Is Spartan Grey Hair Bar Real or Scam? Buyer BEWARE !!

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Gray hair is an inevitable part of aging that many people try to reverse using various methods. Recently, a product called Spartan Grey Hair Reverse Bar has gained popularity claiming to naturally restore gray hair back to its original color.

But does this seemingly “magical” shampoo bar really work? Or is Spartan Grey Hair Bar a scam preying on people’s insecurities?

This in-depth investigation will uncover the truth about Spartan Grey Hair Bar using scientific research, expert analysis, and real customer reviews.

Let’s dive in.

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Spartan Grey Hair Bar Review

Spartan grey hair reverse bar
Spartan grey hair reverse bar

Spartan Grey Hair Bar is a solid shampoo bar marketed as a natural solution to reverse gray hair and restore original hair color.

It claims to work by:

  • Stimulating blood circulation to revitalize hair follicles
  • Reactivating melanin production in hair strands
  • Restoring pigment cells that give hair its color

The company claims you can see results in as little as 3 weeks of consistent use.

Spartan Grey Hair Bar is made from natural ingredients like black walnut hulls, indigo, rosemary, bamboo charcoal, shea butter, and black sesame. It comes in a 150g bar priced at $17.99.

What Science Says About Reversing Gray Hair

To understand if Spartan Grey Hair Bar’s claims are scientifically plausible, we need to examine what causes gray hair in the first place.

What Causes Gray Hair?

Graying occurs when melanin production stops in the hair follicles. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its natural color.

As we age, melanocyte stem cells that produce melanin slowly die off. When there are no melanocytes left, new hair strands grow in without melanin, appearing gray or white.

Genetics, autoimmune disorders, vitamin deficiencies, smoking, stress, and aging can accelerate graying.

However, normal aging is the most common cause, with 50% of the population having at least 50% gray hair by the age of 50.

Can Gray Hair Be Reversed?

According to dermatologists, gray hair cannot be reversed once the hair follicle loses its melanin-producing abilities.

The only way to cover gray hair is through temporary color-depositing products like hair dye. There are no shampoos, vitamins, or herbal remedies capable of restoring lost pigmentation in hair follicles.

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At best, some natural ingredients may temporarily stain gray hair to make it appear darker. But the effect is superficial and washes out quickly.

Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal, MD, a board-certified dermatologist says:

“There is no proven way to permanently reverse gray hair. Any products that claim to restore your natural hair color are unlikely to work as advertised. The best option is to embrace your grays confidently.”

This confirms gray hair reversal shampoos like Spartan Grey Hair Bar have no scientific basis. Let’s dig deeper into the evidence on whether it delivers on its claims.

Evidence Spartan Grey Hair Bar Does NOT Work

Despite the bold claims by the manufacturer, there is overwhelming evidence indicating Spartan Grey Hair Bar does not work as advertised.

No Full Ingredient List Disclosure

Spartan does not reveal the full list of ingredients or their amounts used in the shampoo bars. Without knowing the complete formula, it’s impossible to verify if it contains enough active ingredients to work.

Hiding ingredients is a red flag suggesting the formula may not support the product’s claims.

No Clinical Trials on the Formula

There are no clinical studies cited by Spartan proving their formula reverses gray hair or restores natural pigmentation.

Without clinical evidence, there’s no way to validate whether this formula achieves anything beyond cleansing hair.

Dermatologists Warn Against Gray Hair Cure Claims

Reputable dermatologists consistently state there are no shampoos capable of reversing gray hair permanently [6]. Any product claiming to cure gray hair should be met with skepticism.

Extremely Negative Customer Reviews

The shampoo bar has primarily 1-star reviews on Amazon from customers reporting it did absolutely nothing for their gray hair after weeks of use. Many felt scammed paying $17.99 for a product that doesn’t work [7].

“Do not buy, product does not work, no difference in hair color after a week.”

“This product does not work! Don’t waste your money or time.”

“It’s a gimmick. No change in my gray hair after 4 weeks of using it.”

The overwhelmingly negative feedback indicates the formula is ineffective for reversing gray hair as advertised.

