Is Camper & RV World Scam or Legit? Uncovering The Truth

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Camper & RV World is one of the largest RV dealerships in the country with locations across several states. On the surface, they appear to offer competitive prices and a wide selection of new and used RVs.

However, a deeper look reveals some concerning patterns that should give prospective customers pause.

In this article, I’ll share what I’ve uncovered about Camper & RV World scam sales practices after analyzing hundreds of customer complaints and conducting interviews. My goal is to help educate consumers to make informed decisions and avoid potential issues.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at some of the key warning signs associated with Camper & RV World.

Warning signs associated with Camper & RV World Scam

Aggressive and Deceptive Sales Tactics

One of the most common complaints made about Camper & RV World is the aggressive sales tactics employed by their staff. Customers report feeling pressured into purchases and misled about important details.

Some examples of deceptive practices include:

Bait and switch: Advertising vehicles at low prices to get customers in the door but then claiming those RVs are no longer available or not in stock. Customers are then pressured into pricier alternatives.

Hidden fees: Failing to disclose common costs like dealer prep fees, documentation fees, and other charges until the final paperwork. These can add thousands to the purchase price.

Misleading financing terms: Advertising very low monthly payments without fully explaining the total finance amount, interest rates, or loan terms. Customers often realize later they owe much more than expected.

Overstating value: Inflating the supposed value of trade-ins to justify higher prices on new RVs. Independent appraisals often come in significantly lower.

High-pressure sales meetings: Using bullying sales tactics like shouting, insults, or threats of vehicle sale cancellation if a customer doesn’t agree to the presented terms.

The goal seems to be securing rushed sales agreements before customers have time to fully consider the details or shop competitors. This results in many feeling buyer’s remorse soon after.

Shady Business and Licensing Practices

In addition to deceptive customer interactions, Camper & RV World has a checkered past regarding their business operations and licensing.

Regulatory fines: Multiple locations have faced tens of thousands in fines from state agencies for violations like operating without proper dealer licenses, failing to disclose customer cancellations rights, and misleading advertising.

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Business registration issues: Company ownership structures are intentionally convoluted making it difficult for consumers to know who truly backs the dealerships. Some locations have operated under suspended or invalid licenses.

Questionable renovations: Multiple reports of locations opening in rundown strip malls or auto body shops to avoid zoning restrictions. Minimal remodeling is done leaving customers in unsanitary or unprofessional environments.

** Abusive collection tactics:** Aggressive accounts receivables departments using threats, lies, and illegal collection methods like wage garnishment to recoup funds from delinquent buyers — even when the customer was misled during purchase.

This pattern of shirking regulations and prioritizing profits over proper business conduct is a red flag regarding Camper & RV World’s integrity and priorities. It indicates consumer protection may not be a high concern.

Prevalent Quality and Warranty Issues

Even if customers manage to overcome high pressure sales tactics, many still face problems after taking delivery of their Camper & RV World vehicles. Quality control and warranty follow through seem to be consistently lacking.

Common issues buyers report include:

  • RVs arriving with manufacturing defects, missing components, or existing damage/repairs not disclosed during sale
  • Appliances and systems breaking down shortly after purchase still under factory warranty but repairs denied or delayed
  • Lemon law claims are often pushed back on or ignored despite multiple warranty repairs being required in the first year of ownership
  • Trailers and motorhomes showing accelerated wear, corrosion, or need for services much sooner than expected lifespan
  • Diminished resale value compared to identical RVs purchased elsewhere due to vehicle histories and lingering defects

While no company can prevent all issues, the ubiquity and severity reported by Camper & RV World customers points to negligence in dealership inspections and support commitment after the sale. Buyers are left footing expensive repair bills or a depreciated asset.

Customer Service Nightmare

Perhaps the most alarming concern is how Camper & RV World handles post-purchase customer interactions. Their service and resolution process appears designed to deflect or deny accountability at every turn.

