Is BlumBlam Legit? Honest Review About

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Is BlumBlam Legit Honest Review About

Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the past decade. The convenience and competitive pricing make it an attractive option for many consumers.

However, the rise in e-commerce has also given way to a proliferation of scam websites looking to take advantage of unwitting shoppers. This makes it critical to do your research before providing any personal or financial information to an online store. So, is BlumBlam Legit?

In this detailed review, we will take an in-depth look at to determine if it is a legitimate online retailer or an e-commerce scam.

Overview of sells a range of products including home decor, electronics, clothing, and pet supplies. The site advertises major discounts on popular brands and luxury items. Some of the products featured include:

  • Hand painted oil painting sets
  • Plush suits
  • Drawstring bags
  • Lunch boxes

At first glance, the prices seem almost too good to be true. This is often a red flag when it comes to scam websites. We will analyze multiple factors about to ascertain its legitimacy.

Is BlumBlam Legit or Scam?

Is BlumBlam Legit? Determining whether an unfamiliar e-commerce website is trustworthy requires a thorough investigation. We will examine key indicators that can reveal fraud and deception.

Website History and Background

The domain was registered on March 26, 2023 through the registrar NameCheap Inc. According to Whois domain records, the site is set to expire on March 26, 2024.

The website indicates the business is owned by Alibaba US Technology Co Ltd and provides a contact address in London, United Kingdom.

Red Flags:

  • The site was recently registered in 2023 which makes it difficult to establish reputation or track record. Scam websites often have short lifespans before being shut down.
  • There is limited public information about the company Alibaba US Technology. Lack of verified details about website ownership raises suspicion.

Product Quality and Pricing promotes deep discounts on big brand name items. For instance, the site claims to sell a 60x120cm unframed hand painted oil painting set for 51% off retail value.

However, many customers report the actual products received are cheap quality counterfeits and knockoffs. The low prices act as bait to lure in shoppers.

Red Flags:

  • Outlandish discounts unlikely for authentic luxury and designer merchandise.
  • Consumer complaints about receiving fake imitation products from

Payment Methods

Is BlumBlam Legit? states they accept payments through PayPal along with Visa and Mastercard credit cards. When scam websites process credit cards directly, it increases the risk of fraud and stolen financial data.

PayPal can provide buyer protection for eligible claims but there are still risks involved. Scammers often exploit loopholes and use tricks like fake shipping information to avoid refunds.

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Red Flags:

  • Direct credit card payments prone to abuse by scam websites. PayPal safety limitations if seller provides bogus details.

Customer Service and Reviews does not appear to offer phone or live chat assistance. They only provide an email address for customer service inquiries. There are also no contact details like a phone number or physical address.

Negative reviews and complaints about can be found on various consumer sites. Many report issues with receiving wrong items, no delivery, and inability to get refunds.

Red Flags:

  • Lack of direct contact options and physical address.
  • Numerous unhappy customer reviews confirming warnings signs of a scam.

Website Security uses HTTPS encryption which provides some level of data security. However, the SSL certificate is domain validated meaning the website itself wasn’t thoroughly verified.

The limited encryption still allows the site to collect personal and financial information from shoppers during checkout. This data could be misused for identity theft and financial fraud.

Red Flags:

  • Weak domain validated SSL certificate does not confirm website legitimacy.
  • Lack of stringent security puts customers at risk of data harvesting.

Summary of Red Flags

  • Recently registered domain name in 2023
  • Anonymous ownership and contact details
  • Unrealistically low prices for famous brand products
  • Customer complaints of inferior quality counterfeit items
  • Direct credit card payments prone to abuse
  • Lack of phone support or verifiable physical address
  • Abundance of negative experiences from past customers
  • Weak SSL encryption allowing data collection

Is Legit? Verdict Explained

Based on this extensive investigation of, we conclude the site exhibits multiple warning signs indicative of an online scam.

The short lifespan along with zero background details for the company behind it are highly suspicious. Making matters worse, the extraordinary discounts used to entice shoppers are met with subpar knockoffs based on user testimony.

For those who actually receive an order, the items bear little resemblance to the originals advertised on the site. And any attempts to return these fraudulent products or get issue refunds are futile according to aggrieved customers.

The site also fails to implement adequate security and data protection. Providing direct credit card information carries substantial risk. Even relying on PayPal does not guarantee a full refund due to the deceptive practices employed.

Overall, our analysis provides overwhelming evidence that is an illegitimate website engaging in e-commerce scams. We strongly advise consumers to avoid this site to prevent becoming the victim of fraud.

