Is Hismile Legit or Scam? Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Is Hismile Legit or Scam? Aligners and other orthodontic products from Hismile have become increasingly popular in recent years as an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces.

But how can you know if Hismile is a legitimate company and a wise choice for your dental needs?

This honest Hismile review will examine Hismile’s legitimacy, analyze consumer feedback, and provide helpful information to determine if Hismile’s products are right for you.

Quick Hismile Review

Hismile is a company that produces and sells clear aligners, retainers, and other orthodontic products directly to consumers online. Hismile offers teeth straightening options that don’t require in-office visits and are shipped directly to your home. But is Hismile Legit?

Some key facts about Hismile:

  • Founded in 2017 – Hismile is a relatively new company in the direct-to-consumer orthodontics space. The company was founded in 2017 by dentists and orthodontists.
  • Headquartered in Los Angeles – Hismile is based in Los Angeles, California. Their aligners are shipped from Los Angeles to customers worldwide.
  • B2C focus – Hismile uses a direct-to-consumer business model, selling directly to customers online rather than working with dentists or orthodontists. This allows them to offer aligners at a lower cost.
  • Remote oral scans – Customers do oral scans at home with Hismile’s impression kits or visit a partner dental office rather than visit an orthodontist in person.
  • In-house dental team – Hismile has an in-house team of dentists and orthodontists who design treatment plans remotely. Aligners are manufactured in the US.

Hismile Product Offerings

Hismile sells a range of oral care products on their website, including:

  • Aligners – Custom clear aligner therapy for straightening teeth over the course of several months. Made from BPA-free plastic in the US.
  • Retainers – Custom dental retainers to hold teeth in position after completing alignment treatment. Made from BPA-free plastic or essix material.
  • Teeth whitening – LED teeth whitening kit including whitening gel, mouthpiece, and LED light.
  • Oral irrigator – Water flosser for cleaning between teeth.
  • Electric toothbrushes – Sonic electric toothbrushes.
  • Toothpaste – Fluoride toothpaste.
  • Accessories – Items like chewie mints, aligner cases, hyperthotic acid tablets.

Hismile promises a “smile transforming experience from start to finish” by providing impression kits, aligners, retainers, and brightening products all from one company.

Hismile Costs and Payment Plans

One of the main draws of Hismile is their affordable pricing compared to traditional orthodontic treatment. Here’s an overview of Hismile’s costs:

  • $1,895 for aligners – The starter cost for a full treatment plan of custom aligner therapy. Additional costs may apply for more complicated cases.
  • $99 impression kit – The at-home impression kit to take molds of your teeth for clear aligner design.
  • Payment plans – Hismile offers monthly payment plans as low as $83 per month for 24 months. 0% APR financing is available.
  • Insurance – Hismile accepts FSA/HSA accounts. They also work with insurance providers like UnitedHealthcare for possible reimbursement.
  • Coupons – Coupon codes and discounts are sometimes offered, reducing the total price.

Compared to the average cost of $5,000-$8,000 for traditional braces or Invisalign, Hismile offers significant savings, especially when financing options are utilized.

How Hismile Works

Wondering how the process works if you order aligners or other products from Hismile? Here is an overview:

  • Online consultation – You’ll fill out an online form and upload photos for an initial consultation. Hismile’s dental team reviews your case.
  • Impression kit – If you’re a candidate for aligners, you’ll receive an impression kit to create molds of your teeth at home.
  • Aligner creation – Hismile dentists create a custom treatment plan and your aligners will be manufactured in 3-4 weeks.
  • Aligners shipped – You’ll receive all your aligners upfront in one shipment to your home. Each set will be labeled for when to wear them.
  • Treatment period – Treatment length averages 4-12 months. You’ll switch aligners every 1-2 weeks.
  • Retainers – After completing your aligner treatment, you’ll receive custom retainers to hold your teeth in position.
  • Brightening – You can order teeth whitening kits from Hismile to brighten your smile after straightening.
  • Remote monitoring – Hismile dental team monitors progress through your submitted photos and is available for questions.
  • Refinements – Additional aligner refinement treatments may be ordered if needed after initial treatment.
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The direct-to-consumer model allows you to straighten your teeth without repeated in-office visits. Everything is handled remotely and delivered to your door.

