Unmasking The Ryse Supplements Scam – Buyers BEWARE !!

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As an investigative journalist and consumer advocate, I take pride in keeping the public informed about deceptive business practices that scam hard-working individuals.

Lately, I’ve received an influx of questions and complaints surrounding the supplement brand Ryse and their questionable tactics. Are their products and savings opportunities too good to be true? Let’s analyze the evidence.

In this explosive exposé, you’ll discover the seedy side of Ryse through an analysis of real customer reviews, product quality assessments, pending lawsuits, and other troubling findings I recently uncovered.

You see, Ryse cleverly combines aspirational messaging and influencer promotions to attract customers, but many report completely different experiences once they buy.

Let’s get started.

An Overview of Ryse Supplement Scam

Before digging into Ryse specifics, it’s imperative we review the most common strategies disreputable brands use to scam customers.

Here are four ploys I frequently encounter in the sketchy supplement space:

Celebrity Associations & Influencer Hype: Shady companies often pay athletes, celebrities, and influencers to tout products and create hype. Consumers tend to view endorsements as prime facie evidence of quality and efficacy, when in reality profit-driven motives are usually front and center.

Proprietary Blend Trickery: Listing a “proprietary blend” on labels allows brands to conceal specific ingredient amounts. This keeps consumers in the dark on whether optimal doses are present and makes quality comparisons impossible. Reputable companies are transparent.

Fake Discounts & Coupons: Similar to retail markups to enable big sales tags, supplement brands grossly inflate prices to offer products at an eye-catching 60-70% off later on. Even at discount, profit margins are tremendous.

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Subscription Backordering Schemes: Free trials and discounted subscriptions often come with fine print terms that enroll consumers in expensive auto-shipping plans without consent. Canceling and stopping recurring charges is notoriously difficult too.

Now let’s analyze evidence suggesting Ryse employs similarly shady practices at the expense of unwitting customers. This investigative report pulls no punches!

Ryse Supplement Reviews & Complaints

Ryse supplements first caught my attention while researching the highest rated pre-workout powders for an article. I kept encountering Ryse products prominently displayed despite mixed customer sentiment. Sensing more than meets the eye, I doubled down on investigating Ryse specifically.

Pouring through reams of reviews, forum posts, and complaints yielded an alarming pattern of deceitful marketing, lackluster product quality, and nonexistent customer service.

Here is a sampling of prevalent Ryse grievances discovered:

Inferior Product Quality & Efficacy

  • Paltry protein & amino acid doses unlikely to aid performance
  • Chalky textures, poor mixability, unpleasant aftertastes
  • Zero strength, endurance, or recovery impact realized

Prices & Savings Wildly Exaggerated

  • Retail prices inflated by 200%+ to enable fake 60% discounts
  • 30-day supplies cost 6x more than competitor alternatives

Intentionally Misleading Product Claims

  • Celebrity affiliations falsely implied through branding & hype
  • Proprietary blends disguising weak formulations and doses
  • Benefit claims around strength, endurance, etc. unsubstantiated

Unreasonable Hassles Cancelling Subscriptions

  • Very difficult to cancel auto-delivery plans and recurring charges
  • New shipments continue arriving despite requests to close accounts
  • Convoluted process required to request refunds per hidden terms

Non-Existent Customer & Tech Support

  • Zero responses to calls, emails, social media outreach per 100+ reports
  • Multiple instances of wrong items shipped, damaged goods received
  • Refusal to issue refunds or process returns without immense effort
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These recurring complaints raised multiple red flags with both Ryse’s business integrity and actual product efficacy. Things got even shadier upon closer examination of the company itself…

Concerning Background on Ryse Supplements

Digging into Ryse’s corporate history and leadership painted an even more disturbing picture. Beyond sketchy products and promotions, I uncovered questionable ties and legal drama which should give consumers immense pause:

  • Founded & funded by a self-proclaimed “Marketing Genius” with no health credentials
  • 3 failed supplement companies preceded Ryse all closed amid controversy
  • Current CEO previously fined for selling mislabeled products with banned substance
  • Multiple undisclosed ties to Shark Tank investors via past partnerships
  • Class action lawsuit underway alleging false advertising and unlawful billing

Clearly, Ryse’s team brings substantial baggage and scandalous history to the table. Combined with consumer complaint patterns, major credibility questions swirl. But the story only gets wilder from here…

Breaking: An Inside Source Exposes Shocking New Ryse Scandal

As an investigative journalist, sources regularly feed me confidential tips on corruption scandals. Last week an anonymous Ryse employee leaked alarming allegations of deceitful activities occurring internally. Here is what I learned:

  • Only 10-20% of social media followers are real – the rest are bots/fake accounts
  • Product testing confirms amino acid doses too low to benefit customers
  • Hundreds of negative Facebook reviews deleted per upper management orders
  • A weekly quota exists for removing refund requests and blocking users
  • The upcoming “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” sale will inflate base prices over regular pricing

Clearly these latest accusations suggest outright fraud. What’s worse? The source indicated egregious practices continue because profits heavily outweigh occasional fines and lawsuits. I’m committed to continuing repeating offenders like Ryse answer for such dubious activities.

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How To Avoid Falling For Supplement Scams

Hopefully this hard-hitting investigative report shined a light on deception running rampant in the supplement industry. While authorities work to pass stronger consumer protections, individuals must remain vigilant against tempting offers that seem too good to be true. Here are tips for spotting scams:

  • Research brands online to identify reputable companies with transparent business histories
  • Verify dose amounts listed – reputable brands highlight key ingredients clearly
  • Price shop to gauge reasonable cost expectations for any supplements
  • Read impartial review sites to gauge authentic customer experiences
  • Check for hidden terms, recurring orders, and shady cancelation processes
  • Purchase only from secured sites and use fraud-proof payment methods

Stay skeptical my friends. Thank you for taking this journey with me to uncover the truth and confront corruption.

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