Is Legit or Scam? My Experience With Votefab40

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It all started with an enticing offer in my inbox – win up to $10,000 in cash and prizes just by voting in an online poll. Could this be real? The email came from, a website I hadn’t heard of before. As tempting as the promise of easy money sounded, alarm bells went off. I’ve seen too many “get rich quick” scams to take this at face value.

But is legit or just another scam? I decided to dig deeper to find out.


Votefab40 belongs to a class of websites that promise rewards like cash and gift cards for completing simple online activities. Most ask you to take surveys, watch videos, play games or vote in polls to earn points, which can then be redeemed for prizes. Some popular examples include Swagbucks, InboxDollars and PrizeRebel.

The appeal is obvious – who wouldn’t want to get paid to do things online they’d likely be doing anyway? Plus, thanks to the direct-to-consumer model, advertisers get access to consumer data. It’s a win-win, at least in theory.

But the “too good to be true” nature of these sites means many people suspect them of being scams. And in some cases, that suspicion is warranted. According to the FTC, Americans lost $342 million to online reward scams in 2021 alone.

So are sites like votefab40 legit ways to earn extra cash? Or are they just out to steal your personal information? I was determined to find out.

Key Things I Looked For in My Investigation

In evaluating votefab40, I looked for these signs of a legitimate rewards program:

  • Real contact information. Scam sites often provide fake addresses and phone numbers.
  • Reasonable reward structure. Scams tend to promise outrageous payments that are too good to be true.
  • Positive reviews. I checked review sites like Trustpilot for feedback on user experiences.
  • Responsive customer service. Legit sites provide ways for customers to get questions answered.
  • Minimal data collection. Scammers harvest as much personal data as possible. Legit sites only collect what’s needed.
  • Secure website. I checked for “HTTPS” URLs and SSL certificates to ensure data encryption.
  • Terms and conditions. Detailed T&Cs show a site’s willingness to be transparent.
  • BBB accreditation. The Better Business Bureau provides standards for consumer protection.

Armed with these criteria, it was time to take a deep dive into votefab40.

What is Votefab40?

Votefab40 is a rewards site that launched in 2019. The premise is simple: users complete short polls and surveys in exchange for entries into cash sweepstakes drawings. Additional entries are awarded for referring friends and completing profile questions.


The site holds multiple $10,000 sweepstakes each month, along with other prizes for monthly minor drawings. According to the site, users receive one $10,000 sweepstakes entry for every 7 daily poll ballots completed.

Votefab40’s homepage showcases its latest winners, displays active poll questions, and features a running total of cash prizes awarded ($17,352,640 so far, at the time I checked). The site claims over 2.5 million members.

How Votefab40 Rewards Work

Here’s an overview of how the main votefab40 rewards work:

  • Daily poll ballots – Complete the site’s daily multiple choice opinion polls to earn sweepstakes ballots. Each completed poll earns 1 entry.
  • Bonus poll ballots – Earn 5 extra daily entries by completing all polls for that day.
  • Profile completion – Earn 20 entries by completing your full user profile.
  • Referring friends – Earn 20 bonus sweepstakes entries for each friend referred who signs up and completes their profile.
  • Minor prize drawings – Each completed poll also earns entries into drawings for instant win prizes like $1 – $25 gift cards.
  • Major sweepstakes – 7 poll ballots earns 1 entry into monthly $10,000 sweepstakes drawings. More opportunities to enter are available.
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Sounds easy enough, right? Before I created an account and started voting, I wanted to dig deeper into the site’s policies and track record.

Is Votefab40 Legit? User Reviews

My first stop was the Better Business Bureau. Votefab40 had an A+ rating and was BBB accredited. The BBB listed the company as Breakflight LLC and showed their physical business address in Wilmington, Delaware.

The address linked to a Google Street View of a commercial office building, so it appeared legit. The BBB profile showed no outstanding complaints against votefab40. A good first sign.

Next I searched online reviews from users. Here’s a summary of what I found:

  • Trustpilot – 2.8 out of 5 stars based on 29 reviews. 15 positive, 9 negative, 5 neutral.
  • SiteJabber – 2.5 stars based on 16 reviews. Main complaints were delayed rewards and poor customer service.
  • ConsumerAffairs – 3.5 out of 5 stars based on 12 reviews. Mixed feedback on redemption difficulty.