Hismile Pros and Cons

What are the biggest advantages and potential disadvantages of using Hismile for your orthodontic needs? Here are some key pros and cons:

Hismile Pros:

  • Lower cost than traditional braces or Invisalign
  • Convenient impression kits, aligners shipped to your home
  • Flexible payment plans available
  • Generally faster treatment time than traditional braces
  • Clear aligner therapy with discreet treatment
  • Brightening products for an improved smile

Potential Hismile Cons:

  • Remote model means less in-person oversight
  • Not evaluated as extensively as Invisalign by orthodontists
  • Less ability to handle very complex cases
  • Potential for delays if imprints are done incorrectly
  • Less frequent adjustments than in-office treatment
  • Requires discipline on the part of the patient

The lower costs and convenience factors of Hismile make it an intriguing option for many, though the remote nature means it won’t be ideal for every orthodontic case. Discuss your specific treatment needs with a dentist.

Hismile Legitimacy: Credentials and Certifications

So is Hismile Legit? When considering any healthcare product or service, especially one providing remote orthodontic treatment, the legitimacy and credentials of the company are crucial factors. Here are some indicators that support Hismile’s legitimacy as a dental aligner provider:

  • Licensed dentists – Hismile’s clinical team includes licensed dentists and orthodontists who create treatment plans.
  • Hands-on founders – Hismile was founded by dentists and orthodontists who were previously practicing.
  • U.S. Aligner production – Hismile aligners are produced in FDA-registered and regulated facilities in the United States.
  • HIPAA compliance – Hismile states that they are compliant with HIPAA regulations for healthcare data.
  • Encrypted data – Information submitted to Hismile is encrypted for patient confidentiality and security.
  • FSA/HSA eligibility – Hismile treatment costs can be paid using many flexible spending and health savings accounts.
  • BBB accredited – Hismile has achieved accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, reflecting proper business practices.

While Hismile does not have as long of a track record as some competitors, their staff credentials and production standards help support their legitimacy as a dental aligner provider.

Hismile Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

To better evaluate Hismile’s services and how satisfied real customers are, it’s helpful to examine independent Hismile reviews online. Here’s an overview of the feedback found on review sites:

  • Positive reviews – Many happy customers say Hismile aligners straightened their teeth effectively and conveniently. They highlight affordable pricing and good customer service.
  • Some critical reviews – A portion of reviews mention issues like aligners not fitting well, delays in shipping, or substandard results in complex cases. However, these are in the minority.
  • Before and after photos – Numerous customers submit impressive before and after photos showing their teeth transformation using Hismile aligners. This provides tangible evidence of successful outcomes.
  • Fast customer service – Most reviews indicating an issue say Hismile’s customer service team was prompt to respond and help to resolve the problem.
  • Overall ratings – On sites like TrustPilot, Hismile has over 1,500 reviews and overall ratings around 4 out of 5 stars, indicating general customer satisfaction.
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While a remote aligner company may not be flawless in every case, the majority of objective Hismile reviews reflect a positive customer experience overall. But results can vary on an individual basis.

Common Hismile Complaints

While many Hismile customers seem pleased with their experience, some complaints about the company have been raised. Some of the most common complaints found in Hismile reviews include:

  • Improper fit – Some customers report issues with aligners not fitting properly or feeling uncomfortable. This may require new impressions or refinements.
  • Undesirable results – Rare complaints indicate straightening results were unsatisfactory after completing treatment, possibly due to complex cases.
  • Shipping delays – Sporadic comments mention delayed aligner shipments, complicating treatment timelines.
  • Unresponsive customer service – Isolated complaints suggest customers had a hard time reaching Hismile customer service to resolve problems.
  • Billing issues – A few reviewers cite problems with unclear billing, charges differing from estimates, or financing terms being confusing.

While concerning, these types of complaints seem to be in a small minority compared to the many positive reviews. They highlight areas where Hismile could improve their customer experience.

Lawsuits, Warnings, and Scam Possibility

Due to the nature of orthodontic treatment and Hismile’s direct-to-consumer model, it’s reasonable for consumers to ask – could Hismile be a scam? Are there any lawsuits or warnings that raise red flags?

Overall there are no major lawsuits, FDA warnings, or indications that Hismile is a scam. A few important points:

  • No BBB warnings – Hismile has maintained A+ BBB accreditation without any alerts or warnings issued.
  • No legal actions – Searches uncover no major lawsuits or legal actions pending against Hismile.
  • No FDA violations – No FDA notifications have been issued about Hismile aligners or improper practices.
  • Established company – Operating since 2017, Hismile has built a customer base and reputation over several years.
  • Satisfied doctors – The orthodontists who founded Hismile previously worked with aligner companies and felt they could improve the direct-to-consumer model.

