Is Everyjobforme a Scam or Legit? My Experience with This Job Board

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The email popped up in my inbox with an intriguing subject line: “Earn $3000-$5000 a week working from home!”

As a struggling freelancer, those figures grabbed my attention. Could this be the remote work jackpot I’d been waiting for? The jobs were listed on a site called I clicked over to browse the listings.

My pulse quickened as I scrolled through the unbelievable opportunities. Data entry roles paying $40 an hour. Mystery shopper gigs offering $300 a day. I could even become a secret shopper and earn $500 per assignment!

It all seemed too good to be true. Were these jobs for real or was Everyjobforme just another scam? There was only one way to find out…

In this article, I’ll share my experience thoroughly investigating Everyjobforme to determine if it’s a legit work-from-home job board or an elaborate scam. Let’s dig in.

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Introduction: The Allure of Online Job Boards

Everyjobforme belongs to a booming class of websites that claim to connect people to well-paying remote jobs and side gigs. With the rise of the digital economy disrupting traditional employment, these sites promise anyone can secure a flexible work-from-home job.

Other popular examples include FlexJobs, and SideHustleNation. But while some of these boards provide legitimate opportunities, many scam job seekers with bold income claims that turn out false.

So what’s the reality behind Everyjobforme’s enticing opportunities? Here’s a preview of what I discovered:


  • Simple sign-up process to access job listings
  • Some real companies appear to source roles
  • Opportunities encompass diverse categories from writing to tech


  • Many sketchy, vague “jobs” with incredible pay promises
  • Poor organization makes specific jobs hard to pin down
  • Minimal screening – scammers can easily post fake listings
  • Little support or guarantees provided to job seekers

Clearly there were some red flags with how jobs are promoted and managed. But I wanted to dig deeper into Everyjobforme before drawing final conclusions on its legitimacy.

Scoping Out Everyjobforme’s Website and Job Listings

My investigation started by browsing Everyjobforme’s site to understand their model and scan their job postings for anything suspicious.


At first glance, the site looked pretty barebones but legitimate. Some things I noticed:

  • Website was only registered in 2020 and had minimal content.
  • Homepage featured fields to search jobs or post a resume.
  • Job listings spanned typical categories like Admin, Education, Marketing, etc.
  • Each job post showed a brief description, pay range, and how to apply.
  • Most listings provided application instructions leading to external sites.

So far so good. But taking a closer look at the actual remote jobs raised some eyebrows.

Some of the opportunities and income claims seemed wildly unrealistic:

  • Business Development Roles promising $8,000 – $12,000+ per week
  • Data Entry roles claiming $45 per hour with “no experience required”
  • Receptionist openings paying $3000 – $4000 weekly
  • Virtual Assistant gigs touting potential earnings of $5,000 per week

Could these outrageous remote jobs really be legit? I decided to put them to the test…

Applying to Jobs: Too Good to Be True Opportunities

The only way to truly vet Everyjobforme’s job listings was to actually apply to some of their postings myself.

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I applied to 5 remote roles that seemed especially suspicious to see what would happen:

Job 1: Data Analyst – Up to $60/hour

Result: Auto-reply from “CEO” asking me to purchase training materials before hiring. Obviously a scam.

Job 2: Customer Service Agent – $40/hour + benefits

Result: Redirected me to third party site “Appen” which had no record of this job listing.

Job 3: Remote Lawyer – $120/hour

Result: Shady “application” tried to harvest extensive personal/financial details. Refused to provide company info.

Job 4: Medical Billing Specialist – $50/hour

Result: Led me to unclear portal and then never responded after submitting application.

Job 5: Web Developer – Up to $75/hour

Result: Vague “hiring manager” replied directing me to potentially malware-loaded site.

I didn’t manage to land a single legitimate interview from these opportunities. It quickly became clear that Everyjobforme packs in lots of scam or suspicious listings among the real jobs.

This discovery meant it was time to take a much deeper look at how Everyjobforme vets job providers and protects job seekers on their platform.

Investigating Everyjobforme’s Verification and Screening Process

With such clearly shady job postings on Everyjobforme intermixed with more credible listings, I reached out to the site to ask about their vetting and verification process for employers.

Unfortunately, Everyjobforme did not respond to multiple emails asking for details on how they validate job providers on their platform.

Digging into their website, I found no clear explanation of how Everyjobforme works to prevent fraudulent listings or ensure postings come from real employers.

Their terms and conditions shed some light on their questionable verification process:

  • Anyone can create an account and post job listings anonymously.
  • They do not attempt to validate the accuracy of employer information provided.
  • Job seekers are responsible for researching employers themselves.

In other words, Everyjobforme allows anyone to easily post “jobs” without screening legitimacy beforehand. This enables scammers to freely mingle fake listings alongside real postings.

For job seekers, this means you are very much on your own to determine what opportunities are authentic and which are traps. Everyjobforme provides little useful employer information or protections.

Assessing Everyjobforme’s Support and Protections

Since Everyjobforme’s hands-off posting policies clearly exposed job seekers to risks, I wanted to see if they at least provided adequate job seeker support and protections.

I investigated what information and guarantees they offered applicants on their website, terms & conditions, and through customer service inquiries.