The limited number of online reviews made it hard to draw firm conclusions. Overall the reviews tilted slightly negative, with common complaints involving delayed payments and unresponsive support.

I decided to dig deeper into votefab40’s policies and protections to get more insight.

Votefab40’s Terms and Conditions

The site’s full terms and conditions provide more transparency into its practices. Here are some notable points:

  • Users must be legal US residents aged 18+ to join.
  • Sweepstakes winnings are paid within 30 days via check or PayPal. Minor prizes through Tango Card.
  • Votefab40 claims the right to disqualify entries/accounts it deems fraudulent.
  • User content may be used for marketing purposes.
  • Email unsubscribes are honored within 10 days.
  • Users can request account deletion at any time.
  • Site privacy policy details what user data is collected and shared.

This level of detailed terms is a positive sign compared to sketchy sweepstakes scams with vague or nonexistent policies. The 30 day payment period is longer than some top survey sites but in line with sweepstakes law.

While the T&Cs seemed satisfactory at first glance, I still had questions around payment reliability and privacy protections.

Investigating Payment Reliability

The delays and inconsistencies reported in online reviews gave me pause. Were winners actually getting paid out as promised?

To find out, I searched online for evidence of votefab40 winners receiving payments. Most sweepstakes promotions make a big deal of announcing winners publicly.

Unfortunately, I had trouble finding any external news or confirmation of votefab40 payouts. The site itself only highlights a handful of testimonials from winners.

I did find a votefab40 Facebook page with some posts from users about winning minor Amazon and Walmart gift cards. However, I saw no mention of anyone receiving the advertised $10,000 cash prizes.

The lack of public evidence of votefab40’s grand prize payouts was concerning. If these big winners existed, where were they?

That said, the scam accusations I came across online didn’t have hard evidence either. I wanted to dig more into user experiences before drawing conclusions.

Understanding User Experiences With Votefab40

To get a better handle on real user experiences, I searched votefab40 reviews on consumer sites like ComplaintsBoard and WalletHub. I also looked for user testimonials on blogs and forums.

Here are some key themes that emerged:

  • The most common frustration was delayed payments for both minor and major prizes. Some users reported waiting months.
  • While some did eventually receive gift card prizes, very few claimed to get grand cash prizes.
  • Attempting to contact customer support was largely futile based on most reviews. Messages went unanswered.
  • Some users were able to build up significant minor prize winnings on the site, suggesting the entry system itself did work.
  • However, cashing out winnings was extremely difficult according to many recent reviews.
  • Votefab40’s terms allow it to ban accounts “for any reason”, and some alleged winnings were revoked under this clause.
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While there were a few positive reviews from users who received gift cards, the majority of recent feedback was negative. Lack of support and problems redeeming winnings seemed to be the core issues.

This feedback exposed some potential red flags with votefab40’s reliability. But before drawing final conclusions, I still needed to examine its data practices.

Assessing Votefab40’s Data Security and Privacy

For any online service promising rewards, it’s critical to understand how they collect and use your personal information. Data is the currency of the internet, so I wanted to see how votefab40 treated users’ data.

Examining the site’s privacy policy revealed these details:

  • Votefab40 uses tracking technologies like cookies/pixels to collect user data for advertising.
  • They share aggregated user data with third party partners like advertisers and social networks.
  • Email addresses are used to send promotional messages and content. Users can opt out.
  • Financial information for rewards payments is sent to third party processors like PayPal.
  • Personally identifiable data is maintained but not publicly shared.
  • Physical mailings like sweepstakes entry confirmations contain basic user data.

On the surface, these policies resembled other rewards sites – collection of user info in exchange for entry into contests and improved site experiences.

However, the extensive tracking and sharing of data for marketing raised questions around how securely and ethically user info is handled. And reviews cited problems with users getting excessive spam after signing up.

Ultimately, votefab40’s privacy protections appeared mediocre at best compared to legitimate survey sites.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Votefab40

After thoroughly investigating votefab40’s reputation, policies, user reviews and practices, it was time to weigh the pros and cons:

Potential Pros

  • Rewards model provides opportunities to win cash and prizes by voting
  • Site is free to join and participate
  • Rewards require minimal daily effort compared to survey sites
  • Some users have successfully earned and redeemed minor gift card prizes

Potential Cons

  • Poor customer service leaves questions/issues unresolved
  • Payment delays are extremely common with both minor and major rewards
  • Almost no evidence found of users receiving advertised grand prizes
  • Excessive user data collection and tracking for marketing purposes
  • Many recent reviews cite problems cashing out rewards
  • Site can apparently revoke winnings at any time for any reason

Considering the extensive problems reported around delayed payments and poor support, along with the lack of proof of grand prize payouts, major red flags exist with votefab40’s legitimacy.

