Is Gotogate Legit? Read Honest Reviews and Complaints

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Gotogate is an online travel agency and flight booking website that offers discounted airfares, hotels, rental cars, and other travel products.

The site advertises itself as a way for travelers to find cheap flights and save money on travel. But is Gotogate legitimate company that can be trusted?

This comprehensive review will examine Gotogate’s reputation, fees and policies, customer service, and other factors to help you decide if Gotogate is right for your next trip.

Let’s dive in.

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Gotogate Reviews (Detailed Overview)

Gotogate was founded in Sweden in 2002 and has grown to serve over 5 million travelers per year across 44 country-specific sites and 16 languages.

The company focuses on discounted air travel but also offers deals on hotels, vacations packages, airport transfers, insurance, and more.

Gotogate uses technology to scan hundreds of sites to find cheap flight deals. The company does not actually sell flights themselves but rather connects customers to airline and travel partners. Gotogate earns commissions from successful bookings made through their site.

Some key facts and figures about Gotogate:

  • Founded: 2002 in Sweden
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Number of employees: 250+
  • Customers served annually: 5 million+
  • Operates: 44 country-specific sites in 16 languages
  • Business model: Flight and travel price comparison site that earns commissions from bookings

Is Gotogate Legit? Reputation and Reviews

When booking travel online, one of the biggest concerns is whether a company can be trusted. No one wants to hand over their hard-earned money only to arrive at the airport and learn their ticket isn’t valid. So is Gotogate legitimate business?

Here are some key facts that support Gotogate’s legitimacy:

Long track record: Gotogate has been in business for over 20 years, which is a long time for an online travel agency. Their longevity indicates they are running a viable business.

Major industry player: Gotogate serves millions of customers across Europe and processes over $1 billion in travel bookings per year. Their size and scale point to a successful operation.

Registered business: Gotogate is a registered limited company in Sweden under the name Gotogate International AB. They provide company registration details on their website.

Partnerships with major brands: Gotogate partners and connects customers to leading airlines like British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Emirates, and many more. These partnerships lend validity.

Positive customer reviews: Gotogate has over 27,000 verified Trustpilot reviews with an average rating of 8.2/10, indicating most customers have positive experiences. More on reviews later.

So in terms of legitimacy, Gotogate checks out based on their long-running history, industry presence, corporate registration, major airline partnerships, and largely positive customer feedback. They appear to be a genuine business.

Common Gotogate Complaints and Controversies

Is Gotogate legit? While Gotogate seems to be a legitimate company, they aren’t without some controversies and customer complaints over the years. Here are some of the most common issues cited:

Hidden fees complaints – Some customers have accused Gotogate of adding hidden fees during the booking process that increase the final price. These include service fees, payment fees, and other surcharges not displayed upfront.

Customer service frustrations – Many reviews cite long phone wait times, unhelpful agents, and poor resolution of issues with Gotogate’s customer service team. Difficulty getting refunds is a common complaint.

Upselling during booking – Gotogate has been accused of using bait-and-switch tactics where cheap flights are advertised but customers get upsold to more expensive flights with long layovers during booking.

Credit card problems – There are scattered complaints about unauthorized credit cards charges from Gotogate, making customers question their security processes.

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Flight changes and cancellations – Some travelers report flight changes or outright cancellations with short notice after booking through Gotogate, leaving them scrambling to make new arrangements.

While concerning, these kind of complaints are not entirely unique to Gotogate in the budget travel industry. Many discount travel sites rely on fees, upsells, and aggressive customer retention tactics as part of their business model. Travelers just need to be informed Going in.

Is Gotogate Legit? Fees and Policies

Understanding Gotogate’s various fees and booking policies is important to know what to expect from the site. Here are some of the key fees and policies to be aware of:

Service fee – Gotogate adds a service fee to all bookings, usually around $30 per passenger. This covers their costs to operate the site.

Payment fees – Expect to pay extra fees for certain payment methods. For example, a typical Visa or Mastercard payment fee is 2.99% of the total booking cost.