Here is how Everyjobforme’s limited job seeker protections stack up:

  • No verification of hiring companies – As covered earlier, employers are not vetted.
  • No interview guarantees – Applying to jobs does not guarantee an interview.
  • No application assistance – You must handle the actual application process yourself.
  • No guarantees of job accuracy – Opportunities can be withdrawn anytime.
  • No screening of employers – Scam operations are not proactively blocked.
  • No guarantees of employer legitimacy – Everyjobforme does not certify or endorse employers.
  • Minimal job seeker screening – Even blatantly fake job posts remain online.
  • No direct support – Job seekers are responsible for reviewing employers.
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In essence, Everyjobforme provides minimal usable information or protections to those applying for jobs listed on their platform.

This glaring lack of screening, vetting, or guarantees meant most job seekers were essentially on their own when it came to avoiding scams or finding success with Everyjobforme listings.

Negative Reviews: Corroborating Everyjobforme’s Red Flags

At this point in my investigation, the multiple red flags I uncovered made me seriously question Everyjobforme’s legitimacy.

But I still wanted to see what other job seekers were saying. I searched for Everyjobforme reviews online to validate my findings.

Unfortunately, I found many angry reviews reiterating the same concerns:

  • “Most of the jobs on here just try to steal your personal information!”
  • “90% of what they list seems fake or a scam. Waste of time.”
  • “There’s no way to know if employers on here are even real.”
  • “Contacted several postings that led nowhere or tried scamming me.”
  • “Stay far away. It’s a trap for desperate job seekers.”

These negative Everyjobforme reviews confirmed my own experience of finding lots of dubious “opportunities” surrounded by little useful screening or support.

It became abundantly clear that Everyjobforme could not be considered a trustworthy job board for those seeking legitimate remote work.

Everyjobforme vs Legit Job Boards: A Stark Contrast

My frustrating experience made me appreciate how much better actual reputable job boards like FlexJobs and operate compared to Everyjobforme’s shady model.

These more trustworthy work platforms:

  • Thoroughly vet and screen employers before allowing listings
  • Actively monitor jobs for signs of scams
  • Provide extensive details on hiring companies
  • Guarantee employers will respond to applications
  • Quickly delete any dubious or inactive listings
  • Offer extensive applicant support and interview tips
  • Maintain strict rules for employer participation

The contrast showed how little Everyjobforme does to deliver value or protection to those applying for the jobs listed on its platform.

No wonder Everyjobforme users find little but frustration and dead ends when trying to secure an income online.

Should You Use Everyjobforme to Find Remote Work?

Given all the red flags raised during my in-depth investigation, is Everyjobforme still worth using to find legitimate flexible jobs, or is it ultimately just a scam?

The short answer: Using Everyjobforme comes with significant risks and caveats:

While some honest employers may post jobs there, the prevalence of scams and lack of effective screening means finding real opportunities will prove extremely hit-or-miss.

Everyjobforme allows scammers and shady offers to proliferate unchecked, leaving job seekers vulnerable with little useful support.

For those truly seeking legitimate remote jobs, vastly better job boards exist that properly vet employers, guarantee responses, and provide actual applicant protections.

Unless major reforms happen, I cannot recommend using Everyjobforme over much safer options that offer genuine value to work-from-home job seekers.

Tips to Avoid Scam Job Boards and Find Legit Flexible Work

Instead of losing time and exposing your information to shady sites like Everyjobforme, focus your job search efforts using these tips:

  • Vet job boards thoroughly – Search “[site name] reviews” to uncover red flags and feedback from real users. Avoid poorly reviewed sites.
  • Look for screening policies – Legitimate boards explain how they validate employers and monitor for scams before listing jobs. Lack of screening is a big red flag.
  • Assess support and guarantees – Reputable platforms stand behind applicants and provide assistance. Scams offer little usable help or protections.
  • Beware unreasonable pay claims – Trust your gut. Outsize earnings promises are almost always bogus. Focus on credible opportunities.
  • Only provide essential contact details – When applying for jobs, give only required info until you’ve gauged employer legitimacy.
  • Search niche job boards – Highly targeted platforms like WeWorkRemotely and RemoteWritingJobs cater to specific roles vs general jobs. Higher quality focus.
  • Let pay come second – Rather than obsessing over pay rates alone, focus first on finding an employer and role that seem genuinely professional.
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Avoid falling into the trap of scam job boards with tempting but dubious offers. As my Everyjobforme experience showed, proper vetting and supports are crucial to finding remote work safely.

Final Verdict: Everyjobforme Fails as a Legit Job Board

In the end, my extensive evaluation of Everyjobforme revealed too many red flags and risks to recommend it as a useful job search platform compared to safer alternatives.

Yes, some real employers likely do post jobs there. However, the lack of effective screening or protections makes it extremely challenging to filter out the rampant scams and find those needles in the haystack.

For job seekers who prioritize not having their time wasted and personal data protected, Everyjobforme simply fails to deliver. Its weak “anything goes” policies do far too little to protect those responding to dubious listings.

Unless you enjoy gambling and grueling research just to possibly find a credible job offer, I advise avoiding Everyjobforme as a go-to job board.

After digging in deep, the answer seems clear:

While not an outright scam, Everyjobforme’s failure to responsibly screen employers ultimately makes it too risky to rely on.

For safer and more effective job search options with far fewer flags, use highly reviewed niche job boards or legit marketplaces like FlexJobs. Focus your efforts where they’ll pay off.

The bottom line after my investigation: Everyjobforme just is not worth the hassles for those seeking trustworthy work-from-home job opportunities. With so many better alternatives now available, job seekers have the power to be selective.

So be vigilant, vet potential job boards thoroughly, and focus your efforts only on reputable opportunities. Your time and attention are valuable. Invest them where realpayoffs are much more likely to be found.

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