Is CTOC4B PTPC Scam or Legit? Unveiling The Truth

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Thinking of joining CTOC4B PTPC? Want to know if it’s a scam before you sign up? You’re smart for doing research.

Today I’m giving you an in-depth ctoc4b ptpc review so you can decide if it’s right for your business. I evaluated their products, services, business opportunity and comp plan so you don’t have to.

By the end you’ll know if CTOC4B PTPC is legit or a rip-off. Let’s dive in…

An Overview of CTOC4B PTPC

CTOC4B PTPC promises to help people start an online business through their system of selling products on Amazon using dropshipping suppliers.

They say with their step-by-step training, anyone can build a profitable ecommerce store even with no experience.

You’ll get access to products to sell, training on how to list them on Amazon, and support along the way. They even say they’ll handle fulfillment and shipping for you.

It sounds simple enough for the average person to have success. But is CTOC4B PTPC a smart business opportunity or just hype?

I carefully reviewed the facts about this company to find out…

The Good: What CTOC4B PTPC Offers

CTOC4B PTPC isn’t completely smoke and mirrors. They do seem to deliver on some of their promises to members.

Here are some positives I found about their business opportunity:

Access to Wholesale Product Catalog

CTOC4B PTPC says they have negotiated deals with suppliers so members can access wholesale products to sell on Amazon. This eliminates the need to source your own suppliers.

However, they don’t disclose information about these suppliers which raises some questions I’ll cover shortly.

Step-by-Step Amazon Training

Their training courses teach you how to find products in their catalog that are likely to sell on Amazon. Then how to properly list them on Amazon and optimize listings for higher search rankings.

This could be helpful for beginners with no experience selling online through Amazon’s FBA program. Having a blueprint to follow can shortcut the learning curve.

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Free Website and Sales Tracking

Every member gets access to a free website for their ecommerce store. While basic, it does give you an online presence to build your brand and drive traffic.

You also get sales tracking tools to monitor your Amazon listings and stay on top of orders and fulfillment. This kind of data can be invaluable for making smart business decisions.

Success Stories From Members

I watched several video testimonials from CTOC4B PTPC members who claim they’ve earned thousands a month through the program.

They showcase examples like “Michelle from Utah” who says she profited over $12,000 in 8 weeks after joining.

While success stories can be manipulated or fake in some cases, a few at least appear legitimate. Some members do seem to achieve income levels advertised by the company.

The Questionable: Reasons for Caution

Along with their positives, my ctoc4b ptpc review also uncovered details that raise some red flags about this opportunity…

No Income Disclosure

There is no income disclosure statement published by the company as of this review. That means no transparency around what an average member earns.

I could not validate whether their examples of members earning thousands a month represent realistic expectations or just their top 1% of performers.

This makes their advertised income claims questionable without proof most people achieve those levels on average.

No Details on Suppliers or Products

As I mentioned earlier, CTOC4B PTPC doesn’t disclose specifics on product suppliers available to members or the actual products in their catalog.

You won’t know what types of products you’re selling, profit margins, costs, risks etc. until after signing up. This lack of transparency is concerning.

It begs the question…why are they hiding this info? What don’t they want you know upfront?

Refund Policy Limits Evaluating Products

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You only have 3 days from signup to request a refund from the company. Their 21-day course timeline doesn’t actually give you enough time to evaluate product selection, order samples to test quality, list items on Amazon etc.

This policy that limits refunds prevents most members from properly vetting out product legitimacy or viability within the trial period. You could be stuck with subpar products, little recourse, and owed compensation.

Unethical Facebook Ads & Videos

In my research I found several Facebook ads and sales videos from the company making extreme income claims that appear unrealistic.

Examples include “How we easily turned $1k into $100k on Amazon” and “Gloria went from $800k+ debt to multi-millionaire with this exact system”.

Outrageous claims like this without income proof or typical experience is unethical. It only aims to entice prospects under false pretenses.

The Ugly Truth: Why CTOC4B PTPC is a Scam

Piecing all the evidence together from my extensive ctoc4b ptpc review, I’m ready to give my verdict. And it’s not good…

I’m labeling CTOC4B PTPC a scam that falsely promotes ridiculous income expectations. Based on research into similar schemes, most members will end up losing money.

Here are 5 reasons I do NOT recommend joining CTOC4B PTPC…

#1 – Rebranded Resale Scam Model Not Sustainable Long-Term
After digging deeper into their business model, CTOC4B PTPC resembles an illegal “business opportunity scheme” according to the FTC’s definition.

These schemes lure unsuspecting people to pay for a “business in a box” resale opportunity with exaggerated earning claims that inevitably collapse. Watch out!

#2 – Founders Associated Multiple Other Scams Shut Down by FTC
CTOC4B PTPC co-founders have connections to other get-rich-quick companies closed through legal action over pyramid scheme accusations.

For example, their Digital Altitude scheme cost victims $14 million before getting shuttered. The pattern of deception continues with CTOC4B PTPC.

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#3 – Zero Transparency Around Supply Chain or Products
Without knowing specifics on product sources, quality control, costs etc. you’re taking a shot in the dark on inventory viability and profitability.

Blindly selling products in a race to the bottom pricing war doesn’t end well long-term. There’s certain failure ahead.

#4 – Numbers Don’t Add Up for Sustainable High Income
The $5k, $10k or higher monthly incomes advertised require moving unrealistic inventory volumes with razor thin margins.

When product costs, Amazon fees, taxes, and other expenses are factored in…the math doesn’t compute. These advertised earnings are a fairytale.

#5 – Founders & Admins Get Rich While Members Lose Money
Like other pyramid-esque ponzinomics models, those at the top levels make big money from membership fees. New buyers fund payments to earlier ones.

When new signups inevitably dry up, the system collapses leaving most people down money- exactly like CTOC4B PTPC previous ventures did.

As CTOC4B PTPC gets exposed, regulators get involved, or market saturation reaches a tipping point- there will be financial carnage.


In closing, I hope this hard-hitting ctoc4b ptpc review provided the facts to make an informed decision about the company. To summarize:

CTOC4B PTPC operates like a pyramid scam taking advantage of uninformed people looking for easy money online by exploiting them through a well-disguised Ponzi scheme model.

Maybe 1-2% at the top will profit temporarily. But long-term the business opportunity is UNSUSTAINABLE for average people entering at the bottom levels promises big rewards.

Please share this post to help warn as many people as possible stay away from the CTOC4B PTPC scam to avoid losing their hard-earned money! Have you had any experience with this scheme? Comment below to share it.

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