How Does Snap Score Work? How Can You Increase It

Do you ever wonder how does snap score work? We’ve got the scoop on what goes into your snap score and how you can increase it.

If you are looking for a way to stay in touch with friends and keep it fun, Snapchat is the perfect app. Snapchat has a new metric called snap score, which calculates a user’s average number of daily snaps sent and received.

Not sure what this means? Let me break it down.

A Snapchat score (also known as a snap score) on Snapchat can be viewed as points acquired on the app due to interactions with other users.

Fortunately, there are only three ways to increase your Snapchat score, and once you know what they are, the app makes much more sense.

In just 4-5 minutes of your time, I’ll show you the 3 best ways in which you can increase your snap score.

So let’s dive in.

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What is a Snap Score or Snapchat Score?

What does snap score mean?

Snap Score, also known as the Snapchat score, is Snapchat’s new metric that reflects users’ averages in two areas: sending snaps (or videos) and receiving messages.

snap score

Snap score is different from the Snapchat streak because it measures all days of the year instead of counting consecutive days as the streak does.

There are no limits to how high your snap score points can go – as long as you continue to send and receive, your Snapchat score will increase.

Are you wondering what is the highest snap score and who has the highest snap score?

The highest Snap score ever is 61 million for the account Dion-19.

Snap Inc. is a privately owned tech company based in Venice, California, founded in September 2011 (rebranded in September 2016) by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy.

The company developed an instant messaging application called Snapchat, which was launched in September 2011 and now reaches over 290 million of active users worldwide on iOS and Android devices almost daily.

Spiegel and Murphy came up with the idea for Snapchat while students at Stanford University; the app was initially intended to allow users to easily exchange photos that were automatically deleted within seconds of being viewed.

How is Snap Score Calculated?

The scoring formula for Snapchat score is a bit complex because it considers how many snaps you send and receive, how many stories you post, and various other factors.

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Usually, your Snapchat score measures how you interact with the app, including how many snaps you send, how many you receive, and how many people you follow.

Some people compare their Snapchat scores to show who has the better skills and what they have unlocked on Snapchat.

Your Snapchat score is displayed next to your username when you swipe down on the Snapchat camera screen. It essentially tells you how frequently you use the app.

You can view your Snapchat score by touching the number of snaps you’ve sent versus the number of snaps you’ve received.

How To Increase Snap Score?

Your chances of getting more views and exposure on your snaps depend on the type of content you share.

That just because it’s called a score doesn’t mean it’s not worth increasing. If getting points on it makes you happy, that’s enough reason to work on it.

So, how does your snap score go up?

If you want to grow your Snapchat score rapidly without annoying all of your friends, try this hack.

1. Send and receive snaps:

One way to get snap score points is to send photos to your friends, and another is to receive photos from them. You’re also helping your friends by boosting their scores in this game.

When you talk to each other and play at the same time, you both rack up snap score points.

2. Share a lot of stories:

Whenever you post a story of your own to Snapchat, you will increase your Snapchat score, as well as when you view a friend’s story.

3. Watch videos in the “Discover” section:

The Snapchat Discover section allows you to watch a range of videos by people worldwide, some of which will increase your Snap score significantly.

snapchat discover

You’ll notice that there’s a common theme here. Interact with other Snapchat users to improve your score.

The score increases when you publish new content. However, there is one exception; direct messages will not affect your Snap score.

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Snapchat does not provide its exact scoring metrics to the public. Therefore, knowing which actions have the greatest effect on your score is not possible.

Moreover, it’s unclear whether different actions are weighted equally or whether their weights are distributed differently.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score

If you’re new to Snapchat, finding your Snapchat score may seem tricky. The key is to visit your Profile screen in the Snapchat app (touch your Bitmoji or the square icon in the top-left corner of your screen).

When viewing your Profile page, the very top will show your Snap code.

send and receive snaps

You can view your Display Name and three pieces of information next to your username, which include your Snap Score and your Zodiac Sign.

You’ll find it contains two other numbers when you tap on your Snap score. The left number shows how many Snaps you’ve sent since creating your account, and the correct number shows how many Snaps you’ve received.

How to Find Your Friends’ Snap Scores (Snapchat scores)

Like viewing your own Snapchat score, you can find your friends’ scores on their Snapchat profiles.

increasing snapchat score

  • To view your friend’s snap score, open the app and tap the icon or Bitmoji in the top left to open your profile.
  • Within the Friends tab, click the button labelled “My Friends” to show you a list of all your Snapchat friends.
  • By tapping their display picture, you’ll be able to view their profile.

(Now you can check your friend’s snap score).

As with your score, you can tap the Snap score for more information underneath their username and display picture.

Be aware that if a person is not your friend, you won’t be able to see their score on Snapchat even if you follow them.

While it’s unclear how points are acquired, there is no ranking system or way to compare scores. If you want to know how someone’s doing, the only way is to go to their profile and check.

What if My Snap Score Won’t Go Up?

Your snap score isn’t going up if you’re not actively using the app, and it won’t increase just because you haven’t interacted with anyone in weeks.

Your score will not always increase when you go back to using the app.

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Snapchat sends and receives snaps without trouble when you haven’t used them recently. Snapchat’s scoring system does not seem to consider this activity, so your score remains the same.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple solution to the problem. You must log out of Snapchat and re-login your account to get it fixed.

It would help if you backed up your Memories first. Otherwise, you could lose any pictures or videos you have saved.

Here’s a step-by-step solution if your Snapchat score in not increasing

  • On your profile page, you can tap on your profile icon or Bitmoji to access the link.
  • Select “Log Out” at the bottom dropdown menu by tapping the top right gear icon.
  • At this point, if you haven’t backed up all your Memories, you’ll get a warning. You can choose to ignore the warning and click “Log Out Anyway,” or you can choose to back them up, or
  • Close the Snapchat application.
  • Reopen Snapchat and sign in.

You should see your snap score increasing, and you should be able to interact normally.

Can I Buy Snapchat Score Online?

No, you cannot buy a Snapchat score. Websites out there promise to boost your Snapchat score by hundreds of thousands of points, and they make promises that are too good to be accurate and guarantee that you can see your Snapchat score increase in minutes.

All of these apps and websites are scams. Third-party apps or websites can’t modify Snapchat. To increase your Snapchat score, you must use the app.

There are no workarounds for this feature. Also, the score only shows how many snaps a person has sent out, and the number of snaps you have received doesn’t add to your score.

How To Check Your Snapchat Story Views

If you want to see how many views your snaps have on Snapchat, there is an easy way to do it!

By swiping right on any Snapchat photo, you will see a long row of screenshots of your snaps with little red or green hearts in the bottom left-hand corner.

The amount of green hearts tells you how many views that photo has. You can also swipe up and click add as a story to post your current snap and get live stats.