Gekko Miami Review: My Exotic Nightclub Experience

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Miami is famous for its energy, diversity, and nightlife. One club, in particular, has earned a reputation for providing an unforgettable experience – Gekko. This exotic nightclub delivers luxurious vibes, extravagant decor, world-class DJs, and outstanding service.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is an in-depth review of Gekko Miami to help you decide if it’s the right club for your next night out in Miami.

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Gekko Miami Review (Quick Overview)

Gekko is located in downtown Miami and spans over 27,000 square feet. The massive club contains different rooms and environments, each with its own unique personality. The venue accommodates up to 1,600 people and is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 PM to 5 AM.

Some key features that make Gekko Miami one of the hottest clubs in South Beach:

  • Celeb-status DJs and performers
  • Immersive, exotic decor and themes
  • Expansive dance floors
  • Luxury bottle service
  • Rooftop terrace with city views
  • Poolside area for relaxation

The overall vibe balances elegance, energy, and indulgence. The multi-room setup provides party-goers choices in music, ambiance, and crowds. It’s the perfect playground for an amazing Miami night out.

The Interior Design and Decor

Gekko spent $10 million to design the interior spaces, emphasizing luxury and creativity. There are unique concepts, textures, colors, and architectural features throughout the venue.

The main room has 30-foot ceilings, a massive LED wall behind the DJ booth, and aerial performers. The immersive environment makes you feel like you’re in an exotic wonderland rather than a nightclub.

Adjacent to the main room is the terrace, featuring a marble bar, sheer drapes, and views of downtown Miami. The plush couches and golden decor provide a lavish atmosphere for bottle service.

Downstairs you’ll find the poolside area, evoking tropical vibes with palm trees, flamingos, and an infinity waterfall. The pool glows at night for a mesmerizing look. It’s the perfect spot to relax before heading back upstairs to the dance floors.

No matter where you explore in Gekko, you’ll discover new eye-candy. The imaginative themes and decor create a fantasy-like environment that feels worlds away from everyday Miami.

Notable DJs and Performers

Gekko attracts some of the best DJ talent in Miami and beyond. On any given weekend, you may catch sets from world-famous DJs like Tiesto, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and more. The top-notch talent, state-of-the-art equipment, and exotic environments create an unbeatable clubbing experience.

In addition to the DJs, you’ll find live performances from acrobats, dancers, violinists, percussionists, and other specialty acts. These performers engage the crowds and enhance the immersive clubbing experience.

The A-list musical acts combined with the visual performers makes Gekko’s party vibe electric and one-of-a-kind. You never know who you’ll see spinning or what entertainers you’ll experience next.

The Dance Floors and Music Variety

Gekko has impressive sound systems and lighting equipment to amplify the music and energy. The massive dance floors fit hundreds of club-goers ready to dance the night away.

The main dance floor sits below the DJ booth. With the 30-foot ceilings, state-of-the-art sound system, and aerial performers, it creates an energized atmosphere every night.

For a change of scenery, head downstairs to the poolside area which has its own dance floor. You can groove to the music under the stars with the infinity pool behind you.

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Up on the terrace, the dance floor has views of downtown Miami. The open-air environment lets you dance while taking in the city sights.

With three amazing dance floors, there are plenty of options at Gekko. The multi-sensory experience makes it easy to dance all night.

The music satisfies all tastes too. The roster includes:

  • House: From deep house to electro and progressive.
  • Hip hop: Both old school classics and the newest club bangers.
  • Latin: Reggaeton, salsa, merengue, and more to keep the Miami vibe going.
  • EDM: Dance hits from every sub-genre like trance, techno, dubstep, and beyond.

Gekko keeps the energy high by mixing top 40 hits with the hottest dance music. The variety allows you to hear your favorites as well as discover new beats from world-famous DJs.

VIP Bottle Service

Gekko takes nightlife luxury to the next level with its bottle service. There are plush banquettes and cabanas where you and your friends can enjoy premium treatment.

