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RevelOne bills itself as a “boutique, retained marketing recruiting and strategy firm” that helps companies find the right marketing talent. But is RevelOne a scam or a legitimate service that delivers results?

With the rise of job and recruiting scams, it’s reasonable for job seekers and companies to scrutinize firms like RevelOne. I’ve done extensive research into RevelOne to provide an authoritative answer on whether this company is legit or a ripoff.

I analyzed verified reviews, complaints, company information, services offered, clients claimed, leadership team background, and more to get to the bottom of what RevelOne really offers.

Here is a comprehensive review of RevelOne based on the findings from my investigation.

Quick Overview of RevelOne

RevelOne is a retained executive search firm claiming to specialize in marketing and sales recruiting. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in San Francisco, RevelOne states that it focuses specifically on finding marketing talent for growth-stage tech startups and enterprises.

Key RevelOne Facts:

  • Founders: Rich Jachetti and Katie Gross
  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Company Size: 51-200 employees (LinkedIn)
  • Company Type: Privately Held
  • Revenue: Unknown, did not disclose

RevelOne says its mission is “to empower leaders and their organizations to reach their full potential through their people.”

The company claims to take a “highly structured approach” to recruiting, using proprietary company mapping techniques and a large network to identify and hire top marketing and sales candidates.

In addition to recruiting, RevelOne says it provides advisory services to help clients develop growth strategies and build out their marketing teams.

RevelOne Scam

RevelOne’s Advertised Services

According to its website and LinkedIn page, RevelOne offers the following main services:

Recruiting: Retained executive search focused on hiring marketing and sales leaders and experts to drive growth for clients. Recruiting services are focused specifically on marketing roles.

Growth Services: Consulting focused on translating clients’ growth goals into talent strategies and plans. Includes assessing resource needs, optimizing marketing spend and headcount, developing growth roadmaps.

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Interim Expert Network: Providing clients access to an on-demand network of interim/fractional marketing and sales experts who can start immediately in temporary roles.

RevelUp Onboarding Service: A “concierge service” to help newly placed executives drive impact faster through strategy support and access to subject matter experts.

So in essence, RevelOne offers a mix of marketing talent solutions including retained recruiting, fractional talent, consulting, and onboarding advisory.

Analysis of Reviews and Complaints About RevelOne

The best indicator of whether a company like RevelOne is legitimate is to analyze verified reviews from past clients and candidates. Here I summarize findings from researching multiple independent review sites:


  • 17 reviews
  • Overall Rating: 4.8 / 5 stars
  • 93% would recommend to a friend
  • 93% have a positive business outlook

The Glassdoor reviews for RevelOne are overwhelmingly positive from past employees:

  • Multiple reviews praise the “fantastic team” culture that is “highly collaborative”
  • Numerous reviews cite good career growth opportunities and willingness to invest in developing professionals
  • Reviews highlight flexibility, work-life balance, and family-friendly unlimited PTO policies
  • Compensation and benefits rated positively as above market (4.2 / 5 average)

The only negative commonly raised was communication issues and some growing pains in scaling processes & practices.

Overall the ratings and commentary indicate RevelOne lives up to its strong employee value proposition. No signs of it being a ripoff or scam in how it treats employees.


As a recruiting firm, having genuine recommendations and endorsements from past clients and candidates on LinkedIn is pivotal.

Analyzing RevelOne’s LinkedIn page:

  • 5,200+ followers indicates strong awareness and relationships
  • Showcases numerous client testimonials and candidate recommendations
  • Active updates sharing content, trends, and placements made

The amount of recommendations and client testimonials indicates RevelOne does regularly place talent successfully. This level of public validation helps confirm legitimacy versus a scam outfit.

Indeed & Other Sites

I could not find any negative reviews or complaints about RevelOne as a scam across other major sites like Indeed, Facebook, Trustpilot, Ripoff Report, or Pissed Consumer.

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The lack of client and candidate complaints indicates RevelOne satisfies those it does business with.

Evaluation of Claimed Clients and Placements

As a recruiting firm, the logos and names RevelOne displays as clients carries major weight in evaluating legitimacy. After all, a shady firm could easily fake big brand clients.

However, the client lists shown on RevelOne’s website and LinkedIn appear genuine:

  • Showcases 40+ unicorn tech startups as clients
  • Features recognizable established brands like Lyft, Digital Ocean, Yelp, Zuora
  • Displays fast-growing startups like Bolt, Cohesity, BrightInsight, Lucid, Noom

I researched the executive appointments RevelOne takes credit for placing at various companies:

  • Roles and people shown match with public announcements made by the companies
  • Placements feature experienced executives with legitimate backgrounds

Additionally, the updates on RevelOne’s LinkedIn page consistently showcase new executive placements they make at tech companies and startups. These public validations indicate an actively engaged talent firm, not a passive scam.

Given the detailed client lists and publicly verifiable placements, it does not appear that RevelOne is fabricating relationships or placements. This lends further credibility to their services being legitimate.

Review of Founders and Leadership Team

The track record and credibility of a company’s leadership team offers clues into legitimacy as well.

RevelOne was founded by Rich Jacchetti and Katie Gross. Research into their backgrounds uncovered:

  • Rich and Katie both have years of experience specifically in marketing recruiting
  • They’ve worked with recognizable brands like Amazon and Applied Materials
  • The RevelOne leadership team features operating experience from companies like eBay, Flexport, and Bluecore

The combination of specialized recruiting experience and operational marketing leadership indicates RevelOne does genuinely focus on marketing talent, not just generalist recruiting.

Furthermore, the founders have done substantial press over the years spreading their thought leadership on hiring trends, which gives them added credibility.

The background of RevelOne’s founders and executive team does not raise any red flags to suggest a scam in my evaluation. Rather it supports them truly understanding marketing hiring needs more uniquely than generalist agencies.

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Conclusion: RevelOne Appears Legitimate Overall

In my extensive analysis of verified reviews, company-claimed clients, leadership team, services, and more, I did not find definitive evidence across any area indicating RevelOne is a ripoff or scam. The overwhelming signs point to it being a legitimate firm.

While RevelOne is still small and scaling compared to giant publicly traded agencies, research identified solid company traction, culture, and performance:

  • Strong employee satisfaction ratings and work environment
  • Genuine client wins with tech unicorns and enterprises
  • Experienced executive team with marketing operating expertise
  • Publicly verifiable executive placements shared

Negative feedback was limited only to typical startup growing pain points around communication and scaling challenges. No systemic issues or shadiness uncovered.

Given the validated indicators of competent operations, RevelOne appears to be a fully legitimate boutique recruiting and advisory services firm catering to the marketing needs of innovation economy companies.

Job seekers and employers can reasonably expect RevelOne to deliver on finding and hiring qualified marketing talent with a relatively higher degree of specialization than alternatives.

RevelOne seems to occupy a unique positioning blending recruiting, talent strategy consulting, and interim hiring solutions.

For any companies or candidates still unsure, I would recommend requesting client and candidate referrals to judge legitimacy for your specific needs. But based on my extensive analysis, there are no evident signs RevelOne is a scam across their core business activities.

By all indications, RevelOne is a legitimate provider earning its positive reputation in marketing talent solutions.

Those needing to rapidly hire marketing leaders or experts for growth should consider shortlisting them among solid options to partner with.

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