Brunello Bellotti Scam or Legit? Review

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Luxury watches are a coveted fashion accessory that can cost thousands of dollars from renowned brands like Rolex and Omega. So when unfamiliar watch brands offer similar luxury timepieces at huge discounts online, it raises suspicions of being a scam.

One such website is, claiming to sell high-end men’s watches from a brand called “Brunello Bellotti” at prices discounted over 90% off. This seems too good to be true, so I investigated further to determine if Brunello Bellotti is a scam or a legitimate watch seller.

In this detailed review, I will share everything I uncovered about the website, brand history, legitimacy of the business, and whether the website can be trusted for making purchases. Read on to learn if this is a real discount luxury watch opportunity or just another online scam.

Overview of Brunello Bellotti

Brunello Bellotti is presented as an Italian luxury watch brand on the website. The site displays two watch models – the Brunello Automatic and Brunello Jubilee.

These watches are advertised as premium Italian timepieces made with quality materials like ceramic, sapphire crystal glass, and genuine leather. The styles shown resemble higher-end brands like Tag Heuer and Omega.

On the website, both styles are listed at regular prices around €780 EUR. However, a prominent coupon code (“ADMINTEST123”) is shown that applies 90% off discounts, dropping the prices below €100.

This seems like an unbelievable bargain for luxury watches. But as we’ll explore throughout this investigation, things are not always as they seem when it comes to discount offers online.

Brunello Bellotti
Brunello Bellotti

Investigating the Brunello Bellotti Website

The first step in determining whether an unfamiliar website selling luxury goods at extreme discounts is legitimate is scrutinizing the site itself.

Here are the key factors I looked at when evaluating

Domain History

The domain was registered on July 25, 2023 and will expire on July 25, 2024. This shows it is a very recently registered domain that was created just a few months ago in mid-2023.

Newly created domains should be an immediate red flag when it comes to legitimacy. Most established businesses, especially in the luxury market, would have domains registered for many years.

Website Content

The website contains only generic descriptions of the watches shown. There are no “About Us” pages describing the company’s history, where they are located, who the founders are, or any unique branding information.

For a supposed Italian luxury brand, there are no Italian language pages either. The lack of detailed content and company information is concerning.

Contact Information

No business address, email address, or contact forms could be found on the site. This makes it impossible to independently verify or contact the company.

Product Range

Only two watch models are shown on the site. Most watch brands would have a wider selection of styles and designs. The limited products could indicate these are not legitimate watch models but rather generic watches imported from China and misrepresented.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

No policies or terms are provided on Every ecommerce site should have these documents present to protect customer data and provide transparency. Their absence is a major warning sign.

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Based on these troubling indicators, the legitimacy of the website and brand are highly questionable. Next I looked into the company behind the domain for more clues.

Who is Behind Brunello Bellotti?

Performing a WHOIS domain lookup provides registration details for websites. Unfortunately, the lookup for showed the domain was registered anonymously through domain privacy protection.

This hides the name of the company and individuals who registered the domain. Hiding domain ownership is common tactic among scam websites.

With no visible company information or owners, this increases suspicions around what is really behind the Brunello Bellotti brand.

Some key questions come to mind:

  • Is Brunello Bellotti even a real registered company?
  • If so, where is the company physically located?
  • Who are the founders and owners?
  • Why are they hiding their identities?

The complete lack of a verifiable corporate identity makes it impossible to research this company further.

For a supposed luxury brand, there should be clear evidence of an established company behind it. The fact that no such company is visible points to this likely being a fake brand created recently to scam consumers.

Analyzing the Brunello Bellotti Watches

Since the website itself raised so many red flags, I next looked closer at the watches pictured to see if they appeared legitimate.

Using a reverse image search on the photos shown on revealed the exact same watches advertised on multiple Chinese wholesale sites like Alibaba.

On these wholesale sites, the watches are generic unbranded models only costing around $30 USD. Yet on, they claim to be high-end branded watches discounted from €780 EUR.

This shows the watches pictured are clearly not unique Italian luxury timepieces as described. The site is using stock photos of cheap watches in China to misrepresent them as discounted luxury goods.

Testing the Presented Discount Code

One of the most enticing elements highlighted on is the “ADMINTEST123” coupon code applying a 90% discount. But would this code actually work if someone tried to purchase?

To find out, I added one of the watches to the cart and proceeded to checkout. I entered in dummy purchase details without actually submitting payment.

When applying the coupon code at checkout, an error message appeared saying “Coupon code entered is not valid”.

This confirmed that the presented 90% off code is just a gimmick to lure shoppers in, despite not actually being functional.

Brunello Bellotti discount code

Reviews from Other Customers

One of the best ways to identify scam websites is looking at reviews from other customers sharing their experiences purchasing from the site.

I checked TrustPilot, SiteJabber, Reddit, and other review sources. There were no customer reviews at all for Brunello Bellotti or

The complete lack of purchase feedback anywhere should make anyone highly skeptical of the legitimacy. With no reviews confirming anyone actually received the watches pictured, it builds the case of this being a fraudulent operation.

Verifying Brunello Bellotti’s Reputation

Establishing whether a brand has market recognition and a reputation to uphold is another key way to gauge legitimacy.

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I searched for mentions of Brunello Bellotti from watch experts, luxury sites, retailers, and watch blogs. There were no results at all covering this brand anywhere.

