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When winter comes around, it becomes a challenge to keep your whole house evenly heated at a comfortable temperature. Cranking up the thermostat can lead to astronomical energy bills. A smarter solution is using a portable space heater to provide targeted warmth right where you need it.

In this honest Toasty Heater review, we’ll be examining one of the most popular portable electric heaters on the market. We’ll take an in-depth look at how Toasty Heater works, key features and benefits, ideal usage scenarios, safety considerations, customer reviews, pricing, and more.

The goal is to provide all the details you need to determine if Toasty Heater is the right choice for providing supplemental heat this winter. Whether you need a little extra warmth in the bedroom, home office, or other small spaces, this Toasty Heater review will cover it all!

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Toasty Heater Review: Introduction

Toasty Heater is a compact, portable plug-in electric heater marketed as providing instant warmth and comfort for your personal space. The manufacturer highlights these key features of Toasty Heater:

  • Advanced PTC ceramic heating technology
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Energy efficient performance
  • Small and lightweight design -Built-in safety features
  • 1-year warranty

It utilizes a PTC ceramic heating element that allows Toasty Heater to heat up any room rapidly in just seconds. The adjustable thermostat gives you control over your ideal temperature. And the compact size makes Toasty Heater easy to move wherever warmth is needed.

With cold weather approaching, Toasty Heater promises to be an affordable way to stay cozy without excess energy usage. But does it truly live up to its claims? Our in-depth Toasty Heater review will assess if this personal heater delivers efficient heating and comfort for your home.

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How Does Toasty Heater Work?

Before looking at the specific benefits of Toasty Heater, let’s first understand how it works to heat your space. Knowing the internal components and technology inside Toasty Heater will give you a better sense of its heating capabilities.

Toasty heater

Here are the key components and features that allow Toasty Heater to effectively and safely heat rooms:

Ceramic PTC Heating Element

At the core of Toasty Heater is a ceramic PTC heating plate. PTC stands for “positive temperature coefficient” and refers to a special semiconductor material inside the ceramic plate. When electricity runs through the PTC plate, it generates heat continuously.

This allows the Toasty Heater to reach warm temperatures very quickly while minimizing electricity usage. The durable ceramic surface also evenly distributes the heat.

Electric Fan

In addition to the PTC heating element, the Toasty Heater also uses a small electric fan to help circulate the warm air throughout the room. This allows all areas of the room to feel the heating effect. The fan speed is adjustable for customized airflow.

Adjustable Thermostat

The built-in thermostat on Toasty Heater lets you easily set your desired temperature and the heater will automatically maintain the room at that warmth. Just turn the thermostat knob to your preferred temperature between 59-86°F.

Safety Features

Toasty Heater is designed with overheat protection to avoid excessively high temperatures that could cause a fire hazard. If it senses overheating internally, it will shut itself off. There is also a tip-over switch that turns the unit off if it gets knocked over accidentally.

Compact Size

At just 7 x 5 x 11 inches, the Toasty Heater is remarkably compact and portable. It weighs less than 3 pounds, making it simple to move from room to room or pack for travel. The small footprint allows it to fit easily in corners or under desks.

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In summary, Toasty Heater uses a mix of PTC ceramic heating, an electric fan, smart thermostat, and safety features to deliver targeted warmth for up to 200 square feet of space. Its clever design allows fast heating in a compact form.


Benefits of Using Toasty Heater

Now that you understand how Toasty Heater works, let’s dive into the specific benefits it provides compared to other space heaters:

✅ Quick Heating – Toasty Heater can raise the temperature of rooms up to 200 sq. ft. in just seconds after powering on. The advanced PTC ceramic plate delivers instant warmth.

✅ Energy Efficiency – Built to produce substantial heat while consuming 30% less energy than other personal heaters. This saves you money on electricity.

✅ Ultra Quiet – Designed to operate at under 50dB, the noise level is lower than ambient room sounds. Allows comfortable use in bedrooms and offices.

✅ Adjustable Thermostat – Set your precise temperature preference and Toasty Heater will maintain it automatically between 59-86°F.

✅ Lightweight and Portable – Weighing less than 3 pounds you can move Toasty Heater anywhere heat is needed and pack it for travel.

