How To Stop Someone From Accessing Your Phone Remotely

If you feel someone is breaching your privacy and you want to know how to stop someone from accessing your phone remotely, this article will guide you on how to do just that.

Your smartphone is practically your life because that is where all your life activities occur. Your bank information, client’s information, connections you make, business information, and other vital aspects of your life.

You make a lot of calls every day, and you take pictures, you send text messages, and chat as well.

How do you feel when you notice that you have been using your phone with someone else without knowing? Did you get shocked?

Yes, you definitely should. Some people try to get access into our life by passing through our phones and using special hacking skills, tools, and devices to access our phones remotely.

And you have to stop that yourself. When you notice some unusual activities going on your phone without doing it yourself, someone might be accessing your phone already.

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Our privacy should be very paramount to us. Make sure your phone security is activated pattern, password, or pin.

If possible, download all apps lock from the Google play store to lock the whole apps you have.

There are two ways people can access your phone remotely, physically or from a distance.

Some people could come close to you to get some information about you by monitoring you and gaining access to your phone when you’re not with your phone or when you dropped it or sleeping.

How To Stop Someone from accessing your phone Physically.

You should ensure you stop a person from having access to your privacy. Yes, your phone is your privacy.

1. choose your favorite security method, pattern, pin, or password on your phone.

2. Make sure the password is a strong one and you something you can remember anywhere, to avoid the issues of forgetting the password.

3. Lock all your phone apps to prevent someone from accessing your phone.

4. Be very sensitive and intelligent to know if there are any changes in how you left your phone and the last app you used. Maximize your phone to check this.

The next phase is the most challenging and complex way someone can decide to spy and have access to your phone, DISTANCE SPY.

Someone can remotely access your phone from a distance, even from another country.

You don’t have to be scared by this since I am here to perform my duty of guiding you step by step on how to stop someone from getting access to your phone remotely.

Now you want to know how to stop someone from accessing your phone remotely, but do you even know when someone has access to your phone?

Do you notice the changes that occur when someone has access to it?

You must first know the kind of changes that occur before stopping them.

Let’s look at the changes, so pay full attention while reading it to remember if that occurs with your phone or not.

 8 Ways To Know If Someone Has Been Accessing Your Phone Remotely

Quick battery drainage:

When you notice that your phone battery life has become weaker and doesn’t last long anymore, your battery may get weaker, or someone might have access to your phone.

For instance, when your phone gets charged to 100% and lasts for 24 hours with fewer tasks, you suddenly start noticing that your phone battery doesn’t last up to that anymore without using the phone.

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Definitely, without a doubt, someone has been having access to your phone.

Changes in data consumption

Also, when you notice that your data subscription has been getting exhausted when you use it less, then someone must have been using your data on your behalf remotely.

Detecting unknown apps

You should know the whole app you have on your phone and the ones you use frequently. Although apps arrange on the app screen alphabetically, the most used apps come to the top.

When you notice any unknown app installed on your phone without your approval, they run in the background, and it simply means someone has been having access to your phone.

Detecting unknown messages

When unknown messages or notifications pop up on your phone without a clue where they came from or to who, that is a sign that someone has been accessing your phone remotely.

Hearing strange sounds during calls

Apart from network coverage issues, when this continues persistently, that is, when you hear strange sounds on phones, someone must have been accessing your phone, and your calls might even get recorded.

It might be a confidential discussion that a third party must not know. So it would be best to be extra sensitive when you’re on call to notice any strange sounds.

If this happens, someone has been monitoring you to either blackmail or hurt you.

Unusual increase in phone temperature

When you notice that your phone temperature keeps increasing, getting hotter without being used by you, it must have been running a temperature because someone else has been using its apps.

Strange transaction notifications

Most hackers and perverts try to access your phone to take a piece of important information from your phone to blackmail you.

Also, when you send unknown messages on your social media accounts, they notice you have a lot of money and then try to hack your phone and your bank account through your phone to access it.

So if you notice a strange transaction notification that you did not perform, you should take quick action asap.

Now, you should keep in mind the above information. When you notice anything happening with your phone that is similar to the above, it means someone is accessing your phone remotely, and you need to take action to stop it.

I will guide you on how to stop these unusual acts and how to stop someone from accessing your phone remotely.

How To Stop Someone From Accessing Your Phone Remotely

Install Antivirus Software On Your Phone

Downloading and installing antivirus software on your phone will not just remove viruses from your phone but also detects spyware, i.e., spy apps installed and running on your phone.

So by downloading an antivirus app, you should be able to detect spy apps on your phone. When you find them, uninstall them immediately without a second thought.

Sign Out Your Google Account From Unknown Devices

Your Google account connects with everything on your phone. Your credit card details, files, photos, contacts, etc. Important and confidential messages are attached and kept on your Google account.

So it would help if you go to your Google account to log out of any unrecognized devices detected.

Therefore, once you notice that your phone someone else has gained access to your phone, you should secure your Google account to avoid remote access.

Now, I will guide you on how to check if you login into your Google account on someone else’s device so you can log out.

