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M2 Media Group is a magazine subscription company based in Stamford, Connecticut. They partner with retailers, publishers, and brands to provide magazine subscriptions as promotions, rewards, or incentives.

However, there are many online complaints and negative reviews about M2 Media Group. People report receiving unsolicited magazines that they never subscribed to. They accuse M2 of signing them up without permission and even sending them to collections over unwanted subscriptions.

With so many allegations of underhanded business practices, is M2 Media Group a scam? This comprehensive review will examine the facts.

About M2 Media Group

M2 Media Group was founded in 2004 as a magazine subscription marketing company. They promote magazines on behalf of publishers through various channels:

  • Retail partnerships – Offering magazine subscriptions with purchase at major retailers
  • Loyalty programs – Providing magazines as rewards for travel, dining, etc rewards programs
  • Lead generation – Acquiring subscriptions by promoting trials or discounted offers online
  • Incentives – Magazine subscriptions as incentives for participating in surveys, contests, etc.

The company operates several brands:

  • Mercury Magazines – Distributes and markets business publications
  • BlueDolphin – Sells magazine subscriptions online to consumers
  • TechPapers – App for downloading IT whitepapers
  • American Publishers – School and non-profit fundraising with magazines

Over the years, M2 Media Group has partnered with major publishers like Hearst, Conde Nast, Time Inc., and Meredith. They also work with retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Costco, Sephora, and IHG Hotels.

The company has received recognition like the Inc 5000 and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for rapid growth. M2 Media Group claims to use “technology and creativity” to revolutionize the magazine industry.

But many consumers tell a different story…

M2 Media Group Scam

Negative Reviews from Customers

While M2 Media Group is a large company with big name partners, their reputation with everyday subscribers is poor. Negative reviews and complaints can be found across the internet on places like:

  • PissedConsumer – 1.8 out of 5 stars based on 23 reviews
  • Better Business Bureau – 1.31 out of 5 stars with 54 complaints
  • ConsumerAffairs – 1.5 out of 5 stars over 29 reviews
  • Google Reviews – 2.5 stars averaged from 54 reviews
  • Yelp – 2 out 5 stars with 61 reviews

The most common complaints against M2 Media Group are:

  • Receiving unordered magazines – People get subscriptions out of the blue that they never signed up for.
  • Difficulty cancelling subscriptions – Cannot stop the unsolicited magazines from coming.
  • Getting billed for unwanted subscriptions – Suddenly receive bills for magazines never ordered.
  • Being sent to collections – Collections agencies pursuing payment for unauthorized subscriptions.
  • Poor customer service – Unable to reach a human to address issues.
  • Deceptive marketing – Tricked into giving personal info and getting subscribed.

Let’s analyze the most prominent grievances in further detail:

Receiving Unsolicited Magazines in the Mail

The #1 complaint against M2 Media Group by far is consumers receiving magazines that they never ordered.

People begin getting subscriptions like Entertainment Weekly, People, Sports Illustrated, and more showing up weekly in their mailbox. These were never ordered or authorized.

Most have no idea where the magazines came from until they start getting renewal notices or bills. That’s when they learn M2 Media Group subscribed them without permission.

Here are some examples of reviews from people getting unwanted magazines:

“I’m stared to get this magazine on the mail so I call the magazine and they told me the m2 group did this subscription so by reading the other complains I’m pretty sure that fragancenet give my information to them.”

“All at once I am receiving Food & Wine magazine. I am a lifetime NON-drinker and a Lousy cook. I have tried to cancel but given M2 Media Group to contact for cancellation.”

“This company has magazines sent to my home without my consent.”

“Did not order the subscription to People magazine. It showed up in my mailbox and I was just told by a customer service person of People magazine that it was sent by a third party, M2 Media Group.”

Most people suspect that M2 got their name and address through some online purchase, contest entry, survey, or other marketing promotion where they shared their information. Their personal details were then used without authorization to initiate unwanted magazine subscriptions.

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Difficulty Cancelling the Magazine Subscriptions

When people start receiving the unordered magazines, their natural reaction is to cancel the subscription. But that’s easier said than done.

Many complainants report spending hours on the phone trying to get the magazines stopped only to be unable. Customer service reps for the magazine brand often have no record of the subscription since it was facilitated by M2 Media Group as a third party.

