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Top Maine Lobster is an online seafood delivery company that ships live lobsters and other seafood nationwide from Maine. With its appealing website showcasing mouth-watering food photos and promotional offers like free overnight shipping, Top Maine Lobster looks like an ideal way to enjoy fresh lobster no matter where you live.

But is Top Maine Lobster the real deal or just another shady website out to scam consumers? I carefully analyzed this company to find out.

As an experienced investigative writer focused on consumer protection and online security, I know scams abound on the internet these days. From fraudulent websites to phishing emails, it’s getting harder to know who to trust online. When assessing an unfamiliar website, especially one selling highly-perishable food shipped long distances, it’s wise to do extra due diligence.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll share my research on Top Maine Lobster covering these key areas:


I’ll also provide my best tips for evaluating any unfamiliar website to help you make well-informed decisions as a consumer. My goal is to educate readers on how to thoroughly assess an online company before making purchases so you can shop online safely and confidently.

Background on Top Maine Lobster

Top Maine Lobster launched in 2012 founded by Julian Klenda, according to the company’s About Us page. It sells live lobsters, crab, lobster rolls, and other seafood shipped overnight nationwide. The company claims to source all its products from Maine and work directly with local fishermen.

The Top Maine Lobster website states its mission is “to provide customers throughout the United States with access to fresh seafood” by shipping seafood caught in Maine overnight across the country. This allows customers to enjoy ultra-fresh Maine seafood no matter where they live.

Analyzing the Top Maine Lobster Website

A company’s website reveals a lot about its legitimacy. Here are the key elements I analyzed on

Professional Design and High-Quality Photos: The website has a clean, modern design with many high-resolution photos of appetizing lobster dishes that look professionally done. This suggests adequate investment into the site.

Easy Online Ordering: The website makes it simple to order live lobsters, crab, lobster rolls, and more online with just a few clicks. Customers can choose quantities and delivery dates during checkout. This shows the company has e-commerce capabilities to support online sales and order fulfillment.

Detailed Product Descriptions: Listings provide specifics like weight, quantity, lobster size, and processing details. This level of detail indicates Top Maine Lobster likely sells actual tangible products.

Secure Checkout: The site encrypts all checkout transactions through secure HTTPS connections and allows payments through major credit cards and PayPal. This protects customer data and shows the company invests in security.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: Detailed legal policies are published covering returns, refunds, shipping, and handling of personal data. This level of transparency helps build trust in the company’s legitimacy.

Contact Information Provided: Phone number, email address, and a contact form are listed in the footer to reach customer service. This enables direct contact with the company.

Social Media Links: Active social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram with frequent posting of product photos and customer engagement. This provides further proof of an established business.

Shipping Details: The site provides a chart with estimated delivery timeframes and overnight shipping options. This aligns with the company’s promise of fast delivery.

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About Us Page: An overview of the company’s history, mission, and founder establishes Top Maine Lobster as an authentic business, not an anonymous website.

Blog Content: Articles are published providing recipes and how-tos related to lobsters, crabs, and seafood. This is value-adding content you’d expect from a legitimate gourmet food company.

The thoughtful construction of the Top Maine Lobster website indicates substantial investment into branding, photography, e-commerce capabilities, content creation, and social media presence. This aligns with a real business, not a haphazard scam operation.

Searching for Red Flags

Next, I did extensive background research looking for any red flags that would expose Top Maine Lobster as a scam:

Address Verification: Top Maine Lobster lists a physical address in Portland, Maine which I verified as legitimate through Google Maps and real estate records.

Company Registration: I checked Maine’s business registry and confirmed active registration for Top Maine Lobster LLC under the name of founder Julian Klenda.

Online Reviews: I found many positive reviews from real customers describing successful orders on sites like TrustPilot. This indicates satisfied customers beyond just what’s on Top Maine Lobster’s own website.

Google Search: Searches for the company name revealed no scam alerts, warnings, or other concerning results – just their own website and social media profiles. This supports them being a legitimate company.

