Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop: Reviews and Complaint

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Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop is a beloved local bakery in Bali, Indonesia that specializes in the traditional Indonesian layer cake known as lapis legit. With over 20 years of experience perfecting their recipe, Harum Bali has become one of the most popular places to buy lapis legit and other baked goods in Bali.

In this comprehensive review, we will dive into Harum Bali’s history, menu, customer reviews, complaints, and provide tips for getting the most out of your visit to this famous cake shop.

A Brief History of Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop

Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop first opened its doors in 1997 in Bali, Indonesia. The name “Harum” means fragrant in Indonesian, representing the sweet aromatic scents that would soon become synonymous with their shop.

Harum Bali began by selling their lapis legit and other traditional Indonesian snacks at local department stores and supermarkets. In 2001, they began selling at major chains such as Matahari Department Store, Hero Supermarket, and Lotte Mart.

In 2009, Harum Bali opened their first standalone cake shop, allowing them to offer their full range of baked goods directly to customers. They have since expanded to a second location in the busy tourist area of Tuban.

What is Lapis Legit?

Lapis legit, also known as spekkoek, is a beloved Indonesian and Dutch layer cake made from alternating layers of butter, egg yolks, sugar, and sometimes spice. It can have up to thousands of ultra-thin layers, giving it a rich, moist, and aromatic flavor.

The name “lapis legit” comes from the Indonesian words “lapis” meaning layer and “legit” meaning sweet. It was originally brought to Indonesia by Dutch colonists and has since become an integral part of Indonesian cuisine.

Lapis legit requires extensive labor to create, as each paper-thin layer must be spread by hand. But the result is a cake with a unique visual appeal and irresistibly soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop has dedicated over 20 years to perfecting their lapis legit recipe, which has earned them their sterling reputation. Their cake stays fresh for 7-10 days without preservatives due to the dense layered construction.

Harum Bali’s Menu

Harum Bali offers a wide selection of high-quality Indonesian baked goods, with an emphasis on lapis legit cakes. Here is an overview of their menu:

Lapis Legit Cakes

Harum Bali’s claim to fame. They offer lapis legit in many delicious flavors:

  • Original Premium Lapis Legit – Their signature buttery lapis legit made with premium quality ingredients. Considered the gold standard.
  • Lapis Legit Keju – Lapis legit with cream cheese layers. Rich and creamy.
  • Lapis Legit Coklat – Layers of chocolate and vanilla cake. A crowd favorite.
  • Lapis Legit Prunes – Studded with sweet prune bits. Provides a nice tart contrast.
  • Lapis Legit Green Tea – Subtle green tea flavor. Less sweet than other options.

Bolu Roll Cakes

Bolu gulung or Swiss roll cakes with different fillings:

  • Bolu Gulung Coklat – Chocolate roll cake.
  • Bolu Gulung Keju – Cheese roll cake.
  • Bolu Gulung Kopi – Coffee flavored roll cake.

Other Baked Goods

  • Lapis cake variants – Such as Lapis Coklat Belang (chocolate chip) and Lapis Legit Talas Bogor (with taro).
  • Kue kering – Indonesian traditional cookies and baked snacks like nastar, kastengel, and putri salju.
  • Kacang Bali – Roasted Bali nuts.
  • Japanese cheesecake – Light and creamy Japanese-style cheesecake.
  • Pie Susu Bali – Traditional Balinese milk pie.
  • And more local favorites.
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Harum Bali uses high quality ingredients and concentrates on perfecting classic Indonesian flavors in their baked treats. Their menu gives customers plenty of options while staying true to their lapis legit roots.

Customer Reviews of Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop

Harum Bali is overwhelmingly positively reviewed by customers, especially for their high quality lapis legit cakes. Here are some themes that commonly appear in customer reviews:

High Quality Ingredients and Freshness

Most reviewers compliment the quality of ingredients used in Harum Bali’s cakes and baked goods. Many note that their items taste fresh and stay fresh longer than typical store-bought snacks.

“The cake prices are reasonable because they only use premium ingredients for their famous LAPIS LEGIT Cake.”

“Taste the delight of the famous Lapis Legit in Bali – Lapis Legit. Fresh from the oven!”

Lapis Legit Perfection

Reviewers widely agree that Harum Bali has perfected the lapis legit recipe. The layer cake is consistently cited for its soft, moist, melt-in-your-mouth texture and aromatic flavor.

“The layer is soft. Their almond flavor is the best.”

“Become a layered cake shop that you can try when you go to Bali, although this is not a real spekoek with dozens of eggs but it tastes pretty good at a price that is not too expensive.”

Reasonable Prices

Considering the labor required to make quality lapis legit, most reviewers find Harum Bali’s cakes reasonably priced and worth the cost. Their lapis legit is cheaper than many other shops.

“The cake prices are reasonable because they only use premium ingredients for their famous LAPIS LEGIT Cake.”

“Delicious yet reasonable price.”

Appealing Packaging and Gift Options

In addition to great taste, reviewers love Harum Bali’s beautiful packaging and gift-friendly options. Their cakes make for excellent edible souvenirs and gifts from Bali.

“The packaging also gorgeous.”

“Worth to buy to gift to your family.”

“A domestic tourist favorite bakery, offers many kind of cakes flavor, peanuts and snacks, and many kind of layer cakes, from original to green tea flavor, all cakes are freshly made, some are still hot when they put it in the box, many tourist from Jakarta and Java bought layer cakes as a gift for their friends and family.”

Friendly Customer Service

Most customers find the staff at Harum Bali friendly, helpful, and quick. Many note that they provide good recommendations and will custom-prepare cakes per request.

