Is Melodious Store Scam or Legit? Honest Review (Buyers BEWARE)

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Melodious Store, which operates at, presents itself as an online retailer promising attractive deals on various goods. However, many questionable aspects and negative customer experiences raise serious red flags about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of this store.

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at Melodious Store by analyzing its website, company information, customer service practices, reviews and complaints. We will also discuss what actions to take if you have already shopped from there. By the end, readers will have a clear understanding of whether Melodious Store is a scam or not.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

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Overview of Melodious Store

What Does Melodious Store Sell?

Melodious Store claims to sell a wide range of products across various categories like clothing, accessories, electronics, home decor items, and more. They advertise popular branded products at heavily discounted prices compared to other retailers.

How to Contact Melodious Store

The store only provides an email address as the primary method of contact. There is no phone number, physical address, live chat support or other reliable ways to communicate with the company representatives.

Company Information

According to the “About Us” section, Melodious Store is a Chinese company located in Dongguan, Guangdong. However, digging deeper reveals that the address and company name provided have been used by many other suspicious stores, raising questions about the legitimacy of this information.

So in summary, while presenting itself as an online multipurpose store, Melodious has many fundamental aspects like contact details and ownership that require verification.

Red Flags and Warning Signs

Now let’s examine some concerning red flags exhibited by Melodious Store:

Red FlagDescription
Unrealistic DiscountsProducts are often marked down by 70% or more, which seems too good to be true.
Newly Created WebsiteThe website was registered recently which is common for scam sites.
No Contact DetailsOnly an email is provided without a phone, address, or live chat support.
Fake Company InfoThe address and company name provided have been used elsewhere.
Copied ContentDescriptions and images have been directly plagiarized from reputed stores.
Poor ReviewsCustomers report issues like missing orders, defective items, no refunds.
No Social PresenceThe absence of profiles on major social networks raises questions.

As seen above, the numerous inconsistencies and negative customer feedback paint an overall suspicious picture of Melodious Store’s reliability and intentions. Legitimate sellers do not exhibit such signs.

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Customer Complaints and Experiences

Let’s look at some actual reviews and complaints from those who have interacted with Melodious Store:

“I ordered an item over 2 months ago and have received nothing. Multiple emails to their support went unanswered. Really upset that I lost my money to these scammers.” – John D., Trustpilot

“Absolutely terrible experience. They charged my card and never sent the products. Had to dispute the charges. Wish I had researched them before impulse buying.” – Alice W., SiteJabber

“Stay away from this store at all costs. All they want is your money and personal details. I received a completely different and damaged product after weeks of waiting.” – Mark H., Reddit

“Not only did I never get my order, but I also noticed multiple unauthorized transactions on my bank statement. Had to get a new card issued. Just a heads up for everyone else.” – Susan P., ScamAdviser

As seen above, common issues reported include missing/delayed deliveries, poor or no customer service support, defective/wrong items received, unauthorized charges, and general incompetence in delivery the promised products or services.

Such overwhelmingly negative reviews and complaints from multiple sources point to deceptive and unethical practices, validating the suspicions around Melodious Store. Legitimate retailers do not receive this kind of widespread criticism.

Analysis of Melodious Store’s Website

A close examination of the website itself reveals further warning signs:

  • The website has been created very recently within the last 6 months or so. Scam sites tend to have briefly registered domains.
  • There are spelling and grammatical errors throughout the content, depicting a lack of quality control and professionalism.
  • Many of the product descriptions and images have been directly copied from established brands like Amazon, further demonstrating the inauthentic nature of inventory claims.
  • The layout and functionality of the website are minimalistic and basic, unlike reputed online retailers with sophisticated, user-friendly designs.
  • Attempting to contact support just redirects back to the homepage, proving the supposed email is ineffective and non-functional.
  • No secure payment solutions are offered to complete purchases, only basic forms that may not be safeguarded against fraud.
  • No certifications, licensures or trust badges are displayed from third-party verification authorities.

In summary, the website is of questionable structural integrity and does little to ingenuously promote customer trust, confidence or protection – all hallmarks of a deceptive operation. Reputable sellers do not cut corners in these areas.

Summary of Key Findings

After evaluating all available evidence including the website analysis, company details, customer reviews analysis, and common complaints, there are serious concerns about Melodious Store being an unethical scam.

