Hiipps Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? Buyer Beware

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Hiipps is an online platform that connects fans and creators for paid interactions. The website allows fans to request personalized video messages from their favorite influencers, athletes and celebrities. Hiipps has been gaining popularity, but some question if it is a legitimate business or a scam. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a look at how Hiipps works, its claimed advantages, concerns around fraud, and whether it provides value to users.

Overview of Hiipps

Hiipps launched in 2019 as a way for fans to engage directly with public figures they admire. On the website or mobile app, users can search a directory of creators from various fields like music, sports, comedy and more. There are over 30,000 creators on Hiipps.com with more joining daily.

To request a video message, you select the celebrity you want, describe the type of message you’d like them to record and make payment. Prices are set by the creators themselves, typically ranging from $10 to $500. Creators can also choose the topics and content they are comfortable with.

Once the request is placed, the creator has 7 days to record and submit the personalized video. Hiipps claims the videos are generally delivered within 1-3 days. The videos can be downloaded or shared on social media. Some of the video messages are extremely short, just 10-20 seconds, while others are longer 1-2 minute personal messages.

Claimed Advantages of Hiipps

According to Hiipps, there are several advantages to using their platform over alternatives like Cameo and Memmo:

  • Direct access to celebrities:Hiipps claims to offer direct access to A-list celebrities like athletes, musicians, TikTokers and Instagram influencers. Cameo and Memmo have more reality TV stars and minor internet celebs.
  • Concierge service: Hiipps touts their concierge service for helping guide customers through the process and ensuring quick turnaround times for videos.
  • Higher quality: The company states its videos are higher quality than competitors because the creators have flexibility on content and length.
  • Personalization: With the ability to make customized requests, fans can ask for specific messages meaningful to them.
  • Trust and safety: Hiipps says protection against fraud is a top priority. All creators are vetted and confirmed as legitimate.

On the surface, Hiipps seems to provide real value by connecting devoted fans with the ability to get personal messages from prominent public figures and celebrities. However, there are also a lot of concerns around deception and fraud on no the platform.

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Fraud and Legitimacy Concerns

While Hiipps markets itself as trustworthy and direct access to celebrities, there are a lot of red flags around scams and misleading conduct. Here are some of the top concerns that lead many to question the site’s legitimacy:

Impersonator accounts: There have been many reports of accounts impersonating real celebrities. The videos appear to feature lookalikes and soundalikes instead of official stars.

Fake concierge service:Customers have posted about non-responsive or useless concierge service. Requests for help or refunds are ignored.

Bait and switch pricing: Prices have increased exponentially after orders placed. Some users report being charged 4X the original listed price.

Long delays: Despite claims of quick turnaround, many customers experience weeks or months delays to receive videos.

Poor quality: The videos received are often rushed, impersonal and filmed in front of blank walls instead of personalized backdrops.

No refunds: Hiipps refuses to issue refunds in cases of fraud, errors or unreasonable delays. Users are forced to dispute charges with their bank.

Account suspensions: There are reports of Hiipps suspending user accounts after receiving poor feedback or rating. This prevents accessing your previous orders.

While it’s unclear how widespread, these types of issues point to much greater risks of being scammed on Hiipps compared to other celebrity video platforms.

Examples of Hiipps Scams

To illustrate exactly how these scams work, it’s helpful to look at real-life examples reported by Hiipps users:

A fan paid $125 for a video from magician Criss Angel wishing a happy birthday to her father who loves magic. Instead, she received a short impersonal clip that appeared to show an Angel lookalike, not the real celebrity. Hiipps refused to refund her money.

A customer requested a video from actor Tom Hanks congratulating his friend on beating cancer. He paid $400. After months of waiting and no video, Hiipps said they deleted Tom Hanks from their site due to high demand and issued a credit instead of refund.

A user ordered a 30-second birthday message from comedian Kevin Hart for $75. He received a video 2 months later from a bald impersonator that looked nothing like Hart. Hiipps refused his refund request claiming it was filmed exclusively for their site.

AHiipps charged a customer $315 instead of the listed price of $75 for a Tyler Perry video. There was no concierge assistance and she received a rushed 10-second clip over a month after ordering. Hiipps refused to refund the overcharge.

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It’s quite clear Hiipps engages in bait-and-switch pricing, long delays, fraudulent impersonator videos, and poor customer service. Users are left outraged and fighting to get their money back from invalid charges.

Is Hiipps a Scam or Legit?

Given the overwhelming number of negative experiences and scam risks on Hiipps, it’s reasonable to question if it’s worth using the platform at all. There are a few factors to consider:

Limited refund policy – Hiipps explicitly states they do not offer refunds except for “extraordinary circumstances.” You have little recourse if your order is fraudulent.

Higher prices – Prices on Hiipps also tend to be much higher than competitors like Cameo for the same celebrities. Yet quality is often lower.

Anonymous support – Customer service appears nonexistent in cases of fraud. You can’t call or email a live agent for assistance.

Account suspension risks – Poor ratings or complaints about scams can get your account suspended without notice on Hiipps.

Slow delivery times – Most videos take far longer than advertised to be delivered, if you receive one at all.

Impersonator risks – There is a disproportionately high likelihood of receiving videos from fake lookalike and soundalike actors on Hiipps.

Other options exist – More reputable platforms like Cameo offer personalized videos from many celebrities and influencers without the fraud risks.

When you weigh the risks versus rewards, Hiipps is clearly a platform to approach with extreme caution or avoid entirely. The chance of becoming the victim of an overcharging or impersonation scam is just too high compared to alternative sites. For most fans, the dangers outweigh the ability to potentially get a legitimate personalized video from major stars who may not be available elsewhere.

Best Practices If You Use Hiipps

While Hiipps is extremely high risk, some fans may decide the chance of connecting with certain celebrities is still worthwhile. If you do use Hiipps, here are some best practices to help avoid being scammed:

Research creators thoroughly – Verify credibility by checking official social media accounts and brands. Avoid any unverified profiles.

Compare with Cameo – Cross-check prices and availability with Cameo first. Any major pricing differences are a red flag.

Look for reviews – Check independent review sites for customer feedback. Be skeptical of too few or no reviews.

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Avoid prepayment – Don’t pay until the video is delivered. This gives you leverage to dispute fraudulent videos.

Use a credit card – Paying with a credit card allows you to dispute charges if necessary. Avoid other methods with no refund options.

Report issues – Immediately report impersonator videos or other scams to Hiipps. Also notify your bank and authorities.

Be prepared for the worst – Mentally prepare for the high probability your request may not be fulfilled properly despite your best efforts.

By being extremely selective and taking precautions, you may be able to mitigate some risks on Hiipps. However, it’s impossible to eliminate them entirely given the platform’s well-documented history of scams.


In conclusion, while Hiipps markets itself as a way for fans to connect with their favorite stars, it has a rampant ongoing problem with scams and fraudulent activity. From bait-and-switch pricing to long turnaround times to impersonator content, there are simply too many red flags to recommend using this platform. Other celebrity video services like Cameo are far safer options.

The bottom line is there is minimal recourse if you become the victim of a scam on Hiipps. The company refuses to take responsibility or issue refunds in virtually all cases. No matter how enticing the chance to get a video from a major celebrity may seem, it’s not worth the financial risk and wasted effort when reputable alternatives exist. Our advice is to avoid Hiipps entirely. The likelihood of being defrauded out of your money is just too high.

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