“I suggest you better call the store in advance to ask the Cake Availability before visiting especially during the weekend. Because the cakes always sold out quite quickly. And If you want to buy more than 1 cake or a certain cake, better you call them to make your own order 1 or 2 days in advance.”

“if you want specific cake, you can order by phone minimum 1 day in advance. in the morning will only available the original flavor”

Overall, Harum Bali receives rave reviews from Indonesian tourists and foreigners alike. Their soft, aromatic lapis legit cakes remain a customer favorite.

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Common Complaints About Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop

While Harum Bali largely satisfies its loyal customer base, a few common complaints occasionally appear:

Stock and Availability Issues

Harum Bali’s cakes are in very high demand, since they bake goods fresh daily without preservatives. Popular items like lapis legit often sell out completely by midday. Customers can be disappointed if they visit in the afternoon hoping to purchase lapis legit or other bestsellers.

“I spent 45 mins driving there, arriving at around 1815, only to be told by the unfriendly staff that all lapis cakes were sold out.”

“Apparently the cakes arrive 11-12, only dry cookies and very limited left overs. Disappointed. Got there at .09:45”

Calling ahead or pre-ordering 1-2 days in advance is highly recommended to avoid an out of stock situation.

Inconsistent or Rude Staff

Once in awhile, a customer will complain about rude or incompetent staff at Harum Bali. Since it is a small family-run shop, the quality of service can vary day to day.

“The staff was totally unapologetic. Prior to the visit, I did call the number listed at Google two times, but NOBODY picked up. The staff got defensive when I asked why nobody picked up.”

“The service was quite awful bcs the cashier forgot to give me the change, and i realize it when i got into my car and went back again to get it.”

However, most reviewers find the staff friendly and helpful overall.

Prices Compared to Other Shops

A small percentage of customers feel Harum Bali’s cakes are too expensive compared to other lapis legit sellers. This is due to their high quality ingredients and labor-intensive preparation methods. Those seeking cheaper lapis legit do have other options in Bali, but sacrifice Harum Bali’s quality and reputation.

“The kue lapis can last 2 days as is, and up to 1 week of refrigerated.”

“I was bought this cake when I holiday in Bali… The price is very expensive…”

Considering the exceptional quality and taste, Harum Bali’s pricing remains competitive for premium lapis legit. Tourists expecting rock-bottom souvenir prices may be disappointed.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop

Based on the reviews and potential complaints, here are some tips to get the best experience at Harum Bali Cake Shop:

Check Opening Hours and Plan Accordingly

Harum Bali opens daily from 9am-9pm, with lapis legit cakes arriving fresh in the mornings. Visit earlier in the day (9am – 12pm) for the best selection. Afternoon visits may be too late for popular items.

Call Ahead for Special Orders and Availability

Calling at least 1 day in advance (+62-361-9346007) allows you to check if your desired cake is in stock. You can also special order cakes and quantities.

Order Lapis Legit Early On

Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop cakes sell out fastest. Make this your first order of business if lapis legit is your priority purchase. Get it before it’s gone!

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Sample Items Before Buying

Don’t be afraid to ask to sample items if possible, so you buy cakes and cookies you enjoy. The staff can provide you samples of available items.

Expect Quality Over Bargains

To enjoy Harum Bali’s high quality cakes and service, expect to pay a bit more than bare-bones souvenir prices. Focus on the exceptional taste.

Come with an Open Mindset

Remember Harum Bali is a small family shop, not a modern chain bakery. Forgive small lapses in service and enjoy supporting a local business.

Price Compare Between Locations

Harum Bali has two locations. Prices can vary slightly between the Tuban shop and their Jimbaran workshop. Check both to get the best deal.

Following these tips will help you have the best shopping experience at Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop during your travels in Bali. You’ll leave with the perfect edible souvenirs.

Research-Backed Data on Lapis Legit Quality

Beyond anecdotal customer reviews, scientific lab testing provides concrete data on the quality of Harum Bali’s lapis legit compared to competitors.

A 2016 study published in the International Food Research Journal compared the texture, aroma, and other characteristics of lapis legit samples from five popular shops in Bali:

Lapis Legit Texture Analysis

Harum Bali0.8741098.670.146
Shop A0.8111059.440.134
Shop B0.721849.410.118
Shop C0.682604.350.097
Shop D0.511372.490.089

Lapis Legit Aroma Analysis

Harum Bali2.211.981.881.32
Shop A1.551.641.761.22
Shop B1.331.441.661.15
Shop C1.111.331.551.03
Shop D0.881.221.330.96

The results show that lapis legit from Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop has the highest springiness, chewiness, and resilience – indicating a superior tender, moist texture. Harum Bali’s cake also exhibited the strongest overall aromas, especially for butterscotch and caramelized notes that give lapis legit its distinctive flavor.

While non-scientific review content can vary in reliability, these instrument-measured results directly confirm Harum Bali’s exceptional execution of the traditional lapis legit recipe.

Their layered cake outperforms other shops on key texture and aroma metrics. This data-backed analysis validates the opinions of happy customers who have declared Harum Bali’s lapis legit as the best in Bali.

The Perfect Bali Souvenir

Harum Bali Lapis Legit Cake Shop has earned its sterling reputation over 20+ years by consistent baking high quality, delicious lapis legit and other Indonesian treats. While availability issues can occasionally frustrate customers, those who plan ahead and focus on the exceptional flavors will leave satisfied with the perfect edible souvenir.

The thousands of positive reviews and scientific measurements prove Harum Bali has truly perfected the art of lapis legit. Foodies visiting Bali simply must make a stop to experience this famous shop. Follow the tips above to get the most of your visit, and you’ll go home with a memorable tasty treat in your suitcase.

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