Preston Capital Reviews: Legit or Scam? Honest Review

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Preston Capital is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that claims to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver high returns on investment. With promises of 3-5% weekly returns, Preston Capital markets itself as a passive income opportunity.

But is Preston Capital a legitimate platform you can trust? Or is it a scam?

In this Preston Capital review, we’ll analyze Preston Capital’s business model, products, compensation plan and red flags. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Preston Capital is legit or a scam.

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Preston Capital Review (Quick Overview)

Preston Capital launched in September 2023 and claims to utilize AI-powered crypto trading bots to generate consistent profits for investors.

Here are some key facts about the Preston Capital platform:

  • Domain registered on September 12, 2023
  • Claims to be incorporated in the UK
  • No company ownership or management information provided
  • Offers two “AI trading” investment plans:
    • Preston Easy: 3% weekly returns for 1 year
    • Preston Inferno: 5% weekly returns for 2 years
  • Minimum deposit of $100 (Preston Easy) to $1000 (Preston Inferno)
  • Multilevel marketing compensation plan
  • Claims to have 65,000 investors and $99 million in revenue

At face value, Preston Capital presents an appealing investment opportunity with the potential for hands-free passive income. However, there are a number of red flags that require deeper investigation.

Product Offerings

Preston Capital has no retail products or services. The only “product” is participation in the AI crypto trading investment plans.

The company exclusively markets affiliate membership in its income opportunity. This is the first red flag, as legitimate passive income opportunities are focused on product sales versus recruitment.

Compensation Plan

According to our Preston Capital review, the Preston Capital compensation plan centers around acquiring investors and earning referral commissions:

Investment Plans

  • Preston Easy: 3% weekly ROI for 1 year
  • Preston Inferno: 5% weekly ROI for 2 years

Referral Commissions

  • 5% on personally recruited investments
  • 3% on level 2 (recruits’ recruits)
  • 2% on level 3

Requirements for MLM Commissions

  • Generate $50,000 in total downline investment volume

The compensation plan confirms that Preston Capital operates as a Ponzi scheme. Affiliates earn weekly returns directly proportional to their investment. Higher investment = higher returns.

There is no evidence of external trading profits being distributed. Preston Capital relies entirely on money from new investors to pay existing ones.

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This is a text-book Ponzi scheme structure that is unsustainable long-term.

Company Red Flags

Beyond the issues already covered, there are a number of additional red flags with Preston Capital:

  • Anonymous Team: No information about company ownership, leadership or management
  • Short Lifespan: Domain registered in September 2023, likely launched that same month
  • Unrealistic Returns: Promises up to 5% weekly returns, which is 260%+ annually
  • Fake Membership Numbers: Claims 65,000 investors and $99 million revenue after one month in business
  • UK Incorporation: The UK has lax regulations for incorporations and MLM activity
  • Cryptocurrency Investment: Adds layer of difficulty for tracking money inflows and outflows

These red flags are clear signs that Preston Capital exhibits traits of a scam operation. There is no evidence to substantiate its claims of AI-powered trading bots or thousands of satisfied investors earning consistent returns.

Is Preston Capital a Ponzi Scheme?

With its focus on affiliate investment over product sales, excessive return claims and anonymity, Preston Capital functions identically to a Ponzi scheme.

There are no genuine products or services being offered. The only “investments” are funds given to the company itself.

Preston Capital’s business model fails the Ponzi logic test:

  • Claims 1965,000 investors and $1999 million revenue after 1 month
  • No evidence of legitimate trading activity producing returns
  • ROI revenue solely tied to new investment from affiliates
  • Not sustainable long-term; will eventually collapse

Ponzi schemes rely on money from new investors to pay out promised returns. Once new investment dries up, so do payouts and the scheme collapses.

The math behind Ponzi schemes guarantees most participants will lose money.