Given the claimed quality and pricing of these watches, a real brand would have some reputation and market presence that could be discovered.

The fact that Brunello Bellotti appears non-existent outside of the one website again signals this is likely not a real brand manufacturing watches.

Analyzing Trust Metrics of

Examining the trust scores and reputation for from scam and malware databases provided further useful insight.

Here is an overview of key risk indicators for the site:

  • 0% Trust Score on Scamdoc – Very high risk rating
  • 36/100 Safety Score on Scamadviser – High risk
  • Poor Reputation on WebParanoid – Risk of scam
  • Reported on ScamWarners – Listed as suspicious
  • No SSL Certificate – Unsecure connection

These harmful trust factors show reputable scam detection services have flagged this site as very high risk or completely fraudulent.

Warning Signs Summary

Reviewing all the troubling indicators uncovered, there are clear warnings signs is an untrustworthy site:

  • Anonymous domain registration
  • Website registered recently
  • No company information or contact details
  • Limited product selection
  • Identical watches found on Chinese wholesale sites
  • Discount code does not actually work
  • Zero customer reviews anywhere
  • No reputation as an established brand
  • Negative trust scores and scam reports

With so many red flags, there is overwhelming evidence to conclude Brunello Bellotti is a scam watch brand used to trick shoppers into buying cheap watches masquerading as discounted luxury items.

Is Brunello Bellotti Connected to Other Watch Scams?

Brunello Bellotti appears to be the latest in a line of fake luxury watch brands scamming consumers online. Similar schemes have been uncovered before:

  • Maisent Watch – Another supposed Italian watch brand with the same M.O. Used stolen photos and fake discounts.
  • Besuto Watch – Followed the same pattern with a fictional Japanese branding.
  • Mr. Hop Watch – Used fake celebrity endorsements anddiscounts.
  • Megalith Watch – Another fantasy brand with unbelievable prices.

Many connections suggest these scams originate from the same fraudsters, who create new bogus brands once exposed. Brunello Bellotti seems to follow this same scam blueprint.

Should You Buy from Brunello Bellotti?

Based on all the evidence found of deceitful business practices and complete lack of legitimacy, Brunello Bellotti can definitively be considered an online scam.

The website is not a real luxury watch seller. Every indicator has shown this to be a fraudulent business misrepresenting cheap watches.

Customers should avoid this site and never provide payment or personal information. There is no reason to believe any order placed would be fulfilled.

You will either receive nothing or a cheap watch completely unlike what was advertised. Your money and data will be in the hands of scammers.

While the promised discounts may seem hard to pass up, they are just a mirage used to bait unsuspecting shoppers. Stick to trusted brands and authorized dealers when shopping for fine timepieces.

Finding Legitimate Luxury Watches Online

The Brunello Bellotti scam demonstrates why extreme care must be taken when watch shopping online. Follow these tips to find authentic luxury timepieces for the best deals:

  • Verify dealer reputation through watch associations and forums.
  • Only buy from authorized retailers of a brand.
  • Research the watch’s market price range.
  • Inspect photos closely for replicas.
  • Read return policies and shipping details.
  • Check reviews from verified purchasers.
  • Avoid new brands offering prices too good to be true.
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Genuine sites will have years of domain history, clear contact info, strong encryption, and proof of satisfied repeat customers.

While real deals can happen, unbelievable discount prices are a giveaway something is amiss. Protect yourself by being an informed shopper.

Conclusion: Brunello Bellotti is a Scam Site to Avoid

This investigative review has uncovered the numerous ways the Brunello Bellotti website exhibits clear signs of being a scam operation.

From the anonymity, dubious discounts, fake branding, and complete lack of verifiable reputation, this website is demonstrably untrustworthy.

Consumers are strongly advised to stay away from and other unfamiliar luxury goods sites making unbelievable claims. Only stick to reputable retailers with a proven history of satisfied customers.

I hope this breakdown has armed you with the knowledge to identify these types of scams yourself. Always thoroughly scrutinize unfamiliar websites to ensure your money goes to legitimate businesses, not fraudsters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Brunello Bellotti an Italian brand?

No, Brunello Bellotti is not a real Italian luxury watch brand. It is a fictitious brand name used by an anonymous scammer.

What watches does Brunello Bellotti sell?

The website shows generic, unbranded watches imported from Chinese wholesalers. They masquerade as high-end timepieces through stolen product photos and fake descriptions.

Is the 90% off ADMINTEST123 code on the site real?

No, this coupon code is just a gimmick to entice shoppers. When tested, it does not actually provide any discount.

Can you buy Brunello Bellotti watches on Amazon or eBay?

No, you cannot find these watches sold by Brunello Bellotti on any major retails sites. The brand only exists on the suspicious website.

Has anyone received an order from Brunello Bellotti?

There are zero reviews anywhere from satisfied customers. All evidence indicates no one has ever received a watch purchased from the site.

Is a secure website?

No, the site is completely unsecure and does not use SSL encryption. No personal or payment data should ever be entered on the site.

What recourse is there if you are scammed by them?

With anonymous ownership and no customer support, there is unfortunately no way to get recourse if you mistakenly purchase from the site. This is why it’s critical to identify scam sites like this before transacting with them.

What precautions should you take when buying luxury watches online?

Always verify seller reputation, read reviews, confirm domain history, check trust metrics, inspect product photos, and research market prices to avoid watch scammers online.

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