Change and cancellation fees – Changing or cancelling Gotogate bookings incurs fees, which can be hefty depending on the airline. This is industry-standard but the exact fees can be opaque.

Refund difficulties – Many travelers report issues getting refunds approved through Gotogate customer service for changes or cancellations. Response times can be slow.

Baggage fees – Gotogate flights don’t usually include checked baggage. You must pay extra fees to add checked bags, seats, etc. which the airlines collect.

Insurance – It’s highly recommended to purchase Gotogate’s insurance during booking in case of cancellations or major delays. But this adds around $30 per person to the total cost.

Currency conversions – Gotogate defaults to showing prices in Euros which may lead to foreign transaction fees from your bank on top of their payment fees.

While Gotogate’s fees are not outrageous compared to some budget travel sites, it’s important to account for them when comparing flight prices. The total may end up more than it first appears.

Pros of Booking With Gotogate

Is Gotogate legit? Despite some drawbacks, there are advantages to using Gotogate for travel arrangements depending on your situation:

Discount airfares – Gotogate specializes in finding cheap flights other search engines might miss. For price-conscious travelers, the potential savings may outweigh fees or hassles.

Price match guarantee – If you find a cheaper flight within 24 hours of booking with Gotogate, they will match the price. Provides some price protection.

Coupons and vouchers – Keep an eye out for Gotogate promo code and voucher offers which can help reduce the final price. Signing up for email updates can alert you to deals.

Flexible payments – Gotogate offers the option to pay part of your balance upfront and the remaining amount later in monthly installments. Helpful for large purchases.

Dedicated app – Gotogate’s travel app lets you book flights and hotels on-the-go along with providing travel reminders and alerts.

Wide airline selection – With airline partners across the globe, Gotogate gives you plenty of flight options to find the best deal.

For certain travelers who prioritize cost above all else and don’t mind limited customer service, booking through Gotogate can make sense in some cases thanks to lower fares. But the trade-offs should be considered carefully.

Cons of Booking With Gotogate

On the other hand, there are some clear downsides to booking flights, hotels, and other travel through Gotogate that travelers should be aware of:

No direct airline support – You must go through Gotogate for any changes, cancellations, or issues. You cannot contact the airline directly about Gotogate bookings.

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Customer service difficulties – Lackluster customer service makes it hard to resolve problems. Long phone waits, communication breakdowns, and refusal to refund are common complaints.

Upselling tactics – Beware of bait-and-switch pricing where advertised airfares rise significantly due to long layovers, carry-on fees, and other upsells during booking.

Opaque policies – Vaguely defined policies around date changes, cancellations, and refund eligibility lead to misunderstandings and disputes later on.

Hidden fee frustration – The prevalence of hidden fees throughout the booking process makes the real total price unclear upfront. Budget diligently for extras.

Credit card risks – While likely rare, the scattered reports of unauthorized charges are concerning for a site you provide card details to.

For certain travelers like those needing robust customer support, chasing rock-bottom prices on Gotogate may end up being more hassle than it’s worth. Carefully consider your needs.

Key Gotogate Customer Service Details

So, is Gotogate legit? Given the prevalence of customer service complaints, it’s important to understand how to reach Gotogate’s support channels in case issues arise:

Phone support – Gotogate’s global call center can be reached 24/7 by phone at +46 8 120 800 50. Wait times to speak to an agent can be lengthy.

Email support – Customers can email support requests to [email protected]. Response times are typically 1-3 days.

Online chat – provides 24/7 online chat customer service when reps are available. Waits are common during peak hours.

Social media – Gotogate can be reached on Facebook Messenger or by tweeting @Gotogate. These public channels may get faster initial responses.

Refund requests – Refunds must be requested by email or mail with supporting documents. Approval likelihood varies greatly.

Compensation policies – Gotogate will provide compensation for major flight cancellations or missed connections. But policy enforcement is inconsistent based on reports.

Being ready to document issues and persistently follow up is key when dealing with Gotogate’s customer service. Travelers need to be their own advocates.

