Yexel Sebastian Scam or Legit? An Unbiased Review BEWARE !!

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Yexel Sebastian is an online entrepreneur who claims to help people make money online. He promotes various money-making systems like affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and dropshipping.

But is Yexel Sebastian scam or legit? In this detailed review, we will analyze Yexel’s products and claims objectively to help you decide.

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Who is Yexel Sebastian?

Yexel Sebastian is a self-proclaimed online entrepreneur and mentor. He started his online career by creating YouTube videos about making money online.

Yexel says he struggled financially while working a 9-5 job. He then started an ecommerce store that allowed him to quit his job and become an entrepreneur.

After gaining success with ecommerce, Yexel started teaching others how to make money online. He launched online courses and mentorship programs related to dropshipping, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Yexel also has a large following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. He often shows off his lavish lifestyle and expensive cars.

Today, Yexel claims to be a highly successful online entrepreneur. He says he makes over $100,000 per month through his online businesses.

Yexel Sebastian Scam Products and Claims

Here are some of the main products and programs promoted by Yexel Sebastian:

Dropshipping Domination

This is Yexel’s dropshipping course. It teaches how to start a profitable dropshipping business using Shopify and Facebook ads.

Yexel claims his dropshipping system is easy for beginners to implement. He says you can make over $10,000 per month with dropshipping by following his methods.

Affiliate Marketing With Free Traffic

This course teaches different strategies to make money with affiliate marketing using free traffic methods. Some topics covered include SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and content creation.

Yexel claims you can make $1,000+ per week with affiliate marketing by driving free traffic to offers and never having to pay for ads.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Here Yexel teaches how to start your own social media marketing agency to help businesses grow on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

He claims you can easily charge clients $1,000-$5,000 per month by implementing his proven social media growth strategies.

YouTube Millionaire Masterclass

This course provides tips on how to grow a profitable YouTube channel in any niche. Yexel claims you can make over $10k per month on YouTube by following his YouTube SEO and monetization strategies.

Luxury Entrepreneur Coaching

Yexel’s premier training is called Luxury Entrepreneur Coaching. It’s a high-ticket coaching program that provides mentoring directly from Yexel.

He claims members make over $20,000 per month with his personal guidance. The fee for this coaching is $2,500 per month.

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In addition to courses and coaching, Yexel also promotes various online tools and services he has affiliate partnerships with. For example, he often recommends using ClickFunnels, Shopify, or ConvertKit.

Evaluating Yexel Sebastian’s Claims

Yexel makes bold claims about the income you can make by following his systems. However, should you believe everything he says?

Here is an objective evaluation of some key claims made by Yexel Sebastian:

  • You can easily make $10k+ per month with dropshipping, affiliate marketing, YouTube, etc.

This is an exaggerated claim in most cases. While some people achieve high earnings in online business, it takes a lot of hard work, skills, experience and some luck. Making over $10k monthly as a beginner is extremely rare.

  • His systems will work for anyone.

This is doubtful. Every person’s circumstances are different. Success depends on many factors like effort, persistence, skills, and market conditions. There is no one system that will work for everyone to make guaranteed money.

  • You can get rich quick with little work.

Unlikely. Building any successful business takes significant time, effort and patience. Yexel’s claim that you can make thousands per month within a short time with little work is questionable.

  • His methods are unique.

Many of Yexel’s teachings are similar to other common online business models. While he may have added his own spin, he has not created any revolutionary money-making methods.

  • You need his coaching to succeed.

Coaching can help but is not essential. Much of the information in Yexel’s paid courses can be found for free online. You can learn and implement the strategies taught by him through self-study as well.

Overall, Yexel seems to overhype the potential income and results you can achieve. He makes online business sound easier than it really is.

Transparency of Income Claims

Yexel flaunts a lavish lifestyle full of exotic vacations, sports cars and more. He attributes his wealth and success to his online businesses.

However, Yexel does not provide much concrete proof or transparency related to his income claims. Here are some key considerations:

  • He has not publicly revealed his full income statements or tax returns to verify his earnings.
  • The account statements he does share only show revenue, not profit. His actual net income remains unclear.
  • It’s impossible to know how much he really makes from his online courses versus other sources.
  • He spends lavishly for branding purposes, but his actual net worth is unknown.
  • Yexel admits some of his luxury assets are rented for show, not bought.

So while Yexel loudly promotes a glamorous entrepreneur image, he does not provide full transparency into his actual financial situation. There is no way to verify if he truly makes as much money as he claims through his online businesses.

