Kim Paradise Tingkat Review: My Experience With Kim Paradise Singapore

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Tingkat meal delivery services have become increasingly popular in Singapore, offering busy professionals and families a convenient way to enjoy home-cooked meals without the hassle of planning and preparation.

As someone who has tried a few different tingkat providers over the years, I decided to give Kim Paradise a try based on positive reviews from friends and online.

In this Kim Paradise Tingkat review, I’ll share my personal experience ordering from Kim Paradise over a period of two months, providing an in-depth look at their menu offerings, food quality, delivery, customer service and overall value.

Let’s dive in.

Quick Kim Paradise Tingkat Review

Kim Paradise positions itself as “Singapore’s largest home-meal delivery service” and has been operating since 2018. They offer a variety of tingkat meal plans priced from $6.50 – $13.50 per pax, as well as catering services for events.

Some key facts about the company:

  • Serves over 6,000 meals daily
  • Offers regular tingkat meals as well as a “Healthy Tingkat” plan
  • Provides free delivery for orders above 10 days
  • Allows customers to select tiffin carriers or disposable packaging
  • Promotes their meals as “less oil, less salt & no MSG”

Their tingkat plans consist of either 3 dishes + 1 soup or 4 dishes, with free delivery provided for orders of 10 days or more. Customers can select regular or healthy tingkat options.

Kim Paradise Singapore

Ordering Process

Ordering from Kim Paradise is simple – you can book online via their website or call their customer service hotline. I decided to book a 12-day trial of their regular tingkat plan for 2 pax dinners.

The ordering process was smooth – I simply selected my preferred plan, number of pax, delivery timing and payment method. You can also indicate any dietary preferences like no beef or no seafood. There are options to customize your tiffin carrier as well.

After confirming my order, I received an order acknowledgement via email with my delivery schedule and the customer service hotline to contact for any changes. The process was fuss-free and took less than 10 minutes in total.

Delivery Experience

Kim Paradise offers a delivery window between 3-7pm for dinner tingkat, which gives customers flexibility in timing. For my order, I opted for 6pm delivery.

True to their word, the tingkat arrived promptly within the first 10 minutes of the delivery window each day. The deliveryman would ring my doorbell to alert me of the arrival before leaving the tingkat at my doorstep.

The tingkat was packaged neatly in a thermal carrier bag provided by the company, which kept the food piping hot. I appreciated that they used the thermal bags even for short deliveries within the same neighborhood.

No issues encountered with the delivery experience – everything was handled professionally and food arrived on time every day.

Food Quality & Taste

Now, on to the most important aspect – the food! Here is a detailed review of the cuisine quality and taste from my 12-day tingkat trial with Kim Paradise:


Kim Paradise offers 1 soup daily as part of their regular tingkat bundle. The soups changed daily and included options like cream of mushroom, watercress with red dates, bak kut teh and seafood corn chowder.

I found the soups to be flavorful without being overwhelmingly salty or oily. The seafood corn chowder in particular was creamy and hearty. My favorite was the flavored pork rib bak kut teh soup which had braised pork ribs and plenty of spices in a robust clear broth.

Meat & Poultry Dishes

The tingkat featured different meat and poultry dishes each day. I tried various chicken, pork, fish and prawn offerings over the 12 days.

Some highlights were the nyonya chicken (marinated fried chicken thigh), honey glazed chicken wings, pork ribs with garlic sauce, sambal prawns and fish fillet with ginger and scallions.

The chicken and pork selections were evenly cooked and tender, with sauces that enhanced but did not overwhelm the meat. The prawns were also fresh with a nice spice level. Fish fillets were well-seasoned too.

Vegetable Dishes

A variety of Chinese-style veggie dishes were included, like chye sim with garlic, spinach with superior stock, kangkong belacan and fu yong eggplant.

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The veggies tasted light and healthy, and were not overcooked. I liked that garlic, oyster sauce and fermented bean paste were used to add flavor instead of just oil and salt. Standouts for me were the chye sim, spinach and fu yong eggplant.


Rice and noodles were alternated daily for the carb component. Rice options included steaming white rice, brown rice and zhai chang rice (rice mixed with barley).

For noodles, I tried yee mee with seafood, curry laksa bee hoon and spinach mee sua. The noodles were smooth and slippery, with the sauce flavors absorbed well.

Overall Taste

In summary, I found the food tasty without being too oily or salty. The flavors were authentic, reminding me of home-cooked food. Portion sizes were generous enough for 2 pax.

Kim Paradise does meet its claims of providing less oily, less salty and MSG-free meals. I didn’t feel thirsty after the meals, indicating well-controlled salt content.

Menu Variety

I was pleasantly surprised by the menu variety over 12 days, given how tingkat menus can get repetitive.

Kim Paradise seemed to have an extensive repertoire of dishes, as I didn’t encounter any repeats throughout the trial. The meals struck a good balance of familiar flavors like bak kut teh soup, nyonya chicken and seafood hor fun while also introducing less common dishes like lor ark (braised pork belly), cereal prawns and yong tau foo soup.

