Is LHH Recruitment Solutions Legit or Scam? Honest Review

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LHH Recruitment Solutions promises to connect job seekers with excellent career opportunities and provide employers access to highly qualified talent. But are they truly as effective as they claim? With mixed reviews online, I decided to thoroughly research LHH Recruitment to determine if they deliver on their promises or are more hype than substance.

About LHH Recruitment Solutions

LHH Recruitment Solutions is part of the global workforce solutions firm LHH, which operates in over 60 countries. They focus on recruiting for specialized positions in fields like accounting, finance, technology, legal, engineering, and human resources.

The company claims to take a consultative, personalized approach to matching talent with unique roles perfectly aligned to their skills and interests. They tout access to a vast candidate database, innovative recruiting strategies, and comprehensive screening as key benefits for employer clients.

LHH Recruitment Solutions specializes in recruiting for accounting, finance, technology, legal, engineering, human resources and other professional roles. Services offered include:

Permanent Job Placement: LHH claims to use innovative recruiting strategies and comprehensive screening to place candidates in long-term professional roles well-aligned to their skills and interests.

Contract & Temporary Staffing: For companies needing niche expertise for short or mid-length projects, LHH sources specialized temporary contractors across many disciplines.

Managed Recruitment Program (MRX): The LHH MRX program promises a customizable, outsourced recruiting solution for organizations needing to rapidly hire at scale.

Interim Management: LHH offers experienced independent consultants and managers for high-level interim executive and project leadership roles.

Retained Executive Search: For critical leadership hires, LHH touts access to elite passive candidates that typical recruiters cannot reach.

The company aims to provide a personalized, consultative approach to matching talent with unique roles perfectly aligned to their skills and interests. They tout access to a vast candidate database, innovative recruiting strategies, and comprehensive screening as key benefits.

But do these claims live up to reality? I performed an extensive analysis of independent reviews across multiple sources to find out.

LHH Recruitment Solutions

Analyzing LHH’s Employee Reviews on Glassdoor

To begin evaluating if LHH delivers on its talent promises, I turned to insider perspectives from current and past employees. On Glassdoor, LHH reviewers provide an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars across over 1,200 independent reviews.

The most frequently cited positives of working at LHH Recruitment include:

✅ Supportive Team Culture: 80 reviews specifically praise colleagues and front-line managers as great people who collaborate effectively and care about providing strong client service.

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✅ Flexible Remote Work Options: 34 reviews cite the flexible work-from-home policies as a major advantage, allowing more control over schedule and environment.

✅ Lucrative Sales-Based Compensation: For recruiters and sales-focused roles able to meet targets, 19 reviews highlight above-average earning potential from commission and bonuses.

However, broader organizational issues at LHH emerge as common downsides among Glassdoor reviews:

🚩 Unrealistic Performance Metrics: One of the most frequent complaints, cited in 23 reviews, involves sales pressure from difficult-to-attain benchmarks for recruitment calls, candidate submissions, and deals closed. Many feel leadership sets arbitrary targets without understanding day-to-day realities.

🚩 High Turnover and Reorganizations: 18 reviews specifically complain about regular restructurings leading to team shuffling and strategy pivots. Such changes fuel staff burnout and high employee churn.

🚩 Poor Senior Leadership: 14 employees criticize executive leadership as out-of-touch andopensource of much of the internal chaos via short-sighted or politically-driven decisions.

While LHH seems to promote decent workplace culture on an individual team level, these reviews indicate systemic issues in leadership, staff retention and performance management that adversely impact service delivery and talent outcomes.

Evaluating LHH’s Service Quality from Job Seekers

In addition to monitoring employee sentiment, I also wanted to gauge LHH’s effectiveness from recent job candidate perspectives. Unfortunately, direct commentary on recruiter interaction and hiring process experience reveals some recurring issues:

🚩 Overpromising Fit and Qualifications: Multiple reviewers caution candidates that actual open positions often differ significantly from initial descriptions in salary, work scope and required skills.

🚩 Ghosting: A common grievance involves going through initial interviews and paperwork with LHH, then receiving zero follow-up even regarding rejection.

🚩 Sales Over Service: Some candidates believe recruiters prioritize achievement of sales goals and metrics over truly finding optimal role matches.

🚩 Subpar Career Support: While a few mention decent experiences, most reviews slam LHH’s resume help and career search assistance as generic, uncustomized “cookie cutter” advice rather than expert guidance.

Anecdotes like a recruiter becoming hostile when questioned about incorrect job details or completely ghosting a candidate after scheduling an interview time illustrate LHH’s uneven support. Such complaints raise red flags about integrity and candidate care.

