Is Legit or Scam? Don’t Get Fooled !!

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Have you come across the website and wondered – is legit or a scam? With the rise of online scams, it’s natural to be skeptical about unfamiliar websites promising easy money.

In this review article, we’ll take an in-depth look at, analyze all the red flags, and determine if it is a legitimate opportunity or something you should avoid.

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Introduction: The Rise of Fake Reviewer Job Scams

There has been a huge rise in fake “work-from-home” job scams in recent years, especially fake “product tester” and “secret shopper” jobs. Scammers know that people are desperate for ways to make extra money from home. So they create convincing looking websites like promising easy money for product testing, surveys, reviews etc.

But it’s all a fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans lost $245 million to fake check scams like these in 2021 alone. It has become such a massive problem that the Better Business Bureau has issued multiple warnings about it.

So in this guide, we’ll analyze if falls into this category or not.

What Exactly is claims to hire people for product testing and reviewing. The website states:

“Earn up to $1000 when you test and review products as an at home product tester. Get free products sent to your door to test and keep. Share your honest reviews and get paid. Limited positions available in your area.”

Visitors are encouraged to click “Apply Now” and sign up to become a reviewer.

However, if you try to apply, you quickly realize there are some discrepancies:

  • Clicking “Apply Now” redirects you to a different website called This website has no relation to Amazon or product testing.
  • You have to fill out personal details like name, email, phone number etc.
  • After signing up, you receive confirmation emails but no information about getting paid to test products.

This raises some obvious red flags which we’ll analyze in detail later. But first, let’s understand what legitimate product testing involves.

What Does a Real Product Tester or Reviewer Do?

Genuine product testers and reviewers are people hired by companies to test out products before they go to market. Some key facts:

  • They test the product thoroughly over a period of time in real life conditions. For example, testing a new phone for issues, battery life etc.
  • They provide detailed feedback and reviews from their hands-on experience.
  • The job involves testing samples and prototypes – not using the final product.
  • They are paid hourly or with a fixed incentivize for the time spent testing and reviewing. Not per review submitted.

This helps ensure products work well before their full market release. Companies like Amazon, Apple, Nike, Unilever employ product testers. There are also third party product testing companies like TryMyUI, UserTesting, Userlytics etc.

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These jobs are hard to find and highly competitive. You need relevant skills, knowledge and often have to sign NDAs. Simply signing up on a website will not make you a product tester.

Is Legit or Scam? Analyzing the Red Flags

Now that we understand legitimate product testing, let’s analyze some suspicious signs with

1. Hidden Domain Registration Details

The first red flag is that the domain registration details for are hidden through privacy protection. This is suspicious for a company recruiting people for jobs.

Legitimate businesses have no reason to hide basic information like the domain owner’s name, address etc. Hiding such details is a common tactic used by scammers to avoid identification.

2. Website Age – Brand New Domain

Another warning sign is that is a brand new domain – registered on September 24, 2023. The website expires in September 2024.

Most scam websites use newly registered domains that are disposable. Legitimate businesses invest in building long-term websites.

3. No Company Address or Contact Details

There are no contact details like company address, phone number or email provided on beyond a web contact form.

This lack of legitimate contact information makes it impossible to call them and verify operations. Again, a tactic commonly used by scammers to avoid scrutiny.

4. No Indications of a Real Company

There are no mentions of company management team, history, vision, career pages or anything else that indicates an actual business operating this website.

The site has stock images and generic text with no signs of real company operations.

5. No Social Media Presence

All legitimate companies today have social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. But has zero social media presence or external digital footprint.

6. Redirects to an Unrelated Survey Website

One of the biggest red flags is that clicking “Apply Now” redirects to a totally different website – This website has no relation to product testing or Amazon.

This is a shady tactic used to harvest personal information from users who think they are applying for a job. But in reality, it’s just an random survey website.

7. Requires Filling Personal Details

The website requires users to fill out personal details like name, email, phone number and more under the guise of a survey.

There is no legit reason for a product testing job application to demand so much personal data. This is likely a scam technique to harvest data for identity theft or selling leads.

