AK Recruitment Scam or Legit? Reviews and Complaints

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Finding a job can be tough. Between endless applications, tricky interviews, and uncertain hiring processes, looking for work often feels like an uphill battle.

That’s why many job seekers turn to recruitment agencies like AK Recruitment. Agencies can help match you to open positions, prepare you for interviews, and do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to the job search process.

But how do you know if an agency like AK Recruitment is trustworthy? With so many options out there, it’s hard to tell legitimate recruiters from potential scams.

That’s what this complete review aims to uncover. I’ll take an in-depth look at AK Recruitment to determine once and for all whether they are a scam or a recommended service worth checking out.

Overview of AK Recruitment

AK Recruitment is a staffing agency operating primarily in Scotland. They focus on recruiting for industrial, commercial, hospitality, logistics, and technical/engineering roles.

The company has offices in Glasgow and Grangemouth. They seem to specialize in placements related to food and beverage manufacturing and industrial environments.

According to their website, AK Recruitment aims to provide a “full recruitment service” to help match candidates with open positions. This includes services like:

  • CV writing assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • On-site support
  • Skills testing
  • Service reviews

The company states that they deliver results through a “bespoke” and specialized approach. Their site is professional looking and lists specific details like office addresses and phone numbers.

At first glance, AK Recruitment checks off a lot of boxes when it comes to appearing as a legitimate agency. But appearances aren’t everything.

To really determine whether AK Recruitment is worthwhile or a potential scam, we need to dig deeper. Let’s take a look at what current and past users of AK Recruitment have to say.

AK Recruitment Scam review

AK Recruitment Reviews From Around the Web

One of the best ways to assess a company’s trustworthiness is by checking out independent reviews from industry review sites and places like Google, Facebook, and Indeed.

Here are just a few of the many AK Recruitment reviews that can be found online:

Positive AK Recruitment Reviews

“AK Recruitment remains one of the best agencies I have come across. They take employee health and safety so serious and ensure every single employee is treated with fairness and so much respect. Wages are also paid as at when due and all bonus and holiday pay are given to every employee, in accordance with the law.” – Chidiogor N., CityMaps

“I have worked for AK Recruitment for a long time now and never have any problems the staff are extremely nice and supportive, would always care and help you whenever you need. Definitely made the right decision choosing to work with them.” – D.M., CityMaps

“A nice company to work for friendly members of staff such as Ania and Igor! Fantastic experience working for AK Recruitment!” – M.W., CityMaps

Negative AK Recruitment Reviews

However, while positive reviews seem to be more common, a few negative AK Recruitment reviews can also be found:

“It was ok in general decent hours and good pay…Working for Ak contracts was good whilst it lasted being agency work I was guaranteed full time employment which unfortunately came to an end which I was hugely disappointed with.” – Anonymous, Indeed

“Short hours” – Anonymous, Indeed

So what’s the deal? Is AK Recruitment legitimate or should job seekers be wary? Let’s analyze these reviews and dig deeper into common complaints.

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Addressing Common AK Recruitment Complaints

To figure out whether potential issues with AK Recruitment should be cause for concern, we need to take a closer look at the most frequent complaints made and see how the company responds.

Complaint 1 – Unstable Contracts and Job Loss

One of the main criticisms seen across reviews is that contracts via AK Recruitment don’t seem to last. While they may start out strong, multiple reviewers mention eventually losing their placements unexpectedly.

However, this issue seems to come with the territory when working with a staffing agency. Contract work is inherently unstable – agencies place you in temporary roles, often to fill a sudden business need. If that need disappears (the company slows down, completes a big project etc.) your contract may end.

And AK Recruitment seems upfront about this – their website clearly advertises “temporary or permanent” job opportunities. So candidates should be aware that temporary/contract roles may eventually need to end.

The key is whether AK Recruitment gives adequate notice about contracts ending and makes effort to find employees new placements.

The reviews we saw don’t go into much detail in that area. But instability comes with the nature of contract work. As long as AK is transparent about that and handles transitions properly, this factor alone shouldn’t be too concerning.

Complaint 2 – Low Hours and Pay

A few reviewers also mention issues with less than ideal wages and hourly schedules.

Again though, context matters. AK Recruitment seems to focus on industrial placements that tend to offer minimum wage salaries. The roles likely come with irregular hourly schedules as well.

