Mountain Cad Corp Jobs Scam Reviews: Don’t Fall Victim

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Mountain Cad Corp has recently emerged as a suspicious company claiming to offer remote jobs with attractive salaries. However, many red flags indicate it is likely a scam designed to steal personal information and money from job seekers.

After reading concerning reports about victims scammed by Mountain Cad Corp, I researched the company in-depth to shine a light on their suspicious activities. Having seen many similar employment scams over the years, I felt it was important to get the facts out there to protect job seekers.

This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth analysis of Mountain Cad Corp Jobs Scam, typical scam tactics used, victim stories, and tips to avoid employment scams.

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Mountain Cad Corp Jobs Scam Review (Overview)

Mountain Cad Corp first appeared in mid-2022, advertising open positions for data entry, administrative assistants, customer service representatives and more. The jobs boast high hourly wages, health/dental benefits, 401K matching, and require no prior experience.

Despite the appealing nature of the roles, Mountain Cad Corp exhibits multiple suspicious characteristics:

  • The company website ( was only registered in July 2022, indicating it is brand new.
  • There is no evidence that Mountain Cad Corp operates as a legitimate corporation. It is not registered with state databases or the Better Business Bureau.
  • All interview communication occurs via Signal, Skype, or WhatsApp. No phone calls or video interviews are offered.
  • Mountain Cad Corp does not have company profiles on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or other major hiring sites. There are no employee testimonials or reviews.
  • The listed company address in West Virginia appears to be a virtual office rental space with no real operations.
  • Employees are mailed suspicious checks for purchasing home office equipment, that later turn out to be fake.

These warning signs suggest Mountain Cad Corp is not a genuine employer, but rather a scam operation aiming to collect personal information and steal money.

Common Employment Scam Tactics

While Mountain Cad Corp exhibits its own unique red flags, many of its tactics align with typical employment scams. These include:

Job Postings That Are Too Good to Be True

Scams frequently advertise roles with especially high salaries, flexible remote work, incredible benefits packages and no experience required. These “dream job” postings aim to lure in as many applicants as possible.

Limited Online Presence

Fraudulent companies will lack profiles on major hiring sites like Indeed, Monster, or CareerBuilder. They also won’t have company websites with detailed information and employee testimonials.

Communication Only Via Messaging Apps

Rather than professional email or phone communications, scammers will insist on messaging through apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Signal or Skype. This allows them to hide their real location and identity.

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Requests for Personal Information

Scams will harvest as much personal data as possible from applicants, including full name, home address, SSN, bank details, and images of ID cards or utility bills. This information helps them commit identity theft.

Fake Check Schemes

A common tactic is to mail new “hires” a real looking but fake check. Victims are told to cash it and use the funds to purchase work equipment or send money back for “reimbursements.” Weeks later when the check bounces, victims are liable for the losses.

Pressuring for Quick Decisions

Scammers will claim interview slots are limited, the hiring process is competitive, or jobs need to be filled urgently. This discourages vetting the company and instead pressures applicants to submit personal details quickly.

By recognizing these and other common scam indicators, job seekers can better identify fraudulent employers like Mountain Cad Corp.

Victim Stories and Experiences

Understanding real stories from those targeted by Mountain Cad Corp provides greater insight into how the scam operates and the losses victims suffer.

Jennifer S. recounted her experience to after applying for an administrative assistant role she saw on She was contacted by the “hiring manager” via Signal and after a short interview was offered the job.

Jennifer then received an overnight FedEx envelope with a cashier’s check for $4,800 to purchase home office equipment from “vendors” they recommended. She deposited the check, which initially showed up in her account. The “manager” then contacted her asking for $1,750 to be wired back to reimburse an accounting error.

The following week her bank notified Jennifer the check had bounced and the deposit would be reversed. But because she already sent real money via wire transfer, she was on the hook for $1,750 lost to the scammers.

Another victim named Daniel L. told the Better Business Bureau he applied to be a customer service representative after seeing the post on Craigslist. He communicated with a person named Chante Wedge via WhatsApp to do a quick phone screen.

Daniel was mailed a check for $6,200 that also later bounced. But not before he already used funds to buy a laptop and desk equipment for the job, costing him nearly $2,500 out of pocket.

These and other similar stories show how Mountain Cad Corp specifically targets job seekers – often those desperate or in financial need – to leverage fake checks and harvest personal data. Victims suffer lost money, compromised information, and emotional distress.