While joining and participating is free and may yield minor rewards, the likelihood of being able to consistently cash out winnings seems low based on other users’ experiences.

Users must determine if the risks outweigh the potential rewards. Proceed with caution.

Final Verdict: Is Legit or Scam?

Based on my in-depth investigation of votefab40, I cannot recommend it as a legitimate rewards program. Too many signals point to it being a questionable, potentially shady site:

  • No solid proof found that $10,000 grand prizes are actually paid out
  • Negative trends in recent reviews around ability to cash out winnings
  • Excessive personal data collection and weak privacy protections
  • Reports of zero customer service support when issues arise
  • Legally questionable terms allowing cancellation of rewards without cause

Some users may still manage to earn small gift cards without issue. But the lack of transparency and confirmed payouts for larger rewards makes this unlikely for most.

In my opinion, the preponderance of evidence suggests votefab40 is not a worthwhile use of time and data. Based on all the red flags identified, it simply appears too risky compared to proven survey and rewards sites.

There are better options for earning side income online that don’t raise so many concerns around payments, privacy and support. Unless votefab40 significantly improves its practices and reputation, I suggest avoiding it.

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Vetting Online Rewards Sites: Lessons Learned

My investigation into votefab40 taught me valuable lessons about properly vetting online rewards programs:

  • Look for recent reviews: Feedback over 1-2 years gives the best sense of current site operations.
  • Verify major prize payouts: Big prizes advertised should be publicly confirmed. Lack of proof is a red flag.
  • Check policies and terms: Overly broad clauses that limit user rights are questionable.
  • Evaluate data practices: Minimizing tracking/sharing data should be priority.
  • Test support response: Fast, helpful customer service indicates site priorities.
  • Start small: Don’t invest major time until minor rewards redeem smoothly.

While monetizing online activities sounds enticing, take time to thoroughly vet any unfamiliar rewards program before diving in. Applying these lessons can help avoid questionable sites and maximize your potential earnings.

Top Survey Sites for 2023: Better Alternatives

Rather than wasting time on votefab40’s questionable model, I recommend focusing your efforts on proven survey and rewards sites like:

Site Highlights
Swagbucks – Members have earned over $500 million – Well-known, trusted site active since 2008 – Provides multiple earning activities like surveys, games, shopping
InboxDollars – Over $40 million paid out to members – Send a check when you earn just $30 – Earn steady cash doing activities like email reading, playing games, taking surveys
SurveyJunkie – Over 7 million members – Quick payouts via Paypal or gift cards – Short surveys on entertainment, products, politics
MyPoints – Active since 1996 with reliable payouts – Rewards include cash via PayPal, gift cards, travel miles – Earn from games, shopping, surveys

Focus your time on a limited number of proven survey sites rather than spreading yourself thin. Being selective allows you to maximize earnings over time as you build up your member profile.

Established survey sites like the above have a long-standing history of paying out rewards. Just be sure to cash out regularly rather than letting points pile up endlessly.

By avoiding questionable sites like votefab40, you can earn side income online with minimal risk. Stick with reputable programs, and your effort will be rewarded.

The Bottom Line: Many Rewards Sites Are Not Worth Your Time

Votefab40 serves as a cautionary tale of why healthy skepticism of online rewards websites is warranted. If something appears too good to be true, it very well may be.

The rise of paid online activities is a legit opportunity to earn side income with minimal effort. Just be sure to thoroughly vet sites, read recent reviews, confirm major prize payouts, and research a site’s reputation before investing significant time and data.

With so many survey sites competing for your participation, there’s no reason to settle for questionable platforms with serious red flags. Focus your energies where real rewards are reliably paid out.

At the end of the day, votefab40 appears to be just another scammy rewards site not worth your time. Don’t let dreams of quick riches blind you to warning signals. Apply the lessons from this investigation, and you can reliably earn side income online without wasting efforts on shady websites.

Proceed with caution and do your research – your time and data are valuable, so invest them wisely.

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