✅ Tip-Over and Overheat Protection – If tipped over, Toasty Heater will power off. And if overheating occurs, it shuts down to prevent fire risks.

✅ 1-Year Warranty – Toasty Heater is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covering defects. Gives peace of mind.

✅ ETL Safety Certified – Toasty Heater meets the strict quality and safety standards for portable electric heaters required for ETL certification.

As you can see, Toasty Heater delivers fast personalized warming for any room along with advanced safety protections. And the small form factor makes it convenient for use anywhere you need a heat boost.

Ideal Usage Scenarios for Toasty Heater

The compact and adjustable design of Toasty Heater makes it extremely versatile to use in many scenarios. Here are some of the best situations where Toasty Heater shines:

  • Home Office – Place under a desk to keep your workspace warm without heating unused rooms.
  • Bedrooms – Customize bedroom temps for your comfort without affecting the rest of the house.
  • Bathrooms – Run for 30 mins before showering to take the chill off.
  • Living Rooms – Supplement main heating system on extra cold days or in rarely used living areas.
  • Basements & Garages – Transform cold concrete basement and garages into warm hangout spots.
  • RVs & Campers – Provide supplemental heat source for traveling and camping in RVs.
  • Small Apartments – Efficiently heat a studio or other small apartment without huge energy bills.
  • Server Rooms – Protect sensitive electronics in server closets and rooms from freezing in winter.
  • Outdoor Patios – Place one outside under heat lamps to create pleasant warmth for an outdoor party.

Toasty Heater is versatile enough for nearly any residential, office, business, or travel scenario where convenient warmth is needed without wasting energy in unused spaces. It’s an affordable way to customize the temperature exactly where you want it.

Real Customer Reviews and Reputation

It’s easy for a manufacturer to make bold claims about their product. But does the Toasty Heater truly satisfy customers in real-world use?

Let’s look at excerpts from a few verified purchaser reviews of Toasty Heater:


“This little heater is amazing! It looks so small and compact yet pumps out some serious heat. I use it to keep my basement office nice and toasty during work hours. The adjustable thermostat is great.”

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– Mark A. from Virginia


“I bought the Toasty Heater to use in my food truck and it’s perfect. It heats up my small service window area quickly and the quiet operation means customers can still order without shouting. Great product!”

– Sara B. from Arizona


“I’m so impressed that such a small heater can warm up my studio apartment so quickly! It allows me to keep my energy costs low while staying cozy. I just set the thermostat to 72F and this little guy does the rest.”

– Paula V. from California

The vast majority of customer reviews for Toasty Heater are overwhelmingly positive. Users praise its compact size, rapid heating, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. Most agree it provides personalized warmth that outperforms much bulkier and pricier space heaters.

Toasty Heater is also rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on their website across thousands of verified purchase reviews. This further confirms its excellent reputation for quickly transforming any small indoor space into a warm oasis. The combination of real customer experiences and top ratings make Toasty Heater stand out against competitors.

Technical Specifications

Here are the key technical specifications for the Toasty Heater portable space heater:

  • Wattage: 700W High, 500W Low
  • Heating Elements: PTC Ceramic Plate
  • Heat Modes: High 700W, Low 500W
  • Temperature Range: 59-86°F
  • Max Coverage: 200 Square Feet
  • Noise Level: <50dB
  • Safety Features: Tip-Over Shutoff, Overheat Protection
  • Auto Shutoff Timer: 8 Hours
  • Power Cord Length: 5 Feet
  • ETL Safety Certified
  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 11 Inches
  • Weight: 2.9 Pounds

As you can see, Toasty Heater delivers powerful 700W heating capability in a small 2.9 pound package. The smart safety features and quiet operation make it ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, and other living spaces that require peaceful warmth.