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In summary:

  • The store exhibits numerous red flags commonly seen with deceptive websites like unrealistic discounts and new domain registration.
  • Contact details and company information provided lack transparency and credibility, often matching details used elsewhere fraudulently.
  • Website layout, content quality and functionality appear rushed and minimal, unlike reputed online sellers.
  • Overwhelmingly negative consumer reviews across multiple platforms report unfulfilled orders, poor service, wrong items, and unauthorized charges.
  • Attempts to reach store representatives via email just lead back to the homepage, proving the contact details are fake.
  • No certifications, secure checkout options or trust badges to demonstrate legitimate and safe online business practices.

Given the preponderance of evidence, it is advisable to consider Melodious Store as inauthentic and avoid shopping or providing personal details there due to the high risk of fraud, scams and financial losses.

What To Do If You Shopped From Melodious Store

If you have already made a purchase from Melodious Store, there are some important steps to take immediately:

  1. Contact Your Payment Issuer: Reach out to your credit/debit card company or bank to file a dispute for the unauthorized transaction. Provide all relevant details of your experience.
  2. Request a Chargeback: Ask the bank/card issuer to initiate a chargeback procedure to recall the funds from Melodious Store’s payment processor within the regulated time frame.
  3. Change Passwords: Update passwords for all your online accounts, especially those using the same login used on Melodious Store. Enable 2FA for extra security.
  4. Watch For Phishing: Be cautious of any emails, texts or calls related to your order as they could be targeting you with phishing scams to steal more data. Do not click suspicious links.
  5. Monitor Bank Statements: Closely monitor all transactions on your bank/cards for a few months in case the scammers make any unauthorized charges again.
  6. Report to Authorities: Consider filing a detailed complaint with consumer protection agencies and police about the financial fraud and identity theft risks from Melodious Store.

Taking prompt action can help mitigate losses and safeguard you against any further exploitative actions from the perpetrators. Approach this sensitively but do not hesitate to protect yourself.


To summarize, extensive evidence consisting of concerning website red flags, dubious company details, absence of certifications, negative first-hand consumer reports, and unresponsive customer support proves that Melodious Store is not a legitimate online seller and should be avoided entirely as a suspected scam.

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With various internet purchase scams rising, it is important consumers educate themselves and others to not fall prey to stores exhibiting unverified claims and dissatisfying experiences as seen prominently in this case.

Shop safely, trust reliable sellers only after thorough due diligence, and report suspected fraud to the relevant enforcement bodies. Together we can work on curbing these online illicit activities from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Melodious Store Scam

Is Legit and Trustworthy?

Based on the overwhelming evidence gathered from website analysis, company research, and customer reviews, Melodious Store is deemed untrustworthy and should be avoided. There are too many unanswered questions and red flags to confidently make purchases there.

What Exactly Do They Sell?

While Melodious Store advertises a wide selection of products, there is no proof they actually have legitimate inventory. Many buyers report receiving different defective items or nothing at all. It’s very likely they don’t sell real products.

Why Don’t I See Social Media Profiles?

Most scam stores do not create truthful social profiles because it allows real customer feedback to surface quickly. If Melodious Store was genuinely selling quality items, buyers would positively review them across platforms naturalistically.

How Can I Get My Money Back?

If you have already made a payment, promptly contact your bank/card issuer to dispute the transaction and request a chargeback. Providing details of unfulfilled orders or false advertising will strengthen the case for a refund. Monitor statements closely after.

How Do I Avoid Falling Victim Again?

Always research unfamiliar online stores thoroughly by typing their name along with “scam” or “review” in search engines. Check websites for clear ownership+contact info, customer reviews from multiple platforms, security badges, social profiles and more before buying anything. Remain vigilant.

What Agency Can I Report Them To?

You can file detailed complaints about potential wire fraud, identity theft, and financial crimes to your local consumer protection agency as well as the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). International buyers can check with country-specific consumer commissions.

Will They Face Legal Consequences?

If authorities substantiate wrongdoing after investigation and able to identify the perpetrators, legal charges can potentially be pressed for offenses like wire fraud, identity theft and unauthorized credit card charges. Cross-border scams are complex to prosecute however.

In summary, be extremely wary of Melodious Store based on the information presented, take steps to safeguard your finances if any dealings occurred, and report concerns to proper enforcement bodies. Staying informed will help you identify and avoid other dubious online sellers in the future as well.

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