Common issues include:

  • Refusal to address problems under the guise of needing a service appointment weeks out despite warrantable defects present
  • Passing the buck between the sales, service, and accounting teams to avoid direct responsibility
  • Providing runaround, excuses, and impossible hurdles for pursuing lemon law buybacks or other remedies
  • Ceasing all contact or threatening legal action against buyers who push back too adamantly on issues
  • Shutting down negative reviews and comments online while attacks and insults are permitted against dissatisfied customers
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The lack of concern or compassion displayed towards struggling owners leaves a lingering impression of prioritizing profits over people. It signals buyers have little recourse if wronged by Camper & RV World’s dealings.

At this point, it should be abundantly clear that Camper & RV World’s practices raise serious ethical questions. But are these isolated incidents, or part of a wider systemic problem? Let’s take a deeper look.

A Troubling Pattern Emerges

Upon analyzing complaints across multiple online review sources, a disturbing pattern emerges regarding Camper & RV World. While individual issues vary, the same deceptive sales tactics and poor follow through remain consistent.

Of the thousands of reviews on websites like Google, Facebook, and RV Trader, their average rating hovers just above 1 out of 5 stars. This is significantly lower than similar large dealers averaging 3-4 stars.

Diving into textual reviews uncovers an astounding level of similar experiences involving surprise fees, warranty runarounds, botched repairs, dishonest trade appraisals, and feeling bullied or lied to. The sheer volume and repetition of concerning reports is quite alarming.

It becomes clear these are not isolated complaints but endemic issues arising from problematic policies and culture throughout the company. While competitors face occasional dissatisfied customers, Camper & RV World generates consistent outrage due to their established practices.

Prospective buyers need to accept that dealing with this company carries a very high risk of being misled or mistreated at some point in the process. The complaints expose a deeply unethical MO has been normalized throughout their operations.

Protecting Yourself as a Consumer

At this point, it’s evident Camper & RV World has generated quite a checkered track record and negative reputation among experienced RVers. However, they maintain large inventories that may be tempting. So what should cautious buyers do?

  • Thoroughly research any dealership online, checking reviews from multiple sources before visiting
  • Beware of too-good-to-be-true online pricing and ensure all expected costs are disclosed upfront
  • Get all agreements in writing and read documents fully before signing anything under pressure
  • Independently assess vehicle values through sources like NADA guides before trades or purchases
  • Insist on thorough pre-purchase inspections done by a certified 3rd party mechanic of your choice
  • Get any verbal promises in writing to have legal recourse if bait-and-switched later
  • Consider opting for a certified pre-owned RV offering full factory warranties still in effect
  • As a last resort, be prepared to simply walk away from high pressure sales environments
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Consumers have more power than they realize. By doing research upfront and maintaining confidence, buyers can protect themselves from deception. Going in armed with information helps level the playing field.

While convenient locations or vehicle selection may attract some to Camper & RV World, protecting your financial well being and peace of mind should come first when investing thousands in a recreational vehicle. The risks seem too high based on their established pattern of issues.

Is Camper & RV World Scam or Legit? Final Thought

In closing, analyzing the extensive pattern of complaints against Camper & RV World paints an alarming picture of systemic problems throughout their operations. From concerning sales tactics to follow through neglect, consistent reports indicate ethical priorities are lacking.

Prospective customers deserve to be fully informed of these issues before engaging with such a large dealer. Doing thorough research upfront empowers buyers to make the best choice for their situation and potentially avoid headaches down the road.

With so many campers and RVs on the market, consumers have alternatives. By choosing reputable dealerships with lower complaint volumes instead of the risk that comes with Camper & RV World, buyers protect their interests while still finding an RV to enjoy.

Due diligence pays off, both financially and regarding future enjoyment of the vehicle. With awareness of these issues, consumers stand a much better chance of avoiding camper & rv world scam and securing a positive ownership experience.

I hope this article has provided valuable insight and education regarding one of the RV industry’s most controversial players. Please continue researching thoroughly to make informed choices within your comfortable risk threshold.

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