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How Toasty Heater Compares to Other Space Heaters

To give you a better sense of where Toasty Heater stands in terms of features and performance, let’s compare it to two top-selling models from leading brands Honeywell and Lasko:

Specs Toasty Heater Honeywell HCE200B Lasko 754200 Ceramic
Heating Power 700W High 1500W High 1500W High
Max Heat Area 200 sq. ft. 150 sq. ft 300 sq. ft.
Noise Level <50 dB <40 dB N/A
Safety Features Tip-over & Overheat Protection Tip-over & Overheat Protection Overheat Protection
Fastest Heat Time Seconds 1-2 Minutes 2-3 Minutes
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 11 in 7.8 x 6.7 x 9.6 in 9 x 7 x 11 in
Weight 2.9 lbs 3.53 lbs 4.8 lbs
Price $49.99 $42.49 $25.49

Despite being the most affordable option, you can see how Toasty Heater either meets or exceeds the Honeywell and Lasko heaters in nearly every category. It heats living spaces rapidly, has more advanced safety features, and retains a compact form factor. This makes it stand out as a superior value portable space heater option.

Cost and Availability

Toasty Heater is priced at just $49.99 USD when ordered directly from the official website, where it’s currently in stock with free shipping.

While retailers like Amazon may carry portable heaters, the official website offers discounted pricing and regular promotions if you purchase from them directly. You can currently save 20% sitewide by using the coupon code SAVINGS20US at checkout.

Toasty Heater is also backed by a 45-day money back return policy when ordered directly from the manufacturer. So you can purchase with total confidence and return it if you aren’t satisfied for any reason after trying it out in your home.

Because of the high demand during cold weather months, Toasty Heater tends to sell out quickly on the official website. It’s recommended that you order yours soon if interested before stock runs out.

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Pros and Cons of Toasty Heater

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the Toasty Heater based on our analysis:


  • Heats small rooms rapidly in seconds
  • Energy efficient and helps lower electricity bills
  • Ultra quiet operation less than 50dB
  • Easy to use adjustable thermostat
  • Lightweight and compact for portability
  • Advanced safety features give peace of mind
  • 1-year warranty provides protection


  • Only available for purchase online
  • Not designed to heat large open layouts
  • Requires basic electric heater precautions
  • High demand can lead to low stock

Looking at its benefits compared to drawbacks, it’s clear Toasty Heater delivers outstanding performance and value for quickly heating and maintaining the temperature of small to medium-sized spaces up to 200 square feet. For most homeowners needing a little extra warmth in select rooms, Toasty Heater gets the job done admirably.

Final Verdict: Is Toasty Heater Worth Buying?

At the end of this comprehensive Toasty Heater review, we can confidently say that YES, Toasty Heater is absolutely worth buying if you need safe, instant warmth for limited spaces up to 200 sq. ft.

It has the right mix of rapid PTC ceramic heating, smart thermostat controls, quiet operation, portability, and advanced safety features to make it a top choice among portable electric space heaters.

The abundance of positive verified customer reviews combined with the 1-year warranty prove that Toasty Heater reliably provides the instant, customized warmth it promises time and time again. For quickly heating any bedroom, bathroom, office, basement, garage, RV and many other spaces, Toasty Heater is a superb option for staying cozy this winter while minimizing energy bills.

Visit today to order your Toasty Heater directly from the manufacturer while supplies last. Enjoy big savings thanks to their limited time 20% off sitewide coupon code SAVINGS20US!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Toasty Heater safe to use?

A: Yes, Toasty Heater is designed with advanced safety features including auto shutoff if tipped over and overheat protection. As long as basic electric heater precautions are followed, it is safe for home use.

Q: How long does Toasty Heater take to heat a room?

A: Most customers report feeling warmth from Toasty Heater within seconds of powering it on. It can raise the temperature of rooms up to 200 sq. ft. very rapidly thanks to its PTC ceramic heating element.

Q: Can Toasty Heater be used in a bathroom?

A: Portable heaters like Toasty Heater are generally not suitable for use in bathrooms or intensely humid rooms. It is designed for regular indoor living spaces. Check the manual for any bathroom warnings.

Q: Does Toasty Heater use a lot of electricity?

A: No, Toasty Heater is engineered to consume up to 30% less power than comparable space heaters, which saves you money on electricity bills while in use.

Q: What is the warranty period for Toasty Heater?

A: Toasty Heater comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship for 1 year from purchase date. Contact the company for any warranty claims.

Q: Can Toasty Heater be left on overnight?

A: It is recommended not leave any portable heater running unattended for long periods. But Toasty Heater has an 8 hour auto shutoff timer for safety if left on while sleeping.

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