted for enabling issues to be rapidly detected and addressed.

“SynergisticIT provides us with excellent IT support and services. Their technicians are highly skilled, resolving our issues quickly and effectively.”

Improved IT Systems and Infrastructure

Numerous reviews mention how partnering with SynergisticIT has upgraded their IT systems, network infrastructure, and cybersecurity protections. Many customers switched to SynergisticIT after being disappointed with previous IT providers. The improvements have led to reduced downtime and greater productivity.

“After switching to SynergisticIT, our IT systems have seen incredible improvements. Their solutions modernized our IT infrastructure and boosted security.”

Cost Savings From Managed IT Services

Many reviewers emphasize the significant long-term cost savings from using SynergisticIT’s managed IT services compared to hiring in-house IT staff. Customers highlight how proactive network monitoring, maintenance, and support has reduced costly outages and eliminated the need for a full-time IT employee.

“The managed IT services from SynergisticIT save us thousands per year compared to hiring our own IT person. They keep our systems running smoothly for a fraction of the cost.”

High Level of Customer Service

Numerous reviews highlight receiving excellent customer service from SynergisticIT. Customers mention account managers and technicians taking time to understand their unique needs and provide customized technology solutions. The company receives praise for their professional, friendly and patient service.

“SynergisticIT always provides amazing customer service. They take the time to explain everything in terms I understand and are always professional and courteous.”

SynergisticIT: NegativeReviews

While SynergisticIT enjoys many positive testimonials, they have also received some negative feedback from customers over the years. Here are some of the most common complaints:

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Slow Response Times

Some customers report slow response times to support tickets and service requests, leaving issues unresolved for days. This contradicts their positive reviews praising fast response. Lengthy delays appear most common for lower priority requests.

“We often wait 2-3 days for SynergisticIT to respond to support tickets for minor IT problems. They tout fast response but we’ve experienced the opposite.”

Service Consistency Issues

A number of reviews mention inconsistent service, where they receive excellent support for a period of time followed by a sudden drop in responsiveness. Some attribute this to staff turnover or technicians being overburdened.

“SynergisticIT was great initially but then the quality dropped dramatically. It seems they took on too many clients and couldn’t deliver consistent service.”

Billing and Contract Frustrations

Some reviews complain of misleading sales tactics, limited transparency on billing, and difficult contract cancellation policies. A portion report being stuck in auto-renewing contracts and billed for unnecessary services.

“Our SynergisticIT contract was a nightmare. They upsold services we didn’t authorize and it was a huge hassle trying to cancel when we switched providers.”

Exodus of Experienced Employees

A common complaint is SynergisticIT’s high employee turnover, especially among top performing technicians and account managers. Some reports indicate disorganization and loss of institutional knowledge when tenured workers leave.

“SynergisticIT has lost several of their best people recently. You can tell they are understaffed now by all the chaos and confusion.”

Is SynergisticIT Legit or a Scam?

With mixed reviews, a common question is whether SynergisticIT is a legitimate business or some kind of scam. Here is an analysis of their legitimacy:

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Indications SynergisticIT is Legitimate:

  • Over 10 years in business – Long track record serving SMBs since 2008 indicates a real, functioning company. Scams tend to be short-lived.
  • Hundreds of verifiable positive reviews – Many detailed 5-star reviews across multiple sites appear authentic and describe real customer experiences.
  • Responds to complaints – SynergisticIT directly responds to negative reviews describing their efforts to address issues and improve service. Scams ignore ordelete complaints.
  • Real business address and operations – They have a physical headquarters, office locations, and employee photos on their website indicating actual business activities.
  • Active on social media – SynergisticIT maintains active pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks. Scams tend to avoid engaging on social media.
  • BBB accredited with B rating – The Better Business Bureau has accredited SynergisticIT since 2012 and currently assigns a respectable rating of B+.

Indications that Raise Concerns:

  • A portion of 5-star reviews appear fake – Some very positive Google and Facebook reviews are brief, generic, and appear suspiciously fake. However, many more reviews seem authentic.
  • Some serious complaints on Yelp and BBB – Concerning reviews highlighting pushy sales tactics, overbilling, and poor service can be found on these sites. But SynergisticIT responds to complaints indicating a willingness to improve.
  • Advertises “A+ BBB Rating” but actual rating is B+ – This questionable marketing tactic implies trying to appear more reputable than the reality.
  • Sued by former employees – Lawsuits alleging wrongful termination and discrimination point to possible issues with internal policies. However, the outcomes of cases are unclear.
  • Mention of scams in online posts– A few online articles and posts label SynergisticIT an outright scam but provide little evidence supporting these accusations. Most information indicates a real company.

Conclusion: Likely Legitimate With Some Red Flags

In summary, the clear majority of evidence indicates SynergisticIT is a legitimate IT services company that has been in business for over a decade. They have hundreds of online reviews describing real customer experiences – both good and bad. They advertise services, operate offices, employ technicians, and maintain an active online presence consistent with a real IT provider. As a BBB accredited company for 10+ years, they pass a standard test of business legitimacy.

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However, SynergisticIT does have some concerning reviews on sites like Yelp and the BBB highlighting subpar service, overpromising, and pushy sales tactics. A portion of glowing 5-star reviews also appear potentially fake. And advertising an “A+ Rating” when their BBB rating is actually B+ raises credibility concerns.

These are red flags customers should be aware of. But most evidence suggests SynergisticIT is an established IT company trying to operate and grow like any other business – not an outright scam. Potential customers, however, are advised to scrutinize promotions, read recent reviews, resolve any concerns before signing contracts, and secure promises of satisfaction in writing. These prudent steps can help ensure a positive experience with SynergisticIT.

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SynergisticIT Review Summary

Category Summary
Company Overview Founded in 2008, SynergisticIT is an IT services provider based in North Carolina offering solutions for SMBs. They have over 100 employees and advertise “enterprise technology at small business prices.”
Services Offered Managed IT services, cloud computing, cybersecurity, backup & disaster recovery, business phone systems, IT consulting & support. Aimed at being a one-stop shop for SMB IT needs.
Positive Reviews Knowledgeable technicians, improved IT systems, cost savings, excellent customer service. Hundreds of 5-star reviews praise responsive support, modernized infrastructure, managed services value.
Negative Reviews Slow response times, service consistency issues, contract frustrations, loss of experienced staff. Complaints of delays, turnover, misleading sales tactics, overbilling.
Legitimacy Analysis In business 10+ years, passes BBB standards, has physical operations, and active online presence consistent with real company. But concerning issues raised in some reviews are red flags needing scrutiny.
Conclusion Likely a legitimate company, but potential customers should closely vet promotions, read recent reviews, resolve concerns before signing contracts, and secure written guarantees. Prudent steps can lead to positive experiences.