So candidates need to adjust expectations accordingly. While the pay and hours for these types of positions may be unsuitable for some, they aren’t necessarily outside the norm.

And employees in certain fields still seem satisfied – a reviewer mentions decent pay for their picker/packer role. So satisfaction with wages is likely dependent on the specific types of work that interest individual applicants.

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The Verdict: AK Recruitment Legitimate Agency But Do Your Research

After compiling all the available information – from the company website to independent reviews across the web – I believe AK Recruitment is a legitimate recruitment agency but may not be ideal for all job seekers.

The Better Business Bureau site shows no outstanding complaints or issues related to AK Recruitment. This, combined with a majority of positive online reviews, verifies AK Recruitment’s credibility. They seem to place candidates into stable long-term roles in many cases.

However, for job seekers that require very stable, high hour placements with strong wages, AK Recruitment may disappoint at times.

Candidates need to understand that as a staffing agency, AK Recruitment offers mainly temporary or contract based industrial placements. These roles come with inherent instability and hourly/wage variability.

So as long as candidates properly set expectations and understand the types of roles AK Recruitment offers, the agency seems able to adequately deliver on their core premise – matching applicants to open industrial and commercial vacancies.

Just like with any agency though, due diligence is required. Compare alternatives, research common complaints ahead of time, and learn as much as you can about open roles before accepting a placement.

With the right level of transparency and communication from both sides, AK Recruitment could connect applicants with rewarding job opportunities. But blindly trusting any agency without doing your own research is never advisable.

So in the end, while AK Recruitment doesn’t appear to be a scam based on available evidence – job seekers need to put in the effort themselves to determine if working with AK aligns with their individual career needs and expectations.

Alternative Recommendations for Finding Work

If working with AK Recruitment doesn’t seem like an ideal fit after reviewing all the information above, here are a few additional options to consider when looking for work:

1. General Job Boards

Sites like Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter offer a wide range of open positions across multiple fields. You lose the personalized touch of an agency, but can browse opportunities directly from employers.

This gives you maximum control in finding a role well aligned to your needs. General job boards let you filter listings by hourly/salary expectations, contract type, location and more – so you see the most relevant postings upfront.

2. Specialized Recruitment Firms

In fields like technology, finance, healthcare and more – specialized recruitment firms cater to specific industries. These agencies develop expertise around unique employer needs in a certain sector.

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So they may provide more tailored placements options compared to general agencies like AK Recruitment. Specialized firms are best for job seekers focused on progressing their career in one field.

3. Staffing Agency Alternatives

Looking to still work with a staffing agency but want alternatives to AK Recruitment? Consider these options:

Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow is one of the largest recruitment agencies in the UK. Like AK Recruitment, they provide temporary and contract-based industrial placements. However, they are a much larger operation with over 100 locations across the country.

So they may have more extensive job opportunities and deeper employer connections. Blue Arrow also offers additional services like right to work checks, training programs, and compliance support.

Hays Recruitment

Hays is another well established UK recruitment agency with specialty practices areas such as IT, construction, finance and more.

Unlike AK Recruitment which focuses on industrial roles, Hays may have more versatile positions across various office-based fields. So job seekers that want agency assistance but aren’t interested in industrial work can still benefit.


Manpower places over 3 million people into employment each year globally. They provide many of the same services and specialities as AK Recruitment – industrial recruitment, interview prep, and skill testing.

The key difference is Manpower’s scale and reputation. They have been around for over 70 years and ranked highly as an ethical agency. So job seekers wanting an established brand name behind their job search may prefer Manpower.

Final Thoughts

The search for rewarding employment often brings candidates to recruitment agencies like AK Recruitment. Their industry connections and hiring resources can open doors to new opportunities.

However, identifying trustworthy, legitimate agencies versus potential scams poses a real challenge in the crowded recruitment space nowadays.

Hopefully this in-depth assessment provided clarity on what AK Recruitment specifically has to offer. While they seem able to deliver on core promises like temporary placements in industrial environments, proper due diligence is still required on your end before moving forward.

Make sure you research common complaints, understand typical wages/hours for roles placed, and set proper expectations around contract stability. Do all this and agencies like AK Recruitment can positively contribute to matching you with the right open position.

Best of luck with the job hunt! Consistently putting in work to progress your career will lead to landing the perfect role eventually.

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