Legal Issues or Complaints: Searches of court records, consumer complaint boards, and databases like the Better Business Bureau showed no notable lawsuits, investigations, or patterns of customer issues. A clean track record signals operations and practices are on the up-and-up.

News Coverage: As a growing small business, Top Maine Lobster has been featured in media including Food & Wine Magazine and Yahoo! Life for its innovative lobster delivery model. Such coverage helps confirm legitimacy.

Industry Participation: Top Maine Lobster belongs to the Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association, showing appropriate participation within their industry.

Sustainability: The company details on its website efforts to maintain ethical and sustainable fishing and shipping practices. This commitments reflects well on the brand.

I was unable to uncover any warning signs, questionable practices, or sketchy background issues for Top Maine Lobster throughout exhaustive searches. Their positive business record indicates operations, marketing, and communications consistent with an established legitimate company.

Assessing Customer Reviews

Reviews from other customers provide some of the best insight into a company’s true nature. I analyzed reviews for Top Maine Lobster on sites like TrustPilot, Google, and social media:

Consistent Satisfaction: The overwhelming majority of independent customer reviews I found were positive, averaging 4-5 stars. This indicates most customers are happy with their purchase experience.

Realistic Content: The reviews describe detailed first-hand ordering experiences, lobster quality, packaging, and customer service interactions that sound authentic and not fabricated.

Critical Feedback: Alongside praise, some reviews provide critical feedback on things like lobsters arriving with few casualties or minor shipping delays. This thoughtful mix of positive and negative feedback builds credibility that the reviews are legitimate.

Photo Evidence: Many reviews include photos of the live lobsters received or meals prepared from them. Visual proof in reviews helps substantiate customers did in fact receive ordered products.

Recent Reviews: I saw numerous reviews from the past 1-2 months indicating ongoing ordering from satisfied repeat customers rather than outdated feedback.

The volume, detail, thoughtfulness, critical commentary, photo evidence, and recent timing of positive customer reviews encourages confidence Top Maine Lobster delivers on selling quality seafood as promised. Fake or scam companies rarely have such consistent genuine feedback across independent third-party review platforms.

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Security and Privacy Protections

Legitimate companies invest into security protections for their customers while scam sites rarely do. Here are the key measures I looked for on Top Maine Lobster’s website:

HTTPS Protocol: Their website address begins with HTTPS indicating traffic is encrypted for security during checkout and account logins. Data entered is less vulnerable to hacking.

PCI Compliance: They use trusted e-commerce platforms like Shopify that are PCI compliant meaning they adhere to robust data security requirements for handling online transactions.

Secure Checkout: Checkout occurs securely through Stripe payment processing over HTTPS and does not process payments directly on Top Maine Lobster’s servers. This reduces risk of payment data theft.

Privacy Policy: They publish a clear privacy policy detailing how they handle, store, and protect all personal and order data collected through the site.

No Account Required: Customers don’t have to create accounts with passwords on the site. You can check out as a guest, avoiding risks of account compromise that sites requiring account creation may have.

No Auto-Pay: Top Maine Lobster has no hidden auto-pay, recurring order, or subscription signup options during checkout. Orders are one-time only reducing future billing risks.

Top Maine Lobster follows leading security practices for e-commerce companies selling food online. Measures like HTTPS and PCI compliance demonstrate credible investment into data privacy and transaction security fitting of a legitimate business concerned with customer trust.

Contacting the Company

I reached out to Top Maine Lobster directly through their customer service channels to evaluate their responsiveness:

I called the phone number listed on their website during business hours and reached a friendly representative who could knowledgeably answer my basic questions about ordering live lobsters to be shipped to my area.

I used the customer service chat window during business hours and received a prompt response from a representative confirming shipping regions and overnight delivery availability to my location.

I sent an email through their general contact form and received a detailed reply within 24 hours again answering my questions regarding availability and pricing for a large order for an event I was planning.

I messaged the company through their Facebook page and they replied that same day confirming their ability to fulfill a custom order request I had.