Even when they get in touch with M2 Media Group, subscribers say their cancellation requests are ignored. The company makes it very difficult to halt the unwanted magazines.

Reviews detailing the struggle to cancel:

“I called last year to cancel my research digest subscription, l am not getting magazine but have been unable to cancel the subscription.”

“I’ve called several numbers to try and get People magazine sent in english. Currently they are in Spanish & i don’t speak Spanish. People can’t help & this group has automated phones that no one answers.”

“This subscription was purchased through M2 MEDIA GROUP. I hope i don’t receive a bill as I will not pay! I am wondering how did they get my details at all?”

“I did not order the instyle magazine, but see it started to come for the 3 months in mail till I realize that a scam is on. Called up their customer service, they said, they cannot disclose anything on any billing info.”

Sudden Billing for the Unrequested Magazine Subscriptions

As if receiving magazines you never wanted wasn’t bad enough, many people start getting billed out of nowhere by M2 Media Group.

They receive invoices demanding payment for $10, $20 or even hundreds of dollars for magazine subscriptions they never signed up for. Some even get sent to debt collectors over the phantom subscriptions.

Understandably, victims are outraged at having to pay for something they never ordered. Here’s what some reviewers say about the unwanted subscription billing:

“Apparently, this is a common thing this company does. Very low and slimy way to do business. Iam now dealing with 2 magazines that are using a collection agency to come after me!”

“I did not EVER want anybody to take it upon themselves to issue a subscription for me to ANYTHING! I am perfectly capable of ordering whatever I need or want. I don’t appreciate this invasion of my privacy and I’m not done yet!”

“This company slammed me and forced magazines (at least 6 or so) that I never ordered. Now both have sent me to collections for $10 each! All over this stupid company and their awful scumbag tactics.”

“They cheated me and they took all the crypto currency i had around 5 0000 $.”

Horrendous Customer Service

Trying to get help from M2 Media Group’s customer service department appears to be a nightmare based on reviews.

Many subscribers looking for solutions or explanations about the unsolicited magazines get nowhere. Some common complaints include:

  • Rude and condescending reps
  • Getting hung up on
  • Being interrupted and talked over
  • Giving inaccurate numbers and information
  • Never able to reach an actual person
  • Ignoring cancellation requests

For example:

“Even when i want to repeat my email to check if it is correct or not she interrupted me too and say i will repeat. She didn’t know how to listen to customers.”

“As I was trying to explain my complaint she pitched a sales script during me conversating with her… I paused… I started to talk …. She did it again..pitched a sales script. So, I asked to talk with a supervisor and she hung up.”

“I have been trying to get a hold of this company for an explanation as why they subscribed me to magazines without my consent. Neither number that I have been given is a good number or they do not answer.”

A company that completely disregards its customers and fails to address their complaints does not deserve anyone’s business.

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Is M2 Media Group a Scam or Legitimate?

With so many furious customers reporting these unethical practices, it’s reasonable to question if M2 Media Group is a shady scam. Let’s weigh the evidence:

In Favor of M2 Being a Scam:

🚩 Thousands of complaints for the same issues like unauthorized subscriptions, billing, and collections over many years. Unlikely to be isolated incidents.

🚩 Majority of customer reviews across the web are overwhelmingly negative – impossible to fake at such a large scale.

🚩 Horrendous “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau with over 50 similar complaints.

🚩 Numerous accusations of dishonest business tactics and poor customer service.

🚩 No transparency about where they get people’s information and how subscriptions work.

🚩 Impossible for so many people to mistakenly receive unwanted magazines out of nowhere.

On the Other Hand:

✔️ Large company operating since 2004, not a fly-by-night scheme.

✔️ Many prominent publishing and retail partners vouch for them.

✔️ Positive reviews praise their selection and fair prices, although limited.

✔️ Magazine subscription marketing is complex – some consumers may not understand how they got signed up.

✔️ No serious legal actions against the company.

So is M2 Media Group a total scam bilking people out of money? They are an established company with seeming legitimate operations, but still engage in shady practices that take advantage of consumers.

While not an outright scam, their misleading sales tactics and awful customer service makes them a dishonest company to avoid. There are many better places to get magazine subscriptions from that won’t leave you with a headache.