Protecting Yourself from

It can be tempting to want to grab amazing deals online, especially when finances are tight. However, you should always put your personal and financial security first. Here are some tips to avoid falling prey to scam websites like

  • Research before you buy – Search for in-depth reviews on any unfamiliar e-commerce site. Look for consistent complaints signaling fraudulent practices. Use scam investigation tools like ScamAdvisor to check trust ratings.
  • Avoid wire transfers – Never pay upfront with bank wire transfers, gift cards, cryptocurrency or other irreversible forms of payment. Only use secure methods that offer buyer protection.
  • Beware of unbelievable prices – Super cheap costs on premium products are telltale signs of a scam. Sellers still need to make reasonable profits. Discounts over 50% off are highly suspect.
  • Check return policies – Review refund terms before completing any transactions. Scam sites often have prohibitive policies to prevent getting money back.
  • Use credit cards – Make online purchases on a credit card when possible. You can dispute any unauthorized charges and temporarily withhold payments for fraud.
  • Examine website security – Make sure websites use HTTPS and avoid those with just weak domain validated SSL certificates. This confirms your data is encrypted during checkout.
  • Research sellers – Check for a company’s registration info, physical address, customer service options. Lack of verifiable details suggests a shady seller.
  • Trust your intuition – If something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Go with your gut feeling and avoid using websites that give you a bad vibe.
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By applying these guidelines, you can steer clear of scam websites like and only use legitimate online retailers for safe shopping. Don’t let tempting deals and prices cloud your judgment – protecting your money and identity should always come first.

FAQs about Scam Website

Q: How can I get a refund from

Unfortunately, getting a refund from known scam websites like is highly unlikely. The site is designed to take your money fraudulently with no intent on providing a legitimate product or acceptable customer service. Even if you used PayPal, fake shipping details allow them to circumvent refund requirements. Any credit card chargebacks may also fail since the company is actively deceptive. Your best recourse is reporting the website to authorities for illegal activity and warning others about the scam.

Q: Are the products on fake?

Yes, nearly all evidence suggests the hand painted oil paintings, plush suits and other products advertised on are counterfeit fakes. The site lures customers in with seemingly great prices. But user reports confirm the actual items shipped are shoddy reproductions made with cheap materials and poor construction. Any name brands promoted are almost certainly knockoffs based on reviews.

Q: Is really located in the UK?

The contact address provided on the website in London, UK appears to be fake. Scammers often claim locations in trusted countries to try and seem more legitimate. However, displays multiple signs of fraudulent activity common among overseas scam websites. There are no verifiable details confirming a physical UK address. Evidence indicates they falsely claim to be located there when in reality the operators could be based anywhere.

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Q: Can I trust the reviews on

No, any reviews featured on the website itself should not be trusted. Scam websites often post fake glowing reviews to boost credibility. Search for independent reviews instead on trustworthy consumer sites. These reveal an abundance of negative experiences confirming consistent issues with fraud, counterfeit items, no delivery and refusal to issue refunds.

Q: Is protected by encryption?

While uses HTTPS, it only has a domain validated SSL certificate. This basic encryption protects your connection but does not validate legitimacy of the website itself. Scammers frequently use this low cost certificate solely to enable collecting your personal and financial data.’s weak security makes submitting payment details especially risky.

Q: Can I call for support? does not provide a working phone number for customer service support. The site only has an email address for contacting them. This lack of direct communication channels prevents getting issues resolved and is typical of scam websites. Any numbers they do provide often go unanswered or disconnected. Never rely solely on email for sites with no verifiable address or phone support.

Q: How can I report the scam website?

If you lost money or suffer identity theft due to, you should file formal complaints with:

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
  • Local police department

Also notify:

  • Domain registrar NameCheap
  • PayPal for suspected unauthorized use
  • Your bank or credit card company

These actions help authorities track and shut down illegal e-commerce scams while also building a case to prosecute the offenders behind it. Getting the word out also prevents the scam from victimizing more innocent shoppers.

The Bottom Line

Our comprehensive investigative review leaves no doubt that is an illegitimate scam website engaging in deceptive online retail practices. We advise all consumers to avoid using this high-risk site for any purchases.

Hopefully this article provides the depth of research and analysis required to make an informed decision before providing personal data or payment information to unfamiliar e-commerce websites. Stay vigilant and trust your instincts to protect yourself from falling prey to prevalent online scams.

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