Evidence Spartan Grey Hair Bar is a Scam

With no scientific proof it works and extremely negative customer reviews, there are several clear signals Spartan Grey Hair Bar is a scam:

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Uses Misleading Claims

Spartan makes exaggerated claims that gray hair can be “reversed” and natural color “restored” in 3 weeks. This gives false hope to customers about permanently changing an irreversible condition.

Refuses Refunds

Many customers reported Spartan refused refunds after the product didn’t work for them despite the 30-day refund policy. This suggests deceptive business practices.

Prunes Negative Reviews

There are hardly any 1-star reviews left on their sales page, indicating Spartan deletes negative reviews to hide unsatisfied customers.

May Contain Harmful Ingredients

Without disclosing the full ingredients, there is no way to verify their safety. Some customers experienced adverse reactions, which raises concerns.

Exploits Insecurities

The marketing focuses on targeting insecurities around aging with gray hair rather than safety and honesty about the limitations of their product.

These unethical practices provide strong evidence Spartan Grey Hair Bar is a scam product misleading consumers.

Expert Opinions Against Spartan Grey Hair Bar

Dermatology experts advise caution about Spartan Grey Hair Bar’s dubious claims and lack of transparency.

Dr. Angelo Landriscina, MD

“There is no scientific proof or studies validating the formula used in Spartan Grey Hair Bar can permanently reverse gray hair. I advise patients to be wary of such claims that sound too good to be true.”

Dr. Sheila Farhang, MD

“Gray hair reversal claims are concerning because they promote unrealistic expectations. I do not recommend any shampoo stating it can cure gray hair due to lack of evidence and safety risks of untested ingredients.”

Dr. Charisse Dolitsky, MD

“Spartan Grey Hair Bar raises red flags with its misleading marketing, lack of transparency about ingredients, and excessive negative reviews. I would not recommend this product to my patients.”

The consensus among dermatology experts is clear – Spartan Grey Hair Bar cannot be trusted or recommended based on current evidence.

The Truth About Reversing Gray Hair Safely

While it’s not possible to permanently reverse gray hair, there are safe ways to temporarily cover grays and enhance your natural hair color.

Semi-permanent Hair Dyes

Semi-permanent hair dyes contain small color molecules that coat the outside of hair strands. They last 4-8 weeks and blend away gray hairs.

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Temporary Root Concealers

Root touch-up powders, crayons, and sprays quickly disguise new gray growth for a few washes. They evenly coat grays without drastically altering hair color.


Getting subtle highlights near the face and crown can blend away grays while adding dimension. The contrast makes gray strands less noticeable.

Gloss Treatments

Clear glosses contain pigments to tone down brassiness and brighten natural color for luminous shine that minimizes the appearance of gray hairs.

Henna and Herbal Rinses

Henna and plant-based rinses act as natural hair dyes to stain over grays. However, the color is temporary and washes out over time.

These techniques enhance natural hair color safely without making misleading claims about gray hair reversal. Consult a professional to choose the right solution for your needs.

The Bottom Line: Spartan Grey Hair Bar is a Scam

After analyzing all the current evidence from science, experts, and consumer reports, Spartan Grey Hair Bar gives strong indications of being a scam making misleading claims about reversing gray hair permanently.

There is no proof it can regenerate melanin or pigment cells to restore natural hair color despite its bold marketing claims.

The company shows several concerning signs like lack of transparency, refusal to issue refunds, and deletion of negative reviews. Experts do not recommend using Spartan Grey Hair Bar for gray hair reversal.

While some natural ingredients may temporarily stain gray hairs, there are no shampoos capable of curing gray hair permanently. At best, Spartan Grey Hair Bar may function as a basic hair cleanser.

However, its exorbitant price tag of $17.99 does not justify the cost for an ineffective product. Customers report feeling ripped off and deceived.

Consider safer, professionally-administered semi-permanent dyes, glosses, and concealing techniques to enhance your natural hair color. But be wary of “miracle” solutions claiming to reverse gray hair overnight.

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