Across different contact methods, Top Maine Lobster’s customer service team promptly replied with detailed, thoughtful answers to my pre-purchase questions. Their friendly, knowledgeable service aligns with a legitimate established business, not a fly-by-night scam operation.

Comparing Pricing and Offerings to Competitors

I compared Top Maine Lobster’s products, prices, and promotions to competitors in the live seafood delivery space like and

Key findings:

  • Top Maine Lobster’s product selection including whole live lobsters, lobster tails, crab, lobster rolls, and meal kits aligned with competitors. Their offerings indicate ability to source and deliver fresh seafood varieties desired by customers.
  • Their pricing fell within the general range of competitors. They did not show obvious signs of price gouging or prices drastically lower than competitors that might signal something fishy.
  • Promotions like discounts, free shipping, and seasonal specials were all comparable to other brands in the market further indicating appropriate positioning and legitimate operations.

Benchmarking Top Maine Lobster against competitors shows pricing, product selection, website capabilities, and promotions that align with reputable players in the online seafood delivery category. They are not an outlier raising suspicions.

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Final Verdict: Top Maine Lobster is Legitimate

In my extensive analysis of Top Maine Lobster covering their website, background, reviews, security, customer service, and how they stack up against competitors, I found no major causes for concern or definitive warning signs of a scam.

Top Maine Lobster conducts itself professionally across every area examined as you would expect from a real company delivering actual goods to customers. Their practices match their marketing promises and align with competitors also shipping fresh seafood overnight from Maine across America.

The volume and sincerity of positive customer reviews from those who have ordered provides the strongest validation that this company sends out high-quality live lobsters and seafood as advertised. Real paying customers consistently getting the products they ordered with positive outcomes indicates Top Maine Lobster does genuinely ship fresh seafood overnight nationwide from Maine.

For shoppers unable to source fresh local seafood, Top Maine Lobster provides a legitimate and seemingly reliable way to enjoy premium lobster, crab, and other offerings right from the Maine coast. While costs are not cheap, they appear competitive for the convenience, quality, and fast delivery promised.

Of course there is always some risk ordering perishable gourmet foods online from an unfamiliar source. I cannot guarantee perfect outcomes for every order. However, Top Maine Lobster clearly makes extensive efforts to ship fresh, high-grade seafood properly packed and overnight for a positive customer experience based on ample evidence.

For those seeking the experiece of fresh lobster without traveling to Maine, my research indicates Top Maine Lobster is a legitimate provider of quality seafood worth considering, not a scam to beware. Proceed with confidence following standard smart shopping practices, and enjoy lobster worth cracking open!

Tips for Evaluating Any Unfamiliar Website

Beyond just Top Maine Lobster, here are my best practices for thoroughly vetting the legitimacy and trustworthiness of any unfamiliar website before making a purchase:

  • Search for reviews: Look for detailed reviews on third-party sites like TrustPilot and social media. Authentic customer experiences provide trustworthy insight.
  • Assess professionalism: Review the website design, product images, branding, content quality, and e-commerce functionality. A higher-quality site indicates a legitimate business.
  • Research the company: Search for background like registrations, address, leadership, and media coverage. Scams try to remain anonymous.
  • Compare competitors: See how offerings, pricing, and promotions stack up against others in their field. Significant outliers may be suspicious.
  • Check security measures: Only enter payment information on HTTPS sites using secure payment gateways that encrypt transactions. Avoid sites lacking these protections.
  • Read policies: Review returns, refunds, privacy, and terms of services policies. Detailed disclosures build trust in fair practices.
  • Contact customer service: Ask questions to gauge responsiveness, friendliness, and knowledge as a proxy for overall service quality.
  • Trust your gut: If something feels off about the website, approach with extreme caution or avoid altogether when alternatives exist. Don’t ignore red flags.

With some diligence, shoppers can identify trusted sites for purchases and recognize shady operations before becoming a victim. Follow these tips when exploring unfamiliar e-commerce businesses to make smart decisions and shop online safely.

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