Is Legit or scam? (Honest Reviews)

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  • Post category:Reviews is a website that offers graphic design services including logos, branding, web design, business cards, and more. However, some people question whether is a legitimate company or a scam. In this extensively researched blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at fallindesign, analyze customer reviews and feedback, and ultimately determine if fallindesign is a trustworthy service or one you’re better off avoiding.

Overview of presents itself as a graphic design company that can handle any project you throw their way. Their services include logo design,branding guidelines, packaging design, illustrations, infographics, marketing materials, social media graphics, and web design.

On their website, fallindesign showcases dozens of logo design examples, branding projects, and other graphic design work. At first glance, their portfolio appears quite impressive. claims to have served over 10,000 clients around the world. They state that they offer unlimited revisions on projects, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Their website and online presence look clean, professional and legitimate.

However, looks can be deceiving. To really determine the legitimacy of, we need to dig deeper into their business operations, reputation, and customer experiences.

Analysis of Fallindesign’s Business Practices

There are a few concerning factors about how conducts business:

1. Lack of transparency about location and ownership does not share any information about where they are physically located or who specifically owns or operates the company. Most legitimate design firms provide at least some transparency around who is running the business.

2. Everything is done online

There is no phone number, physical address, or other real-world point of contact. The only way to communicate with fallindesign is through an online contact form. This makes it nearly impossible to independently verify anything about their business.

3. Vague claims about team states they have an “amazing team” of designers but provides no details on how large their team is, what their qualifications are, or any individual team member bios.

4. No clear price information

Their website does not include any examples of pricing or packages. You have to contact them for a custom quote for your project with no idea of expected costs. Opaque pricing tends to be a red flag.

5. Copycat website design

The fallindesign website looks very similar to other cheap offshore design firms. The layout, graphics, and text have many striking similarities to competitors known for scamming customers.

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While not definitive proof of ill intent, these factors demonstrate fallindesign’s general lack of transparency compared to most legitimate desi firms. It makes it difficult to know who you are really doing business with.

Is legit or scam? (Analysis of Customer Reviews and Feedback)

The best way to evaluate any company’s true nature is by looking at impartial customer reviews. Here is a summary of feedback on from various credible sources:

Trustpilot – 1 star out of 5 based on 15 reviews

The overwhelming majority of verified purchasers on Trustpilot gave fallindesign just 1 star and negative feedback. Common complaints include poor quality work, lack of communication, and ignored refund requests. Some said it was a total scam.

SiteJabber – 1 star out of 5 based on 16 reviews

Again, most of the ratings on the independent review site SiteJabber are just 1 star. Customers describe fast talking salespeople, shoddy design work, and refusal to provide refunds. Many characterize it as a scam operation.

Better Business Bureau – No accreditation and 1 negative review

Fallindesign is not BBB accredited. The one BBB review for the company is negative, indicates problems getting refunds after unsatisfactory services.

Google Maps – 4.8 stars but only 4 reviews

There are only 4 reviews on Google Maps and all are 5 stars. However, such a low number of reviews is a red flag and makes them hard to trust as being authentic. The overly positive nature looks like manipulation.

**Design Community Discussion – Widespread warnings **

On design forum discussions, many users who claim to have used fallindesign report very poor, amateurish design quality and difficulty getting responses or refunds from the company. Most advise staying far away.

While fallindesign displays primarily 5-star reviews on their own website, third-party sources tell a very different story. Everything from Trustpilot to SiteJabber to online design communities have overwhelmingly negative feedback and an abundance of scam accusations. This carries significant weight in assessing fallindesign’s legitimacy.

Analysis of Fallindesign’s Design Work

The ultimate test of any design company is the quality of work they produce. Even scam operations can have convincing websites and faked reviews. But once you evaluate their actual design work, the truth often becomes obvious.

Here is an assessment of multiple projects shown in fallindesign’s portfolio:

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1. Logos

The logos in their portfolio are generic shapes and fonts without any customization or unique branding. Most appear to be made with basic design software like MS Paint. The quality is amateur at best.

2. Business Cards

The business cards are templated designs you could whip up for free on Canva in 10 minutes. There is no customization or tailoring to specific brands.

3. Website Design

The website samples have clunky page layouts, stock images, and no custom features. Navigation does not even work on some sample pages. The coding contains errors and failures to follow web standards.

4. Brand Style Guides

The branding guides lack any real brand strategy or unique brand elements. It’s just the logo, generic fonts, and boilerplate copy-paste content about colors and logo use.

5. Packaging

The packaging design has fuzzy, low-resolution graphics blown up on mockups. Images are visibly pixelated and distorted upon closer inspection.

Overall, the professional portfolio showcased by fallindesign quickly falls apart under real scrutiny. It becomes obvious the “work samples” are cheaply produced or fake placeholder content made to appear polished at first glance. Even an inexperienced eye can detect the shoddy quality.

Final Verdict: Fallindesign is NOT a Legitimate Company

After thoroughly analyzing the available information on,  there are enough red flags to decisively classify this company as not legitimate:

  • Lack of business transparency
  • Overly positive reviews on their own site, overwhelmingly negative elsewhere
  • Consistent scam accusations across various sources
  • Amateur quality designs pretend to be professional portfolio

While fallindesign puts up the front page of a respectable design firm, further inspection reveals all signs point to an untrustworthy company you should avoid.

Customers are likely to receive subpar graphic design work produced with templated DIY software while retains payment. They appear unlikely to provide refunds or own up to mistakes given the pattern of ignoring customer complaints.

There are no signs fallindesign has designers with real qualifications or professional experience. The portfolio has telltale indicators of fake or lazily prepared content. Overall, this company simply cannot be recommended as a legitimate source for quality graphic design services.

You are better off hiring an independent freelancer designer or established design firm where you can actually look at examples of real work, speak to a real person by phone, get quotes upfront, and sign contracts ensuring satisfactory services. Do your research to protect yourself when hiring any design provider.

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Warning Signs of Scam Design Companies

To avoid getting ripped off by disreputable companies like fallindesign, watch out for these common warning signs of scam design services:

  • Too-good-to-be-true prices and claims
  • Vague about business location and ownership
  • Opaque or non-existant pricing
  • Won’t provide phone number or physical address
  • Fake or limited online presence
  • No examples of real client work
  • Copied website layouts and content
  • primarily positive reviews on their own site, negative elsewhere
  • Refusal to provide contract and guarantees

Prioritize transparent communication, viewing real design samples, understanding pricing, and vetting reviews from independent sources. Protect yourself by hiring carefully.

Alternatives to Fallindesign

Here are some legitimate alternatives to consider for your graphic design needs:

  • 99Designs – Top rated marketplace to work with thousands of qualified designers throughout proposal, feedback and refinement process. Complete satisfaction guarantee.
  • Fiverr – Huge freelance network with comprehensive designer profiles showing actual work and reviews. Multiple levels of service.
  • Upwork – Strictly vetted marketplace for hiring freelancers. Robust profiles, guarantees, and payment protections.
  • Local In-Person Designers – Ask for references and samples from qualified designers in your area that you can meet in person.


Always look for transparent communication, contract protection, independent reviews not on the company’s own website, and examples of real work—not generic samples. This will help ensure you have a positive experience and get quality design worth the investment. Avoid any company that does not meet standards of legitimacy.

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