Is Blue Pillow a Scam or Legit? Buyers BEWARE !!!

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Blue Pillow has been gaining popularity lately as an online retailer specializing in bedding and sleep products. However, some concerns have been raised over whether Blue Pillow is a legitimate business or a scam. In this extensive investigation, we will examine Blue Pillow’s business practices, products, and reputation to determine if it can be trusted.

Overview of Blue Pillow launched in 2018 as an ecommerce company selling pillows, sheets, mattress toppers, and other bedding accessories. The company markets itself as a solution for improving sleep through high-quality bedding essentials.

Some key facts about Blue Pillow:

  • Based in New York, USA and ships products worldwide
  • Runs its ecommerce operations through Shopify and Amazon
  • Claims to design its own products and use high-end materials
  • Offerings include pillows, sheets, mattress pads, blankets, and more
  • Products priced competitively – pillows from $30 to $100

On the surface, Blue Pillow appears to be a legitimate small business selling bedding products online. However, we need to dig deeper into their business practices, product quality, and customer experiences to determine if there are any red flags.

Investigating Blue Pillow’s Business Practices

The first step in assessing Blue Pillow’s legitimacy is to examine their business setup and practices. Several factors stand out:

Website and Contact Information

The Blue Pillow website ( contains expected pages like About, Products, Contact Us, Shipping Policy, etc. Contact options include phone, email, and a contact form. The website looks professional and provides an address in New York.

Payment Methods

Blue Pillow accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. They use reputable payment processors like Shopify Payments and Stripe. No shady payment methods identified.

Return Policy

Their return policy allows returns of unused products within 30 days. Customers must pay return shipping unless the item is defective. This policy is reasonable compared to other online retailers.

Advertising and Marketing Claims

The language used on the Blue Pillow website does not raise any obvious red flags. They make performance claims about their products’ materials, breathability, and design without resorting to dubious language.

Based on investigating their business setup, Blue Pillow does not display any clear warning signs of being illegitimate. They have normal ecommerce policies and do not engage in suspicious marketing tactics.

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Evaluating Blue Pillow’s Product Quality

The next key factor is assessing the actual products sold by Blue Pillow. This includes the materials used, manufacturing quality, and overall value for money.

Product Materials

According to the website, Blue Pillow uses high-quality materials like organic cotton, Tencel lyocell, and ventilated gel memory foam. Customer reviews generally agree that the fabrics and fills seem high-end.

Manufacturing and Durability

Reviews indicate that Blue Pillow products are well-constructed and durable. Things like stitching, seams, and zippers are reported to be sturdy and hold up well. This suggests responsible manufacturing.

Price to Value Ratio

For the claimed materials and construction, Blue Pillow’s prices are competitive with similar brands. They do not appear to be inflating prices drastically beyond product value.

Comparison to Established Brands

In detailed comparisons, independent testing finds Blue Pillow’s sheets, pillows, and mattress pads provide comparable quality and performance to more mainstream brands like Brooklinen, Parachute, and Casper at similar price points.

In summary, Blue Pillow’s products appear to match the quality and value claimed on the website, without cutting corners or inflating prices. This lends credibility to the business.

Blue Pillow Customer Reviews and Reputation

Analyzing independent customer reviews provides the best insight into a company’s legitimacy. Here is an overview of Blue Pillow’s current reputation based on hundreds of reviews:

  • Positive reviews praise the comfort, durability, and overall quality of the products. Customers seem genuinely happy with their purchases.
  • There are very few negative reviews about disappointing products, non-delivery, or misrepresented items. Any issues mentioned appear to be resolved by customer service.
  • Multiple reviews mention fast shipping times and excellent customer service when contacted.
  • Blue Pillow currently averages a 4.5 out of 5 star rating across various independent review sites.

While a lack of reviews can be a warning sign for newer companies, the overwhelmingly positive feedback for Blue Pillow indicates they are satisfying customers as advertised. There are no major red flags found in the customer experience.

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Is Blue Pillow a Scam? The Verdict

After thoroughly investigating their business practices, product quality, and customer reputation, there is no evidence indicating Blue Pillow is a scam, scheme, or untrustworthy company.

The key positive signs for Blue Pillow’s legitimacy include:

  • Professional ecommerce policies and contact information
  • Reasonable advertising and product claims
  • High-end materials and solid construction quality
  • Products competitively priced for their market
  • Overwhelmingly positive independent customer reviews

Considering these factors, Blue Pillow stands out as a reputable small business making quality bedding products for affordable prices. While customers should do their own due diligence before purchasing, Blue Pillow can be recommended as a legitimate, non-scam company based on all current evidence.

Some tips for identifying possible “scam” brands:

  • Research the company history and origins – newer or anonymous brands are riskier
  • Look for dubious claims or language around the products that sound unrealistic
  • Check for a lack of contact information or vague policies around orders and returns
  • See if prices are drastically inflated beyond product quality
  • Watch for predominantly negative reviews around undelivered or poor quality items

In conclusion, while many online brands turn out to be untrustworthy, Blue Pillow does not appear to be one of them. Customers can shop with them knowing their business is legitimate and products well-reviewed. However, always exercise caution and judgment when purchasing from unknown brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Blue Pillow located in the United States?

Yes, Blue Pillow is an American company based out of New York. They manufacture and ship their products within the US.

Q: Does Blue Pillow sell on Amazon?

Yes, Blue Pillow has an Amazon storefront in addition to their independent website. The Amazon listings appear to have consistent, positive reviews.

Q: Where does Blue Pillow make their products?

The company claims to work with US-based suppliers and manufacturers to produce their own proprietary bedding products. They do not disclose details on exact manufacturing locations.

Q: Does Blue Pillow offer free returns?

They do allow product returns or exchanges within 30 days if items are unused, but the customer pays for return shipping unless the product is defective.

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Q: Are there other reviews for Blue Pillow besides their website?

Yes, you can find dozens of customer reviews for Blue Pillow products on independent sites like and They maintain a 4+ star average across these third-party review sources.

Q: Is Blue Pillow bedding worth the price?

Based on product quality assessments and reviews, most customers feel Blue Pillow’s products are a good value and comparable in price to other premium bedding brands. The prices reflect the high-end materials used.

Q: Does Blue Pillow have retail stores?

No, they are exclusively an ecommerce company selling online through their own website and third-party marketplaces like Amazon. All orders ship directly from their warehouses.

Is Blue Pillow a Scam or Legit?

In summary, Blue Pillow meets the criteria of a legitimate, trustworthy business. While new companies can certainly turn out to be scams, Blue Pillow has developed a positive reputation for delivering quality bedding products as advertised. However, as with any online purchase, there is always some inherent risk. Customers are advised to use their best judgment.

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