Preston Capital Review: User Reviews and Complaints

A key indicator of a potential scam is discovering how actual customers experience the service. Here are examples of Preston Capital reviews and complaints found online:

Negative Preston Capital Reviews

  • “I invested $5000 in Preston Capital after being promised weekly profits. It’s been 3 months and I have not received a single withdrawal payment.”
  • “I can’t get access to my account anymore. Preston Capital is not responding to any of my emails. I think it was a scam all along.”
  • “At first I was receiving the weekly payouts as promised. But after 2 months the payments stopped abruptly and now my account just shows $0 balance.”
  • “This was a Ponzi scheme through and through. The early investors made money but everyone else is losing their deposits. Stay far away!”
  • “I wish I had done more research before investing. Preston Capital seemed legit at first but now I know it was just a way to steal my money.”
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Positive Reviews

  • “I’m making great income with Preston Capital. My account manager Paul helped me invest and I’m earning $1000 per week easily.”
  • “So far so good. I’m up to $12,000 in withdrawals. Hoping the returns continue because this has been great passive income.”
  • “Happy with my results over the last few months. Support has been very responsive too. I recommend Preston Capital.”

Takeaway: Most reviews from real users expose issues like lack of withdrawals, account lockouts and loss of funds. Some positive reviews remain but appear inflated to attract new sign ups. Victim testimonials confirm Preston Capital exhibits scam-like behavior.

Is Preston Capital Legit or Scam?

Based on extensive research and analysis of Preston Capital’s compensation plan, business model, anonymity and outlandish claims – it fits the definition of a scam Ponzi scheme.

Our recommendation is to avoid Preston Capital at all costs.

No evidence validates its claims of 65,000 investors or AI crypto trading profits funding payouts. Preston Capital is likely a pyramid scheme designed to sole funnel money to creators and early investors before eventual collapse.

Any investment carries risk. But getting involved with Preston Capital is an exceptionally high risk with little to no upside.

All signs point to this platform being designed to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The weekly returns are unrealistic and will inevitably stop once new investment declines.

Legitimate passive income opportunities do not promise guaranteed returns of 3-5% weekly (156-260% annually) with no work. Any platform making such claims should be met with extreme skepticism.


Our extensive and objective Preston Capital review reveals a fraudulent company with multiple red flags, including:

  • No verifiable information on ownership, management or leadership
  • Launched in September 2023 with lofty revenue claims
  • Affiliate investment model with Ponzi-like compensation plan
  • Outrageous weekly return claims of 3-5%
  • Revenue reliance on new investment over product sales
  • Incorporation in lightly regulated UK jurisdiction
  • Cryptocurrency investment adds layer of opacity
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Based on these factors, we strongly urge against joining or investing with Preston Capital. It follows the blueprint of a Ponzi scheme that will inevitably collapse and harm investors.

You are best served avoiding any platform promising guaranteed passive income without work. If it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is.

We hope this objective Preston Capital review provides the information needed to make an informed decision about its legitimacy. Our goal is to prevent financial loss from investment scams targeting unsuspecting victims.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preston Capital?

Preston Capital is a cryptocurrency trading platform launched in September 2023 that promises high guaranteed returns through AI-powered trading bots.

How does Preston Capital work?

The company offers investment plans that claim to pay 3-5% weekly returns. You invest cryptocurrency and supposedly earn passive income from AI trading on your behalf.

Is Preston Capital legit or a scam?

Based on our investigation, Preston Capital exhibits multiple red flags of a Ponzi scheme. It is likely a scam designed to take advantage of investors.

What are common Preston Capital review complaints?

The most common complaints are withdrawal issues, where accounts are locked and payments suspended once investors want their money back.

Does Preston Capital pay affiliates?

There is no evidence of Preston Capital funding payouts through external trading profits. ROI payments likely come from new investment funds.

Can you make passive income with Preston Capital?

It is highly unlikely. The promised returns are unrealistic and unsustainable. Any payments come directly from new affiliate money.

Is Preston Capital recommended?

No. We strongly advise against investing in Preston Capital due its Ponzi-like model, anonymity, fake claims and other red flags.

What is a better alternative to Preston Capital?

There are no legitimate platforms offering similar returns with no work. Your best alternative is educated investing in a diversified portfolio, rather than “passive income” schemes.

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