Is Legit or Scam? Everything You Need To Know

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As the live event industry continues its post-pandemic recovery, new platforms have emerged connecting music fans with upcoming tours and shows. However, not every newcomer can be safely assumed to operate with proper licensing and consumer protections in place.

This in-depth review analyzes across key criteria to assess its legitimacy and determine whether affiliated ticketing activities can be trusted.

Let’s get started. Review: Company Background & Ownership

A fundamental step is researching the business identity and history behind any website. However, no records could be found of an entity called “” through official public databases.

The domain was registered anonymously in March 2022 through a registration privacy service, obscuring visibility into ownership. Legitimate firms tend to openly list leadership bios, addresses and other credentials on their websites and through third-party verification sources to build trust from the start.

Searching further across government business filings, social profiles and archived web pages produced no corroborating information about existing prior to its domain creation six months ago. The lack of an identifiable parent company or any pre-existing reputation in the live entertainment industry raises important initial concerns.

Website Design & Functionality

While first impressions of’s homepage appearance seem reasonably polished for music browsing, closer examination revealed several technical irregularities:

Error messages and unstable page performance were common across different devices and browsers tested. Basic site features like search were unreliable. Legitimate platforms invest heavily in scalable infrastructure ensuring smooth user experiences.

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No clear privacy policy or terms of service could be found either. This omission of standard legal disclosures does not comply with regulations and prevents customers from understanding data usage and remedy rights in the event of issues.

Though contact information listed a generic “[email protected]” email, a physical address was notably absent. This lack of a verified company location further distances the website from establishing a credible brand identity.

Event & Ticketing Validity

To evaluate whether advertised shows were truly bookable as promoted, test purchases through various event pages were attempted. Here are some fundamental problems encountered:

  • Many listings provided sparse or placeholder information lacking basic details such as venue, date and time. Legitimate platforms thoroughly populate event metadata.
  • Selecting “Buy Tickets” through’s interface led to persistent errors without completing the transaction flow to an external ticketing provider. This raised questions as to whether orders could truly be fulfilled.
  • No discernible integration was apparent with major ticketing platforms whose licenses would be required for any legitimate ticket resale. Independent verification of events was impossible.

Without a seamless payment process tied to reputable partners, there existed no proof that promoted concerts and festivals could be attended as paid for, undermining the core value proposition. Responsible operators demonstrate order fulfillment processes in advance of customer transactions.

User Reviews & Trustpilot Ratings

Given’s only six month history, understandably no reviews specific to the website itself could be located on review databases or independent forums analyzing the platform. However, established companies in any industry quickly garner public feedback, both positive and negative.

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The complete absence of any user commentary whatsoever raised significant doubts as an early adopter. Word-of-mouth is crucial for building initial trust, especially for unknown entities. Legitimate review profiles tend to surface organically even during introductory periods.

Competitive Landscape Comparisons

For additional context, let’s examine standard conventions followed by top music event discovery platforms:

  • Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventbrite etc clearly display leadership teams, publication of policies, and physical addresses.
  • Robust event data, responsive interfaces and seamless purchase workflows reinforced reliability.
  • Social media profiles and industry awards evidenced years cultivating communities.
  • Detailed Trustpilot/Google reviews from launch provided balanced, early guidance for potential customers. conspicuously lacked all such recognizable pillars that winning consumer confidence requires. Comparatively, raising suspicions remained a prudent response.

The Verdict

Weighing all available evidence uncovered during this comprehensive review, demonstrates an overwhelming number of unanswered legitimacy red flags at this preliminary stage that give rise to justified concerns for responsible consumers and music fans.

While only time will fully resolve uncertainty, prudent individuals will likely want to see major demonstrated progress across key criteria like transparency, technical robustness, independent reviews and third-party validations prior to engaging with this unfamiliar platform until a fuller trust picture develops. Proceed at your own risk.

Protecting Yourself from Potential Scams

Until takes meaningful steps to build assurances around its operations, customers should take protective measures:

  • Use credit cards over debit for disputes and avoid providing direct bank details.
  • Double check URLs and beware of lookalike domains posing as legitimate sites.
  • Research new companies thoroughly and review platforms for other user feedback.
  • Consider alternate established platforms from verified partners for orders.
  • Verify events directly with venues listed to avoid “ghost listings”.
  • Monitor reports from consumer agencies on possible complaints emerging.
  • Avoid clicking suspicious links or submissions without security verifications.
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Remaining vigilant about new entities through responsible assessment practices can help mitigate against potential issues down the line should red flags remain unaddressed over time.


Q: If I buy a ticket and can’t get in, how do I get a refund?

Refund policies are unclear without terms posted. Major credit cards may assist, or pursuing in small claims court if disputed as “not as advertised” depending on amount and local consumer laws.

Q: Could the events actually happen as listed?

It’s impossible to independently confirm without transparent ticket integration partners or direct venue cooperation. Responsible research considers uncertainties.

Q: What would change the negative verdict?

Substantial progress on transparency, technical stability, policies implementation, verified events delivery and independent reviews consensus over 6-12 months would help address current assessment limitations.

Q: Is it definitely a scam and illegal?

While many unanswered legitimacy signs exist, a site alone does not constitute legal proof of illicit activity. Continued prudent vigilance until core consumer protection criteria are clearly and independently fulfilled remains the wise recommendation.

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