The varied menu kept meals interesting and gave me recipe inspiration to recreate some dishes at home. Kudos to their kitchen team for the menu creativity!

Healthy Tingkat Plan

For customers focused on healthy eating, Kim Paradise offers a specific Healthy Tingkat plan priced from $12.50 per pax.

The healthy meals incorporate ingredients like quinoa, brown rice, bell peppers, tofu and reduced sodium soy sauce. Side dishes include freshly cut fruits and homemade pickles.

While I didn’t get to try the Healthy Tingkat personally, the menu reads well with dishes like quinoa salad with avocado, grilled dory with passionfruit sauce, kale and lentil soup, and chia seed pudding. This looks like an excellent option for light and nutritious meals.

Tiffin Carriers

Kim Paradise offers the choice of disposable packing or tiffin carriers for an additional fee. I opted for the tiffin carriers as a more eco-friendly option.

The stainless steel tiffin carriers helped keep the food warm and were very convenient for storage and reheating. The 3-tier stacking design ensured no spills or leaks.

I liked that the tiffin carrier option reduces waste compared to throwing out multiple plastic containers daily. This offers customers a way to enjoy tingkat meals in a more sustainable manner.

Customer Service

I contacted Kim Paradise customer service via WhatsApp when I had a question about delivery timing. They responded promptly within half an hour and were very helpful in addressing my query.

I’m glad Kim Paradise provides customer service via call, email and WhatsApp so customers can reach them easily via their preferred channel. From my experience, their customer service team is responsive and professional.

Pricing & Value

For the quality and convenience provided, I found Kim Paradise’s pricing to be reasonable. My 12-day trial cost $195.60 including GST for 2 pax dinner sets – working out to $8.15 per pax per meal.

Compared to food delivery apps, home-cooked tingkat meals are certainly better value with larger portions and no delivery fees. Kim Paradise tingkat also costs less than most restaurant meals here.

Considering I got 4 dishes including soup for each dinner, Kim Paradise offers good value. Based on my experience, the pricing is affordable and matched the quality.

Overall Verdict

Taken as a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed my Kim Paradise tingkat experience. The food was consistently tasty and delivered on time at an affordable price point.

Some key highlights:

  • Convenient ordering process and prompt delivery
  • Generous portions of fresh, home-cooked style meals
  • Balanced flavors – not overly salty or oily
  • No repeats in the 12-day meal plan
  • Good menu variety including healthy options
  • Reasonably priced for the quality

Minor feedback is that some dishes can benefit from a touch more seasoning and spiciness.

But overall, Kim Paradise delivers tasty and fuss-free tingkat meals suitable for most taste buds and appetites. I would happily order from them again and recommend giving their tingkat a try. Their professional service and focus on quality sets them apart from other providers.

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If you’re looking for a trustworthy tingkat provider that offers tasty, wholesome meals, Kim Paradise is an excellent choice. Hope this detailed review helps you decide if their tingkat plans are right for your needs!

General Tips for Assessing Tingkat Caterers

Beyond just Kim Paradise, there are dozens of tingkat caterers in Singapore competing for business. With so many options, how do you evaluate new tingkat providers objectively to pick the best one?

Here are some best practices when assessing any new tingkat caterer:

Check Reviews Extensively

Reviews from past customers provide invaluable insider perspectives on a tingkat provider’s quality, service and value.

Search Google, Facebook and forums like HardwareZone for detailed reviews. Look out for common themes and areas of concern raised by customers based on first-hand experience.

However, be mindful that reviews can be fake or commissioned. Assess the credibility of reviews by:

  • Looking at reviewers’ profiles – do they seem like real people?
  • Checking for variety of reviewers, not just clusters posting similar things
  • Watching for overly generic praise that sounds scripted

Genuine photos of food quality help support reviews too. Take note of issues raised and make your decision accordingly.

Compare Menu Options

Browse through their menu selections to get a sense of variety, meal sizes and nutrition.

  • Are there sufficient options across proteins, veggies, carbs and soups?
  • Does the menu rotate frequently or repeat dishes often?
  • Are there healthy choices like brown rice, olive oil, less sodium?
  • What are their portion sizes like per pax?

Menu variety affects how soon you’ll get bored of the dishes. Look for caterers with extensive menus that offer balanced nutrition.

Understand Pricing

Compare tingkat pricing across a few providers for the same number of days and pax.

  • How does the per pax per meal pricing differ between providers?
  • Are there package deals or discounts for longer subscriptions?
  • Do they charge extra for tiffin carriers, specialized diets or delivery?

This gives you a gauge of price competitiveness. Go for reasonably priced plans that don’t compromise on food quality and service.

Request Sample Meals

Many caterers offer short trial periods of 3-5 days for new customers.

Take them up on this offer to directly experience their meals before committing to a longer package. Gauge whether the food quality aligns with their marketing.

