Is Legit or a Scam? Catch Honest Review

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Is Legit or a Scam? Australia’s online shopping space is flooded with sites claiming huge discounts and deals. However, not all of these sites can be trusted. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at one of Australia’s largest online retailers – – to determine whether it’s a legit site or just another scam.

Through a thorough analysis of Catch’s history, products, payment options, delivery practices, customer reviews, and more, we’ll explore what makes Catch legitimate and analyze any red flags that could point to a scam. Our goal is to give online shoppers confidence when shopping at Catch so they can feel secure taking advantage of the great daily deals.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether is legit or should be avoided. Let’s get started!

Is Legit or Scam? A Brief History

Founded in 2006, Catch started as an offshoot of Harvey Norman, one of Australia’s largest retail chains. This gave Catch instant name recognition and credibility from the start.

In 2013, Catch was acquired by Wesfarmers, the conglomerate that also owns major retailers like Bunnings, Target, and Kmart. This massive investment signaled Catch was here to stay and helped fuel its rapid expansion across Australia.

Today, Catch has grown to become one of the country’s largest online retailers, touted as Australia’s favorite store for daily deals. With over 15 years in business and backing from two major retail giants, Catch has proven its legitimacy through longevity and success.

Its history provides strong evidence that Catch is not a fly-by-night scam, but rather a well-established retailer committed to serving Australian customers for the long haul. This history gives online shoppers confidence Catch will be around to stand by its products and resolve any issues that may arise.

Wide Range of Trusted Brands Sold on Catch

One way to analyze whether an online store is legit is to check the brands it carries. Scam sites will often sell no-name or counterfeit products from untrusted sellers. However, Catch stocks a wide selection of top brands that Australian consumers know and love.

Some of the major brands sold on Catch include Apple, Dyson, Nike, Adidas, LEGO, Sony, Microsoft, Aunt Bessie’s, Bluey, Bunnings, Finish, Kathmandu and many more. You’ll find all the products you’d expect from major electronics and clothing retailers, plus homewares, toys, and other categories.

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Carrying such well-known brands gives Catch credibility. These companies wouldn’t risk their reputations by partnering with a scam site. The presence of globally recognized brand names proves Catch operates a legitimate business above board.

Shoppers can feel assured the products they buy from Catch are genuine items directly from the source, not cheap knockoffs or unverified merchandise from opaque sellers. Catch’s extensive brand catalog goes a long way in establishing its legitimacy.

Secure Payment Methods for Customer Protection

Reputable online stores only accept secure payment methods that protect customers from fraud. At Catch, you’ll find options like:

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
  • PayPal
  • Zip Pay – Interest-free payments over 6 weeks
  • Afterpay – Pay for orders over $35 in 4 installments

Additionally, Catch is SSL encrypted to keep your financial information safe during transactions. It does not request payments through insecure means like direct bank transfers or Bitcoin that put customer funds at risk.

This shows Catch prioritizes security and takes fraud prevention seriously. Accepting only established payment processors gives customers recourse if any issues occur down the line. It’s a key sign Catch operates legitimately rather than trying to steal customer money.

Shoppers can purchase from Catch with confidence, knowing their financial data and funds are protected by the systems in place. The payment options show Catch is a trustworthy online business, not a fly-by-night operation looking to scam consumers.

Robust Delivery Network For Reliable Order Fulfillment

Another major factor in determining a store’s legitimacy is its delivery capabilities. Scam sites often have poor or nonexistent fulfillment infrastructure since they never intended to ship products.

However, Catch runs a robust delivery network capable of reliably sending orders Australia-wide. Some key components include:

  • Road/air freight carriers for fast national delivery
  • Warehouse and distribution facilities across major cities
  • Contactable customer support team for tracking assistance
  • Flexible options like Click and Collect from Australia Post
  • International shipping to 150+ countries worldwide
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This delivery infrastructure is no small feat to establish and maintain. It would be near impossible for a scam site to duplicate. Catch’s proven fulfillment capabilities prove it has the legitimate operations to back up online transactions.

Shoppers can place orders with peace of mind knowing Catch has the logistical setup to ship items as promised. Evidence of real-world delivery shows Catch is a legitimate full-service ecommerce retailer, not just an empty storefront. Reliable order handling strengthens customers’ trust in the site.

Positive Reviews From Happy Customers

One way for customers to verify a site’s legitimacy is by checking reviews from real shoppers. Scam sites will often be flooded with angry complaints or few reviews at all. However, Catch has something these fly-by-night operations lack – a huge base of satisfied customers.

Looking at third-party review sites like ProductReview, TrustPilot and Google, Catch maintains an average rating above 4.5/5 stars based on hundreds of thousands of verified purchasers. Positive comments emphasize:

  • Good quality products as described
  • Accurate and fast deliveries
  • Great customer service response times
  • Competitive prices and regular deals
  • Simple return process for any issues

Even minor complaints tend to praise Catch’s resolution efforts like refunds or replacements. This outpouring of positive sentiment from real shoppers over many years proves Catch delivers a legitimate customer experience, not just empty promises.

Review sites can be easily gamed, but the volume and consistency of Catch’s scores provide solid proof it aims to keep customers happy through legitimate business practices. This becomes another strong data point showing Catch operates above board.

Corporate Responsibility and Regulations

Reputable businesses openly comply with industry regulations to protect both customers and themselves. At Catch, signs of above-board operations include:

  • Registered Australian Business Number on record since 2006
  • GST compliance and taxation filings made public
  • Licenses to sell various product classes like food or alcohol
  • Responsible service of alcohol policies
  • Signatory to e-commerce consumer protection codes

Catch is also owned by the Australian Securities Exchange-listed Wesfarmers, meaning its operations undergo regular auditing and financial scrutiny. All these attributes point to a site conducting itself through proper legal channels, not one set up to evade authorities.

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Following regulations demonstrates Catch aims to build long-term trust, not risk its legitimacy through non-compliance or suspicious financial activities. Shoppers can be confident their purchases are protected under Australian consumer law.

Overall, Catch’s many years of above-board corporate activities and transparent compliance further validate it as a real business operating with legitimacy. No red flags are present that could signify a potential scam.

Final Verdict – Is Catch Legit or a Scam?

After this in-depth analysis, the clear determination is that is a completely legitimate online retailer and should not be considered a scam site.

Some key takeaways proving Catch’s authenticity include:

  • Long established history and backing from major retailers
  • Sales of top trusted brands, not cheap knockoffs
  • Secure payment processing and customer financial protection
  • Robust logistics network capable of reliable fulfillment
  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews from real shoppers
  • Full regulatory compliance as a licensed Australian business

While online deals may seem too good to be true, Catch delivers the value it promises through well-established legitimate commerce. Customers can feel confident taking advantage of daily deals, knowing they are protected by Catch’s practices and Australian consumer law.

Any doubts about scams and shady operations can now be put to rest. Catch aims to serve customers through above-board means long into the future, not leverage transactions for illegitimate gain. It’s certainly not a perfect site, but its legitimacy is clear.

So in summary – yes, is 100% legit. Feel free to shop there without worry of being misled or having your personal information compromised. Just be sure to read the fine print on deals and check delivery dates. Overall, Catch provides an authentic online shopping experience for Australians.

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