Gotogate Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

To better understand real customer experiences with Gotogate, here is an overview of verified reviews from major sites:

  • Trustpilot – 27,000+ reviews, 8.2/10 average rating
  • SiteJabber – 620+ reviews, 2.5/5 average rating
  • ReviewCentre – 330+ reviews, 7.9/10 average rating

Positive Gotogate reviews on Trustpilot highlight the cheap flight deals and smooth booking process. Many were happy with the prices paid.

However, common complaints in lower reviews call out hidden fees, terrible customer service, changes/cancellations, and credit card issues. More worryingly, some accuse Gotogate of censoring or removing bad reviews.

Here are some excerpted Gotogate reviews from Trustpilot:

“Booked a cheap flight to Greece and had no issues. Would use Gotogate again for discounts on plane tickets.”

“I have never dealt with such awful customer service. They refused to refund me after THEY canceled my flight with no notice.”

“Happily surprised to find it was legit and we got the advertised super cheap airfare. Just be ready for all the extra fees they pile on.”

The polarized reviews suggest travelers either get a great deal and have no problems, or they encounter major issues later on where Gotogate’s customer service fails to address their concerns. It’s a high risk, high reward booking experience.

Is Gotogate Legit and Safe For Booking Flights?

  • The bottom line: Gotogate is considered safe for booking flights in terms of being a legitimate business, but travelers should use caution.

There are a few factors to consider regarding safety when using Gotogate:

Website security – Gotogate uses standard HTTPS encryption to protect information entered on their site during booking.

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Personal and payment data – Supply only necessary information, monitor your credit card carefully afterwards, and raise flags for any suspicious charges.

Flight booking risks – There’s a small but real risk of flight cancellations or major itinerary changes when booking through third parties like Gotogate.

Fraud unlikely – While no travel site is 100% risk-free, Gotogate is an established company making outright fraud very unlikely.

Safety tips – Pay with credit not debit, review policies closely, confirm flight details directly with airline, and insure bookings for added protection.

Gotogate’s longevity and partnerships point to a business that isn’t going to disappear overnight with your money. But as a discount booking site, there are some typical risks to weigh against the lower prices.

Top Tips For Booking With Gotogate

If you decide to book a trip through Gotogate after considering the pros and cons, here are some top tips for getting the best experience:

Price check flights first – Always compare Gotogate’s listed price against other travel sites to confirm if their deal is truly the cheapest.

Read the fine print – Don’t gloss over policies and fees. Understand change/cancellation rules, baggage restrictions, etc. to avoid surprises.

Factor in all fees – Account for payment fees, baggage costs, seat selection charges, and other extras when comparing prices. The base fare won’t tell the full story.

Avoid debit cards – Pay with a credit card when possible for added fraud protection. Debit cards are higher risk if anything goes awry.

Use coupons – Check RetailMeNot, CouponCabin, and other coupon sites for promo codes to stack on top of Gotogate’s deals. Every bit of savings helps.

Confirm flight details – Double check flight times, baggage restrictions, terminal info, etc. directly with the airline after booking.

Purchase insurance – Consider Gotogate’s insurance or third party insurance for maximum trip protection in case you need to cancel.

Book early – Try to book well in advance for lower fares. Last-minute bookings on Gotogate often aren’t the best deal after fees.

Avoid peak days – If possible, look for flights on less popular travel days like Tuesday-Thursday to boost chances of sales.

Use the app – Download the Gotogate app for mobile booking access and notifications if any flight details change.

The Bottom Line: Is Gotogate Worth It?

In the end, is booking with Gotogate worth it considering the potential savings but customer service frustrations?

For flexible travelers who prioritize price above all else, don’t mind hassles, and take steps to minimize risks, Gotogate can deliver cheap flights worth the tradeoffs.

But for those wanting robust customer support, minimal surprises, and reassurance during travel, the anxiety and uncertainty of using Gotogate may not provide the best experience.

There are arguments on both sides. Consider your specific needs and preferences, read recent reviews, and weigh the pros and cons before choosing if Gotogate is right for your next trip. With the right expectations, Gotogate can offer good deals—just be an informed shopper.

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