Habit Parcel Ebusiness Int Ltd Review: Legit Company or Scam?

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Is Habit Parcel Ebusiness Int Ltd Legit or Scam? Habit Parcel Ebusiness Int Ltd is an express shipping and logistics company based in North Bergen, New Jersey.

The company has received mixed reviews online, with some customers calling it a scam while others have had positive experiences. Here is an overview of Habit Parcel to help determine if they are legitimate or a scam.

Background of Habit Parcel Ebusiness Int Ltd

Habit Parcel Ebusiness Int Ltd was first incorporated in May 2018 as a domestic profit corporation in the state of New Jersey. The company registered its business address as an apartment in North Bergen, NJ.

In August 2021, Habit Parcel applied for interstate operating authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and was granted USDOT number 3710053. This enabled the company to operate as a for-hire carrier transporting general freight across state lines.

As part of the application process, Habit Parcel declared it would be starting operations with 1 power unit and 1 driver.

Power units typically refer to company-owned or leased semi-trucks used for hauling freight. This indicates Habit Parcel likely began as a very small carrier with just one truck and driver under its direct control when it first received operating authority.

The company’s authority allows it to offer services as a common carrier transporting general freight over public highways in interstate commerce. Habit Parcel has not been authorized to transport any specialized cargo types that require additional permitting such as hazardous materials.

Signs that Habit Parcel Ebusiness Int Ltd is Legit

Despite its small size, Habit Parcel has achieved some key milestones that indicate legitimacy as a registered transportation provider.

Firstly, the company successfully completed the application process to gain interstate operating authority from the FMCSA. This requires submitting valid proof of insurance, process agent forms, and other corporate documents for review.

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Habit Parcel is also listed in the FMCSA’s licensing and insurance database as an active carrier with USDOT number 3710053 and FMC-license status of “Active”. This means they are officially authorized to provide for-hire transportation services.

Additionally, Habit Parcel appears in state registration records such as the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Taxation business entity database. This further verifies it is a valid corporate entity.

Importantly, FMCSA records do not indicate that Habit Parcel’s operating authority has been revoked or that the company has been prohibited from operating.

And based on available safety data, Habit Parcel does not have any identified compliance issues, crashes, or driver violations on record in the past 24 months. This clean record is a good sign of safety accountability.

Concerning Signs About Habit Parcel Ebusiness Int Ltd

Despite Habit Parcel’s legitimate business registration status, the company has garnered concerning reviews regarding its customer service and reliability.

Multiple complaints and negative comments have been submitted on consumer review sites like BBB and Trustpilot. Habit Parcel currently has a very poor customer rating of just 1.12 out of 5 stars based on 25 reviews on BBB.

In the last 3 years, 9 complaints have been filed against Habit Parcel with the BBB. The most recent from August 2022 alleges unauthorized charges and failure to provide the advertised product.

The types of complaints include incorrect or damaged orders, items never delivered, and invalid credit card charges. This suggests a pattern of issues with fulfillment and billing practices.

Additionally, Habit Parcel does not seem to have an official company website or online presence. The lack of a web portal for booking shipments or tracking deliveries is unusual for a delivery service provider. This makes it harder for customers to get information or resolve issues.

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The combination of numerous complaints and lack of website transparency raises some red flags about Habit Parcel’s reliability and customer service commitment. More caution may be warranted when evaluating them as a shipping provider.


While Habit Parcel has legally registered as a transportation company, the lack of online presence and pattern of customer complaints raises some red flags. They appear to be a real company, not an outright scam, but seem to have significant issues with order fulfillment and customer service based on reviews.

Potential customers may want to exercise caution and do additional research before placing orders. Checking with the BBB and FMCSA for any updated complaint or safety records would be advisable.

Those who have done business with Habit Parcel should document any issues and attempt to resolve directly with the company before considering legal action.


Habit Parcel Ebusiness Int Ltd seems to be a legitimate but likely high-risk shipping company according to available background details and customer reviews. Prospective customers may want to explore better rated alternatives for express delivery services.

Those who do choose Habit Parcel should take precautions like paying with a credit card in case they need to dispute any fraudulent charges or undelivered items.

Summary of Habit Parcel Review


  • Incorporated in May 2018 in New Jersey
  • Operates as a domestic for-hire carrier
  • Received USDOT number 3710053 in 2021
  • Declared 1 power unit and 1 driver when applying for operating authority
  • Provides general freight transportation services

Good Signs

  • Successfully obtained federal operating authority
  • Appears in FMCSA and state registration databases
  • Has not been prohibited from operating by FMCSA
  • No identified safety issues or violations on record

Concerning Signs

  • Multiple negative reviews and complaints online
  • Low customer rating on BBB of 1.12 out of 5 stars
  • 9 complaints filed in last 3 years with BBB
  • Complaints relate to damaged products, incorrect orders, and billing issues
  • Does not appear to have a company website or online presence
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Habit Parcel Ebusiness a real company?

Yes, Habit Parcel is a legitimate registered business entity based on official records. They are incorporated in New Jersey and received federal motor carrier operating authority in 2021.

Does Habit Parcel have a website?

No, there is currently no website or online portal found for Habit Parcel. The lack of an official website is unusual for a shipping company.

How many trucks/drivers does Habit Parcel have?

Records show Habit Parcel declared 1 power unit and 1 driver when first applying for FMCSA authority in 2021. The number of vehicles and drivers may have changed since then.

What services does Habit Parcel offer?

Habit Parcel is authorized to provide general freight transportation as a for-hire motor carrier. Their operating authority does not cover transporting specialized cargo that requires additional permitting.

Does Habit Parcel have good reviews?

No, Habit Parcel has received predominantly negative customer reviews on sites like BBB and Trustpilot. They currently have a very low 1.12 out of 5 star rating on BBB based on 25 reviews.

Is Habit Parcel a scam?

Habit Parcel appears to be a real registered company, not an outright scam. However, the numerous customer complaints indicate significant issues with their reliability, fulfillment, and billing practices. Caution is recommended when considering them.

Should I use Habit Parcel as my shipping company?

Due to the poor reviews, customers may want to explore higher rated shipping companies first. However, if choosing Habit Parcel, take precautions like paying by credit card and getting shipping insurance in case of issues.

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