Tips to Avoid Job Scams

The following tips can help identify and avoid job scams like those perpetrated by Mountain Cad Corp:

Search for the company online – Run thorough searches to find third-party information on their operations, leadership team, employee reviews, etc. Limited online presence is a major red flag.

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Look up company registration details – Use databases like the state corporation commission or business registrar to verify if the company is real and active.

Conduct interviews professionally – Insist on phone or video interviews, and formal email correspondence. Be wary of chat app or SMS-only communications.

Don’t provide sensitive personal information – Never give out your SSN, bank account numbers, utility bills, or other identity theft fodder.

Watch for fake check schemes – If an employer sends you a check to cash, be extremely cautious. Fake checks can look real and take weeks to bounce.

Don’t pay any upfront fees – Legitimate employers never charge application fees, require payments for training, or make new hires pay for equipment.

Trust your instincts – If an opportunity seems suspicious or too good to be true, it very likely is. The best thing is to avoid interacting altogether.

Staying vigilant against the tactics used by Mountain Cad Corp and other employment scams can help job seekers steer clear of potentially costly traps.

Reporting Mountain Cad Corp

If you have interacted with Mountain Cad Corp and suspect it is a scam, be sure to report it to the proper authorities:

Better Business Bureau (BBB) – File a scam report with the BBB to warn others, especially if you suffered financial losses.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – Report the scam to the FTC so they can investigate the company for fraudulent practices.

State Attorney General – Contact your state AG to file a complaint about an in-state scam company. They can prosecute businesses for deceptive practices.

Local Police – If scam interactions progressed far enough, file a police complaint about the identity theft and fraud. This creates an official record about the company.

Site Hosts – Report scam job posts found on sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Craigslist, etc. so they can remove them.

Banks – If you shared any sensitive financial information or lost money, call your bank and credit card companies as soon as possible. They may be able to stop fraudulent activity.

Social Media – Make posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and other networks warning connections about current job scams to avoid.

By taking action to report Mountain Cad Corp, authorities can potentially shut down the scam and prevent further innocent victims.

Protecting Yourself After a Scam

If you already got scammed by Mountain Cad Corp, take the following steps to protect yourself from further harm:

  • Place fraud alerts on your credit reports to help prevent identity theft
  • Monitor your credit reports regularly for any suspicious new activity
  • Change online account passwords that may have been compromised
  • Contact banks to get compromised accounts and debit cards shut down
  • Consider freezing your credit reports to block thieves from opening new accounts
  • Review all your financial accounts for unauthorized charges and transactions
  • File an ID theft report with the FTC if your personal information was misused
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Staying vigilant following a scam can help minimize the damage to your finances, credit, and identity. Be wary of any future contacts from scammers trying to perpetrate additional fraud.

Is Mountain Cad Corp a Legitimate Company?

In summary, Mountain Cad Corp fits the pattern of a typical employment scam in multiple ways:

  • Job postings promising unrealistic salaries or conditions
  • No evidence of real company operations or registration
  • Interviews conducted only via messaging apps
  • Requesting personal details like SSNs and bank accounts
  • Mailing fake checks to victims tied to identity theft schemes
  • Limited or zero online presence and lack of employee reviews

While no definitive tie to a known scam operation has been made yet, all evidence points to Mountain Cad Corp being a fraudulent company. Job seekers should regard any of its postings or communications as extremely high risk for leading to identity theft and financial losses.

With employment scams on the rise, always exercise caution during the job search. Conduct thorough vetting, follow up on warning signs, and never provide sensitive personal or financial details. Avoiding interaction with the Mountain Cad Corp scam will help protect you from becoming an unfortunate victim.

By reading up on the red flags, victim accounts, reporting tips, and prevention best practices covered in this guide, you can better safeguard your identity, money, and computer against job search scams.

Please share this article to help spread awareness about Mountain Cad Corp and other fraudulent employers exploiting vulnerable job seekers, so fewer people fall into their traps.


Mountain Cad Corp exhibits multiple red flags indicating it is likely an employment scam operation. This comprehensive guide provided details on Mountain Cad Corp, typical job scam tactics, victim stories, reporting tips, and prevention best practices.

Being informed is key to avoiding falling victim to employment scams. Share this guide and be wary of any too-good-to-be-true job opportunities.

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