Is Fragrancenet Legit or Scam? A Honest Review

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Fragrancenet is an online retailer that sells discounted designer fragrances and beauty products. The company has been in business since 1997 and sells fragrances for men, women and kids as well as skin care, makeup, bath and body products.

With their low prices that are up to 80% off retail, it’s common for consumers to ask – is Fragrancenet legit? Can you really get authentic fragrances at such discounted prices?

Here is an in-depth look at the company, reviews from customers, information on their business practices, and an overall assessment of whether Fragrancenet is a reputable fragrance source.

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Overview of Fragrancenet

Fragrancenet is based in Huntington, NY and was founded by Omar and Abdul Rasooly, two brothers with experience in the fragrance industry. The company started as an online venture selling surplus inventory from perfume manufacturers.

Today, Fragrancenet has grown into one of the largest online discount fragrance retailers. Some key facts about the company:

  • Sells over 12,000 brand name fragrances for men and women from designers such as Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Estee Lauder, and more.
  • Prices are up to 80% off department store retail prices.
  • Fast shipping from multiple fulfillment centers across the US.
  • 30 day return policy on all fragrances.
  • Member of the International Fragrance Association and Cosmetic Executive Women Association.
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with over 1500+ reviews.

Fragrancenet’s Inventory and Pricing

Fragrancenet is able to offer designer fragrances at steep discounts because they purchase excess inventory directly from manufacturers. The surplus stock comes from overproduction or order cancellations.

Rather than have the stock sit idle and take up warehouse space, manufacturers sell to discount retailers like Fragrancenet. This allows them to recover costs and free up storage space.

The fragrances sold on Fragrancenet are the authentic product, identical to what you would find at major department stores. The only difference is Fragrancenet sells them at lower prices.

When you buy from Fragrancenet, you’re still getting the real branded perfume or cologne, not a knockoff or imitation. The company does not make its own fragrances.

In addition to overstock inventory, Fragrancenet also offers deals in a few other ways:

  • Offering coupon codes and percent-off sales.
  • Selling gift sets and bundle deals that provide savings over individual items.
  • Allowing customers to buy testers which normally can’t be sold in stores.
  • Offering generous loyalty rewards and free samples.
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So in summary, Fragrancenet legitimately sells authentic fragrances that are either overstock from designers or obtained through authorized distribution channels. The low pricing is possible because of buying surplus inventory in bulk.

Are the Fragrances Authentic? Identifying Genuine vs Counterfeit Perfume

When reviewing Fragrancenet, one of the biggest concerns is whether the fragrances are genuine or knockoffs. The company claims to only sell 100% authentic fragrances, but how can you be sure?

Here are some tips on identifying authentic brand name fragrances:


Authentic fragrances will have flawless branding, high-quality printing, sturdy and polished packaging. Things like logos, text, and images will be crisp and clear. Look out for uneven or faded printing, cheap materials, flimsy lids and spray nozzles which can indicate a counterfeit. Fragrancenet’s products have professional packaging on par with department stores.


Spray and smell the fragrance. Authentic designer fragrances have a high concentration of perfume oils that produce a rich, strong and well-balanced scent. Fakes often smell ‘watered down’ or only contain synthetic aroma chemicals with no real fragrance oils. Fragrancenet’s fragrances smell vibrant and identical to the original.

Volume and Color

Check that the amount of liquid (volume) matches what’s stated on the bottle. Make sure the juice has the proper hue – is it too light or dark? Fragrancenet’s fragrances have the expected visual traits of genuine perfumes and colognes.

Barcode and Batch Code

Brand name fragrances have a product barcode on the bottom of the box. There should also be a batch code stamped or printed on the bottle indicating when it was produced. Fragrancenet’s inventory matches the codes of authentic items.

By examining the product closely and being aware of these signs, customers can verify the authenticity of fragrances bought from retailers like Fragrancenet.

Fragrancenet Reviews: Customer Experiences

One of the best ways to evaluate if a company like Fragrancenet is legit is to see what actual customers have experienced after purchasing from them.

Here are examples of feedback from real Fragrancenet shoppers:

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Positive Experiences

“I was skeptical about the authenticity at first but the perfume I ordered smells exactly like the one I’ve purchased at Sephora before. Plus it arrived super fast in nice packaging. Will definitely order from them again.”

“This site is amazing! I paid $270 for a $520 bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid because they had a 50% off coupon. Couldn’t tell any difference from the same perfume I bought at the store.”

“I’ve bought maybe 10 perfumes from Fragrancenet over the past few years and have always been happy. They ship quickly and have great deals. I like that they include lots of samples too.”

“I had a damaged item that arrived and they took care of it promptly and sent a replacement. Their customer service is excellent in my experience.”

Negative Experiences

“The perfume smelled a little different from what I’m used to so I wonder if it was a really old stock or formulation but it still smelled nice. For the price I paid I’m still happy with it.”

“The box arrived a bit beat up but the perfume inside was intact and genuine. Minor issue but otherwise it was a good purchase.”

“Shipping took a little longer than expected but I’m on the west coast. The perfume was real though and customer service was quick to respond to my inquiries.”

As you can see from these reviews, the majority of customers have had positive experiences buying from Fragrancenet and consider it a legitimate business. While there are occasionally minor issues like items arriving damaged or taking longer to ship, most report being satisfied with their purchases.

Negative feedback is limited and when there are issues, Fragrancenet customer service is responsive in fixing problems. Reviews of the fragrances themselves indicate the scents are authentic and high quality.

Common Fragrancenet Complaints

While Fragrancenet enjoys mostly positive reviews, here are a few complaints that sometimes surface:

  • Items arrive damaged – Due to high volume of shipments, some items get to customers broken or leaking. Fragrancenet will replace damaged goods for free.
  • Wrong item received – Mistakes can rarely happen in fulfillment where a customer gets the wrong fragrance or product. Again, exchanges and returns are fully allowed.
  • Longer than expected shipping times – Transit delays can occur during high volume holiday seasons. Fragrancenet offers different shipping options for faster arrival if needed.
  • Hard to cancel an order – Some complaints that it can be difficult to cancel an order once placed. Fragrancenet claims orders ship quickly so cancellations are not always feasible.
  • Out of stock items – Popular or limited release fragrances may sell out quickly. Backorders can be lengthy if stock runs low.
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While concerning, these types of issues are not uncommon even among major retailers. Fragrancenet provides customer service to quickly resolve problems for customers.

Is Fragrancenet Legit: The Verdict

When reviewing all available information – the company history, customer reviews, unresolved complaints, and details on their business operations – Fragrancenet does appear to be a legitimate discount fragrance retailer.

The company has been around for over 25 years, has an excellent rating with the BBB, and sells authentic brand name fragrances at discounted prices. The majority of customer experiences have been positive.

There are occasional issues reported like shipping delays or damaged goods, but Fragrancenet allows returns/exchanges and provides customer support. This is on par with any major retailer.

In conclusion, shoppers can feel confident buying from Fragrancenet and expect to receive genuine perfumes and beauty products as advertised on their website. The savings are significant compared to traditional department stores.

Fragrancenet has proven itself over decades in business to be a reliable source for designer fragrances and cosmetics. While healthy skepticism is advised when shopping any website, evidence indicates Fragrancenet is a legitimate company with satisfied customers around the world.

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