  • Click on “Settings” on your phone.
  • Scroll down, then click on “Google.”
  • On the Google page, click on “Manage Google account.”
  • Select the “security” button, then click on “Your device.”
  • Select “Manage Device”
  • Here, you will see the list of the devices you log in to your account
  • Once you find any unrecognized device, click on it
  • Tap on “Don’t recognize this device.”
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To sign your account on that unrecognized device, you must change your password to log out of every other device.

  • Now tap on “Change my password.”
  • Input your current and new passwords, and make sure they are strong. And avoid using your name for your password to avoid easy guesses by the person trying to hack your account.

Change Your Passwords

If you noticed that someone has been getting access to your phone, they must have had access to your social media. First, change your phone’s pattern, pin, or password.

In this section, I will guide you on changing your phone lock screen password, Facebook password, and Instagram password.

How to change your phone screen password/lock

  • On your phone, open “Settings.”
  • Scroll down, then tap on “Securities.”
  • Click on the “Screen lock” section
  • On the screen lock section, tap on “Change screen lock.”
  • Press your current screen lock
  • Then click on “Continue.”
  • Press “PIN” to change the four-digit, tap “Password” to change the numerical locks, “and tap “Pattern” to change the structural lock.
  • You will need to enter the new lock you want and re-enter it for any mistake detection and remembering confirmation.
  • Now you’ve successfully changed your phone screen lock.

How to change your Facebook password

  • Click on the “Facebook” app on your phone (make sure you sign in to your account)
  • Click on the three short lines above on the right-hand side of your Facebook home page.
  • Scroll down, then tap “Settings.”
  • Select “Security and privacy.”
  • Click on “change password.”
  • Input your current password
  • Then enter the new password then re-enter the new password again
  • Click on” save changes.”

Now you have successfully changed your Facebook password.

How to change your Instagram account password

  • Click on your Instagram app
  • Make sure you connect your phone to the internet
  • On your Instagram page, click on your profile
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Tap on password
  • Click on change password
  • Enter your current password
  • Then enter the new password you want and re-enter it again.
  • Click “save the change.”

Above are the steps on how you can change your Instagram password.

If you use other social media besides those listed above, follow the same process to change the passwords. The process of changing passwords on social media is similar and the same.

Delete And Uninstall Strange Apps

To ensure someone is not hacking your phone, ensure you find and delete any suspicious and strange apps working on your phone without your permission.

There is something called Spywares, apps installed on your phone by hackers to get information about you, and these people install them on your phone without you knowing.

Below are the steps to remove strange spy apps from your phone.

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Select “Apps and notifications.”
  • Click on “Manage Apps”
  • This page will bring all the apps installed on your phone. It will help if you look closely at all the apps to detect which you did not install personally.
  • If you find any strange apps, click on it
  • Click on uninstall to uninstall the app, and do the same for all other suspicious apps.
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Deactivate Forwarding Calls

When you notice that your call is always forwarded whenever you have a call, someone must have successfully controlled your call remotely. It would be best if you avoid that also.

Factory Reset Your Data

You can stop someone from remotely accessing your phone by factory resetting your phone and data. Doing this, you lose everything on your phone or back them up before completing the factory reset.

How to factory reset your phone

  • Click on settings
  • Scroll down, then click on “Factory reset.”
  • Tap on “reset all data.”
  • Confirm it on your phone security
  • Erase all data to erase all phone information

Once you complete the factory resetting, you have successfully prevented people from remotely accessing your phone.


Now I will list some ways you can follow to protect you from avoiding the easy access

How to protect your phone from hackers to avoid easy access

1. Set up two-factor authentication

This process is very safe when you activate the two-factor authentication on your social media accounts, such as Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.

No one will be able to sign in to your account even if they eventually come to know your password.

When you set the two-factor authentication on your social media accounts, you will receive a message if any sign-in should take place on your account.

Even after putting in your password, you will still need to input your two-factor authentication; it is very safe to use, and I recommend using it.

2. Set up a perfect antivirus app on your phone

Since the antivirus app can detect spyware, you should take a step by installing good antivirus apps on your phone to detect and enable the uninstalling of spyware on your phone.

Lists of good antivirus apps you can install on your phone

3. Make sure your apps are updated

App developers sit and think about the features in their apps and think they need to change that feature or prevent people from using them. After thinking about these changes, they make the change, and that is why APP UPDATING is required.

4. Attend security notifications on your social media accounts.

When you sign up for your account on other devices, or someone else does, they notify you and tell you that you have made changes to your account.

So you should attend to these notifications immediately to review the changes and change your passwords as soon as possible to avoid any further malicious acts.

5. Avoid Clicking On Spam Links

Hackers also use spam links to access your phone remotely and send links to you through your social media account or text messages.

Then once you click on the link, you have granted them access to your phone. Therefore, resist clicking on irrelevant links you do not know.

Final thought

You must ensure your privacy is secure and safe by paying attention to anything going through your phone.

Hackers and spies are everywhere, finding means of getting through people’s phones to steal from their banks and blackmail them.

Once you notice any form of suspicious access on your phone. Use the above methods to prevent that from happening.

Your phone is practically you. Once someone has access to your phone remotely, then someone has access to your phone remotely as well.

Therefore, you should avoid that by doing everything said in this article; they are reliable methods you can use.