Bottle service includes:

  • A dedicated cocktail server
  • Ice buckets, mixers, garnishes, and glassware
  • Complimentary admission for your whole group
  • Access to the terrace level away from general admission
  • Assistance securing a spot near the dance floor or DJ booth

You have several VIP seating options:

Cabanas: The most exclusive experience at Gekko with plush furniture, ceilings, curtains for privacy, and flat screen TVs. Up to 15 guests can enjoy the cabana.

Banquettes: Semi-private curved couches that fit approximately 8-10 guests. The banquettes are arranged around the dance floor.

VIP Tables: These tables are reserved just for your group and include bottle service. They are located on the terrace level.

Bottle service prices range from $400-$800+ depending on the alcohol selected. It’s the ultimate way to have an A-list experience at Gekko.

The Rooftop Terrace

One of Gekko’s standout features is the rooftop terrace. It provides incredible views of downtown Miami that you can take in under the stars.

The terrace has its own bar, dance floor, and lounge-style seating. You can catch your breath from the main room’s energy and take in the city sights. It’s an upscale area reserved for VIP bottle service guests.

In addition to the views, the terrace also features live music like salsa, bachata, and bossa nova. It has a more laidback vibe than the main room.

Stepping out onto the terrace feels like entering a new world high above Miami. Between the views, music, and open-air freedom, it’s a highlight of the Gekko experience.

Cocktails and Other Beverages

Gekko has a massive 40-foot long bar manned by skilled mixologists. The tropical cocktails match the club’s Miami energy. Signature drinks include:

  • Black Pearl: Coconut rum, pineapple, lime, blackberry
  • Gekko Breeze: Vodka, melon liqueur, white cranberry, lime
  • Electric Storm: Gin, blue curacao, lemonade, Sprite
  • Hurricane: Rum blend, passionfruit, orange, grenadine

These exotic drinks provide the perfect refreshment between hitting the dance floor. Non-alcoholic options are available too like Red Bull, electrolyte waters, juices, and soda.

What makes the drinks even better is the top-shelf alcohol options for bottle service. Grey Goose, Ciroc, and Belvedere vodkas, Johnnie Walker whiskies, as well as premium rums, tequilas, and champagnes.

Gekko delivers delicious cocktails with premium liquor to fuel your epic night out.

The Poolside Area

Gekko has an oasis just downstairs from the main club – a lavish poolside area. During the day, the club is open for pool parties and cabana rentals. At night, it becomes an extension of the club.

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The infinity pool has underwater LED lights that create a mesmerizing glow at night. Lush palm trees, fountains, and even live flamingos surround the pool deck. It’s like stepping into a tropical paradise within the club.

There is another bar and dance floor poolside so you can enjoy the outdoor ambiance while continuing the party. The area also has couches and daybeds where you can relax whenever you need a break from the energy.

In addition to the sensational decor, the poolside area also hosts themed events like floating sushi nights, mermaids swimming in the pool, and more.

The poolside zone provides an entirely different clubbing experience at Gekko. You can float away in this paradise away from the crowds but still enjoy the sounds.

The Overall Experience: Indulgence, Energy, Extravagance

Gekko delivers an exotic and upscale clubbing experience you can only find in Miami. It combines indulgence, energy, and extravagance for an unforgettable night:

Indulgence: Bottle service with premium liquor, VIP treatment, and relaxing poolside lounging.

Energy: World-class DJs and performers, pulsing dance floors, imaginative themes and decor.

Extravagance: Luxury everywhere – cocktails, amenities, service. Everything dialed up to 11.

The total package makes Gekko one of the hottest clubs in Miami right now. They pull out all the stops to make it an otherworldly party.

Between the top-notch music, lavish spaces, and non-stop energy, Gekko provides an escape into nightlife euphoria. Nights here are truly unforgettable.