Trial periods also let you assess delivery timeliness, packaging and customer service. Hands-on experience is invaluable in determining if a tingkat provider suits your preferences.

Check Company Longevity

Established tingkat caterers with years of operating experience tend to be more reliable in quality and service.

New catering startups may offer tempting promotions, but typically face more growing pains. Review their history and track record before subscribing.

Also check if they have certifications from the National Environment Agency and adhere to food safety standards. This offers peace of mind.

Comparison Order from Multiple Providers

If you have time, you can try ordering simultaneous trial tingkat packages from 2-3 different providers over the same period.

Taste test the meals side-by-side to compare factors like food quality, flavor, nutrition and portion size.

While more time-consuming, this offers the most accurate comparison to pick a long-term tingkat provider aligning with your preferences.

By researching thoroughly and being an informed customer, you can find the most suitable tingkat caterer with quality meals that fit your budget. Taking the effort to assess providers properly will pay off in great meals for you and your family.

Tips for Enjoying the Tingkat Experience

Once you’ve chosen a good tingkat provider through careful evaluation, here are some tips to get the most out of your tingkat experience:

Reheat properly: Always reheat the tingkat thoroughly until piping hot before consuming, especially meat and soups. This prevents any food safety issues.

Adjust taste: Feel free to adjust flavoring by adding your own sauces, spices or garnishes to suit your preferences.

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Give feedback: Provide polite, constructive feedback to your caterer if you dislike particular dishes. This helps improve their service.

Pre-portion rice: Divide rice into each person’s container when plating to get the right carbohydrate intake.

Store safely: Refrigerate leftovers promptly and reheat within 3-4 days for optimal freshness and food hygiene.

Play with pairings: Try different dish combinations each meal for new flavors. For example, pair spinach with fish or chicken with bean sprouts.

Don’t over-order: Start with the minimum days needed to avoid throwing out excess food if you need to cancel the subscription.

Plan your meals: Schedule when to eat which dishes to ensure variety. For instance, don’t order curry dishes back-to-back.

Modify orders: Request customized meals like no spicy food or extra vegetables as needed. Most caterers accommodate preferences if informed in advance.

Give early notice: Notify your caterer at least 1 week in advance if you need to pause or cancel your tingkat subscription for travel etc.

With some planning and personalization, you can make the most of tingkat meal plans. Tingkat offers a convenient way to enjoy home-cooked food without kitchen hassles, letting you spend more time on what truly matters.

The Verdict: Are Tingkat Plans Worth It?

Tingkat subscriptions represent a significant time and cost commitment. Are they truly worth it compared to home cooking or food delivery?

Benefits of Tingkat

  • Convenience of fresh, home-style meals without cooking and planning
  • Gain back time spent on grocery shopping and cooking
  • Reasonably priced compared to restaurant delivery
  • Promotes healthier home-cooked food with less oil, salt and MSG
  • Allows trying new recipes from professional cooks
  • Provides balanced nutrition with vegetables and soup
  • Offers variety and prevents meal boredom compared to cooking weekly
  • Saves on grocery bills from food waste
  • Enables automatic portion control
  • Reduces dishes to wash

Downsides of Tingkat

  • Upfront payment and commitment needed for subscriptions
  • Have to finish all food ordered even if disliked
  • Restricted to meals provided with less control than home cooking
  • Potential for repetitive menus if caterer has limited variety
  • Must be home to receive delivery during specific windows
  • Little flexibility or customization for impromptu plans or events
  • Reheating precooked food leads to some taste and texture changes

Overall, for busy professionals, families with kids or elderly relatives to care for, tingkat provides significant added convenience and quality of life improvements. The meal cost often works out lower than food delivery while providing nutrition and hygiene assurance.

However, tingkat requires some lifestyle adjustment and those who enjoy cooking creatively may find menus limiting.

Assess your priorities and household needs to determine if tingkat meal plans can benefit your situation. When selected carefully and managed properly, a quality tingkat provider can be a game-changer making daily mealtimes fuss-free.

Final Thoughts

Tingkat catering has become incredibly popular for good reason – it fulfills a real need for delicious, home-cooked meals without the hassle. Identifying the right provider that suits your budget, tastes and nutrition needs takes some homework.

Kim Paradise has proven itself as a leading quality tingkat provider in Singapore based on my positive personal experience with them. I find their meals to be tasty and well-prepared, while providing excellent convenience. Their professional approach to tingkat catering meets my needs.

That said, be sure to do your own thorough research to pick the best tingkat caterer for your situation. I hope these tips on assessing providers, maximizing the meal experience and determining if tingkat plans are worthwhile have provided useful guidance.

Tingkat takes the suffering out of the daily dinner question “What should we eat today?”. With a quality tingkat subscription, you can enjoy restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of home, giving you freedom to focus on what matters more.

So take the time to find the right tingkat partner, and let delicious home-cooked meals be delivered straight to you.

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