What Steps to Take if You Receive a M2 Media Group Magazine

If you suddenly start getting magazines in the mail you never asked for and see they came from M2 Media Group, here are the recommended steps:

✅ Contact the magazine company – Explain it’s an unsolicited subscription from M2 Media Group and you wish to cancel immediately. Unfortunately, the publisher may be unable to help since M2 facilitated the subscription.

✅ Call M2 Media Group – Demand they cancel the subscription and provide details on where they got your information to sign you up without consent. Do not pay any bills.

✅ Report them – File complaints with the Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General’s office regarding their shady business tactics.

✅ Warn others – Leave online reviews about your experience so others don’t fall victim too. Spread the word about their underhanded practices.

With vigilance, you can avoid being scammed by M2 Media Group’s unwanted magazine subscriptions and bogus billing. Stand up for yourself and hold them accountable!

Alternatives for Buying Magazine Subscriptions

Steer clear of M2 Media Group when looking for magazine subscriptions. Here are some reputable alternatives:

Amazon Magazines – Order printed magazines or digital access directly through your Amazon account. Browse a huge selection of popular titles from top major publishers. Amazon’s customer service makes cancellations easy.

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DiscountMags – Reliable low prices on magazine subscriptions across every interest. Easily compare options for lengths like 1, 2 or 3 years. Been in business over 25 years with excellent reviews.

Publishers Clearing House – Well known for sweepstakes, PCH also offers every popular magazine. Take advantage of exclusive deals and package pricing. Solid customer satisfaction.

Magazines.com – Every magazine imaginable with special deals featured daily. Cancel anytime policy. Thoughtful gift options. Part of trusted ISG family of brands.

FAQs About M2 Media Group

Let’s review answers to some frequently asked questions consumers have about M2 Media Group and their magazine subscription practices:

How does M2 Media Group get my address?

They likely acquire your name and address through promotions where you give your information like contest entries or online purchases. Details are shared or sold to M2, though the specific source is untraceable.

Can M2 Media Group sign me up for magazines without permission?

Yes, they enroll people in magazine subscriptions without direct consent by exploiting marketing data and other contacts. This results in recipients getting unsolicited magazines out of nowhere.

Does M2 Media Group charge for the unwanted magazines?

Many people report eventually getting billed by M2 Media Group for the magazine subscriptions they never asked for. The fees can range from under $10 to over $100, sometimes sent to collections.

Is M2 Media Group related to Magazine.com?

No, Magazine.com is an entirely separate and reputable company not associated with M2 Media Group. They have similar sounding names, but Magazine.com has no connection to the complaints against M2.

What is the BBB rating for M2 Media Group?

M2 Media Group currently has a terrible “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is based on over 50 complaints submitted against M2 for unauthorized billing, unwanted subscriptions, and poor customer service.

How do I cancel M2 Media Group magazines I never ordered?

Call them immediately and demand cancellation. If they refuse, contact the magazine company directly to see if they can stop it on their end. You may have to report M2 to the BBB and state Attorney General to halt the unwanted magazines.

Can I get a refund from M2 Media Group?

You should not have to pay anything for an unauthorized subscription from M2 Media Group. File disputes if charged and request refunds from M2 and your credit card company. If they refuse, submit complaints to agencies like the BBB.

Is M2 Media a reputable company?

No, while an established business M2 Media Group should be avoided based on the overwhelming amount of complaints regarding their shady business practices like signing people up for magazines without consent. There are many better places to get magazine subscriptions from.

The Bottom Line on M2 Media Group

M2 Media Group makes big promises about innovating the magazine industry for publishers and retailers. But for everyday consumers, their marketing tactics amount to an unwelcome headache.

Thousands of unhappy customers tell a familiar tale of suddenly receiving magazines they never subscribed to. M2 makes it impossible to cancel the unsolicited subscriptions. Many even get billed out of nowhere and sent to collections.

Their horrendous customer service offers no help. Shady practices plus tons of complaints earn them an untrustworthy reputation. While not an outright scam, they still take advantage of consumers.

Avoid M2 Media Group when buying magazines. Choose from reputable providers like Amazon, DiscountMags, Magazine.com, and more where your satisfaction is guaranteed. Don’t let unwanted junk mail and bogus bills ruin your reading experience.

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