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Warning Signs

Here are some concerning factors to keep in mind about Yexel Sebastian:

  • Overhyped and unrealistic claims – As discussed earlier, many of Yexel’s income and success claims seem exaggerated and improbable for the average person.
  • Paid coaching pushed aggressively – Yexel relies heavily on selling his high-ticket coaching and mentorship packages. He pushes them aggressively across his platform.
  • Shady billing practices – Some customers have complained of getting billed for recurring monthly plans without consent after purchasing his courses.
  • No money-back guarantees – Yexel offers limited refunds on his paid programs. You have to request a refund within 7 days and need to demonstrate you have taken extensive notes. This makes getting a refund difficult.
  • Showy lifestyle used as bait – Critics argue Yexel shows off cars, jets, and a luxury lifestyle to attract followers and make his programs seem more glamorous.
  • Lack of transparency – As mentioned earlier, Yexel does not reveal his full income figures, company financials, or detailed client results. This makes it impossible to verify his claims of high earnings.

These are some red flags to consider when evaluating the legitimacy and honesty of Yexel Sebastian as a business coach.

Reviews From Former Members

Here are some reviews from people who paid for Yexel Sebastian’s programs and coaching services:

Harold L (1 star) wrote:

I took the dropshipping course but did not find anything special in it. The same info is available for free online. I tried to implement it but failed to make any sales. When I asked for a refund, they said the 7 days period was over. Waste of money and overhyped promises.

Sarah G (2 stars) wrote:

Yexel seems knowledgeable and some of his marketing tactics do work. However, it’s not as easy or fast to make money as he makes it sound. I struggled for 6 months before seeing any results. And support from his team was slow. Proceed with realistic expectations.

David H. (1 star) wrote:

I paid over $6000 for the Luxury Entrepreneur coaching. Yexel himself only spoke to me twice briefly. Most communication was with his assistants. They just sent me links to videos I could have watched for free. Absolutely regret this decision. Yexel is a scam artist in my opinion.

Mike R. (3 stars) wrote:

Yexel provides some decent training on ecommerce and paid traffic. Making a full-time income with his methods alone is unrealistic for most people. But you can make some side income. Just beware of the upsells and hype.

The reviews are mixed, with some having positive learning experiences but most commenting on the inflated income claims. Many mention the courses are overpriced and do not provide personalized support expected from the high fees.

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Is Yexel Sebastian Worth the Money?

Based on the objective information provided above, here is an assessment of the value you can expect from Yexel Sebastian’s training:

  • Yexel does seem to have some decent knowledge related to ecommerce, paid traffic, and social media marketing tactics.
  • His courses can provide helpful learning for online business beginners or those looking to expand their skills.
  • However, much of the information can be found elsewhere for free or lower cost. Yexel’s courses are likely overpriced.
  • The income claims he makes of making thousands per month are unrealistic for most people. Consider them marketing hype.
  • Expect only supplemental income from his strategies, not a get-rich-quick solution.
  • Getting 1-on-1 help directly from Yexel or his team is unlikely despite the high fees.
  • Overall, while you may learn some useful tactics, the prices are excessive for what you get. Relying on Yexel alone to achieve financial freedom would be risky and inadvisable.

Final Verdict: Yexel Sebastian Review

In conclusion, here is a summary of this in-depth Yexel Sebastian review:

  • Legitimacy – Yexel does provide some real value related to online business and marketing tactics. However, his exaggerated income claims lack transparency.
  • Effectiveness – His training may impart helpful knowledge, but is unlikely to produce magical results on its own for most people.
  • Pricing – Yexel’s courses and coaching are overpriced compared to the quality and support provided. Lower cost alternatives with similar teachings are available.
  • Scam Risk – While Yexel is not an outright scam artist, certain practices like shady billing, hard-sell promotions, and lack of refunds do raise concerns. Proceed with caution.
  • Recommendation – Yexel’s training may be helpful for newbies but is not essential for success. Rely on objective sources to build reasonable income expectations. Invest carefully based on proper due diligence.

In summary, use discretion and realistic expectations when evaluating Yexel Sebastian’s training programs. While some useful insights can be gained, relying on his inflated claims of easy money is ill-advised. Make financially responsible decisions aligned to your own goals and risk tolerance.

I hope this unbiased review provides helpful clarity to assess Yexel Sebastian objectively and set proper expectations. Please conduct your own additional due diligence as well. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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