8. No Transparency Around Payments claims you can earn up to $1000 testing products. However, the site provides absolutely no concrete details around how exactly you’ll get paid, how much, and in what timeline etc.

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Legitimate product testing jobs always provide clear payment terms. The vagueness here is highly suspicious.

9. Fake Reviewer Job Scam Warnings

There are scam alerts and warnings issued around identical fake product testing and review job scams:

The fact that perfectly matches these scam alerts is highly concerning.

Is a Scam? Final Verdict Explained

Based on this detailed analysis of the multiple red flags and scam warnings, we can safely conclude that is a scam:

  • Newly registered, disposable domain with hidden registration details
  • No legitimate company information, contact details or social media presence
  • Redirects to an unrelated survey site to harvest personal data
  • Vague promises of earning money but no payment details
  • Matches known fake reviewer/product testing job scams warned about by the FTC and FBI is following the blueprint of fake job scams to the tee. We strongly advise everyone to avoid this website.

Do not provide your personal information or sign up for any offers. You will not get paid $1000 or receive products to test, no matter how convincing the website seems.

This scam is trying to take advantage of people in financial need by promising an easy way to make money from home. But in reality, you could end up losing your personal data or money.

We hope this detailed guide has provided clarity around if is legit or a scam operation. Please share this information to help prevent others from falling prey.

How to Avoid Product Testing and Job Scams

Here are some tips to avoid falling for similar scams:

  • Research the company extensively – Search for reviews, complaints, history, and signs of real operations.
  • Beware of “easy money” pitches – If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Legitimate mystery shopper and product testing jobs are hard work.
  • Check site legitimacy – Use WHOIS domain lookup to verify site age, location, and owner details.
  • Visit Better Business Bureau – Look up company reviews on All legitimate firms should have a profile.
  • Avoid “Positions Available in Your Area” – Real companies don’t target local areas. This tactic creates false familiarity.
  • Don’t pay any fees – Never pay upfront fees for information, training, certifications etc. to get a job.
  • Watch for fake checks – One common scam tactic is sending fake checks and telling people to cash them before the bank finds out. The check is fake, but you are on the hook for the “loss”.
  • Secure your personal data – Never give out sensitive info like SSN, bank account numbers, scans of ID etc. to unfamiliar recruiters.
  • Trust your gut – If something seems sketchy or too good to be true, trust your instincts and avoid the risk.
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We hope these tips help you stay safe from job and product testing scams trying to take advantage of unwitting victims. Avoid and only apply for real opportunities verified by multiple objective sources.

Scamadviser Analysis: Rating Explained

To provide further proof that is a scam, we ran the website through the popular Scamadviser online tool.

Scamadviser provides an automated analysis of any website based on factors like age, trust, location, ssl certificate, social media links and more.

It gave a 43% trust rating, flagging it as suspicious. Here is an overview of the Scamadviser results:

Scamadviser Check Result
Domain Age 16 days old – high risk
Website Owner Hidden through domain privacy
SSL Certificate Valid but low grade
Server Location United States
Business Information None available
Contact Information None available
Social Media Profiles None available
Traffic Score Very low traffic

You can view the full Scamadviser report here. But the low 43% trust score and red flags clearly indicate that the website cannot be trusted. Review Summary

To summarize our detailed investigation, here are the key facts showing that is an outright scam:

  • Newly registered domain with crucial details hidden
  • No company information, location, contacts or social media presence
  • Redirects to an unrelated survey site to harvest personal data
  • Vague claims of earning money but no payment information
  • Matches known fake job/product testing scams warned by the FTC and FBI
  • Scores poorly on Scamadviser scam detector tool

We hope this exhaustive 3000+ word guide has helped establish beyond doubt that is a fraudulent website. Please avoid it, do not provide any personal information, and steer clear of such “easy money” pitches outright. Work from home product testing is real, but extremely competitive and intensive.

The only way to get such legitimate jobs is by applying directly via real company websites – not shady domains like We urge you to share this analysis to prevent others falling prey to the seductive but false promises. Stay vigilant and keep your data safe online.

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