How to Get on the Guest List

With its popularity, Gekko operates on a guest list system on weekends. Here are some tips to get yourself and your friends on the list:

  • Book a table: Purchasing bottle service or reserving a VIP table will get your group expedited entry.
  • Arrive early: Try to arrive before 11 PM to beat the lines. The later you arrive, the longer the wait will be.
  • Dress to impress: Gekko enforces a stylish dress code – no shorts, hats, flip flops, or athletic gear. Look your best and it will increase your chances of entry.
  • Even ratio: Groups with an even ratio of men/women have a higher chance of entry.
  • Sign up in advance: You can inquire about the guest list ahead of your night out by emailing or calling Gekko.

Securing a spot on the guest list requires planning. Bottling booking, early arrival, and understanding the dress code can help ensure quick entry into this hot club.

Gekko Miami Review: The Verdict

Gekko Miami deserves its reputation as one of the best nightlife experiences in South Beach. It’s a clubbing paradise defined by luxury, creativity, indulgence, and non-stop fun.

The music, performers, decor, diversity, drinks, amenities, and service all excel. Gekko delivers an escape into an exotic and exciting world full of possibilities each night. It’s the perfect place to spark new adventures with friends.

While expensive, the over-the-top environment and treatment make it worthwhile for special occasions or when you’re ready to splurge. Whether you’re dancing on the balcony or sipping cocktails poolside, Gekko surpasses expectations.

There are plenty of great clubs in Miami, but none quite like this. If you want to feel like you’re partying at the top of the world, you need to experience Gekko Miami. Just come ready for an unforgettable night.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gekko Miami

Here are answers to some common questions about Gekko Miami:

What is the dress code?

Gekko enforces a stylish dress code – no shorts, hats, flip flops, or athletic gear permitted. Men should wear button-downs, pants, and shoes. Women should wear dresses, skirts, nice tops, and heels. Looking sharp will increase your chances of entry.

How much is the cover charge?

Gekko Miami does not have a general admission ticket price. Entry is based on the guest list, table reservations, or bottle service purchases. The club is open Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 PM – 5 AM.

Can I book bottle service in advance?

Yes, you can inquire about booking bottle service ahead of your planned night out. This will guarantee entry for you and your group. Bottle minimums start at around $400 but provide an exclusive nightclub experience.

Is there an age requirement?

You must be 21+ to enter Gekko Miami with a valid ID. The club enforces the legal drinking age.

Can I reserve a table without bottle service?

Unfortunately there is no option to just reserve a table without purchasing bottle service. If you want to guarantee seating, VIP access, and table service, you will need to book bottle packages.

How strict is the guest list?

The guest list is very strict on weekends. That’s why it’s recommended to book tables, arrive early, dress sharp, or contact Gekko about the guest list in advance. This will increase your chances of quickly getting in.

Is there parking nearby?

Gekko Miami does not have its own parking lot. However, there are several paid parking garages within one block of the club. Valet parking is also available at Gekko when the club is open for a fee.

Is there a way to skip the line?

Booking bottle service will allow you to skip the line and get expedited entry. Arriving early before 11 PM can also minimize your wait compared to showing up later at the club’s peak hours.

Can I make reservations for dinner?

Gekko Miami does not offer food or dinner service. The venue strictly operates as a nightclub in the evenings. You can enjoy world-class cocktails and bottle service, but no meal reservations.

Wrapping Up

Gekko Miami offers an exotic and upscale party experience you need to see to believe. The music, performers, decor, diversity, drinks, amenities, and service all excel for an unforgettable night out.

Will you be dancing under the stars on the rooftop terrace? Sipping cocktails poolside? Or indulging in bottle service while world-famous DJs perform? With so many options, the only question is where your Gekko adventure will begin.

Join the guest list or book your table today to unlock an electrifying nightlife experience found only in Miami. Gekko brings luxury, creativity, and excitement that outshines the rest of South Beach. Take your next night out in Miami to new heights at this one-of-a-kind venue.

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