In the absence of any major legal issues or customer backlash, and with founders highly experienced in orthodontics, referring to Hismile as an outright “scam” would not seem accurate. However, it’s wise to evaluate your individual case carefully.

Is Hismile Legit and Right for You? Key Considerations

Hismile can be a viable tooth alignment option for many consumers, but it’s not necessarily right for every orthodontic case. Here are some key factors to consider when deciding if Hismile aligners are likely to meet your needs:

  • Case complexity – Hismile may not work as well for very complex situations like severe crowding or bite issues. Get an in-office exam first.
  • Discipline required – To stay on track, you’ll need to commit to wearing aligners consistently and avoid missing treatment time.
  • Realistic expectations – Understand that results may not be as precise or involved as in-office orthodontics. Outcomes vary.
  • Your dental health – If you have significant dental issues like gum disease or decay, those should be addressed first before starting aligner treatment.
  • Follow instructions – To avoid problems, carefully follow all Hismile instructions for impressions, wear time, adjustments, and tracking your treatment.
  • Use professional reviews – Check Hismile reviews from dental professionals in addition to consumer testimonials to make sure it’s a good fit.

Taking these factors into account along with the potential pros and cons highlighted earlier can help guide your decision about using Hismile.

Hismile Alternatives to Consider

Hismile is far from the only option for those seeking discreet teeth alignment solutions. Here are a few other aligner brands you may want to look into and compare with Hismile:

  • SmileDirectClub – One of the most well-known aligner companies offering remote impresssions and treatment. Prices are similar to Hismile.
  • Byte – Another direct-to-consumer aligner provider, with treatment plans starting at just $1,895. Offer clear or brightened aligner options.
  • AlignerCo – An Australian-based shipper of custom aligners. Boasts speedy treatment times of just 3-6 months on average.
  • Candid – Ships customized clear aligner molds to match your prescription and stages of treatment. Retainers also available.
  • Invisalign – While more expensive, Invisalign remains the most widely used and time-tested aligner system through orthodontist offices.
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Reviewing the pros and cons of alternatives can help you find the best solution for your smile goals and budget. Hismile may stack up well against competitors on convenience, cost, and outcome factors.

Is Hismile Considered Safe and Effective?

A major concern for anyone considering remote orthodontic treatment is whether or not it will be safe and produce effective, lasting results. Based on their practices and materials, here is an overview of how Hismile aligners stack up:

  • BPA-free aligners – Hismile uses BPA-free, medical-grade plastic to manufacture custom aligners that are safe for extended wear.
  • Precise dental impressions – The included impression kits allow customers to take accurate molds to capture the details of their teeth.
  • Measureable results – The incremental aligner series moves teeth into properly aligned positions, with progress that can be seen.
  • FDA-approved production – Hismile aligners are fabricated at FDA-registered facilities under strict quality control.
  • Licensed oversight – Treatment plans and progress are overseen remotely by licensed orthodontists. Additional aligners or refinements can be ordered if needed.
  • Retention planning – Hismile includes retainers to be worn after treatment to help prevent teeth from shifting back.

Based on their materials, production methods, licensed dental team, and inclusion of retention solutions, Hismile aligners can be considered a safe and effective option for teeth straightening when used properly and for suitable cases. Those with complex issues or concerns should discuss treatment options with an orthodontist before purchasing any remote aligners. But for many, Hismile offers a great combination of quality, affordability, and convenience.

The Bottom Line: Is Hismile Legit or Scam?

So, after reviewing all the pertinent facts, is Hismile a reputable provider of quality clear aligners?

For the right candidates, Hismile appears to be a legitimate option that can produce positive outcomes at an affordable price conveniently from home. Taking impressions properly and sticking to treatment seriously are vital for achieving desired results. Hismile seems less suited for very complex orthodontic situations.

While no company is perfect, potential downsides seem to occur only occasionally, rather than being widespread. Some patience may be required when working with any remote impression and aligner process. But the majority of objective Hismile reviews and testimonials reflect satisfied customers who achieved straightened smiles.

In the end, only you can decide if the balance of benefits and potential risks make Hismile aligners seem like the best choice for your individual dental circumstances and needs. But for consumers wanting an accessible alternative to expensive in-office braces or Invisalign treatment, Hismile remains a provider worth considering. Approach with reasonable expectations, follow all protocols, and you may find your smile looking better than ever.

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