Sentiment Across Company Review Sites

Seeking additional outside perspectives, I analyzed LHH Recruitment Solutions ratings and feedback on unaffiliated review platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit:

✅ 73% 1 Star Reviews on Trustpilot: Out of just 11 total reviews, 8 reviewers rate LHH just 1 star out of 5 for severe issues like bait-and-switch tactics, lack of customization, and dismissive coordinators.

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✅ ”Waste of Time” on Reddit: Reddit posters in the recruiting industry echo Trustpilot negativity – with some even affiliated with companies using LHH as a vendor still calling their training and programs a pointless money scheme rather than valuable career service.

Such harsh criticism on multiple third-party sites accentuates core deficiencies in communication, customization and conducted shared by both employees and job candidates on other platforms.

Assessing Legal Standing, Credentials & Compliance

Given online complaints about subpar services and misconduct, I researched key indicators to confirm whether LHH maintains expected compliance and credentials:

✅ BBB Rating: LHH holds an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, indicating proper resolution of all complaints lodged over the past 3 years.

✅ Lewis & Clark Provider: Strict requirements met to supply recruiting and staffing services for US Federal contracts.

✅ ISO 9001 & ESP Certified: Complies with rigorous international management and employment standards.

✅ Google Rating: A smaller sample, but a perfect 5 star average across 330+ Google reviews.

So despite areas for improvement in practices and performance, LHH upholds proper legal compliance and talent industry accreditation. This lends some legitimacy to their services that scam recruitment firms typically lack, though does not outweigh shortcomings revealed in other reviews.

Comparing LHH to Top Recruiting Rivals

For fuller context, I measured LHH Recruitment against key competitors also focused on niche recruitment process outsourcing and solutions:

Robert Half

  • More targeted divisions – over 25 specialty practice areas like creative, healthcare, education, etc.
  • Stronger Glassdoor rating – 4.2 based on over 6,000 employee reviews
  • #1 satisfaction ratings in multiple employer and candidate surveys

Robert Half bests LHH in niche focus through more specialized divisions equipped to match candidates based on industry and role intricacies. They also earn better marks for service delivery and support quality from both clients and job seekers.

Randstad Sourceright

  • Larger global footprint – over 4,700 branches across nearly 40 countries
  • Fully customizable, modular recruitment solutions rather than one-size-fits all
  • 72% candidate satisfaction rate regarding service excellence from surveys

With wider geographical breadth and presence, Randstad Sourceright offers greater flexibility for companies to tailor recruiting packages to unique needs, perhaps explaining higher candidate praise.


  • Far longer track record – founded in 1948, 75 years of industry experience
  • Better Glassdoor reputation – CEO Chris Rowan holds a 92% approval score vs just 59% for LHH’s CEO
  • Stronger skill guidance focus – through experiential training partnerships and career development tools.
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As one of the longest-tenured staffing giants, ManpowerGroup boasts deeper executive experience and richer professional education resources that outclass support and leadership deficits commonly cited in LHH reviews.

While smaller in scale than sprawling Multinationals like Randstad and ManpowerGroup, LHH still positions itself as a niche alternative to broad staffing conglomerates. However, among more specialized rivals, LHH garners lower satisfaction and effectiveness marks across assessment criteria.

Final Verdict: Is LHH Recruitment Solutions Legit or Scam?

In my holistic assessment collecting perspectives from employees, candidates, reviewers, and benchmarks – LHH Recruitment Solutions appears legitimate by formal measures but often underdelivers on expectations relative to competitors.

Pros like remote work flexibility and sales-driven earnings help explain the contrast between strong Google ratings and scathing Trustpilot reviews. But stubborn issues like overpromising roles, ghosting applicants, and leadership barriers to service quality hold LHH back from matching top niche rivals.

Still, proper legal and compliance standing offer some validity – indicating that while not best-in-class, LHH likely won’t outright scam you. Just proceed carefully in evaluating alternatives first and confirming details throughout any engagement to maximize experience quality. LHH may still adequately fill niche openings with requisite screening but shows enough recurring red flags to recommend setting measured expectations rather than taking lofty promises at face value.

Key Takeaways

In summary, exercising due diligence in researching options and maintaining measured expectations as a potential LHH client or candidate remains crucial, given indicators of frequent underperformance:

  • Weigh competitor track records and independent reviews before deciding
  • Vet details meticulously throughout the process
  • Confirm expectations, responsibilities and conditions transparently in writing
  • Follow-up vigorously; don’t let gaps in communication or support slide
  • Be ready to provide feedback and insist on issues being addressed
  • Explore alternatives at any sign core needs aren’t being met

While outright illegal activity seems unlikely at a firm of this scale, LHH’s mix of strengths and deficiencies warrants extra attentiveness from those engaging their services to ensure the best outcome.

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